How to Play Township on P Archives

How to Play Township on P Archives

How to Play Township on P Archives

How to Play Township on P Archives

Wikipedia:List of online newspaper archives

This is a list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals, including both free and pay wall blocked digital archives. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf, gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Some newspapers do not allow access to the OCR-converted text until it is proofread. Older newspapers are still in image format, and newer newspapers are available as full text that can be cut and pasted. Most text is in ASCII, some are using Unicode for diacritical marks not available in ASCII.

Some local public libraries subscribe to certain online newspaper archives. For instance, some UK public libraries subscribe to The Times Digital Archive and any member of one of these libraries is able to access this resource free from their home computer using their library card number. In many instances, library access may be restricted to in-building use, in the confines of the library itself, and not a service otherwise available away from that structure to cardholders.



  • Information Juive [French] (Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France; 1948–1977)
  • Maguid Micharim/Le Tétouanais [Hebrew] (Oran, Algeria; 1895–1896)








  • Aalst Digital Newspaper Archive (1836–1992)Free
  • Royal Library of Belgium (1831–1950, not all consecutive) 1831–1918 Free (1919–1950 National Library Only)
    • Ami de l'Ordre (1914–1918)
    • Bruxellois (1914–1918)
    • Courrier de l'Escaut (1846–1950)
    • Echo de la Presse (1914–1917)
    • Echo de Parlement (1858–1885)
    • Gazet Van Brussel (1914–1918)
    • Handelsblad (1844–1950)
    • Indépendance Belge (1831–1933)
    • Indépendance Belge (edited in England, 1914–1918)
    • Koophandel (1864–1885)
    • Laatste Nieuws (1893–1931)
    • Messager de Gand (1831–1856)
    • Meuse (1856–1950)
    • Nieuwe Gids (1947–1950)
    • Nieuwe Standard (1944–1947)
    • Nieuws Van Den Dag (1893–1950)
    • Ro(o)de Vaan (1921–1950)
    • Vlaamsche Nieuws/Vlaamsche Gazet (1914–1918)
  • Le Soir (1988– )Free
  • Sud Presse (1991– )Free
  • Historische Kranten ( –1944)Free (papers after 1944 not directly accessible)
    • L'Annonce d'Ypres (1854 en 1859)
    • Burgersbelang (1910)
    • La Commune d'Ypres (1849)
    • Le Courrier d'Ypres (1858, 1866, 1884 en 1911)
    • De Dorpsbode van Rousbrugge (1856-1857 en 1860-1862)
    • De Gazet van Poperinghe (1921-1940)
    • Gazette van Yperen (1857-1862)
    • De Grensgalm (1895, 1901, 1902, 1904)
    • De Halle (1925, 1932-1940)
    • De Handboog (1889)
    • De Herbergier (1901)
    • L’Indicateur (1861)
    • Journal d’Ypres (1874 - 1913)
    • Den Klappenden Ekster (1850)
    • De Kunstbode (1880 - 1883)
    • Liberté (1947)
    • Le Messager d'Ypres (1890)
    • Nieuwsblad van Yperen en van het Arrondissement (1872 - 1912)
    • L’Opinion (1863 - 1873)
    • De Poperinghenaar (1904-1914,1919-1944)
    • Het Poperinghenaartje (1915-1918)
    • De Poperingsche Keikop (1917-1919)
    • Le Progrès (1841-1914)
    • Le Propagateur (1818-1871)
    • La Publicité - L'ami du Commerce et de la Librairie - L'Echo d'Ypres (1840 – 1841 - 1842)
    • De Raadselbode (1901 en 1904-1909)
    • De Strijd – La Lutte (1894 - 1899)
    • De Toekomst (1862 - 1894)
    • Tuinklokke (1930-1940)
    • Het Veld (1914)
    • Le Sud (1934-1939)
    • La Vérité (1857-1859)
    • De Volksvriend (1850-1867)
    • Het weekblad van Ijperen (1886 - 1906)
    • De Weergalm (1904 - 1914)
    • Het Wekelijks Nieuws (1946-1990)
    • De Yperling (1853)
    • Het Ypersche (1925 - 1929)
    • De Ypersche bode (1927-1928)
    • Het Ypersch nieuws (1929-1971)
    • Het Ypersche Volk (1910-1915, 1927-32)
    • The Ypres Times (1921-1936)







