Photo Face Swap on Windows Archives

Photo Face Swap on Windows Archives

Photo Face Swap on Windows Archives

Photo Face Swap on Windows Archives

The Best Photo Management Software for Photographers

As a professional photographer, you probably take hundreds if not thousands of photos every time you shoot. But how do you store and keep track of all of those photos, as well as share them with clients, and keep your intellectual property safe? To answer these questions, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite photo manager apps and broken down what makes each of them unique, so that you can choose the best photo management software for your photography business.

Before You Get Started

The right photo management software will free up valuable time and effort so that you can focus your attention where it actually needs to be: on developing your skills and turning your side hustle into a profitable business. One way to impress potential clients is by showcasing your work and offering quick, easy purchasing options, so set up your portfolio alongside an online store to turn website viewers into paying customers.

Best Photo Management Software

Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe Bridge CC is an ideal photo management software for users of other Adobe Creative Cloud programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Adobe Bridge is free with the purchase of another Adobe program, and the interface will be easy to figure out for those experienced in using Adobe products. You are able to import photos (along with their thumbnails and metadata) directly from your camera, card reader or mobile device, with the ability to bulk import, export and preview images. Then, save valuable time by editing photos in batches, creating a unifying color scheme throughout one group of photos. Add a watermark to protect your work and promote your business before uploading to Adobe Stock, where you can earn royalties from your stock photography.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 10

CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 is a great option for a photo management software that works on multiple operating systems and with a variety of common file types including RAW image files. This photo manager has a simple interface that makes it easy to learn how to operate, so you won’t waste time getting bogged down in the details of learning an entirely new program. In terms of organizing your photo and video files, you can tag and search by keyword, date, color, location, and faces you’ve tagged. You can also create slideshows from your photos, complete with background music, transitions and effects, and then share them directly to Youtube.

Along with its photo management software, PhotoDirector 10 also has an extensive set of photo editing tools, from simple to more complex details. If you’re new to editing photos or you just don’t have the time to edit your photos right away, PhotoDirector 10’s automatic adjustment options will provide a great start that you can build off of later on. On the more advanced side, this software also had options for cosmetic retouching, like removing wrinkles or blemishes, fixing red eyes, whitening teeth, and there’s even a tool for reshaping bodies.

On the downside, this photo manager doesn’t automatically recognize and sort images by the people in them, so you’ll have to tag those individually if you want to organize your photos that way. However, PhotoDirector 10 offers a pretty cool feature called Video to Photo Face Swap, which is designed for getting a perfect group photo even when one or more of your group may be blinking. With this technology, you can grab a photo directly from a video, and then swap a face in the frame you chose for a different frame where your subject is smiling. This can come in handy especially for wedding photography, when you really need every single detail to be perfect for your client.

Other cool editing features include the ability to create a seamless panoramic image by selecting multiple photos through HDR imaging. If you have video footage, you can create multi-exposure photos, or use the Vibrant Motion Stills feature to create a cinemagraph, where only one part of the video moves. For photographers working with 360° photos, you’ll be able to edit those as well as create panoramas from them. Remove poor weather conditions like smog or haze with the Dehaze slider, and remove unwanted objects in just a few simple clicks. You can even do graphic design work using this photo manager’s advanced layer editing to combine images, text and graphics and create captivating content.

You’ll also be able to connect your camera to your computer while you’re shooting, and then immediately view and edit your images on your desktop. Perhaps the most compelling feature of all, Soft Proofing allows you to see how your images will print so you can make the necessary adjustments before you spend time and money getting things printed. As well as these features, you received 25 GBs of online storage completely free, and you’ll receive reminders to back up your work from the app. You can access this online from multiple devices, and there are phone apps for both Android and iOs operating systems. If that isn’t enough, there’s also an active online community of users where you can ask questions about the photo management software or even get feedback on your photography.

