Easy Poser PC App Archives

Easy Poser PC App Archives

Easy Poser PC App Archives

Easy Poser PC App Archives

Easy Poser for PC, Windows 10,8,7 and macOS – Download Free

Easy poser for pc download now with the help of an android emulator and make your drawing perfect for any project. Easy Pose is a great professional tool that comes with supreme quality and gestural drawing for all artists although he is a learner or professional. This app offered so many features which help struggling artist and professional as well. If you are worried about your drawing project and want to make a perfect pose for 2D or any other project then easy poser is a very useful app for you. Now the artist can find every tool related to their drawing on a single platform.

As it is an android and iOS app and people only can use on smartphones or tablets. But if you are professional and want to create a perfect pose without any mistake, then you should try this app on a large screen of pc or Mac Laptop. You can view things more clearly and easily make a perfect pose from your desktop. Today we are going to help you how you can use Easy Poser on PC, Windows and Mac Laptop for free. For this, you just have to go ahead with this post and learn about easy poser for windows. For more android apps for PC visit our blog.

Make a perfect Pose with Easy Poser for PC

Easy poser comes with a lot of content which helps the user to create a perfect pose easily. This app helps the user to understand dynamic poses and have different other options of an orthographic view rather than only in perspective. You will find an easy poser helpful in practicing withdrawing, anatomy and different other poses. As this app is full of very useful features but you can find one feature more interesting which allows you to adjust the model proportions, you also can download or upload pre-made poses from other users as well.

They also offered vehicles, horses, dragons for their user which help the user to create amazing 2D projects. Overall surprising professional apps help the artist to create any imaginary look with a simple and easy method. Anybody can make a perfect pose and check any exercise posesr, different angles in a human body pose on the Easy Pose platform.

Basic Features of Easy Poser for Windows

Great tool for helping artist to make an amazing human drawing which comes with bundle of functions. For example,

  • Control the main joints of the human body poser and highlight moveable parts.
  • Support various body types and comic style models.
  • Allow you to control a multi-model at a time and create any scene of dancing or soccer player.
  • Allow you to set a direct and backlight on your drawing.
  • You can create a realistic shadow.
  • Support wire mode.
  • Download models in a PNG clear background.
  • If your device is facing error, no worry Easy Poser automatic save your drawing.
  • Control the hand and feet movements of your model.

How to download Easyposer for PC, Windows, and macOS?

Downloading any android app on PC Windows and macOS is going to be easy with the help of an emulator. Today we are going to help you how emulator helps you to download Easy Poser for PC and macOS. For downloading android apps on PC, you must need an android emulator. Here we are going to use Bluestacks android emulator which work smoothly on all operating systems. You can use any other emulator as well. Now follow downloading steps and enjoy Easy Poser for PC.

  • Very first you need to download Bluestacks android emulator.
  • If you are new with bluestacks and don’t know its downloading method, then download Bluestacks with complete installation steps from here. Otherwise, you can download it direct from the official website of Bluestacks.
  • Once bluestacks complete installed on your device and ready to play, then the first login with the Gmail account. Because without login Play Store will not work on Bluestacks.
  • You can add your old Play Store account on Bluestacks and your all android phone installed apps will appear automatically on your desktop.
  • Once you are login successfully go to the main screen of Bluestacks and open Play Store from Bluestacks main menu.
  • Write ” Easy Poser” in the search bar, select the app from the given list and hit the install button. The app will install in a few minutes.
  • Now you can open Easy Poser direct from Play Store and run the app on PC and Mac Laptop. You also can open installed app from your system desktop.

You also have an alternative method to download Easy Poser on PC and Laptop as well as install easy poser apk on PC and Mac Laptop. Yes, you can download easy poser with the help of apk file, for this just install an easy poser apk file from here and upload that downloaded file on Bluestacks and ready to play.

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, Easy Poser PC App Archives


Easy Poser is a mobile app that helps users create 3D images and observe the model from many different angles. By using it, you do not need to rely on a wooden doll or art puppets anymore.

This app offers many functions that many similar apps do not have, such as: creating accents for moving parts, controlling joints, finding symmetrical poses by reflection function. You can also control the model more conveniently with the stylus.

Easy Poser also provides many different proportions and body models, which is very suitable for drawing cartoons, webcomics, or game illustrations. Besides, with multi-dimensional controller allows you to create a scene with the presence of up to 6 characters at once.

