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In this age of smart phones, home hubs and app controlled heating; it’s not surprising to see the emergence of Wi-Fi doorbell cameras. We will do just about anything to keep our home and family secure, so are smart doorbells a worthy investment? We are going to look at the five most popular doorbell cameras in the UK and see what they offer.


Ring Video Doorbell 2

Price- £179.00 (Amazon 2019) Ring Website 

The Ring doorbell camera offers you 1080HD video, which is a pretty high resolution for a doorbell camera. It allows you to see, hear and speak to anyone that comes to your door from wherever you are. Ring provides instant mobile alerts and two way talk that you can answer from your mobile, tablet or PC. The Ring doorbell can be adapted to meet your needs; you can adjust the motion sensors. So if you own a cat that will be around your property, you won’t get an alert every time they move.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 includes a quick release rechargeable battery, so you are able to charge it without having to take the whole thing off your front door. If you are worried about it being switched off for any period of time then we recommend you buy 2 batteries, so you always have power for your Wi-Fi doorbell camera.

The camera has a viewing range of 160 degrees and has adjustable motion zones. Don’t worry about having it outside in bad weather, as it can cope with temperatures as low as -5c and as high as 48.5c. it’s is also weather resistant meaning its fine getting rained on, snowed on or even hailed on. Ring will also connect to the Amazon Alexa, so you can see who’s at the door with an Echo Show or a Fire TV.

Ring is the most dominant presence in the Wi-Fi doorbell camera game, so you can be sure it’s the most advanced smart doorbell out there. However it does come with a rather large price tag. So it’s worth looking around to see what other doorbells are out there.


SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Price- £100.97 (Amazon 2019) Skybell Website

The SkyBell offers almost exactly the same features as the Ring Wi-Fi doorbell. The small difference being that with Skybell you get a notification when someone rings the doorbell, as well as motion notifications.

The set up seems relatively simple, as you only use 4 screws to mount the Wi-Fi door bell and can use any existing doorbells power wires.

The Skybell also features 2 way audio, meaning you can have a conversation with whoever is at the door. The app allows multiple people to have accounts, so everyone that lives in your house can have view who has been to the front door. Even at night you will be able to see clearly who is at your front door in full colour night vision. Also, if you’ve not had chance to look at who’s been around your property all day, then there is an ‘Active History’ function that means you can review any missed visitors, any answered video calls and motion alerts.

One of the biggest differences between the Skybell and Ring is battery vs hard wired, with the Sky bell being wired in. Depending on the doorbell you currently have, you may find the battery controlled Wi-Fi doorbell a little easier to set up. However if leaving something that controls your home security on a battery worries you, then having it wired in is a selling point.


Vivint© Doorbell Camera™

Price- Available on Request Vivint Website

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is probably the most elegant looking Wi-Fi doorbell on the list; it has a thin, understated design meaning that it is considerably more subtle than a security camera and some of the other Wi-Fi doorbells. It’s also comes with the standard features of a Wi-Fi doorbell camera, notifications and video footage etc. The video quality is slightly lower than some other smart doorbells at 720p HD and has a night vision feature.

Vivint promotes a discreet way to secure your home and boasts that it will warn you before a person even rings on your doorbell. On their website its says;

“The minimalist design of Vivint Doorbell Camera mimics a regular doorbell to blend seamlessly with your home exterior and keep your entryway feeling like a meeting place, not a TSA checkpoint.”

So if you’re conscious of advertising that you have an expensive smart doorbell attached to your door, the Vivint might be for you. To be able to use a Vivint Doorbell camera you will need to invest in a Vivint smart home monitoring package and this will cost you extra in equipment and monthly fees. Installation is a bit more involved and requires a specially trained engineer to come to your house and set it up for you. They do not specifically state the price of the camera on their website, but if subtly is your thing then Vivint is definitely worth looking in to.