Unlike some other photo management apps, there is no password protection with PhotoDirector 10, and you won’t be able to burn photos or slideshows directly to a CD or DVD. Plans for PhotoDirector 10 start at only $3.67/month, making it an affordable option for beginners and professional photographers alike.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe is another powerful image editor and photo manager. Its simple user interface makes it a good choice for photographers at any stage in their career. Magix is compatible with all convention photo and video formats including RAW photos and AVCHD videos, and it uses layers, meaning you can create complex designs easily. When you edit your photos, you won’t have to worry about losing the original version, because Magix automatically creates a copy when you begin editing.

Users are able to import images from a variety of online cloud services as well as scanners and cameras, so you can see all of your photos in one place, regardless of where you’ve stored them in the past. The app can also access camera metadata so you can know exactly what settings were used in capturing each photo – a wonderful tool if you need to recreate a particular look or effect. You can organize your photos and videos by tagging them with keywords, location, color labels, star ratings and faces. This photo manager offers basic photo editing capabilities like color correction, auto-enhancing and image sharpening, but experienced editors may require a more robust set of tools.

Create a customized slideshow with transition effects and background music, which you can then share directly to Youtube, or burn photos and slideshows to CDs or DVDs. The Selection Wizard will analyze your library of images and automatically sort out duplicates and low quality or blurry photos. Using a combination of up to eight images, you can create a panorama that will be automatically aligned and blended into one unified image. If you’re overwhelmed by all the different capabilities on offer, don’t worry: Magix has a library of tutorial videos online that will help you navigate its photo management software and make the most of your investment. Professional photographers who work with clients will appreciate how password protection enables only people with permission to view different files and folders.

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019

ACDSee emphasizes security, whether through the ability to lock folders and individual files with password protection (ideal for sharing photo proofs with clients) or the ability to create and add a custom watermark to your photos. Purchase of this photo management software includes limited online storage, with extra available at an additional cost. ACDSee supports multiple file types including RAW and offers high-quality editing software, with tools like object removal and cosmetic adjustments available. Organize your photos by keyword, rating, date, color, location, or faces, or create and assign custom categories that make the most sense for you.

Photo Management Software for Mac

Apple Photos

If you’re a Mac user who hasn’t given Apple Photos a chance, it should definitely be your first stop in the search for the best photo management software for Mac. There is no simpler option that Apple Photos: it already comes installed on your computer and any other Apple devices, and the desktop version opens automatically when you connect your phone or tablet to your computer. Better yet, it’s completely free.

Photos will create slideshows of your Memories without your intervention based on location or time, which you can easily share with other Mac users, who will be able to access your shared folder directly through their Apple device. Scene and object recognition allows you to search your photos by objects, like beach, apple, or tree, or to combine search terms to find the exact photo you’re looking for. Through Live photos, this photo manager will suggest which videos to turn into loops, reverse or long exposure based on the app’s algorithms. Apple Photos also has standard photo editing capabilities and it is compatible with RAW photo files.

MacPaw Gemini 2

MacPaw Gemini 2 is a very specific photo management software that focuses on locating and comparing similar and duplicate photos in order to recover valuable space on your Mac. As a photographer, you probably sometimes find that you have tens or hundreds of photos of the exact same scene from slightly different angles. How many of these angles are you really going to use? Once your duplicates are all in one place, you can hand pick which files to delete and which to save, or rely on Gemini 2’s Smart Select, which will automatically choose and delete the files it thinks you don’t really need.

The program’s algorithms can determine which files are originals and which are copies so it knows which files to keep, and deletes the rest. The algorithm will also learn from observing your actions and behavior over time and amend its practices as a result. If you do allow Gemini 2 to take the reins and delete duplicates using Smart Select, you can always rescue accidental deletes from the trash – nothing will be deleted permanently unless you empty your deleted items folder. Although this photo manager is lacking in some of the more advanced photo editing and management capabilities, it is a useful preliminary step in your quest to organize your photos (and clear up hard drive space while you’re at it).

