Magix Video Editing Software Archives

Magix Video Editing Software Archives

Magix Video Editing Software Archives

Magix Video Editing Software Archives

Movie Edit Pro 17 [Old Version]

Import Videos From Any Source

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 supports all common video sources: Digital and analog camcorders, TV cards (DVB-T/S and analog), web cams, digital cameras, DVD recorder files, Internet videos, etc. 

Full HD Support

Support of high-resolution video footage (e.g. HDV video cameras) during the entire complete workflow: Import recordings directly and in its native format, edit them quickly, and burn your final project to DVD or Blu-ray. Add animated menus to give it a more professional look.

Native AVCHD Editing

Do you own a AVCHD camera and would like to be able to import and edit your videos without complicated recalculation? In this case Movie Edit Pro 17 is the perfect solution: Import AVCHD footage, perfectly optimize and dub it, burn it to Blu-ray Disc™ with animated menus, and watch it on TV! Done! (MPEG-4 encoder upgrade required for AVCHD functionality and mobile export.)

Automatic Video Editing

Create fantastic movies and slideshows with the integrated MovieShow Maker – no previous editing knowledge required! Simply select a theme from numerous categories (beach holiday, ski trip, party, Christmas, etc.) and the editing automation turns your recordings into professional movies featuring titles, crossfades, effects, and music. It's the fastest way to create unforgettable and impressive videos!

32 tracks for arranging
Do you prefer to add custom designs to your recordings? 32 freely usable tracks offer enough space for conveniently arranging and optimizing your projects – quickly and without any shaking! Add fades, effects, tracks, and your favorite music in just a few clicks. Presto! 

More Than 1000 Effects, Fades & Templates

In addition to an extensive selection of professional video effects, this program comes with many carefully designed decorative elements, thematic intros and outros, more than 100 transitions, and various audio effects. Even professional green screen effects (chroma keying) and modern picture-in-picture effects are possible and will transform any home video into breathtaking movies.

Title Editor

No detours: Titles and texts may be entered directly into the preview window and moved using the mouse. Assign colors, fonts or sizes to individual letters, words or lines. Additionally, this new technology  provides title captions with perfect edge sharpness in brilliant quality. It's never been so easy to create professional looking titles and headlines. 

Automatic Audio Dubbing

MAGIX Soundtrack Maker creates precise music soundtracks according to your personal requirements. Simply select the mood of an image or the desired emotion (action, excitement, fun, etc.), and the software creates your personalized soundtrack with the help of a huge sound archive – fully automatically. Get ready for exciting results! 

Professional Audio Dubbing
Sound is everything: you'll have an exclusive selection of high-quality instruments and tools for dubbing and audio restoration at your fingertips. From the useful Soundtrack Maker for automatic dubbing, to the powerful Audio Mixer for detailed audio editing – specially developed MAGIX ProAudio technology always ensures perfect sound!

Dolby® Digital Stereo
Enhance your recordings with crystal clear Dolby® Digital Stereo sound. Whether on your PC, on TV, or via your stereo system; impress yourself and your audience with outstanding sound in your movie masterpieces. Digital sound also saves space on your video DVDs.

Sound Restoration

Do you always hear the operating noise of your camcorder on your video recordings? It doesn't have to be that way. Remove crackling, balance volume fluctuations, and any other noise that might be distracting from the actual video. 

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Three great locations for breathtaking vacation photos:
Aruba, Madeira - and your PC.

With the Memories Manager you can edit, organize and add sound and design elements to your photos & videos more easily than ever before.

Order this fantastic Deal of the Week now!

Memories Manager includes:

The fun way to edit videos.

Your photos – organized and optimized.

Video editing with Movie Edit Pro.

For over 15 years now, Movie Edit Pro has been offering a unique workflow to create breathtaking films. Access high quality effects and easy operation for amazing results with this powerful video editor.

The essentials: Storyboard

Select your best scenes, join them seamlessly together using transitions and add music to match. It's all possible with the intuitive Storyboard mode. This mode is ideal for beginners or for when you need quick results.

Thanks to the 32 multimedia tracks, the possibilities are endless. Intros/outros, transitions, titles, effects – all in perfect harmony with your recordings. Movie Edit Pro shows its true potential in Timeline mode. Show off your films in the best possible light.

Whether from smartphones, digital cameras or even modern camcorders with 10-bit HEVC recordings: Start editing in no time at all! Use the Export Wizard to output directly to DVD, Blu-ray or platforms such as Vimeo.

Breathtaking special effects

The beating heart of Movie Edit Pro is the special editing effects, premium sounds and songs and over 1,500 professional templates. You won't find this level of quality or variety anywhere else. Access the newly redesigned Media Pool directly within the program or find just what you’re looking for in the newly integrated Movie Edit Pro Store.

First and last impressions are everything. The new intro/outro templates contain an array of new details.

Action-packed, breathtaking or understated: with every scene change, keep the excitement going.

Sound is every bit as important as image. Soundtracks produced by real musicians are available directly via the Store.

Image stabilization by Mercalli

To help you fix one of the most common problems when filming, we've included the best the market has to offer, proDAD Mercalli V2.

proDAD Mercalli V2 lets you rescue shaky video footage and transform it into something amazing. It's now fully integrated in Movie Edit Pro ($249 value).

Photo editing with Photo Manager Deluxe

Combine up to eight single images to create wonderful panoramas – aligned and cross-faded completely automatically.

Organize your photos with Photo Manager Deluxe

Increase the quality of your panoramic views
with just a click.

This photo management software helps you make the most out of your photo and video collection. Edit, sort and organize your photos & videos with ease.

Travel route animation

Take your friends and family along on your travels. Visualize your route with online maps of the world to show the most important highlights of your vacation.

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