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VPN Unlimited Latest Keygen Archives

VPN Unlimited Latest Keygen Archives

VPN Unlimited Latest Keygen Archives

Funeral and Cremation Management Software That's Powerful and Easy to Use


Award-Winning Solutions

  • Funeral Home Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Client Maintenance
    ✔ Secure Forms Management
    ✔ Financials & Bookkeeping
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More
  • Crematory Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Funeral Home Software +
    ✔ Detailed Chain of Custody
    ✔ Trade Partner Portal
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More
  • Pet Crematory Management Software

    Features include

    ✔ Crematory Software +
    ✔ Vet Clinic Portal
    ✔ Communal Lot Tracking
    ✔ Much More

    Learn More

Optional Add-Ons

  • Arrangement Assistant

    Features include

    ✔ Family-Friendly
    ✔ Remote Family Collaboration
    ✔ Customizable

    Learn More
  • Mobile Planner

    Features include

    ✔ Calendar Tracking
    ✔ Access Cases
    ✔ Contact Book

    Learn More
  • QuickBooks Integration

    Features include

    ✔ Real-time automated synchronization
    ✔ Sync revenue and/or Expenses
    ✔ Secure Connection Authentication

    Learn More
  • Electronic Signatures

    Features include

    ✔ DocuSign Partner
    ✔ Sync to Client Record
    ✔ Handles Multiple Signers

    Learn more
  • Credit Card Processing

    Features include

    ✔ DocuSign Partner
    ✔ Sync to Client Record
    ✔ Handles Multiple Signers

    Learn More
  • “Halcyon is the perfect tool for managing funeral homes”

    Halcyon is the perfect tool for managing funeral homes under the Rollings Funeral Services umbrella. I searched for years and could not find the unique tools needed for a consolidated firm. It is clear that Halcyon was created from the bottom up with many years of input directly from Funeral Directors’ experiences.

    – Greg Rollings, President, CEO Rollings Funeral Service

  • “I could not imagine running our busy business and serving our families without it.”

    Halcyon is straight forward, very intuitive and easy to use. There are many very helpful organizational tools making us much more efficient. I could not imagine running our busy business and serving our families without it.

    – Larry Calcaterra, Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc.

  • “Halcyon is a Home Run for us.”

    We searched long and hard for the right software and we were so glad to find Halcyon.”

    – Michael Wujeck, Wujeck-Calcaterra & Sons, Inc.

  • “..eliminated 30 hours worth of paperwork weekly..”

    Not only has it eliminated 30 hours worth of paperwork weekly, it has allowed us better tracking using GPS, invoicing, record keeping and so much more.

    – Brad Kuchnicki, Executive Director of East Tennessee Cremation Company

  • “The comprehensive web-based system is very user-friendly”

    We were looking for a software management system that could be tailored to our unique needs and be efficient. Halcyon was our answer, and we haven’t been disappointed. The comprehensive web-based system is very user-friendly. And Halcyon continuously works with us to improve and update forms, visibility, and reports. Overall, Halcyon is an outstanding company to work with and the professional support is terrific!

    – Ava Brineger, Owner, Yadkin Valley Pet Funeral Services, Elkin, North Carolina

  • “Easy for even the novice, computer savvy employee to navigate”

    All of the information that we need, whether it is funeral or financial related, is easy for even the novice, computer savvy employee to navigate. When we enter information into one location it populates to all of the forms and/or reports that it applies too. We are able to have forms, that are specific to our company, uploaded into Halcyon to have them populate as well. Halcyon technical support, has been open to suggestions, when it comes the improving, changing, or modifying most things, to accommodate our needs.

    – Dennis Ralph, Internal Auditor, Rollings Funeral Service

  • “We could not manage the volume of activity without Halcyon”

    We are a very high-volume crematory with a focus toward trade cremations. We could not manage the volume of activity without Halcyon as our backbone for body tracking, trade partner portal and billing. Halcyon’s tools are very powerful and the pricing is very reasonable.

