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Chrome Video Downloader: 7 Best Extensions to Download Videos from Any Website

Downloading videos from any website is usually something that requires third-party software. The bad news is that most of these applications are paid or have some kind of limitation. The solution to these cases is to resort to external extensions. Today, there are dozens of Google Chrome extensions for downloading videos from any website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. This time we have compiled some of these extensions to install on the Google browser. is not in support of downloading of copyright-protected content. From this article, we urge you to download only free access content or personal content shared on networks.

Video Downloader Professional

Probably the best known Google Chrome extension for downloading videos from the Internet. At the time of writing, Video Downloader Professional has over 3 million downloads and over 200,000 positive reviews.

This extension allows users to download content from pages such as Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. Its operation is really simple: the page will detect the original video file and then show some download options, as well as the final size of the file in question and the video format. It supports the download of high-resolution videos. However, its algorithm is not always able to detect the files, possibly because of the data protection policies of the various web pages.

Video DownloadHelper

Known for its version of Mozilla Firefox, Video DownloadHelper is compatible with most websites today. Facebook, Streamcloud, VK, Instagram, Twitter… The extension also adds a series of additional functions, such as the option to create playlists or select the final quality of the video, which can be downloaded in MP4 format.

It also allows users to download several files at once and create a blacklist so that advertising for the videos is automatically removed. Of course, it is free.

Wise Video Saver

A Google Chrome extension designed to download videos on several of the most popular social networks of 2020. Facebook, VK, Instagram… Unlike the other extensions, Wise Video Saver allows users to select the video format and even convert the videos into sound files. MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.

Beyond the functions just mentioned, the most remarkable thing about this extension is that it supports the download of large files. Also with the download of high-resolution videos.

Download extension

vGet Extension

This extension is part of the vGet extension conglomerate developed by Manuel Braun. Together with vGet Cast, it is capable of downloading videos from any web page and transferring them to a TV set using DLNA technology.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with YouTube due to the recent update of the platform’s policies. As for the rest of the pages, the extension is usually not a problem. It is compatible with any website that has an integrated HTML5-based player. Otherwise, it allows users to select the final quality of the video, as well as the type of format. MP4, WebM, OGV…

VLC Video Downloader

Although the name suggests otherwise, this extension has nothing to do with the VLC media player. Its only function is to download videos from any website that hosts videos on its server.

Like vGet Extension, it cannot download videos from YouTube due to the recent policy update. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that it allows you to select the format of the video. FLV, MP4, AVI, ASF, MPEG… And yes, it supports the download of high-resolution videos, at least for the time being.

Video Downloader Plus

Another extension that comes with the promise of downloading videos from most websites in different formats. MP4, MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG… With more than 7 million downloads under its belt, the number of favorable reviews exceeds 17,000 at this very moment.

As usual, it is not compatible with YouTube for the reasons mentioned above. Outside this platform, the developer claims to be able to download videos from 99% of video hosts on the Internet.

As if this wasn’t enough, the extension can detect ads and remove them from the final video files. It also allows users to know the size of the file before downloading it to their computer.

Video Downloader for Chrome

This is the latest extension from Downloader, the company in charge of its development. Again the extension is oriented to download files from any page containing videos on its server. Also, it is compatible with other extensions to block advertising, such as Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock or Adblocker. For some time now, however, some users have reported that the extension does not detect websites well, making it impossible to download files from third-party pages.

What if I want to Download YouTube Videos

Google has banned all extensions in its store that allowed downloading videos from YouTube. For this purpose, we are forced to resort to external pages or specialized applications. We have compiled some of these pages to download any video from the platform, although most have limitations on downloading or file quality.

  • iTubeGo
  • Keepvid
  • Savefrom
  • Download YouTube

Again, we urge you to download only free content or self-created videos. Under no circumstances do we recommend downloading copyrighted content.

