Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom (WAM) Research

2020 eMail me your contributions or improvement  to this page and I will add them //
2020 06 Moosy, Samsung Multiroom App and Deezer integration is broken - here
2020 03 Enrico, control speaker with a remote !! here
2020 01 Tim, wireless connectivity issue - user experience
2020 01 Third Party apps updated
2020 01 Android 10 workaround. Thanks to Ulises - here
2020 01 Added Hardware en Innovations and cleaned firmware version part
2019 12 David, update play an url
2019 09 JD pointed me to AirAudio, an Android app
2019 07 Kamil,  I notice your mac address uses "-" and not ":".  Mine worked with ":"
2019 04 Peter, encrypted commands AES-128 - read more
2018 01 Added input from Marek about Soundbar API wrapper in Ruby 
2017 08 List of all HTTP GET commands extracted from the Android app - check this file
2017 08 Kamil, additional research on grouping of speakers and his github page. 
2017 04 major breakthrough, Bruno wiresharked http traffic and found every control command is done with a HTTP GET request. 
2014 09started the research page - moosy


Moosy started this research page in September 2014 with the objective to reverse engineer the Samsung Speakers.
Over time, several individuals have contributed to our research page. It's fantastic to experience that although Samsung does not provide us any information, together we can figured it out ;-) 

Our Reverse Engineering effort is taking apart an object and/or it's software to see how it works in order to enhance the object.


Deciphering Samsung product codes - e.g. M5 WA-M551/ZA
The ZA extension to the product model reflects your region. 
XE - Sweden, Norway, Denmark 
ZA - United States 
ZF - Latin

Innovations and/or updates

We have not seen any major innovations or partnerships on the WAM/Multiroom speakers since the release back in 2014/2015.
Back in November 2017, Samsung acquired HARMAN. 
HARMAN’s leading brands and cutting-edge audio systems include JBL®, Harman Kardon®, Mark Levinson®, AKG®, Lexicon®, Infinity®, and Revel®.  The company also licenses Bowers & Wilkins® and Bang & Olufsen® brands for automotive.  All of these brands will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Samsung’s mobile, display, virtual reality and wearable products to deliver a fully differentiated audio and visual experience for customers.

If you point your browser to the Samsung main website (Seoul, South Korea), and translate the page you will not find any Samsung Multiroom devices anymore.
Quite logic when you have all these other 'lifestyle / consumer audio' products and brands, one needs to make decisions and their market share with the Samsung Multiroom is/was limited.

Repairs / Insides

Jim:  There seem to be common issue when the boot loader fails and a reinstall of the firmware directly to the ARM processor is required. 
The WAM's are cleverly designed and put together like a puzzle and the WAM R series are even more difficult to disassemble than the WAM S series. I just recently opened one of each and they look like ARM processors so probably an Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) programmer. I can see no contact points on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is visible at the moment but will remove it soon to see if there are any on the bottom of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

see http://your_speaker_ip_address:8001 for hardware specs of your device.
You can use a simple tool on your mobile like fing network scanner to find your ip address. Fing is available for both Android and IOS.
Moosy: Sept 2019 - Two of my WAM751 / M7 speakers are defect. Both just broke down and down power up (no led or anything) short-circuiting I assume.
I opened one to see the inside:
You see the dark/black area on the second pic. Part number on the board: CN07AH4400307ASK28F464564
Moosy : June 2019 - Opened my M5 WAM551/XN to see if I could connect an external WiFi antenna.
The WIDT30Q does not have standard capabilities to connect an connector.
Here is a list of other components that I recognized: 
Board - AH41-01728A  AH9403355
Samsung WiFi Module - WIDT30Q - manual
Samsung Bluetooth Module - WIBT30D - manual
Samsung Audio IC-AUDIO AMP UB6510 
RAM - K4B1G1646G-BCK0 - RAM Chip DDR3 SDRAM 1G-Bit 64Mx16 1.5V 96-Pin FBGA
RAM - K4B2G1646Q-BCK0T00 - RAM Chip DDR3 SDRAM 2G-Bit 128Mx16 1.5V F-BGA

Client Software

The Samsung Multiroom app makes it easy to control the speakers in any room of your house. Multiroom connects to your home Wi-Fi network, linking your compatible speakers together and giving you complete control over each. Play the same song throughout your home, play a different song in each room or use your speakers to create a stereo system, the Multiroom app unlocks a world of possibilities.
In general, users are not overly excited about the Samsung Multiroom App and many people are looking for alternative software solutions.