Photo Management Software for Windows 10

Corel PaintShop Pro 2019

If you want the best photo manager for Windows 10, Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 is definitely up there. This windows photo management software provides powerful photo editing with simple and advanced enhancements, as well as a range of organizational tools perfect for the busy photographer on the go. Take your pick from the Essential or Complete interfaces: Essential provides only basic editing tools, while Complete includes photo editing and organizing. Color manipulation, HDR images and object removal are just a few of the capabilities available through this app, which can be used on your Android tablet as well as your Windows desktop. The photo management software supports all of the main photo types, including RAW, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, GIF and PNG, so no matter what format you like to work in, Corel has you covered.

Sort your photos using keywords, ratings, dates, faces, and location – unlike some other photo management software, with this photo manager you are not able to sort photos by color. The app comes with free online storage, although there is no password protection available. Users will receive regular reminders to back up your files so in the event of an emergency all of your hard work and effort stays protected. Although you cannot create slideshows or burn images directly to a CD, Corel PaintShop does allow you to share photos directly to a variety of social media websites. The creative presets use artificial intelligence to anticipate your photo editing and management needs. This is a photo management software designed for photographers by photographers, making it a great option for Windows users.

Phototheca 2

Phototheca is a photo management software that combines a few of the features we’ve seen in other options all in one place. Not only does it automatically identify and collect duplicate images for you to review, it also populates smart albums automatically when you set specifications. You can organize your images by theme, location, event and more, and then share to Flickr, Google Photos, Facebook or Twitter, or email photos to a client directly through the app.

If you use multiple cameras in your business, Phototheca can organize your files based on the camera used to take the photos. Import photos and their metadata easily from your computer, cell phone, tablet, HD cards, external hard drive and more. Multiple RAW camera formats are supported, as well as a number of video formats. Unique additional actions are also available, like the ability to fix incorrect time stamps. The calendar view provides a visual representation of your photography over time, so you can find exactly what you’re searching for as well as visualize your progress and work over the years and months. Password protection is available and Phototheca is a free photo manager. Commercial use, unlimited photo library and more features are available when you upgrade to Phototheca Pro.

Fresh View

Fresh View is another windows photo management software that is completely free. It supports multiple media formats, including video, photo and audio all in one convenient location. Features include the ability to convert graphics from one type to another, print, and create HTML albums. There are currently 86 media file formats supported by Fresh View, with more being added regularly. Visually, the interface comes across as a bit outdated compared to some of the other photography management software on this list, and there is no online storage available, so you’ll need to connect to a separate cloud storage to save your files online.

Best Free Photo Management Software

Google Photos

Google Photos is a free photo management software included in the Google Suite, making it a good option for those familiar with Google products and services. This photo manager is compatible with both photos and videos, and it automatically uploads to a linked cloud storage. You get unlimited free storage for high-quality images with reduced file sizes, or 12 GBs of free storage if you choose to upload the full resolution images. Additional storage is available for a fee. Google Photos connects to Google Drive and allows you to provide a shareable link with customizable options, so you can have complete control over what changes and additions, if any, viewers are allowed to make. You can even order photo albums of the images you uploaded directly through the Google Photos app, making printing your images super simple and straightforward. Share albums with family, friends or clients through Facebook, Twitter, or email.


Mylio is another free photo management software that also has a free mobile app for photographers who like to access and edit their work no matter where they are. You can upload photos from your device or an external hard drive, or you have the option of importing images directly from your Facebook account. Once you’ve uploaded your images, Mylio will automatically organize them into a variety of views, including the calendar view, which separates photos into the years, then months, in which they were taken. Since Mylio is not a cloud-based service, you can view all of your files on any of your devices regardless of whether you have internet access or not. Simple designate one of your devices as the Vault, and Mylio will keep your image library on that device up to date with full sized files.

This allows you to access everything on all of your devices without internet without taking up a huge amount of space, so you’ll free up your storage space without losing access to your photos. Facial recognition software will automatically separate photos based on people’s faces, and it will learn over time based on your actions within the photo management software. Photo editing capabilities include filters as well as more advanced sliders. For additional security, Mylio offers encrypting capabilities, and you can integrate with other cloud-based libraries for an added sense of security. This free photo management software allows users to connect 3 separate devices and maintain a library of 25,000 photos, while paid versions Mylio Premium and Mylio Max offer additional features.