Gbenga Ogbonyenitan, the Founder of Techidence, is a web developer and content writer with over 10+ years of experience in the field. I'm a Tech-Enthusiast and an organized, efficient, open-minded, receptive and innovative person, with an enquiring mind.
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Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader

Powerful Downloader for Android:
- downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously;
- accelerated downloading by using multithreading (9 parts)
- interception of links from android browsers and clipboard;
- download files in background and resume after failure;
- loader for images, documents, archives and programs;
- downloading to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
- smart algorithm for increased speed of downloading;
- downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi;
- boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks;
- changing the maximum speed in real time;
- video downloader and music downloader;
- resuming of interrupted downloads;
- support files larger than 2 gigabyte;
- parallel download files in queue.

Torrent downloader:
- adding torrent and magnet through Editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer;
- selection of necessary files and folders, display of their size and type, search by name, sorting;
- in Right Menu you can filter Torrents and Seeding;
- in Left menu quick options, in Settings a new section Torrent with all kinds of options;
- Properties window displays information about torrent, Site Manager supports profiles for them;
- for Running torrents in context menu commands are available to Force check and announce;
- if enable Seeding torrents in context menu commands are available to Seeding All and Seeding, upload speed adjustment.

Advanced Settings:
- interface customization and themes;
- select the folder for downloaded files;
- different automatic actions after finishing;
- save different file types in different folders;
- create an empty file to accelerate downloading;
- autostop process if the battery charge level is low;
- import list of links from a text file on SD-card;
- autoresume after errors and break of connection;
- planning start of downloading at right time;
- turbo mode for speed up downloading;
- getting size of file and beautiful name;
- backup list of downloads and settings;
- profiles for each type of connection;
- automatic operation on schedule;
- support quick autoadd download.

Clean Interface:
- light material design;
- filter by types and status;
- left menu with quick options;
- context menu for easy management;
- sorting downloads by order, size and name;
- open completed files through favorite apps;
- information about downloading: speed, size, time;
- support pause, resume, restart for downloads;
- creation of advanced profiles for sites;
- fine-tuning for each download;
- widget on home screen.

Extended Notifications:
- icon with progress and speed in notification panel;
- transparent progress-bar on top of all windows;
- completion notification by sound and vibration.

Built-in ADM Browser:
- support of multiple tabs;
- advanced media downloader;
- list of history and bookmarks;
- easy sending file to downloader;
- download mp3 from popular archives;
- interception of mp4 video from tubes;
- easy downloader for all types of files;
- download accelerator for social networking;
- option "User-Agent" for forgery the browser.

Simple control for downloads:
- press on the download to start/stop the process;
- press on the completed download to open the file;
- long press on download to display the context menu.

Add URL links in ADM:
- press on link and from window "Complete action using" select ADM Editor;
- long press on a link to display the context menu, press "Share" or "Send" and from window "Share via" select ADM Editor;
- copy link, after program intercept it from clipboard and send in ADM Editor, or use "Add" button and paste the link.

ADM is the best android download manager for you!

ADM shows ads. To disable buy Advanced Download Manager Pro.
Advanced Download Manager does not support YouTube under the rules.

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video downloader professional Archives

Tag: online video downloader pro

Hello friends, I wrote a few articles about video downloading extension for chrome. One was Video Downloader pro and Video Downloader Professional, but both of them doesn’t have capability to download any Youtube Video as these applications are listed on Chrome Webstore. So I have brought you Youtube Downloader chrome extension for users, so that they can download Youtube videos as well and that too easily.

There are many Youtube Video downloading sites online, but you will not find any extension on chrome webstore as they are banned. Youtube Downloader extension for chrome is the best extension you can use to download Youtube Video as it has many format and quality options.

Youtube mp3 downloader extension for chrome

You can download video in 320, 520, 720 as well as 1080p quality and in flv, and various other file formats. Other than that extension is fast and allows you to download videos that aren’t even available for download through YouTube.

How it is different from other Youtube Video Download Extensions?

The best thing about it is, it is really light weight.Youtube Download is a powerful service that allows you to find and download your favorite YouTube videos as well as music tracks quickly, easily and absolutely for free. It’s an excellent YouTube to MP3 downloader as it makes any soundtrack a separate MP3 audio file! Here’s Youtube Download Video! With its help you can download any YouTube movie, TV show, sports game and even listen to music on all your devices offline. Just enter a Youtube video URL, select a format and Download it!

Download Youtube Downloader Extension for Chrome Now.

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