Download illustrator for mac Archives

Download illustrator for mac Archives

download illustrator for mac Archives

download illustrator for mac Archives

※ IBS Software Download

Please note:

IBS is ONLY freely available for academic research. And for commercial usage, please contact us.

Download: Please download IBS installation package by clicking the link below:






Installation: After download just double-click on the software package to begin installation. Then follow the user prompts through the installation. The installer and the software of IBS require at least a Java SE Runtime Environment(JRE) 6 to run. If the install package without JRE, please download from .

When you try to install the software in Mac OS, but the installer says the file is damaged and can't be opened. Please read the FAQs of User Guide.

Run the software: Please read the Manual firstly.

Feedback: Your feedback will be greatly important for us to improve the GPS software. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. Thanks very much!

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, download illustrator for mac Archives

Adobe Illustrator

The process of doing isometric/axonometric drawings in Adobe Illustrator really hasn’t changed much since the mid 1990s, or even since the late 1980s, something I hadn’t fully realized until doing the first AxoTools video. How many of you can relate to this?

Working in Illustrator 88, I would project art to isometric by manually doing the scale-rotate-scale method. When the QuicKeys keyboard macro utility came out, it automated that process and also allowed me to change the constrain angle by pressing an otherwise-unused function key.

In 1994, when Illustrator 5 added support for plugins, I wrote one called Isometric that I shared free on my web site. It added menu items to project art to and from isometric planes, and to create box and cylinder primitives. Does anybody recall using this? I also wrote a free companion plugin Isometric Line Tool to draw straight lines in isometric, which was around quite a while and later merged into AxoTools.

In 1998, Illustrator 8 added recordable Actions, which was easier to maintain than updating the plugin as Illustrator’s API became more complicated. It also added Smart Guides, which I relied on when QuicKeys had compatibility issues with operating system changes.

About this time, Adobe had a simple 3D app called Dimensions (not the same as their current Dimensions product) that exported shapes to a file Illustrator could open. This app was the origin of the “Off Axis” projections I use in my Actions and in the current AxoTools presets. I used Dimensions in my first locomotive cutaway rendering. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Some of you may use SketchUp in that same way today.

Has anybody found Illustrator CS’s 3D effect actually useful for scale isometric drawings? I had high hopes when it appeared, but it never proved truly useful to me.

Hot Door’s CADtools has had support for isometric for several years now, and recent versions support axonometric views. I’ve found CADtools indispensable for technical drawing, but knew there had to be an easier way to assemble the pieces.

So for over 25 years, the process has been to project a shape to an isometric plane, then manually move it into position. This worked OK when one plane served as a sort of floor plan that other shapes could be snapped to, but it didn’t work well for most things I drew, like vehicles, machinery, and electronics. In order to get objects positioned correctly, I often drew a temporary “armature” with projected lines along two or three axes.

I’d actually envisioned today’s AxoTools plugin decades ago, using virtual armatures to position art. Why it took so long, I’m sorry I can’t answer. I hope you agree that doing axonometric drawing in Adobe Illustrator is significantly easier with AxoTools.

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download illustrator for mac Archives

macOS Catalina

The power of Mac. Taken further.

macOS Catalina gives you more of everything you love about Mac. Experience music, TV, and podcasts in three all-new Mac apps. Enjoy your favorite iPad apps now on your Mac. Extend your workspace and expand your creativity with iPad and Apple Pencil. And discover smart new features in the apps you use every day. Now you can take everything you do above and beyond.

See a preview of what’s coming in macOS Big Sur

Music, TV, and podcasts take center stage.

iTunes forever changed the way people experienced music, movies, and podcasts. It all changes again with three all-new, dedicated apps — Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts — each designed from the ground up to be the best way to enjoy entertainment on your Mac. And rest assured; everything you had in your iTunes library is still accessible in each app. iCloud seamlessly syncs everything across your devices — or you can back up, restore, and sync by connecting the device directly to your Mac.

Presenting Apple Music on Mac.

The new Apple Music app is the ultimate music streaming experience on Mac.1 Explore a library of 60 million songs, discover new artists and tracks, find the perfect playlist, download and listen offline, or enjoy all the music you’ve collected over the years. And find it all in your music library on all your devices.

Watch Dickinson on the Apple TV app

Apple TV. Premiering on Mac.

The Apple TV app for Mac is the new home for all your favorite movies, shows, premium channels, and Apple TV+.2 Watch everything directly in the app or enjoy it offline, and discover the best of what’s on in the Watch Now tab. You can even pick up where you left off on any screen, across all your devices. And for the first time, 4K3 and Dolby Atmos4–supported movies are available on Mac.

Listen up. Podcasts on Mac.

The best entertainment, comedy, news, and sports shows are now available on your Mac with Apple Podcasts. Search for podcasts by title, topic, guest, host, content, and more. Subscribe and be notified as soon as new episodes become available. And in the Listen Now tab, you can easily pick up where you left off across all your devices.

The apps you love.
Right on your Mac.

