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Dear Hafler / Dynaco enthusiasts!

The following page lists manuals and schematics for various Hafler and Dynaco products. If you are looking for something specific, please check the list below. This list comprises everything we have available at this time. If you do not find what you are looking for, please note that Radial purchased the Hafler brand and was not involved in any of the manufacturing. Thus, we do not have source information. We are however working hard at increasing the data on the web site and are encouraging folks to provide data that we can share. So if you have schematics, manuals or anything else that you believe would be of value to fellow Hafler and Dynaco enthusiasts, please send them our way.

The following documentation is provided as reference only. Hafler (division of Radial engineering Ltd.) has no way to assure that the information provided is accurate or represents the latest revision of a given product. Any use of the schematics presented herein is your sole responsibility and is done so under the understanding that you are taking the full and entire risk for their accuracy and that you shall hold Radial (Hafler) harmless under any and all conditions.

Hafler (Radial Engineering Ltd.) does not currently offer any form of repair service for products built before 2015 as we do not have access to parts. We kindly ask that you get in touch with your local repair center to see if they can assist by downloading one of the many documents made available on this site.

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Timeline - Neil Young Online Archives

As folks continue to explore the Neil Young Online Archives (NYOA), there has been a range of reactions (see comments hereand here.)

Similar to the Blu-Ray release back in 2009, audiophiles have a lot of questions about how to best experience Neil Young Online Archives. Neil Young himself strongly advises following recommendations provided on the Archives websiteand the tutorial video.

A discussion has sprung up on the PONO communityand here's a posting by member Dan:
So maybe this is a good time to discuss the various Streaming boxes music lovers can use to stream from services like NYA or Qobuz or Deezer, to a very decent quality, but non-streaming Audio Receiver.

The Baby Boomer demographic has to be heavily skewed with music lovers that bought a good home stereo in the last 20 years, but now, it is not giving them access to the music streaming services... Since Qobuz is actively trying to help it's listeners better use what they have, there is a page on their site that actually shows the names and some info on about 30 different Streaming boxes or Network Players....Of this list which I went through with diligence, I found around 6 or 7 that look like they need to be looked in to much more deeply by people on the PONO group, and by this Baby Boomer demo in general.

Among these , and NOT ranked by any order whatsoever : WTX Microstreamer ; D-Stream Audio WR-100D Wi-Fi Audio Adapter ; Klipsch Gate ( though tech support was horrific according to existing reviews, so this might be dangerous to try till you know more) ; iFi - SPDIF iPurifier Power Conditioner ( you would use this with chromecast Audio to dramatically reduce jitter from the optical digital connection, and then allow the DAC in your receiver to do the digital to audio conversion) ...

Does anyone have any experience with any of these? I am considering buying something in this category for my Living room stereo...a Pioneer SC05 Receiver with 2 big Bowers and Wilkens towers. Good sounding stereo, but as it was from around 2007 or 8, there was no streaming even considered( though it does do DLNA, and my PC can send J River music to it over the wifi, but this crashes /fails so often I have written this off ) ...

The Pioneer SC 05 has a good anti-jitter system built in to it -- to help its DAC with CD players or other optical input jitter....and this is a very clean sounding system. Right now I am streaming to it with Qobuz using my Android phone ( LG V 20) and a Chromecast Audio dongle with the optical cable accessory. I don't actually hear any jitter --maybe due to the PQLS or Precision Quartz Lock System Pioneer built into it...never intended for Chromecast, but maybe ideal for it...Even so, I would be inclined to improve this source quality, and in the future, will probably want to get the Qobuz Sublime 24 bit 192 subscription, rather than the CD quality I have now for streaming.

I am assuming there are plenty of people in the same boat with this type of set up ???? And ultimately, the Neil Young Archives will benefit from this discussion :-)
We're very interested in hearing from others about how they are connecting their computers to their audio systems. Let us know what seems to be working.

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Poweramp For PC Archives

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    Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop

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    Run the installer and complete the setup

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    Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

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    Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch the game

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    Enjoy playing Poweramp on your PC with LDPlayer

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