Samsung Multiroom App 

Download Multiroom for Windows OS

Download Multiroom for Mac OS

Download Multiroom for Android devices

Download Multiroom for iOS devices

Android 10 issues:

Reported as solved end of feb 2020
Feb 29, 2020 by Tim : I updated the Samsung MultiRoom Android app to the new version 4143 and so far it works fine on a rooted Tab A tablet while using it with AirAudio at the same time. It grouped nine WAM750s quickly with no drop outs.
Feb 28, 2020 1 by Michiel: version 4143 is released and should address the Android 10 crash issue 
Jan 2020 by Ulises: I was playing around with the Samsung Multiroom app on Android 10 (which has not been updated yet) and I might have found a (probably risky) workaround. By going into advanced permissions, and allowing the app to modify system settings, I have been able to make the app work again. My guess is that the changes to storage access (scoped storage) in Android 10 broke the library browser. This needs validation, though, as I have only one Android 10 device. I hope this helps while (if ever) we get a proper update from Samsung.
Scoped Storage. In a nutshell, Scoped Storage prevents apps from having unrestricted access to the filesystem on the device.

Pixel 2XL - Jan 2020 Michiel reported that this did not work on his Pixel 2XL

I found a different version for Android 10 which seems to work quite well with not too much fiddling around. Admittedly, I am using a OnePlus 6T which uses a slightly different version of Android called OxygenOS 10.3.0 so would like to hear what people think. I had to install via Aptoid as not currently in Play Store. It is called Samsung Multiroom 3.2.19  - link

Samsung community
Could possibly also be caused by webview.
There are several third party tools that can be used in combination with the Samsung speakers.
Apps like Spotify can send a stream to an external network speaker. For proprietary features to control or group individual speakers you are 
stuck with the Samsung Multiroom app. To our knowledge there is no user friendly mobile app available that can replace this functionality.
  1. Spotify Premium has native support for 'external' speakers (no individual control over speakers) [+]
    Think they use Apple Bonjour service or Spotify Connect as protocol.
  2. SmartThings - home automation [+]
  3. TV Apps - see below
  4. AirAudio - see below
More: Do you know any Android, IOS or Windows apps that support the speakers? Please email me so I can add them to this list.
TV Apps
The Samsung TV and Speakers use similar REST based commands for control over the network.
You can use many tools that are available for Samsung TV's to (limited) control the speakers. You are limited to Mute, Vol+ and Vol-
Some of these apps require you to enter an IP address of the device you want to control. Default your speakers are configured for DCHP (dynamic IP addresses).
Most modern routers have a capability to assign a static IP address to an MAC address. I use Fing on Android to monitor my devices and see my IP and MAC addresses.
Samsung TV remote can Mute Vol+ and Vol- on the speaker(s). There are more of these TV remove apps.with network features.
AirAudio (Android)
Thanks JD for sharing this. According to JD it works great
ROOT NOT REQUIRED - Moosy: I just tried this and you can Vol+ Vol- all speakers without root (cool)
Airaudio experience | by Tim:
Dumped the Bluetooth after I found AirAudio on your page. I can't thank you enough for posting it. So happy! The AirAudio app integrates with the native Samsung multiroom app via SmartView. By itself, AirAudio seems a little out of sync if you have a lot of speakers. I have 9 WAM 750s. The best thing is to open the native Samsung multiroom app FIRST, group the speakers so they sync natively in the Samsung app, THEN open AirAudio and that group you just named will show up as a speaker in the AirAudio app. The native Samsung app will display "SmartView" in the volume area after you open AirAudio. Turn on your group on in the AirAudio app and it will stream anything from your Android device perfectly synced.  From AirAudio support: "AirAudio has no control over the audio-app (Spotify, Deezer etc.), furthermore it does not even know which app is producing the audio. AirAudio gets the audio mixed by the Android-system and not directly from Spotify/Deezer."
Hi. AirAudio is no longer on Google Play but I bought the APK via PayPal yesterday. Just ask him from his site
I have no technical skills but Deezer works fine for me using AirAudio and the Samsung Multiroom app synced to 9 WAM750's. I use the Deezer Android app on its own and send it through AirAudio which syncs up with the Multiroom app.