Since more expensive photo manager software will likely provide editing, sharing and storing capabilities as well as photo organization, while free versions may only include some of these features, consider what options you actually need for your photography business when determining which photo management software you should invest in.

What Next?

Now that you’ve got your photos all organized using your chosen photo management software, you can focus your time on what’s really important, like taking more photos, improving your techniques and learning new skills. With all your photos organized you’ll be able to decide which photos to include in your online portfolio. By carefully curating your portfolio you can make sure you’re representing your best self and embracing and making use of your niche. Don’t have an online portfolio yet? Choose one with unique themes and typography to customize every last detail of your portfolio and really stand apart from the crowd.

Good luck with finding the perfect photo management software for your photography business. We can’t wait to see how it goes!

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Turn Your Photos Into Art

Get to the heart of creative photo editing, fast. With powerful AI tools, eye-catching visual effects, advanced color controls and intuitive layer editing, you can create breathtaking compositions and artistic masterpieces in a snap. Immersing yourself into fine-art has never been so easy.

Get PhotoDirector 365 starting at $3.42/mo


Visual Effects That Turn Heads

PhotoDirector 365 gives you exclusive AI tools, new features & format support, plus access to a massive collection of plug-ins.

Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting

  • AI Person Segmentation

    Let AI mask the outline of objects in your images to quickly achieve flawless selections.

  • AI Style Effects

    Our powerful AI engine applies brushstrokes intelligently to instantly transform pictures into masterworks.

Built by the creators of the PowerDirector video editing suite, a photo editor that closes the gap between the still image and video.

  • Capture the action of video into a single mind-blowing image. Use the Motion Tool to freeze a portion of your frame and create a mesmerizing animated GIF or capture an action sequence into a single frame with the Multi Exposure tool.

  • Bring still images to life with the new Dispersion Effect and Photo Animation Tool. Take any ordinary image and select an area to animate or disperse. Click a button and watch as the image transforms into a moving work of art.

Picture What Subscription Can Do For You

Enrich creativity with a toolbox supercharged with unique AI tools and professional design packs. Accelerate your workflow with frequent updates and priority customer support. Plus, unlock access to world-class stock catalogs.

  • Express Layer Templates

    Take the complexity out of complex image editing. Create fine-art in a snap with Express Layer Templates

  • LUTs Color Presets

    Achieve incredible color and consistency of style with LUTs color palette packs.

  • Pro Level Effects

    Polish your projects with frame packs, AI Style packs, gorgeous fonts and incredible clip art.

  • Expansive Audio Library

    Realize your vision with an ever-growing collection of stock images, and professionally-composed music tracks.

  • Always Up to Date

    You’re first in line for new features, updates, and format support. Keep PhotoDirector on the cutting-edge.

  • Priority Customer Support

    Having trouble? We’re here to help. Enjoy priority customer support.

  • World-class Stock Images

    Create captivating compositions with unlimited access to Shutterstock’s massive image catalogs. All of the content you need to create your masterpiece is right inside the app.

Take Your Ideas to New Places with PhotoDirector Design Packs

Unlimited access to exclusively designed plug-ins, templates, frames, stickers & express layer templates.

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Subscribe today, and start getting more value from your photo-editing software.

Find out more about PhotoDirector 365's exciting features

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Photo Face Swap on Windows Archives

face swap

Face swap fails. They happen. And no matter how many times you try, sometimes, the two faces just won’t line up properly. So, what can you do about this situation? And why would you need to do this on the fly?

There are many reasons. Almost all of them are linked to doing fun things.

Maybe you’re in a swapping contest with family and friends to see who’s producing the funniest face swaps? Maybe you’re just having fun at home. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always a good thing to have a way to fix face swap failures manually on your mobile.

How will you do this?


There’s the Face Swap app that’s available for everyone. That takes all the thinking out of the process. All you have to do is take a selfie and swap faces with whomever. But where’s the fun in that?

You can always use the cropping tool featured on the Cut Paste Photos Pro app to do this and learn a new skill in the process.

So let’s learn more about cropping and fix those face swap fails easily or just learn how to manually swap and add faces to your photos on mobile.