August Doorbell Cam

Price- £200 (August website 2019) August Website


August is a big player in the smart home security game. They are best known for their smart locks that allow you to open the front door with your phone. However they also have a Wi-Fi doorbell on the market, the August Doorbell Cam. The August can be wired in using the same connection of your current standard doorbell, so there is no need to rely on batteries. You can then set it up inside by using the USB dock provided.


August differs from other Wi-Fi doorbell cameras by not having a night vision feature, but instead including a full colour light that will illuminate anyone standing at the door. However like the others it allows you not only to live stream footage from your front door, but going back and review anything you missed. The camera will start recording when it senses movement, so you shouldn’t miss anything important.

The instillation of the August is a bit more involved than some of the other options, as you are required to mount brackets and use a drill, which if you are not DIY minded, could be a struggle for you.


Netvue Vuebell Doorbell

Price- £89.99 (Amazon 2019) Netvue Website

Like all the other doorbell cameras the Vuebell doorbell comes with its own app, meaning you can check the video feed from anywhere. The doorbell itself includes HD cameras, 2-way audio and Night Vision. The Vuebell automatically detects unusual motions and alerts you by sending a notification to your phone. Or if you are out and someone rings the doorbell you can have a real-time two-way conversation with them.

The camera is pretty good, with a wide viewing angle of 185 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 118 degrees, meaning that the entire area around your front door will be covered. Like most of the camera doorbells, it runs on Wi-Fi, with Vuebell you can have it up to 100 metres away from your wireless router. That means it doesn’t matter where it is in your home, the connection will not suffer from inference. The doorbell also has eight infrared LEDs that can help you see things even at night.  You can capture a clear photo at night within five meters.

The Netvue is a good piece of kit if you’re looking to keep the cost down. However you won’t be able to connect the Netvue with any other smart devices, such as a smart lock or another smart camera. The Netvue does also have a slightly budget look about it.

Video Storage Fees


What most of the makers of these Wi-Fi camera doorbells fail to mention is that if you want to keep the footage of your home then you will need to subscribe to a monthly storage plan. As hours and hours of video footage takes up a lot of storage space, it’s not possible to store it all on the doorbell itself. Most companies will store your footage on a cloud based server, some may offer you some sort of free cloud storage, while others offer you none at all.



The Ring Video Doorbell may be one of the most advanced cameras out there, but they offer no free storage. This means unless you open a live stream immediately after receiving a notification, you might miss what going on. For the motion based video to be stored you have to subscribe to a ‘Ring Protect Plan’. You can either pay £2.50 per month (£25 annually) for their Protect Basic Plan, which will store all live videos for up to 30 days. Or you can pay £8 per month (£80 annually) for the Protect Plus Program. This is useful if you have more than one Wi-Fi camera doorbell, as the plan covers unlimited Ring devices. You still only have 30 days’ worth of storage with this plan, but you do get an extended warranty and discounts in the Ring store.




Skybell does not offer a storage plan of any sort. But it does offer free 7 day storage, so if you are looking for a WI-FI doorbell camera that can store footage for a long time, the Skybell is not for you.




As with the price of the actual doorbell, Vivint are not advertising the price of their video storage plan. However on their website it says you get 30 days’ worth of video (which seems to be the standard) for a ‘fraction of the cost of most video storage solutions’.




August does offer various plans, the Free Basic Plan offer 24 hours of saved video history; this comes automatically with the doorbell so there is no need to sign up. They do offer a ‘Premium’ storage plan, which is around £4 a month or around £50 annually. This offers 30 days of saved video history and saved video clips of all activity captured. On both plans you can download and share saved videos and everyone that has the August app can use it.



Netvue does not offer any free video storage; instead they offer three paid plans. The first is Ring Video Storage which is around £2 a month (or around £20 a year); this plan will record and save any doorbell rings and conversations on the cloud for future viewing for 30 days.

The second plan is around £6 a month (or £69.99 per year) and offers 14 days of 24/7 recording. This means your doorbell will be recording continuously and you can access and review the footage for up to 14 days.