Firmware is the software that is embedded in the speakers. You can think of firmware simply as software specific for the hardware.
The speaker firmware is based on an ARM Linux kernel.


The speakers can be configured to update their firmware automatically or you can grab a firmware file from the Samsung website and update the speakers via the USB port on the device.
To update the firmware from USB, download the firmware file, unpack to usb and power off, on the speaker
Speaker firmware (Shape) ver 3117.1 - date: 2018-05-12
87R extension refers to my Shape speakers (M3, M5, M7)
134R extension refers to my R7
181R and 196R seem tobe a Soundbar
Note from David about Speakers vs Soundbar
There are two software versions for the Speakers and Soundbars.  They are different:
Speakers and non-SoundPlus Soundbars:  Current version 3117.1 / 181R
Does not have the UPnP DMR capability (which includes AVTransport).
Uses “SetUrlPlayback” for URL play.
SoundPlus (Sound+) Soundbars (i.e., HS-MS650):  Current version 1146.4 / 196R
Supports the UPnP DMR capability (which includes AVTransport).
Does not have the SetUrlPlayback command.

Open source stack

Samsung claims that the speaker internal software (firmware) is opensource. As far as I can see, it's based on an opensource technology stack but the latest firmware files are not available as source files.
The speakers are based on an ARM Linux opensource stack and some code is available on the url below:
Speaker are running jQuery and Bootstrap, see:
http://speaker ip address:8001/resources/js/jquery.min.js
http://speaker ip address:8001/resources/js/bootstrap.min.js

Below image gives an impression of the WAM750 package.  (click image to enlarge)

Analysing the firmware file

# B-FXBAUDWWC 3110.5 - dec 2016 binwalk

126 0x7E OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x-22A2DDEB-17C80830
1302 0x516 OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x-731F2265-90BF71E
86301049 0x524D979 Cisco IOS microcode, for ""
121872318 0x7439FBE MySQL ISAM index file Version 9
136380561 0x8210091 MySQL MISAM index file Version 10
166495806 0x9EC863E OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x33F3C973028E76A
166496702 0x9EC89BE OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x-5BBC3D12-1DF4C570
172261094 0xA447EE6 OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x33F3C973028E76A
172261990 0xA448266 OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0xA5502C5-121F3BFB
176021758 0xA7DE0FE OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x-12F48E6B5AF91D74
176391830 0xA838696 OpenSSL encryption, salted, salt: 0x-3ABE67CE-6BF68D06

Decrypting the Firmware file

Looks lke there are possibilities, see below:
A development team from has created a tool for decrypting/encrypting most of the
Samsung TV firmwares4 . Additionally, for every file in this firmware update package (USB
update) there is also another file that contains a cmac signature (fugure 2). This signature
guaranties the integrity and authenticity of the firmware. Hence, the TV’s USB update procedure
requires a firmware that is cryptographically signed by Samsung

Interfaces: Ports, Services & API


Since the start of our research in 2014, we have tried to get in contact with the Samsung Development Team.
Samsung has not been very corporatieve to support our research: 

Over time, Samsung has released some information for developers, using their Smart View (Samsung Cast) API. 
A specific API for Multiroom speakers is not provided.

Official response from Samsung Developer Support:

Ports & Services
Below is an overview of the ports and services available:

#514 tcpfiltered shell
#7676 tcp open upnpAllshare UPnP  -  Samsung Bada 1.2 ???
#8001 tcp open  httpNode.js Express framework
|_http-cors: GET POST PUT DELETE
|  http-methods:
|_  Supported Methods: GET HEAD POST OPTIONS
|_http-title: Debug Config
#55000  DLNA and port is used for remote control over network.
#55001 http The speaker is controlled by HTTP GET request at http://ip_speaker:55001
see http get section for more details
#8080 tcp open  httpLighthttpd  Light Http Daemon
| http-methods:
|_  Supported Methods: OPTIONS GET HEAD POST
|_http-title: 404 - Not Found
Soundbar - Digital Media Renderer
LOCATION: http://speaker IP address:9197/dmr
SERVER: SHP, UPnP/1.0, Samsung UPnP SDK/1.0
ST: uuid:ed0a5a85-eef0-4a3f-95bf-634c4ec55be6
USN: uuid:ed0a5a85-eef0-4a3f-95bf-634c4ec55be6
ST: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1
ST: urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:RenderingControl:1
ST: urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ConnectionManager:1
ST: urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1
ST: urn:schemas-rvualliance-org:service:StreamSplicing:1
LOCATION: http://speaker IP address:7676/rcr/
SERVER: SHP, UPnP/1.0, Samsung UPnP SDK/1.0
ST: uuid:478d76bd-5f22-4908-b91d-c18b77fb60a1
USN: uuid:478d76bd-5f22-4908-b91d-c18b77fb60a1