British Columbia[edit]


New Brunswick[edit]

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Nova Scotia[edit]

  • Nova Scotia ObituariesFree to search and view by given name and surname. Pay to search within text of obituary.
  • Nova Scotia Historical NewspapersFree Provided by Libraries Nova Scotia (Site is currently under revision so some newspapers are temporarily unavailable)
  • The Chronicle HeraldPay
  • Transcontinental Newsnet archivesPay Access to all of the articles published in Transcontinental Newsnet since April 5, 1999
    • Amherst News
    • Annapolis County Spectator, The
    • Bedford-Sackville Weekly News, The
    • Burnside News, The
    • Cape Breton Community Post
    • Cape Breton Post
    • Citizen-Record, The
    • Daily Business Buzz
    • Daily News, The
    • Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Weekly News, The
    • Digby County Courier, The
    • Farm Focus of Atlantic Canada
    • Halifax Weekly News, The
    • Hants Journal, The
    • Kings County Advertiser, The
    • Kings County Register
    • News, The (New Glasgow)
    • Queens County Advance, The
    • Record, The (Springhill, NS)
    • Sackville Tribune Post
    • Shelburne County Coast Guard, The
    • Tri-County Vanguard, The
    • Truro Daily News
    • Yarmouth County Vanguard, The
  • The Truro Weekly News, 1911-1919


