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There is a great depth of experience, talent, and unique design skills in Asia in online and mobile games. The rest of the world can learn from these developers.

In his entrepreneurial career, Jim Perkins – now Regional Director and Digital Media Specialist with Corum Mergers and Acquisitions, published some of the game industry’s biggest AAA hits like Unreal, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom, Hunting Unlimited and Driver. He founded FormGen and ARUSH, building them from start-up to multimillion dollar enterprises. He also launched the Radar Group, which monetizes entertainment franchises across all media. “Throughout my career, the greatest challenge has been remaining patient. Timing and talent are key to success,” says Jim, “Always work with the best people in the industry, and stay determined and focused on your goals.”

“At Corum,” Jim’s explains, “my focus is on educating and assisting prospective sellers to maximize the value of their companies. That means working with his partners all the way until the deal is finished and the money is in the bank.” Perkins gained the necessary experience to do this well by selling his own game company utilizing Corum’s unique resources to work for the optimal result. Jim maintains, “The single event that changed my view of Corum was when Bruce Milne, the founder of Corum, helped me sell my first game company. The process was straightforward and professional; different from any other banker or advisor I had talked to. And it didn’t take me away from running and growing my business while selling the company.” Jim gains great satisfaction from using his experience to help other hard-working game industry entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and get the most from their effort.

“Asia is crucial to the future of the games market,” Perkins claims,  “There is a great depth of experience, talent, and unique design skills in Asia in online and mobile games. The rest of the world can learn from these developers.” He continues, “Broad online and mobile appeal for such finely crafted game designs is something that should be carefully considered by other world regions. The infrastructure to support these games in Asia is a marvel as well.”

Perkins encourages developers to remember that the keys to creating great games are passion and innovation. “The greatest moments in my career have come from seeing the massive success of the game developers I have worked with throughout my career, culminating with the sale of my first game software company.”

At Casual Connect Asia, Jim announced a new program, Corum China Connection, that will allow both sellers and buyers to work through Corum’s staff and their advisory group, the World Technology Council.

“The goal of Corum China Connection is to help overcome the hurdles that slow deal development between Chinese and Western technology companies,” Jim says, “The first Corum China Connection newsletter, in Chinese, will be available soon, including a special report on gaming, and it will be followed by several events both online and in China.” Perkins invited interested parties to email to request a copy of the newsletter.


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It’s not that we are bad at games, it’s that we get distracted and try to play them our own way. This often results in our favorite kind of entertaining ineptitude. Of course, playing games the wrong way often enough eventually the odds catch up and every once in a while it looks like we knew… Continue reading →

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Justin, Cole, Ethan and Josh are all back but they are tired of all of the cynicism around games lately. Instead, this week they focus on the fun factor of their favorite moments with games from LAN parties to just being evil. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss… Continue reading →

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One less barrier to access

by Jenny Weis | September 16, 2020 | Community, Featured

If we are to effectively conserve natural places, we need everyone. Being outside makes my life richer, and I want everyone to know that joy — or at least taste it the way I have and see if they like it. We can’t take off our hats, but we can certainly impact others’ experiences for better or for worse

Tags:camping, fishing, gear swap, hiking, hunting, public lands, Trout Unlimited

TU launches #PublicLandFail contest on Instagram

by Chris Hunt | September 1, 2020 | Angler Conservation Program, Featured

September is a month tailor-made for hunters and anglers and there is no better place to spend it than on our public lands. You might not know it from social media, but a typical day enjoying public lands typically doesn’t include slaying giant trout and hero shots of big bucks and bulls. More likely, you … Read more

Tags:#publiclandfail, fishing, wilderness, hunting, public lands, wilderness

Climate change at its CORE

by scott.willoughby | September 1, 2020 | Angler Conservation Program, Conservation, Featured

Stewing in the sun and smoke of the late-August afternoon, even the temptingly titled Shady Island River Park was overmatched. Cottonwoods lining the shore of the Gunnison River offered only modest relief as the mercury climbed north of 95 degrees, and soon enough the haze of Colorado’s largest recorded wildfire would overcome our little oasis as well. To make matters worse, the water was too warm for fishing. The harsh realities of climate change were suddenly inescapable

Tags:CORE Act, fishing, Senator Michael Bennet, hunting, Senator Michael Bennet

‘Hunters and Anglers for CORE’ call for more access and habitat protections

by scott.willoughby | August 19, 2020 | Angler Conservation Program

Measuring 20 miles long with nearly 100 miles of shoreline, it’s difficult to ignore Blue Mesa Reservoir. Sitting on the western flank of Gunnison County, Colorado’s largest body of water is a pivotal cog of the Colorado River Storage Project and the centerpiece of the surrounding Curecanti National Recreation Area, a sport fishing and outdoor … Read more

Tags:CORE Act, Thompson Divide, fishing, hunting, public lands, Thompson Divide, wilderness

Great American Outdoors Act signed in to law

by Shauna Stephenson | August 4, 2020 | Featured

Because of you — all of you — we can hunt more, fish more and play more. We can build stronger communities. We can lay the groundwork for a better conservation legacy. We can start fixing the backlog of maintenance issues impairing our public lands. We can make rivers and streams will be cleaner. We can make habitat healthier. We can leave this world a little better than we found it

Tags:fishing, Great American Outdoors Act, Land and Water Conservation Fund, hunting, Land and Water Conservation Fund, LWCF

Sportsmen celebrate Congress moving to protect the Grand Canyon

by Kara Armano | November 5, 2019 | Advocacy, Conservation

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the United States, and the recreation opportunities it affords abound. Rafting, hiking, fishing, hunting and more bring millions of visitors a year to the region, so preserving this iconic region is imperative for this generation and the next as well as the economy … Read more

Tags:wilderness, hunting, kaibab national forest, uranium mining

Hunting for conservation

by scott.willoughby | November 4, 2019 | Advocacy, Conservation

Tags:Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado, CORE Act, hunting, Sportmen's Conservation Project

Our duty to comment on public lands plans

by Kara Armano | September 24, 2019 | Community, Conservation

American’s have a birthright to federal public lands throughout the nation. Forests, rivers, grasslands and more offer exceptional recreational opportunities for each one of us, and we have a duty to speak up on how they are managed. In New Mexico, two large swaths of public lands are revisiting management strategies. The Carson and Santa … Read more

Tags:fishing, hunting, New Mexico, public lands

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