Bonjour Service and Spotify Connect

Bonjour is Apple's implementation of zero-configuration networking (zeroconf), a group of technologies that includes service discovery, address assignment, and hostname resolution. Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) service records.
Spotify Connect is a wireless streaming technology offered by Spotify to their Premium subscribers. On the surface, it resembles AirPlay in almost every way, but the underlying technology is very different. As opposed to AirPlay (which transfers the music from the phone to the router and on to the speaker), Spotify Connect works as a direct link between the speaker and Spotify's servers.
The speakers run a "Bonjour Service" called Spotify-Connect.  This is how the native Spotify mobile app is supported.
This services is useful to dynamically identity your speakers on the network.

Bonjour Browser output gives for every speaker two entries. Below is the output for my kitchen speaker:
 Type  Name TXT record
_samsungmsf._tcp. VKJUTITH1YVXH Key: seValue: 
 Key: veValue: 2.0.25
 Key: icValue: /resources/img/icon.png
 Key: idValue: VKJUTITH1YVXH
 Key: fn Value: [AV] Kitchen
 Key: mdValue: Samsung Speaker
 Key: remoteValue: 0

 _spotify-connect._tcp. Kitchen Key: VERSIONValue: 1.0
 Key: CPathValue: /goform/spotifyConnect

 IP Address

The speakers have a http web service running on port 8001.
Default http output from the service:
http://speaker IP address:8001MultiRoom Service page 
 http://speaker IP address:8001/resources/js/jquery.min.jsjQuery
 http://speaker IP address:8001/resources/js/bootstrap.min.js  Bootstrap
 http://speaker IP address:8001/api/v2  JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Metadata

MultiRoom Service page. (MultiScreen Service)

Image: screenshot service screen M7 speaker, running B-FXBAUDWWC 3110.5 on dec 2016 (strange that the firmware version displays another number)
Looks like the development team took some code from another project, maybe the smarttv (multiscreen? screen resolution? remote version?)

Sample JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)  Metadata output
{ "id": "VKJUTITH1YVXH", "name": "Kitchen", "version": "2.0.25", "device": { "type": "Samsung Speaker", "duid": "VKJUTITH1YVXH", "model": "Linux arm", "modelName": "Linux arm", "description": "Linux arm on ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)", "networkType": "wireless", "ssid": "", "ip": "", "firmwareVersion": "3.8.13", "name": "Kitchen", "id": "VKJUTITH1YVXH", "udn": "54ff3cd0-2084-11b2-9f2d-3f3bc2cc50bc", "resolution": "1920x1080", "countryCode": "US", "msfVersion": "2.0.25", "smartHubAgreement": "false" }, "type": "Samsung Speaker", "uri": "", "remote": "0", "isSupport": "{\"remote_available\":\"false\",\"remote_fourDirections\":\"false\",\"remote_touchPad\":\"false\",\"remote_voiceControl\":\"false\",\"DMP_available\":\"true\",\"DMP_DRM_PLAYREADY\":\"false\",\"DMP_DRM_WIDEVINE\":\"false\"}" }

Application Programming Interface (API)

The Samsung speakers have an Application Programming Interface (API) available that is based on standard HTTP GET commands.
It is a REST like interface without getting any response back from the speakers after sending a command.
Representational State Transfer (REST) is a style of architecture based on a set of principles that describe how networked resources are defined and addressed.
RESTful APIs enable you to develop any kind of web application having all possible CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) operations. REST guidelines suggest using a specific HTTP method on a specific type of call made to the server (though technically it is possible to violate this guideline, yet it is highly discouraged).
GET APIs should be idempotent, which means that making multiple identical requests must produce the same result every time until another API (GET) has changed the state of the resource on the server. 
On April, 2017,  Bruno started to sniff the http traffic with Wireshark and found the speakers are controlled with simple HTTP GET commands. This was a major breakthrough.
My 2017 conversation with Bruno
"I installed the Samsung Multiroom app on  windows7 and wireshark to monitor some requests done by the app. Following your thought I started searching for SOAP traffic, butt hem I noticed the the were only http GETs requests  and with xml response. hum... and the url path was odd. 
I "accidentally" found how the speaker is being controlled.  Every control command is done with a HTTP GET request. This is for getting and setting data. Apparently without any security check. "
The speaker is controlled by HTTP GET request to get and set configurations
Here is an example of a command that you can pop-in to your browser to control the speakers:


Bruno created a page on github where he documented the commands he found:
The communication folder can be downloaded here.