  • AlmonteGazette (1861–2007)Free
    • News Port Credit News (Port Credit, ON, 1927-37)
    • Port Credit Weekly (Port Credit, ON, 1938-59)
    • The Weekly (Port Credit, ON, 1959-67)
    • The Mississauga News (Mississauga, ON, 1965-70)
    • South Peel Weekly (Mississauga, ON, 1968-69)
    • Mississauga Times (Mississauga, ON, 1969-80)
  • Canadiana Discovery Portal Free
  • Huron County Digitized Newspaper CollectionFree
    • Bayfield Breeze, 2009-2018
    • The Blyth Standard, 1893-1982
    • The Brussels Post, 1884-1929
    • The Citizen (Blyth/Brussels), 2017-2018
    • The Clinton New Era, 1879-1921
    • The Clinton News Record, 1898-1945
    • Dungannon News, 1915
    • The East Huron Gazette (Gorrie), 1892-1892
    • The Exeter Advocate, 1888-1924
    • The Exeter Times, 1873-1924
    • The Exeter Times Advocate, 1925-1926; 2002; 2004-2008
    • The Gazette (Mildmay, Bruce County), 1893-1894
    • The Goderich Illustrated Signal-Star, 1889
    • Goderich Reporter, 1880
    • The Goderich Star, 1868-1933
    • Greater Goderich, 1918
    • The Huron Expositor (Seaforth), 1869-1957
    • Huron Gazette (Goderich), 1848-1849
    • The Huron Loyalist, 1850, 1853
    • The Huron News-Record, 1888-1897
    • The Huron Record, 1881
    • The Huron Signal (Goderich), 1848-1936
    • The Lucknow Sentinel (Bruce County), 1875-1889; 2013-2016
    • Seaforth News, 1917-1962
    • The Seaforth Sun, 1901
    • The Wingham Advance, 1902-1921
    • The Wingham Times, 1885-1916
    • The Wingham Advance Times, 1922-1935
    • The Wroxeter Planet, 1909
    • The Wroxeter Star, 1900; 1902-1904
    • Zurich Citizen’s News, 1958-1978
    • Zurich Herald, 1900-1917; 1919-1957
  • Digital KingstonFree
    • British Whig (1834–1836, 1844–1845, 1847–1849)
    • Daily British Whig (1850–1858, 1860, 1862, 1865–1866, 1868–1873, 1875–1901)
    • Kingston Chronicle (1819–1820, 1826–1832)
    • Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835–1838, 1841–1847)
    • Kingston Gazette (1810–1818)
    • Kingston News (1868–1873, 1878, 1882, 1887)
    • Weekly British Whig (1856, 1858–1859, 1863, 1867–1871, 1874–1875, 1881–1883, 1885, 1894–1895)
  • KingstonistFree
  • Guelph Mercury multipaper sitePay
  • ygknews.caFree
    • Guelph Mercury (1999– )
    • Guelph Tribune (1999– )
    • Hamilton Spectator (1991– )
    • The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )
    • Toronto Star (1985– )
  • Hamilton Spectator multipaper sitePay
    • Ancaster News (1999– )
    • Dundas Star News (1999– )
    • Guelph Mercury (1999– )
    • Hamilton Mountain News (1999– )
    • Hamilton Spectator (1991– )
    • The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )
    • Stoney Creek News (1999– )
    • Toronto Star (1985– )
  • Ingersoll newspapers at Oxford County LibraryFree Accessible from within the library itself; primarily limited to local notices of births and deaths.
    • Ingersoll Chronicle BMD index with transcriptions (1854–1919)
    • Ingersoll Tribune BMD index with transcriptions (1897–1970)
    • Ingersoll Times BMD index with scanned images (1969–1970)
  • Metroland Media Group multipaper sitePay
  • Newmarket's Digital Newspaper ProjectFree
  • Ottawa Journal (1885-1980)Subscription
  • OurDigitalWorld - INK Newspaper Collection Community newspapers Free
    • The Acton Free Press (1875-1984)
    • The Acton Tanner (1992-2001)
    • The Amherstburg Courier (1849-1850)
    • The Amherstburg Echo (1874-1982)
    • The Barrie Examiner (1864-1952)
    • The Border Cities Star (1918-1935)
    • The Bowmanville Merchant (1871-1876)
    • The British Whig (1834-1901)
    • Canadian Emigrant And Western District Advertiser (1831-1836)
    • The Canadian Illustrated News (1862-1863)
    • The Canadian Statesman (1894-1979)
    • Le Canadien (1 issue - Jul. 25, 1891)
    • The Chatham Daily News (1934-1934)
    • The Comber Herald (1892-1917)
    • Le Courrier and Le Courrier De L'Ouest (1885-1909)
    • Courrier D'Essex (1884-1885)
    • La Defense (1 issue - Mar. 7, 1918)
    • The Essex Free Press (1895-2011)
    • Essex Record (1871-1882)
    • The Flesherton Advance (1883-1950)
    • The Georgetown Herald (1867-1992)
    • The Halton Compass (2004-2005)
    • Halton Hills This Week (1992-1992)
    • Halton Hills Weekend (1995-1996)
    • L'Independent Du Canada (1 issue - Mar. 25, 1892)
    • The Independent & Free Press (1996-2005)
    • Kingston Chronicle (1826-1832)
    • Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835-1847)
    • Kingston Gazette (1810-1887)
    • The Kingston News (1868-1820)
    • The Kingsville Reporter (1893-2001)