    – Jason Altieri, Owner, Southeast Texas Crematory

  • “Finally, an all-inclusive way to economically manage our at need, pre need and crematory cases”

    Finally, an all-inclusive way to economically manage our at need, pre need and crematory cases. We switched from a local software to a cloud based software and can now look up and manage our cases remotely as well as track our crematory cases online.

    – Patrick M.

  • “Halcyon is affordable, reliable and readily available”

    After months of researching death care management software options, we chose Halcyon and are so glad we did! Halcyon is affordable, reliable and readily available with support when we need it. Halcyon has given our family funeral home the opportunity to update our recordkeeping and most importantly, Halcyon allows us to be able to conduct business from anywhere at anytime.

    – Gary, Kristin and Scout Bohlender, Bohlender Funeral Chapel, Fort Collins CO

  • “Halcyon took us out of the dark ages”

    Halcyon took us out of the dark ages of paper and into the digital world at a price point that was affordable for our firm.  Halcyon’s amazing customer service matched with the ability to use a platform from anywhere has turned us into one happy funeral home.

    – Matthew Malcore, Owner, Malcore Funeral Home & Crematory, Green Bay, WI

  • “This software has improved our Customer Relationship Management”

    The user interface and web-based software allow our team to easily manage our client families both inside and out of the funeral home. We can now spend more time with our own families and still manage work remotely from anywhere. This software has improved our Customer Relationship Management and cut down on the time we spend printing documents, programs, and other custom forms.

    – Carl Pennington IV, Owner, Brown-Pennington-Atkins Funeral Directors, Hartsville, SC


Innovative management solutions at a price that will leave you saying,
"It just makes sense."  

Halcyon is reasonably priced to add value to your business without breaking your budget. There is a reasonable Activation Fee and a reasonable monthly fee. Larger customers may also have a small case fee. You pay month-to-month and there is no long-term contract to sign. There are no surprising upgrade fees or surprising support fees. It is all baked into the monthly fee.

If you’re looking to increase your firm’s efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t miss your free, no-commitment tour of Halycon’s software where we’ll quickly guide you through the many ways Halcyon will work for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a free demo today to discover how Halcyon can work for you.

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VPN Unlimited Latest Keygen Archives

VPN Unlimited review

New York-based VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid is one of the best VPN providers, even though it has a relatively small network of just over 400 servers around the world, dotted over around 80 countries. VPN Unlimited also has faster than average performance and support for modern VPN protocols like WireGuard, plus inexpensive long-term pricing options.

So, is this the top VPN provider for your needs? Our VPN Unlimited review will cover everything you need to know.

Plans and Pricing

VPN Unlimited charges $9.99 per month if you sign up for a month-to-month plan, but the price drops to just $5 per month if you sign up for an annual plan. For most, though, the best option is to pay $2.78 per month for a three-year plan

There's also the offer of a Lifetime plan for a one-off payment of $199. While this might seem tempting, many users baulk at being locked in to a two or three-year plan, so committing yourself to a lifetime plan is an option we probably wouldn’t recommend. At the current price you’ll have to keep using VPN Unlimited for over five years to see any benefit over the three-year plan – which is pretty good value itself – and who knows if the provider will still be any good in that time (or, touch wood, still around at all).

However, if you choose to pay through PayPal, for some reason you’ll be given a 10% discount on whichever plan you choose. If you’re not set on using Bitcoin to buy a plan, we’d recommend PayPal to make the most of that discount.

These basic plan options enable you to use VPN Unlimited on up to five devices, but you can pay extra if you need coverage for 10. If you go for that, one month costs $14.99 per month and one year costs $7.99 per month.

The way that VPN Unlimited handles extra devices is a bit different to most other VPN providers – and not in a good way. You’re not paying for five simultaneous connections but rather the ability to use VPN Unlimited on five different devices at different times.

If you’ve used all five/ten of your allocated connections and need to add the VPN onto a new device, you’ll have to remove it from an old device first. The VPN Unlimited browser extensions also count toward this limit, even if they’re on a computer with the desktop client installed, plus you can also only remove one installation of the software each week.