I created an TXT file with all the commands extracted from the Android App, available here
It required additional research to figure out what we can do with all commands. (screenshot blow)

Example below: commands to change the input on the speaker:
/UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetFunc%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22function%22%20val=%22bt%22/%3E # Bluetooth /UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetFunc%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22function%22%20val=%22soundshare%22/%3E # TVsoundconnect /UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetFunc%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22function%22%20val=%22aux%22/%3E # AUX /UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetFunc%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22function%22%20val=%22wifi%22/%3E # WiFi

Playing an url

Input from David - april 30, 2018
On April 2018, David shared how he could play a URL on the speakers.
Playing a URL on the Speakers and Older (non SoundPlus) Soundbars.  I finally found the grail here.  This is used in playTrackAndResume, playTrackAndRestore, and playTrack in the SmartThings.  It is a NEW command to the lexicon.
<p type="cdata" name="url" val="empty"><![CDATA[${urlTrack}]]>
</p><p type="dec" name="buffersize" val="0"/>
<p type="dec" name="seektime" val="0"/>
<p type="dec" name="resume" val="${resume}"/>
Variables:  ${urlTrack} is a text string, no quotes.  Example:
            ${resume} is 0 or 1 (with quotes).  0 is do not resume.  1 is resume playing.
Playing a URL on the SoundPlus (newer) Soundbars:  Use the port 9797 DMR / AVTransport UPnP commands.

Grouping speakers

On Aug 2017, Kamil did some additional research on how the grouping of the speakers work and published his java code on github.
After figuring out what the Grouping calls looked like I wanted to create a service that let me control them programmatically.  I created a Java Springboot service that took group and ungroup calls and sent the right commands to the speakers.  I also found out that the speakers are Spotify Connect capable.  This means they use a multi-cast DNS technology (interoperable with Apple's Bonjour) for discovery.  I found the mDNS type which is _spotify-connect._tcp.local. The speakers then respond with their IP.  I then call the speaker for more info with the given IP to get the Mac address.  That is all the info that is needed to send group and ungroup calls to the speakers.  The following link is to the GitHub repo of the service I created.  The service will auto discover the speakers and provide an endpoint to issue group and ungroup calls to it.
I have also created an Alexa skill and Amazon Lambda function that takes the call from Alexa and calls my server at home but it has hardcoded urls right now and I don't want anyone messing with my home services.  I will clean that up and put it on GitHub as well.
2019 07 Kamil,  I notice your mac address uses "-" and not ":".  Mine worked with ":"
April 2019 : Peter H. reported that latest client seem to send encrypted strings over the wire. Thanks Peter for reporting this !