    • The LaSalle Silhouette (1990-2011)
    • The Leamington Post (1875-1995)
    • The Marine Record (1883-1902)
    • The Markdale Standard (1880-1950)
    • The Newmarket Era (1863-2010)
    • The Northern Advance (1855-1940)
    • The Orono Weekly Times (1942-1985)
    • The Provincial Freeman (1853-1876)
    • The Stouffville Sun-Tribune (1888-2014)
    • The Tecumseh Maple Leaf (1931-1958)
    • The Tecumseh Tribune (1959-2010)
    • True Royalist (2 issues - May. 10, 1860 to Jun. 21, 1861)
    • The Voice of The Fugitive (1851-1852)
    • The Walkerville Mercury (1890-1891)
    • The Walkerville News (1934-1936)
    • The Walkerville Times (1999-2015)
    • The Western Herald (1838-1842)
    • The Whitby Free Press (1971-1996)
    • The Whitby Gazette and Chronicle (1912-1941)
    • The Windsor Evening Record (1893-1918)
    • The Windsor Herald (1855-1856)
    • The York Commonwealth (1858-1863)
  • Community Newspapers Collection Mostly historical community newspapers Free
    • 368 publications ranging from 1810-2015
    • Acton Free Press (1875–1984)
    • Amherstburg Courier (1849–1850)
    • Barrie Examiner (1941–1979)
    • British Whig (1834–1836, 1844–1850)
    • Canadian Champion (Milton; 2012–2014)
    • Canadian Emigrant And Western District Advertiser (1831–1836)
    • Canadian Illustrated News (1862–1863)
    • Canadian Statesman (Bowmanville; 1905–1911, 1919–1922)
    • Le Canadien (1891)
    • Comber Herald (1892–1917)
    • Le Courrier and Le Courrier De L'Ouest (1883–1909)
    • Le Courrier D'Essex (1884–1885)
    • La Defense (1918)
    • Essex Free Press (1895–1968)
    • Essex Record (1871–1882)
    • Georgetown Herald (1867–1992)
    • L'Independent Du Canada (1892)
    • Kingston Chronicle (1826–1832)
    • Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835–1837, 1841–1847)
    • Kingston Gazette (1810–1820)
    • Kingsville Reporter (1893–2001)
    • Leamington Post (1907–1995)
    • Marine Record/Review (1883–1902)
    • Newmarket Courier/Era (1863–2010)
    • Orono Weekly Times (1941–1984 with gaps)
    • Porcupine Advance (1912-1950)
    • Provincial Freeman (1853–1857)
    • St. Catharines BMD index (1831–2015)
    • Stouffville Sun-Tribune (1888–2007)
    • True Royalist (1860–1861)
    • Upper Canada Herald (Kingston; 1819–1847)
    • Voice of the Fugitive (1851–1852)
    • Walkerville Mercury (1890–1891)
    • Walkerville News (1934–1936)
    • Western Herald (1838–1842)
    • Whitchurch-Stouffville Newspaper Index
    • Windsor Evening Record (1893–1918)
    • Windsor Herald (1855–1856)
  • Paper of Record Subscription-based archive of historic world newspapers with focus on Canada.
  • Pickering Public Library
    • Bay News
    • Bay Weekly Reporter
    • News Advisor, Pickering edition
    • Pickering News
    • Pickering Post
  • The Record multipaper sitePay
    • Guelph Mercury (1999– )
    • Hamilton Spectator (1991– )
    • New Hamburg Independent (1999– )
    • The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )
    • Toronto Star (1985– )
    • Waterloo Chronicle (1999– )
  • The Review (Vankleek Hill) (1893–1904, 2006–2010) Includes archive of General Advertiser. Pay
  • Pages of the Past (Toronto Star, 1892–2008) PDF format Pay
  • Thunder Bay Public Libraryindex onlyFree
    • Thunder Bay Sentinel BMD index (1875–1879, 1891–1895)
    • Fort William Daily Times Journal BMD index (1900–1913)
    • Fort William Daily Times Journal obituary index (1900–1972)
    • Fort William Daily Times Journal social news index (1914–1920)
    • Port Arthur Daily News/News-Chronicle obituary index (1906–1972)
    • Port Arthur Daily News/News-Chronicle social news and 1914 war references index (1915–1942)
    • Port Arthur News-Chronicle social news index (1943-1951, 1952-1961)
    • Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal obituary index (1972–1989, 1988–1997, 1998–2013)
    • Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal social news index (2000-2009, 2010-2014)
  • Toronto Star (1985– )Pay text; free access through Toronto libraries to library card holders.
  • Wellington County Museum and Archives
    • Arthur Enterprise News, [to date] 1896, 1899, 1903, 1905-1909.
    • Drayton Advocate, [to date] 1948-1955.
    • Elora Sentinel, 1982; 1990-1995.
    • Erin Advocate, [to date] 1909, 1930-1931, 1934-1938.
    • Fergus News Record, [to date] 1920-1921, 1923-1927.
    • Harriston Review, [to date] 1907-1986 [various issues].
    • Mount Forest Newspapers, 1870-1930
    • Palmerston Observer, [to date] 1933-1940.
    • Wellington Advertiser newspaper, 1968-2018