For those who are looking for how to install Easy Pose for PC ON MAC AND WINDOWS 10/8/7, we have shared bellow:


The feature of Easy Poser

1. Sensitive operation 

One of the remarkable features to mention at Easy Poser is that it allows users to control every single coupling of the model. 

Otherwise, It provides many functions to make the manipulation more convenient. Some outstanding operating features are highlighting movable parts, initiating joints and manipulation status, and finding symmetrical postures with mirroring.

2. Provide various of model 

Now it’s good news for every animation, webtoon, and game illustrations. Instead of having only a realistic male and female model, you will have tons of default body types to make an excellent product. 

3. Multi model control 

Of course, it’s hard for only one person to create a 3D model; you need more than two people to increase productivity. For that reason, Ease Poser has provided you the “multiple-control option.”

This feature allows up to 6 people to design simultaneously on a model.   

4. Provide default poses. 

Instead of spending time creating every single pose, you can search for more than 60 default Poses as the base for your creation.

5. Ability to observe many different poses at different angles

When designing, you need to check every detail of your work. Therefore, Easy Poser brings you the operation mode that can change the viewing angle. 

How to install Easy Pose for PC

If you want to install and use the Easy Pose -Best Posing App app on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install the Desktop App Simulator for your computer.

Step 1: Download the Android emulator for PC and Mac

Search for the Bluestacks app or the Nox app. We recommend these two apps because both of them are the best emulator service in the world so far. 

Step 2: Install the emulator on a PC or Mac

Now that you’ve downloaded the emulator of your choice go to the Downloads folder on your computer to find the Android emulator app.

Click on the “exe.” file to install the application or exe on your PC or Mac computer. The installation instructions are shown on the screen so that you can follow.

Step 3: Download the Easy Pose

Find the Easy Pose -Best Posing App on Google Play Store or download apk file from other website then drag and drop it into emulator to install it.


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Easy Poser PC App Archives

Poser 3 for Windows 95/98/NT and Power Macintosh

Poser 3™, is a powerful 3D figure posing and animation tool for 2D and 3D graphic designers, multimedia artists, illustrators and game developers. Introducing new high-resolution human models, quadrupeds (animal models), a walk-animator, custom hand models and mouth and facial controls, Poser 3 also ships with an updated user interface incorporating sophisticated lighting, camera and movement controls with fully customizable palettes to streamline productivity.

Continuing Poser's reputation as an easy-to-use, full-featured, 3D figure design tool for the desktop PC, Poser 3 will appeal to a wide audience, from professional 2D and 3D artists to anyone needing to generate posed or animated figures for video games, theatre and dance choreography, fashion, legal/law enforcement visualization and health field-related imagery.

The ability to manipulate and animate super-realistic 3D human and animal forms will be easier and more comprehensive than ever before in Poser 3, giving artists and designers the ability to pre-visualize humans and animals for expert 3D figure reference or animation sequence choreography. Using new high resolution model content in Poser 3 with accelerated real-time rendering performance, the need for platform or OS-specific 3D software will be eliminated, speeding rendering time.

Key New Features in Poser 3:

• New Super-Realistic Human Models -- exceptionally realistic hands, faces, hair and clothes

• Animal Models -- naturally poseable animals with animatable body parts including tail, ear and mouth positions

• Character Animation -- easy slider controls allow creation of custom facial expressions

• Compelling New Interface -- intuitive and simple; increased level of access

• Walk Designer -- combine attributes such as hip swing, head bounce and arm movements with such styles as sneak, shuffle or run, and then apply the automatic animation loop created to motion paths for a fast, realistic animation; an interactively rendered walking preview shows instant results of customization.

• Poseable Hands -- new high resolution hand models allow creation of scenes with hands

• Motion Capture -- import industry-standard BVH motion capture files for instant animation of Poser figures. Finished results are incredibly realistic and accurate animations of complex motions, such as golf swings or complicated dance steps.

• Sound integration -- import a sound file for reference to synch up animation

System Requirements

Windows 95/NT: 486DX, Pentium recommended, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 or later, minimum 32 MB of available RAM, (42+ MB recommended), SVGA video (true-color recommended), 80 MB Hard Disk Space and CD-ROM drive.

Power Macintosh: PPC Processor, Mac OS 7.5.1 or later, minimum 24 MB application RAM (32+ MB recommended), 80 MB hard disk space and CD-ROM drive.

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

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