I found that all the outgoing web commands from the App are now aes128(?) encrypted strings, not plain text any longer. The replies still seem to be plain text.
GET KiMX5exB9g4uIowPOOWboiuKocwp9dQvy2UzG0JwqoMkFlOoGQib7p4/lU8UG9CB53e5BkfTn7uBh8g/a2lf+kXciBuRymz7wEOGZOGLW/xjxAGY9nVR33++keC0TbNF6SfMqyru6ilxRbPypP1NPRY0ra6d/WRD5c2IOKWfxw5wPuGB3Epl3XFNu4bL1dJ7VVwk6UvjBhMhfhlVFA0ttW079UWsypFrN
/xIyJ3XfP4ZU5UTMBMV8OB01F1wPw2/ZBgJ7YyRgYsELy0hjVjvlw/nH9gfQAeafD29+XYPlJrp8ErSLFnTWbG82J+uyEIb HTTP/1.1
19:37:37.224516 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 4734, offset 0, flags [DF], proto TCP (6), length 598)
    samsungWAM750.bfree.wafreenet.55001 > Flags [P.], cksum 0x9442 (correct), seq 7434:7980, ack 2852, win 660, options [nop,nop,TS val 1690997 ecr 70045797], length 546
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:52:43 GMT
The WAM750 still accepts the manual curl http://x.x.x.x:55001/CPM?cmd=<name>GetCpPlayerPlayList</name> type requests, but it does mean we cant use tcpdump to capture new features as they add them.
I just tried the command:<pwron>on</pwron><name>SetMultispkGroup</name><p type="cdata" name="name" val="empty"><![CDATA[Kitchen + Livingroom]]></p><p type="dec" name="index" val="1"/><p type="str" name="type" val="main"/><p type="dec" name="spknum" val="2"/><p type="str" name="audiosourcemacaddr" val="f8:77:b8:c4:8f:a1"/><p type="cdata" name="audiosourcename" val="empty"><![CDATA[Kitchen]]></p><p type="str" name="audiosourcetype" val="speaker"/><p type="str" name="subspkip" val=""/><p type="str" name="subspkmacaddr" val="f8:77:b8:c4:8f:ca"/>
On my speakers using Postman and it worked (unencrypted).  It looks like you only have to send a single command to the master speaker and it groups (I saw the grouping happen in the Samsung app).  I can then send the ungroup command to that master and it releases them. 
I notice your mac address uses "-" and not ":".  Mine worked with ":"
It definitely hates the "-".  Just tried it and I got the spinning and the only way to get rid of it is to change the input on the speaker.  I think the issue with your command is the "-"


Speakers - BAT File by Moosy

The bat file arp's the network to find my speakers, since they have dynamic IP addresses. My speakers all start with mac address "50"
You want to change the red sections to your specifics, enjoy ..
@echo off rem # SPEAKERS.BAT version 0.1 rem # by Moosy rem # based on '' and Samsung Multiroom Console Client - fhatz rem # curl download set CURL=C:\Users\Moosy\AppData\Local\Apps\cURL\bin\curl.exe set PORT=55001 rem # all my speakers start with mac address 50- set MAC=50- rem # change to your speakers, you can find mac addresses of your speakers in Samsung Multiroom app (settings, deviceID) or with arp -a if "%2" == "main" ( set MAC=50-84-69-fa-87-2d ) if "%2" == "study" ( set MAC=50-51-bf-d8-f1-16 ) if "%2" == "living" ( set MAC=50-52-be-81-dd-1a ) if "%2" == "kitchen" ( set MAC=50-56-bf-83-19-e8
Источник: []
, Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Download Samsung Multiroom App For Mac

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If you have a Mac and a Samsung Smart TV, AirPlay mirroring to the TV would usually require an Apple TV. But now there’s an app for that …

Mirror for Samsung TV is a $9.99 Mac app that allows you to stream whatever’s playing on your Mac screen to any Samsung Smart TV from 2012 onward. That is to say, any model whose middle letter is E or later (eg. UE55_E_S8000).

$ Su ENTER. How to change mac address in android pie. Open the Terminal app and type the following command. Then enter the following command. $ Busybox iplink show eth0 ENTER ( in order to see wifi mac address)Step 4.

“After launching the application on the Mac, the app will scan your local network for a Samsung Smart TV”, explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Technology. “When your TV is found, with a click of a button, the screen of your Mac is mirrored on TV. You can even choose whether you would like the audio of your Mac to be transferred to your TV as well.”

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  6. Then, open Google Play Store and search for ” Samsung Flow “
  7. Choose one of the app from the search result list. Click the Install button.
  8. Or import the .apk file that you’ve downloaded from the link on above this article with Bluestacks/NoxAppPlayer File Explorer.
  9. For the last step, Right-Click then install it.
  10. Finished. Now you can play Samsung Flow on MAC PC.
  11. Enjoy the app!

Samsung Flow for MAC Features and Description

Samsung Flow App Preview

Samsung Flow is a software product that enables a seamless, secure, connected experience across your devices. You can authenticate your Tablet/PC with your smartphone, share content between devices, and sync notifications or view contents from your smartphone on your Tablet/PC. You can turn on the smartphone’s Mobile Hotspot to keep your Tablet/PC connected.
You can also log in to your Tablet/PC with your biometric data (Iris, Fingerprints) if you register with Samsung Pass.