Prince Edward Island[edit]








  • El Tiempo (1911-2007, Google news archive, Free)

Costa Rica[edit]




Czech Republic[edit]



Equatorial Guinea[edit]


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, How to Play Township on P Archives

Museums Archives

Woodside National Historic Site 

Woodside is the boyhood home of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's longest-serving Prime Minister. The house has been restored to the Victorian style of the 1890s, guided by King's own recollections of his family life. The group tour program includes an orientation, a revealing look at 1890s' fashions and a leisurely self-guided tour of the 14-room house, assisted by an interpreter in 1890s' costume.

528 Wellington Street N, Kitchener



Doon Heritage Village 

Doon Heritage Village is a living history museum highlighting life in 1914. It features a rural village and two farms, more than 20 historic buildings, period furnishings and costumes, farm animals, heritage gardens and demonstrations of daily chores. Set against sixty beautiful acres of forest, marsh and farmland, Doon Heritage Crossroads is a living history museum, re-creating a rural village and two farms, where costumed interpreters welcome you to the year 1914. Over twenty historic buildings, old furnishings, farm animals, heritage gardens, and demonstrations of daily chores help 40,000 visitors annually to discover an exciting era of change in Canadian history.

10 Huron Road at Homer Watson Boulevard, Kitchener



Joseph Schneider Haus 

Joseph Schneider Haus is Kitchener's oldest dwelling. The farmhouse built by one of the region's first pioneers has been restored and converted into a living history museum and resource centre based on life in 1856. Its features include exhibits, lectures, workshops, and curriculum-based activities, weekend programs keyed to the season and a varied lineup of summer courses for children. The Joseph Schneider Haus Museum and Gallery is a dynamic community museum in downtown Kitchener. The heart of the site is the fine Georgian frame farmhouse built by one of the area's first pioneers, Joseph Schneider, a Pennsylvania-German Mennonite. A local landmark and Kitchener's oldest dwelling, the c. 1816 homestead was restored and furnished to period and opened as a living history museum in 1981.

466 Queen Street S., Kitchener



McDougall Cottage 

McDougall Cottage is an 1858 granite and limestone cottage on the bank of the Grand River. It was home for more than a century to hardworking Scots. Visit the restored cottage for Scottish-themed workshops and exhibits, afternoon teas and to see the beautifully painted and restored interior murals.

89 Grand Avenue S., Cambridge


Waterloo Region Hall of Fame

Honouring people from all walks of life, the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame includes more than 450 individuals who made a significant contribution to their local community.

10 Huron Road at Homer Watson Boulevard, Kitchener

Waterloo Region Museum

The Waterloo Region Museum, our newest museum, showcases the history and development of Waterloo Region with interactive exhibits, a living history village - Doon Heritage Village - and storage and preservation facilities for artifacts. The museum opened its doors in May 2010 as the gateway to Doon Heritage Village. Exhibits opened in November 2011.

10 Huron Road at Homer Watson Boulevard, Kitchener


West Montrose Covered Bridge 

The West Montrose Covered Bridge maintains a high profile. Most people know what this bridge looks like and where to find it. Large signs on Highway 86 advertise the bridge location. The red bridge stands out against the green meadows and surrounding park area in the summer. The community is identified by the bridge and the residents have placed a symbolic importance upon the structure, often calling it the 'Kissing Bridge.'

Bridge Street 0.1 km North of Township Road 62 (Riverside Drive) in the village of West Montrose, Township of Woolwich.


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How to Play Township on P Archives

E-News Updates are sent generally weekly and provide information on new businesses and stores, roadway projects, grants and special events, among other subjects of public interest. The Township views this as another very important means of keeping residents informed about what is happening in East Windsor. Please tell your friends and neighbors about this service and encourage them to subscribe.

  • East Windsor Township Holds Public Meeting on Bicycle and Pedestrian Draft Study on Wednesday, February 24 from 7 pm to 9 pm Seeking Input from Residents. The study, supported by a NJ Department of Transportation grant, is intended to review and enhance bicycle and pedestrian networks and opportunities in the Township. The meeting, which will be held at the Senior Center (40 Lanning Boulevard), will begin with a brief presentation about the project, then the public is welcome to review draft study findings and informally provide comments and ideas. East Windsor officials, NJ Department of Transportation staff, and the study consultant will be present to discuss the study project.