Compared to how almost all the leading VPN providers handle this, it’s really quite annoying – ExpressVPN, for example (not to mention pretty much every other service), allows five simultaneous connections. That means that you can have the VPN installed on as many devices as you want, but you’ll only be able to use five at one time. Others like Surfshark forego this entirely and allow unlimited simultaneous connections.  

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VPN Unlimited has one of the smallest server networks of any VPN provider we’ve seen, with just north of 400 servers. To be fair, though, those are spread over more than 80 locations including in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The main downside to the small network is that there aren’t many servers available for big cities like Los Angeles or London.

In part because of this, P2P support is limited on VPN Unlimited’s network. You can only torrent on five servers spread across the US, Canada, France, Romania, and Luxembourg – but we appreciate that it’s possible at all.

That said, VPN Unlimited goes above and beyond when it comes to connection protocols. The platform offers the standard options, including IKEv2 and OpenVPN, but it also offers the newer WireGuard protocol in the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android clients. 

VPN Unlimited even has its own proprietary protocol built on OpenVPN, which it calls KeepSolid Wise. Wise is designed to scramble your VPN connection so that it’s harder to detect in countries that restrict VPN usage like China and Iran.

Another notable feature that VPN Unlimited provides is a DNS firewall. This is standard fare for many high-end VPNs, but it’s nice to see this implemented on a relatively affordable platform. Essentially, the firewall uses DNS addresses to block access to malicious domains to further secure your connection.

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Interface and in use

VPN Unlimited has desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

It’s easy to open a connection as soon as you start the software up, since the power button will automatically choose the fastest server to route you through. Alternatively, you can scroll through a list of all servers. A set of signal bars gives a rough indication of how loaded down any server is with traffic.

Something we like is the fact that it’s easy to save favorite servers for future access – a feature often neglected by even the biggest VPN providers. VPN Unlimited also offers simple filters to show only torrent-friendly servers, and servers that provide access to popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

We tested out VPN Unlimited by connecting to US servers from within the US on a 450 Mbps connection. The results were impressive, with top speeds of close to 250 Mbps using the OpenVPN and Wise connection protocols. That’s a big plus for this provider, especially if you do want to use it for P2P file sharing or streaming.


VPN Unlimited offers 24/7 support by email and live chat. We were impressed by just how fast the email responses came –a technician got back to us about a setup question in less than 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, we weren’t as thrilled with VPN Unlimited’s documentation center. The tutorials are structured as FAQs, and many of the troubleshooting guides are just a few sentences long. It’s good that the customer support team is so fast since it’s a little difficult to help yourself with this documentation.

The competition

VPN Unlimited stands out as an affordable, fast, and user-friendly VPN. However, if you’re after the very best service on the market we’d recommend ExpressVPN. While it’s a little more expensive, it boasts a much larger server network (3,000+ in 93 countries), has a huge amount of in-depth configuration and offers class-leading support – head over to the site to see your options, plus get three months free

Another competitor is NordVPN, which offers great-value plans alongside a huge network with over 5,000 servers.

VPN Unlimited: Final verdict

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a great VPN at an affordable price. The platform’s server network may be small, but it still manages to cover most of the globe and offers mighty performance. On top of that, we like that this provider includes multiple connection protocols and a DNS firewall so you have flexibility in how you use the VPN – plus loads of devices are supported.

The biggest issue we have with VPN Unlimited is how it deals with multiple devices, which can be a real hassle, and keen torrenters might find the limited P2P-friendly servers a bit of a drawback.

However, it's certainly one to consider, and if you're in it for the long haul, that lifetime plan could offer unrivalled value.


Client software platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Google Chromecast, Kodi, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge,
Supported protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2, WireGuard, KeepSolid Wise
No. of servers: 400+
No. of countries: 80+
Country of registration: USA
Payment options: Credit card, PayPal, Bitpay
Real name necessary? No
Encryption protocol: AES-256
Data usage: Unlimited
Bandwidth usage: Unlimited
Max. no. of simultaneously connected devices: Five/Ten
Customer support: 24/7 chat and email
Privacy policy: No evidence of activity logging

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