The third is around £1 per month (or £19 per year) and you are able view 10 second of any event, this is available to watch for 30 days.


So, Should you buy one?

Buying a WI-FI doorbell is a good investment in the security of your home, especially if you want to be able to connect with people at your front door while you are away. However, you do need to consider how much you want to spend and how much you are willing to pay for the video storage. We hope this guide has been useful and make sure you check out our other blogs on home security.

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Ring Doorbell App For PC Archives

Amazon's doorbell camera Ring is working with police – and controlling what they say

Ring, Amazon’s camera-connected smart doorbell company, has cameras watching hundreds of thousands of doorsteps across the US. It’s also keeping an eye on what local police say online.

Records obtained through an information request show how Ring uses corporate partnerships to shape the communications of police departments it collaborates with, directing the departments’ press releases, social media posts and comments on public posts.

Ring, which was acquired by Amazon in 2018, sells smart doorbells that allow users to monitor their doorstep remotely and operates Neighbors by Ring, an accompanying app that lets users view footage uploaded by other Ring owners.

'Recipe for disaster': Amazon under fire for selling face-recognition software to police

In recent months, Ring has partnered with hundreds of US law enforcement agencies, offering departments access to its platform in exchange for outreach to residents. Ring says the program gives police more resources to solve crimes, while critics fear the company is quietly building up a for-profit private surveillance network. Ring’s power over police departments’ communications with the citizens they serve is just the latest question about the company’s operations.

Andrew Ferguson, a law professor and the author of The Rise of Big Data Policing said there has been a rise of tech company influence on police work over the past decade, but shaping marketing language within police departments represents a new level of “distortion of public safety rule”.

“Police should not have dual loyalty to a private company and the public – their loyalty should be to the public,” he said. “Any sort of blurring of that line causes us to question that loyalty.”

How Amazon controls social media of local police departments

Pittsburg, Kansas, a city near the Missouri border with a population of 20,000 people, publicly announced a partnership with Ring on 22 April 2019. Emails obtained by the Guardian show Ring first pitched the department in December 2018, offering deals including discounts on devices and sending the police force a free $200 device for every 20 downloads of the Neighbors app. These types of tit-for-tat agreements were a common practice for the company, reporting from Motherboard has showed, and are part of an effort to grow the audience of its app.

On 28 February, once the Pittsburg police green-lighted the program, Ring sent the department a press release template and noted the final communique would have to be approved by Ring before release. The Ring representative also sent Amazon-approved social media assets to be used to promote the Ring program.

“Remember to make sure you highlight your Branch/Text link to try and have your civilians download the Neighbors by Ring App,” he said on 12 March. “I recommend reposting these links to your social media pages once a month to re-engage the community to download the app!”

On 25 April, a spokesman from Ring praised social media posts regarding the partnership and encouraged more. “Let’s keep this community interaction going strong!” he said. “Hopefully, the department can get a ton of people to download the Neighbors App from your specific link!”

Emails between Ring and police officials in Gwinnett county, Georgia – a county near Atlanta with a population of around 900,000 – show a similar script.

Ring first contacted the department in August 2018, and police approved the partnership in May 2019. Ring donated 80 doorbells to police, valued at $15,920. It heavily edited the press release about the program, removing one sentence that said “the company will donate 80 Ring Video Doorbell 2s, valued at $15,920, which the company will give away and help install”.

Ring also changed wording from the police department that said the department “will be able to access videos submitted by subscribers of Ring” to say the department will “join existing crime and safety conversations with local residents”. Ring also deleted a sentence saying “police cannot access live stream video”, changing it to “police will not have access to cameras, live footage, or user data”.

The Ring representative also offered to cross-promote alerts from Gwinnett county police directly to the Amazon-owned Facebook page, sharing images of people who had not yet been charged with a crime publicly. A spokesman from the Gwinnett county police department said separate from Ring, it often publishes images and videos of suspects in crimes on social media to help identify them for criminal prosecution.