  • East Windsor Mayor Mironov Proclaimed Boy Scouting Anniversary Week February 7 to 13 and recognized local Boy Scout Troops 5700, 6284 and 59, and Cub Scout Pack 53. The Mayoral Proclamation, noting that the Boy Scouts of America were officially founded in 1910 and celebrating its 106th anniversary, stated they "have continued to set an excellent example for all through their volunteerism, commitment to others, and dedication to bettering themselves and their communities." The Proclamation "expressed appreciation and commended the outstanding work of the Boy Scout organization, their scout members, leaders and volunteers in our community."

    Mayor Janice Mironov presented Proclamations for Boy Scouting Anniversary Week along with private checks of support to local Boy Scout troops. Pictured (from left to right) are: Steve Greaves, Committee Chairperson, Boy Scout Troop 6284; Peter Kecskes, Scoutmaster, Cub Scout Pack 53; Mayor Janice S. Mironov, and Greg Charache, Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 5700. Not pictured is Boy Scout Troop 59.

  • Township Offices Will Be CLOSED Monday, February 15 for Presidents Day Holiday.

  • No Township Curbside Garbage Collection Will Occur on Township Holiday Monday, February 15 Garbage Collection for Area #1 residents, normally on Monday, February 15, will be on the next scheduled collection date of Thursday, February 18. (CLICK HERE) for public works schedules.

  • Windsor Nissan Presents $1500 National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation Grant to East Windsor Senior Center.Marcy Maguire, CEO of Maguire Automotive Group and Trustee of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation presented a check in the amount of $1500 to the East Windsor Senior Center, to support senior center programs.

    Marcy Maguire presents $1500 donation to the Senior Center from the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation. Pictured (from left to right) are: Karen Theer, Senior Center Coordinator; Joan Gordon, Senior Center Volunteer; Mayor Janice S. Mironov; Marcy Maguire, CEO, Windsor Nissan/Maguire Automotive Group, and Caryl Schienvar, Senior Center Volunteer.

  • East Windsor Recreation Presents 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 9, Race Starting at 8 am at Etra Lake Park. The cost to participate is $25, and proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks, for Autism awareness and research. The deadline to register is March 31 and race packet pickup will be the first week in April. Volunteers interested in assisting with the event can contact the Recreation Department at (609) 443-4000, ext. 225. Online registration is available at (CLICK HERE).

  • East Windsor Encourages Community Groups to Participate in 2016 Township Adopt-A-Spot. Under this program, participating groups "adopt" a public property and keep it clean during the year. A placard is erected on the site indicating that it has been "adopted by" with the name of the group. The groups are expected to perform clean-up 3 times per month from April 1 through November 30. To participate, interested groups should send a letter to East Windsor Clean Communities Committee, ATTN: Mayor Janice S. Mironov, 16 Lanning Boulevard, East Windsor, NJ 08520.

    Beth El Synagogue recognized for 2015 Adopt-A-Spot. Pictured (from left to right) are: Ben Genek; Melissa Hemel; Sarah Hemel; Samara Genek; Daniel Genek; Gary Fournier, Clean Communities Committee Vice-Chairperson; Mayor Janice S. Mironov, and Traci Hemel.

    Girl Scout Troop 70205 and 70111 recognized for 2015 Adopt-A-Spot.Pictured (from left to right) are: (back row) John Donnelly, Clean Communities Committee Chairperson; Candice Wisaksono, Co-Leader; Jordan Batista; Amy Batista, Group Leader; Mayor Janice S. Mironov; (front row) Kaitlyn Batista; Renee Suillin, and Leila Wisaksono.

  • East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Installed New Officers for 2016. James McCann will again serve as Chief andJack Israel will again serve as President of East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 for 2016. Congratulations and thank you to all of the Township's dedicated volunteers!

  • Mercer County Holds Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding Day on Saturday, February 20 from 9 am to 2 pm,rain or shine in Parking Lot 4, South Broad Street, Trenton (directly across from County Administration Building at 640 South Broad Street). For further information, visit or call (609) 278-8086.