You can also use Samsung Flow on Galaxy Watch. Unlock and Sign in to your Tablet/PC using your Samsung Wearable. Using watch to unlock Tablet/PC, you can also view notifications on your phone and check the flow history of your shared content.
The following devices support Samsung Flow:
1. Windows Tablet/PC : Windows 10 OS Creators update (V1703) and June patch build (15063.413)
(Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book2, PC)
2. Android Tablet: Android Marshmallow OS or newer (Galaxy Tab S4, Tab S3, Tab S2, Tab A (2018, 10.5), Tab A2, Tab Active 2, Tab A 10.1, Tab A (2017))
3. Android Phone : Android Marshmallow OS or Newer
It may not be supported by some models, depending on the smartphone specifications.
4. Samsung Wearable: Tizen 3.0 OS or Newer
Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear Sports

* Samsung Flow will operate only on official software released by Samsung Electronics.
* Windows: Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE optional) or Wi-Fi/LAN, Wi-Fi direct

Windows 10 users can find the Samsung Flow app on the Windows App Store.
Go to the Samsung Flow webpage where you can find the setup guide:
If you have not updated the Samsung Flow app to the latest version, please go to Windows Store > Menu > Downloads and Updates to update the app.

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.
[Required permissions]
– Location: Used to search for your phone using your tablet or computer connected through Bluetooth
– Storage: Used to store content shared among registered devices on an external storage device and view the stored content
[Optional permissions]
– Phone: Used to answer and decline calls to your phone on your tablet or computer
– Contacts: Used to obtain information about callers or senders when you receive calls or text messages on your phone
– SMS: Used to receive and reply to text messages to your phone on your tablet or computer
– Microphone: Used to record and send the audio from your phone to your computer or tablet while using Smart View
Bug fixing and Update of some features

The contents and apk files on this site is collected and process from Google Play. We are not responsible with abusing all of the applications on this site.

Samsung Flow is an App that build by their Developer. This website is not directly affiliated with them. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned it in here is the property of their respective owners.

All Macintosh application is not hosted on our server. When visitor click “Download” button, installation files will downloading directly from the Official Site.

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Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

In this article, I will be sharing a complete guide on how to download & install the Multiroom app on every OS! To enjoy wireless entertainment in multiple rooms in the house. Download the EXE/DMG – and install Without BlueStacks!

Samsung Multiroom App for PC & Mac Download

Is it true that you are searching for a musical remote administrator application for your PC Windows Operating System? At that point, we have a magnificent option for you today which is Wireless Audio-Multiroom or Samsung multiroom application for pc. Samsung Multiroom App which is likewise called Wireless Audio Multiroom App is one of the amazing music controller programs for various devices like Android, Windows PC, Mac just as iOS working frameworks. It is one of the best App which is built up by Samsung Electronics Co. particularly for Android devices can be downloaded through Play Store or Apple store free of charge.

The fundamental feature of the application is to dispatch the fav music that you need to listen legitimately to the remote speakers from your PC framework which empowers you to tune in to your music in any part of your house. This Multiroom App for PC Windows framework enables its audience members to appreciate tether free amusement which can be controlled from an effectively downloadable application. In this informative article, we will be providing you with a detailed tutorial on how to download and install Wireless Audio-Multiroom for PC to enjoy wireless music in any part of the home. So, let us get started.

Samsung Multiroom App

Have fun! and get experience in using the Multiroom app on Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, and Pads or personal computers even! It is a new and rising App which is developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for Android is available free of charge in the Play Store. The latest version of the Samsung Multiroom last updated this week.

Before moving to the installation guide on PC using Emulators, you can go to the Play store to see what they offer. Here, we’ll show how to install it on PC running any OS, including Windows and MAC variants.

Features of Samsung Multiroom App

Listen to any music from anywhere

It is really uncomplicated to discover and listen to the songs you like the most via different free Internet radio or music providers. You can play various tunes in various rooms or play a similar melody all through the house which gives a room sound just by including additional speakers.

Easy Control

The app will enhance your listening experience and reclaim control by means of a basic downloadable remote application. The Wheel Dial highlight enables its clients to search for their fav music.

Easy Installation

The app allows its users to connect and install the app with the multiroom speakers in no time with some easy steps which can be done within a couple of minutes.