Gizmodo documented similar arrangements between the company and police departments in California, Florida and Texas.

“Ring provides sample social media content for police departments to utilize at their discretion to inform their jurisdictions about their partnerships with Ring,” a spokeswoman for the company said.Ring requests to look at press releases and any messaging prior to distribution to ensure our company and our products and services are accurately represented,” she added.

Amazon’s social media advising is ongoing

Emails between Ring representatives and Pittsburg police show the company continued to shape police rhetoric online, months after the launch of the partnership. In one email the representative encourages officers to tell locals more about crime statistics.

“I just wanted to reach out and say great job with the response you made with neighbors commenting about crime going up etc,” the email says. “That’s an exact comment residents need to see coming directly from the department to put things into perspective.”

In another post, a Ring spokesman tells police to comment more frequently on crime posts to encourage users to report on the Neighbors app when they see crime in the neighborhood. “This is exactly the interaction your community needs to see,” he told an officer who commented on a post about a woman whose car had been broken into.

A spokesman for the Pittsburg police said Ring and its Neighbors app represent an extension of its information dissemination and crime reporting efforts in the general community.

“We recognize that social media is a vast and readily accessible public communications mechanism and are trying to openly engage the community through as many platforms as possible to encourage people to become involved and report crime or suspicious activity,” a spokesman said. “Ring is another social media platform through which we can communicate and share information with the community and to promote better transparency.”

Andrew Ferguson, the law professor, said the language Ring encourages police departments to market Ring products to private citizens, changing the relationship between citizens and the police.

“The purpose for this kind of commentary is to fuel a narrative that these devices are effective in stopping crime, that there is a high rate of crime and thus people need these devices, and police support a particular brand of camera over other brands of camera,” he said. “All of those are questionable choices for a public safety organization that should have a primary purpose of serving public safety and not corporate marketing.”

These kinds of interactions “undermine public trust in law enforcement”, echoed Matt Cagle, a technology and civil liberties attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union said.

“It is shocking to see a private corporation dictating what public officials will say to community members about public safety issues,” he said. “Ring answers to Amazon shareholders, and police are supposed to answer to the public. That is the core tension in these relationships.”

Privacy advocates want police surveillance off our doorsteps

Ring had a 97% share of the video doorbell market as of 2018, according to market research firm NPD group. The company had more than one million US customers when it was acquired by Amazon in 2018. A map of existing users in Gwinnett county shared by the company with the police force showed hundreds of cameras in the new area of partnership.

The company has now created partnerships with more than 400 police forces, according to the Washington Post, including partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the US in places including Florida, Virginia, Atlanta, California, and Texas.

Ring said police do not automatically have access to Ring video streams. Law enforcement has access to a portal, and then needs to directly request information from Neighbors app users if it wants to watch footage. Ring says it does not share information with law enforcement unless a user consents.

But the company’s law enforcement partnerships have faced criticism from privacy and criminal justice activists. Advocates fear that the cameras will allow police access to surveillance footage while bypassing the public process to approve more traditional security cameras. They have pointed out that contracts between police and Ring often face little public scrutiny and experts have raised concerns over requests from Ring to get access to police department’s computer-aided dispatch feeds.

Advocates have also questioned how comfortable users feel in denying law enforcement requests. And they have pointed at problems of discrimination that Ring, and the broader industry of neighborhood social networks, have faced.

“What often happens in instances of increased surveillance is that there are more arrests of ‘suspicious characters,’ which often end up being people of color not breaking any laws,” said Caroline Sinders, a machine learning designer in Berlin who studies the intersections between technology and harassment. “This is going to result in more people of color being hassled and arrested for just existing.”

Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring has said Ring keeps “customers, their privacy, and the security of their information” at the top of its priority list. “Our customers and Neighbors app users place their trust in us to help protect their homes and communities and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously,” he said in a blogpost about Neighbors.

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