Face Swapping, What’s That All About?

Face swapping has become quite a phenomenon hasn’t it? Who would’ve thought a simple, fun app released in 2011 would launch a multitude of copycats that almost everyone has in their phones today? This isn’t even limited to iOS devices anymore. Android and Windows platforms have followed suit and released versions of their own.

Perhaps the one most famous is the aptly named app FaceSwap. This really helped elevate the phenomenon to unbelievable heights. In 2015, almost everyone was on their phone swapping faces with whomever and wherever.

But Why Is It So Fun?

Well, everyone just wanted to see what they’d look like with a different face shape. Friends started making wacky faces and super-imposing it on each other’s mugs leading to hours of fun. It also helped that you could share it on social media letting everyone else in on the fun.

Because it was so interactive, it spread like wildfire.

And then face swap fails started, which led to more hilarity! Imagine photos where pets and their owners swapped faces? Or what about faces replaced with normal appliances. And then there are those face swap fails where only half of the face is recognized and superimposed. That really blew up in social media and other websites.

Explaining The Face Swap Algorithm

Face swapping apps use complex algorithms to achieve the desired effect.

The three most important processes involved are: Face Alignment, Face Warping, Face Replacement

Face Alignment

The Face alignment process refers to aligning the input face image and the reference face image in size and direction. It establishes several key, stable points on the face. This is also called a facial landmark detection. There are usually around 68 facial landmarks and an increase in the number makes the transition more flawless as a result.

Face alignment also maps the symmetry of both faces and establishes their deviation from a central axis point based on the app’s understanding of a basic face. This process also works simultaneously on both faces and uses them as reference points for successfully doing the face swap.

Face Warping

Face Warping preserves the shape of the face while warping the reference image to fit into it. Warping is based on the facial landmarks detected in the Face Alignment process. It then picks out 18 out of the 68 points mapped and aligns it into the face.  

Face Replacement

This is the final step in the process. Once all the points are aligned, it finalizes the face replacement. All you have to do at this point is determine if the finished product suits your taste. Once you’re okay with what you have in front of you, all you have to do is click on done.

You can either save the image or upload it directly to whatever social media platform you want.

Why Do Face Swaps Fail?

So why do face swaps fail? With all the complex algorithms involved in the process, why do we still get junky looking results? The iOS camera has gone a long way since its first inception. And the face recognition ability is definitely better than what we originally had five years ago right? It shouldn’t happen right? So why does it?

As we all know apps are still programmed by human beings and they do require complex mathematical calculations to perform what they’re designed to do. Sadly, even the best algorithm in the world cannot compare to how well our brain processes this when done manually.

Apps definitely provide more convenience, but not all results are as satisfactory as those done by someone who puts in the time and effort. Automatic image manipulation can’t compare to meticulous adjustments to alignments, colorations and other aspects of face swapping.

Until an app can do it, the best way to fix face swap fails or manually swap and add faces to a photo on mobile will still be one done by a human being. You can do that with the Cut Paste Photos Pro app and it starts with learning how to crop images like a pro.

How To Crop Your Images

Since we need to address cropping first, this article will discuss how to do that. This is a good thing because cropping photos is a great way to improve your image’s composition.

This is one of the most basic things you can do with the Cut Paste Photos Pro app.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to do that:

  • Launch the Cut Paste Photos Pro App.
  • You’ll have two options, “Take a Photo” or “Choose from Library”
  • If you chose “Take a Photo” you can take a picture of an image and upload it in your library.
  • If you chose “Choose from Library”, your All Photos gallery will open up where you can choose the image you want to edit.
  • Additionally, you can transfer images taken with other devices into your mobile device so it is included in your internal library.
  • Tap the image you want to edit and wait for it to load.