Samsung Multiroom For PC (Windows & MAC)

Download Samsung Multiroom for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10 and have the fun experience of using the smartphone Apps on Desktop or personal computers.
New and rising App, Samsung Multiroom developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for Android is available for free in the Play Store. Samsung Multiroom has the latest version of 3.2.19 which was updated last on 08.06.19. Before we move toward the installation guide of Samsung Multiroom on PC using Emulators, you can go on official Play store to see what they are offering, You can read the Complete Features and Description of the App there.

Samsung Multiroom Details

Name:Samsung Multiroom
Developers:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Current Version:3.2.19
Last Updated:08.06.19

Here we will show you today How can you Download and Install Samsung Multiroom on PC running any OS including Windows and MAC variants, however, if you are interested in other apps, visit our site about Android Apps on PC and locate your favorite ones, without further ado, let us continue

Samsung Multiroom App For PC :- Are you searching for an Application which provides you tether free service for your PC? Then, you are at the right place as Samsung Multiroom App is what you need. In this article, we will help you with the installation steps of Samsung Multiroom App For PC.

The Samsung Multiroom app makes it easy to control the speakers in any room of your house. Multiroom connects to your home Wi-Fi network, linking your compatible speakers together and giving you complete control over each.

Features Of Samsung Multiroom For PC

Its an Android Application which we thought you should have for PC that is why we wrote this article so that you can comfortably use this application for your PC.

People across the World have showered their love for this application a lot. You can take an estimate from the downloads itself which are 500,000+ . Its a huge number in downloads and the downloads are continuously going on.

The size of the application is also okay as it will not affect your PC s storage too much. The size of the Samsung Multiroom right now is 34 MB which is like 2 MB for PC. The features of this application are mesmerising and that what makes this application attractive to the users towards this application.

There are a lot of features of Samsung Multiroom that is why we are gonna mention the main features which are necessary for you to know before installing the application in your PC.

Wanna have a look at the features of the application? Then, have a look so that you have the reason to install Samsung Multiroom For PC .

Following are the features of Samsung Multiroom

  • Stream your favorite Music anywhere.
  • Listen to free Music via free Internet.
  • In different room play different songs.
  • By adding extra speakers give a room sound simply.
  • Music serve vary by region.
  • Easy Control.
  • Take back control  via a simple downloadable remote app by liberating your Music Experience.
  • Enjoy tether free Entertainment in any room from virtually any source.

Above mentioned are the features of Samsung Multiroom. We hope you like the features of Samsung Multiroom. Now, you have the reason to install Samsung Multiroom App For PC.

Let’s move ahead to the installation procedure of Samsung Multiroom App with NOX App Player.

Download and Install Samsung Multiroom App for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac OS)

Below mentioned are the 2 methods to install Samsung Multiroom App For PC:-

  • Install Samsung Multiroom App App using BlueStacks App Player.
  • Download & Install Samsung Multiroom App using Nox App Player.

1. Install Samsung Multiroom App using Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks is an emulator to run Android apps and game on your Windows or Mac devices. Following are the steps on how to install any app on PC with Bluestacks:-

  • Firstly, open your Web Browser and search for Bluestacks.
  • Launch its official website & Install Bluestacks in PC.
  • Launch BlueStacks on PC.
  • Once, BlueStacks is launched, Click on Google Play Store.
  • Sign in with your Google ID.
  • Search for: Samsung Multiroom Ap
  • You will see search result for Samsung Multiroom App app just install it.
  • Login to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • After login, installation process will start for Samsung Multiroom App depending on your internet connection.

So, this is the Procedure of downloading the application with Bluestacks App Player.

2. Install Samsung Multiroom App with NOX App Player

Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Web Browser and search for NOX App Player.
  • From its official website, install NOX App Player.
  • Launch NOX App Player and open Google Play Store Application from the Home screen of NOX.
  • Sign in with your Google ID.
  • Tab searcher and search for: Samsung Multiroom App.
  • Install Samsung Multiroom App on your Nox emulator.
  • Once installation is completed, you will be able to play Samsung Multiroom App.


Congratulations, finally you can use it without BlueStacks or with the BlueStacks technology. Maybe you are successfully going to finishing the installation! If you are using the Emulator then right-click on the Desktop shortcut and select “open” after downloading. It will open the Samsung Multiroom App automatically. You can now use it on your own.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Samsung Multiroom App For PC

The Samsung Multiroom App For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Samsung Multiroom App For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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What’s New in the Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download?

Screen Shot

System Requirements for Samsung Multiroom App For PC Windows & MAC Full Version Download

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