  • East Windsor Recreation Department Is Accepting Applications for 2016 Summer Camp Positions. The positions include camp supervisors, camp counselors, before and after camp care staff, lifeguards, and (non-paying) counselors-in-training. Applications can be obtained by contacting the Township Recreation Department at (609) 443-4000, ext. 214 or on-line at (CLICK HERE). Individuals 18 years and older will be subject to a criminal background check. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.

  • East Windsor Recreation Department Summer Camp Registration Is Open for Township Residents. A variety of recreational day and travel camps are offered for students entering grades K-10: the Sunny Day Camp for children entering kindergarten and Grade 1; the Recreation Day Camp for children entering Grade 2 through Grade 6; the Junior Travel Camp for children entering Grade 4 through Grade 6, and the Senior Travel Camp for children entering Grade 7 through Grade 10. Camp Care for before and after care of students is also available for an additional fee. Online registration and payment is available at (CLICK HERE). Program information is available at the Township municipal building, local libraries and online at (CLICK HERE). For additional information, call (609) 443-4000, ext. 225.

  • Township Senior Center Offers Trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show in Philadelphia on Monday, March 7. The annual Philadelphia Horticultural Society Flower Show, established 188 years ago, is the world's oldest and largest indoor flower show. The flower show features large-scale floral displays, elaborate gardens and over the top floral creations. The flower show is celebrating the centennial of the National Park Service and will offer acres of displays inspired by iconic parks. The bus will leave from the Senior Center, 40 Lanning Boulevard, at 9:00 am and return at approximately 5:00 pm. The cost is $45.00. Lunch is on your own in the cafÉ. The deadline to register is February 24. The Senior Center is open to seniors ages 60 years old and over who reside in East Windsor Township and Hightstown Borough. Contact (609) 371-7192 for additional information.

  • Township Senior Center Offers Trip to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City on Tuesday, March 22. This unusual and illuminating tour offers a glimpse inside one of the world's premiere performing arts organizations. Learn about the fascinating history of this magnificent venue and hear tidbits about news and classical productions, while peeking inside production areas not typically accessed by the general public. This tour involves substantial walking and stair climbing. The bus will leave from the Senior Center, 40 Lanning Boulevard, at 11:00 am and return at approximately 6:30 pm. The cost is $40.00. Lunch is on your own. The deadline to register is March 4. The Senior Center is open to seniors ages 60 years old and over who reside in East Windsor Township and Hightstown Borough. Contact (609) 371-7192 for additional information.

  • Womanspace Domestic Violence Victim Response Team Volunteers Wanted. East Windsor Township Police, in collaboration with Womanspace, is recruiting volunteers who work in conjunction with the police to provide support, information and referral at the time of a domestic violence situation. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver's license and access to transportation, and submit to a background investigation, including fingerprinting. Bilingual individuals are encouraged to participate. An 80-hour mandatory training course is provided and scheduled for March 2016. Applications are available at the East Windsor Police/Court Building (80 One Mile Road) or visit For more information, contact Detective Joseph Gorski at (609) 448-5678, ext. 231.

  • CALENDAR: East Windsor Township Recycling Days onSaturday, April 16 from 10 am to 2 pm, Wednesday, July 13from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday, October 8 from 10 am to 2 pm, at the East Windsor Senior Center, located at 40 Lanning Boulevard. Free Document Shredding and other drop-off recycling (electronics, computers, televisions, cell phones, fluorescent bulbs, toner cartridges and shoes, clothing, blankets, working appliances and housewares) will be offered to residents.

  • Watch "Spotlight East Windsor" with Mayor Janice S. Mironovfor additional timely news and information about the Township. Watch and call Mayor Mironov live on alternating Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on Comcast Channel 27 and Verizon Channel 38. Click here to view the most recent broadcast.

    You can also contact the Township at (609) 443-4000, visit the Municipal Building at 16 Lanning Boulevard, just off Princeton-Hightstown Road (Route 571) or log onto  For Senior Citizen Program information call (609) 371-7192.

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