Crop Shape, Free Hand, Quick Selection And Eraser

  • Next, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the options “Crop Shape”, “Free Hand”, “Quick Selection”, and “Eraser”.
  • Crop Shape will give you the basic shapes to crop your image with. The basic shapes are: squares, circles, triangles, stars, hearts, or hexagons. These shapes can be adjusted to the desired size to include the entire image you want to crop.
  • Free Hand gives you the options “Normal” and “Magnifier”. For the Free Hand option, all you have to do is trace the outline of the image you want to crop.
  • The “Normal” option lets you view the image as is while you choose the image to cut
  • The “Magnifier” option enlarges the immediate area where your fingertip rests on the screen
  • Quick selection lets you choose a solid image automatically.
  • Eraser lets you erase entire sections.
  • Once you’ve selected the entire area you want to cut, click on “Cut Out Selection” this will leave the contents of the area you selected
  • Note: Clicking on “Inverse Selection”, leaves you with the outer part of the image or the image outside the perimeter of what you initially selected.
  • Click on “Next” option found at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Once you’re satisfied, click on “Done”. This saves your project as a finished image.  

Learn more on how to crop your images here:

How To Use Cut Paste Photos Professional Image Cropper

Ok, Now Onto Swapping Faces

Swapping faces or adjusting face swap fails manually may take a longer process than just using the app that’s readily made for that. The good thing is, you’ll have fun doing that with the Cut Paste Photos Pro app.  

Here’s a short tutorial on how to do that:

  • Launch the Cut Paste Photos Pro App.
  • Choose the photo with the faces you want to manually swap
  • Choose the “Free Hand” option to select the face you want to copy and place it anywhere within the frame that does not get in the way of the next thing you have to do.
  • Using the same “Free Hand” option, select the other face and place it on the first one.
  • After that, just select the first face and place it on the second one.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to make the faces look more natural.
  • Click on “Next” option found at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once you’re satisfied, click on “Done”. This saves your project as a finished image.

That’s it.

You’re done.

Note: You can do more than just fix face swap failures. You can also add filters, add stickers, texts, draw something, add a splash of color, resize the image, and do more adjustments if you want before clicking on Done.

Want To Learn More?

We have more tutorials for you to learn more about the Cut Paste Photos Pro app. This app is so easy to use! Having more knowledge on how to use it properly will only help you create more stunning images! That’s always a good thing for you and everyone else, right?


Face swap fails are a source of great fun. But manually learning how to manually fix or swap faces is also a good thing. Add the fact that it also produces more realistic results and that’s more than enough incentive for anyone to learn how to do it on their mobile.  

So fix face swap fails or learn how to manually swap and add faces by using the Cut Paste Photos Pro app. Download the Cut Paste Photos Pro app now!

Related Questions

Is The Cut Paste Photos Pro App Really A Document Scanner Too?

Yes. Aside from being a really good image editor, the Cut Paste Photos Pro app is also a document scanner. Now what can this feature do for you? Well, aside from scanning documents, you can now edit it any which way you want to. Plus you won’t need to bring a lot of clunky equipment just to save the information on any document along with you.

To learn more about the Cut Paste Photo Pro app’s Document Scanning abilities, read this:

Cut Paste Photos Pro app as a document scanner

What Else Can I Do With My Photos Aside From Cropping?

You could make a short video by stringing your images in a sequence. How? Why by using the Cut Paste Photos Pro app’s video maker feature, of course! And it’s quite easy to use. All you have to do is launch the video maker app and select the photos in any order you want and click on done. This will produce a slideshow effect that is essentially a short video of all the photos you want to show.

To learn more about the Cut Paste Photo Pro app’s Video Maker abilities, read this:

Cut Paste Photos Pro app as a video maker

What If All I Really Want To Do Is Just A Collage Through The Cut Paste Photos Pro App?

You’re in luck! The Cut Paste Photos Pro app is a versatile tool that can edit photos any way you want to. That includes making collages. As a collage maker, the Cut Paste Photos Pro app lets you select images and put it within the frame you’re working with. You can adjust the images by shrinking or enlarging it as you see fit. As soon as you’re satisfied just click on Done and you’re good to go!

Check out how easy it is to make a collage with the Cut Paste Photos Pro app Collage Maker:

Cut Paste Photos Pro app as a collage maker

Get the best iPhone photo editor now

Download Cut Paste Photos Pro Today!

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