Experience your favorite iPad apps now on your Mac. With Mac Catalyst, developers can easily create Mac apps from the iPad apps you already know and love. They run natively alongside your existing Mac apps so you can drag and drop content between them. They take full advantage of the larger screen and powerful architecture of your Mac. And because they are built from their iOS versions, they provide a seamless experience across your devices. Enjoy a broad range of Mac apps — from travel, entertainment, and gaming to banking, education, and project management.

The Twitter for Mac app takes full advantage of the native Mac features like multiple windows, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, and more. See more of what’s happening on a larger screen and easily work alongside your other Mac apps.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

Morpholio Board for Mac lets interior designers create their mood boards on a larger screen with much more detail. Users can scroll through a huge library of furnishings; use new editing, composition, curation, and organization tools; and work alongside web browsers, notes, and email.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

With the Post-it® App on Mac, users can easily organize all their notes on the big screen. Grouping and sorting is much faster using a keyboard and mouse or trackpad. And importing boards from other users is even easier.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

With Jira for Mac, manage projects like a boss. Take advantage of native Mac features and move through Jira faster than ever, with push notifications, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, custom menu bar, and more.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

The American Airlines app for Mac lets users check in and choose their seats, see three-dimensional renderings of their seats powered by SceneKit, and even view traffic to the airport provided by Maps.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

With TripIt on Mac, you can review all your plans in one place, edit and share your trip details, and research your destination, all while multitasking with other Mac apps. Your itinerary is even available offline, whether you’re at your desk or at 35,000 feet.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

The Crew app for Mac is the first communications app designed for workers who don’t have easy access to communication technology on the job. Managers often use Mac computers in the back of house at stores, so users can access the experience they expect on the platform they prefer.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

This popular language-learning solution opens a whole new world on Mac. The desktop is wonderfully suited for focus and learning. Rosetta Stone is tightly integrated with the Mac microphone and includes an offline mode for a seamless app experience that’s just not possible on the web.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

Proloquo2Go on Mac is designed for people with communication challenges who are unable to make themselves understood using their own voices. The app lets parents, teachers, and therapists customize the app vocabulary using the keyboard and provide new words without requiring access to their child’s device, which may be at school or at home.

Explore more Mac Catalyst apps

Even more amazing Mac apps.Even more amazing Mac apps

Developers are continuing to build for Catalyst as many more of your favorite iPad apps will be coming to Mac.

    The apps you use every day, made extraordinary.

    With macOS Catalina, the apps you love are now more beautiful and intelligent than ever. So your everyday tasks are easier than ever.

    Focus on your best shots.

    Photos has a new immersive, dynamic look that showcases your photos and memories. See only the best shots in your library, without the duplicates and clutter. Browse your favorite photos by days, months, and years and get larger previews of all your photos. And Photos is even smarter, so it can highlight important moments like birthdays, anniversaries, and trips.

    Easier to find. And easier to share.

    A new gallery view and more powerful search help you find your notes quicker than ever. Shared folders let you collaborate on entire folders of notes with another person or a group. And new checklist options let you move completed items to the bottom, quickly reorder items using drag and drop, and more.


    The Reminders app has been completely rebuilt, with an all-new design and new ways to easily create, organize, and keep track of reminders. Add attachments to reminders, create or change reminders with the quick edit buttons, and let Siri suggest new ones found in Messages. Smart lists automatically organize and display your upcoming reminders. And if you tag someone in a reminder, you’ll be notified the next time you’re chatting in Messages.

    Start browsing.

    An updated start page helps you easily and quickly access your favorites and frequently visited sites. And Siri suggestions surface bookmarks, iCloud Tabs, and links from your reading list, as well as those you receive in Messages.

    Play extraordinary.

    Unlimited access to over 100 ad-free games for your Mac — all in a game subscription service unlike any other. Start playing on your Mac and jump to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

    Learn more

    Extend your desktop. With iPad.

    Sidecar lets you extend your workspace by using your iPad as a second Mac display.6 Work in one app while you reference another or view your artwork on your Mac while you use tools and palettes on your iPad. You can also mirror the screens so they both display the same content, making it perfect for sharing exactly what you see with others.

    View the Sidecar white paper (PDF)

    Express your creativity. With Apple Pencil.

    Bring the ease and precision of Apple Pencil to your favorite creative Mac apps with Sidecar.7 Just drag your app window from your Mac to your iPad as you would with any second display. Then use Apple Pencil to design in Illustrator, edit photos in Affinity Photo, or create 3D models in ZBrush. The handy sidebar puts essential Command, Control, and Shift keys right at your fingertips.

    Make your mark on Mac.

    Use Apple Pencil for everyday tasks like drawing and sketching or marking up screenshots and PDFs. You can easily insert a sketch from your iPad into any document on your Mac.

    Powerful apps. Made even more powerful.

    Discover all the amazing apps that are compatible with Sidecar, including illustration, photography, and 3D apps.

    Screen Time.
    Now on Mac.

    macOS Catalina brings all your favorite Screen Time features to Mac, giving you greater insight into how you’re spending your time. Monitor usage, schedule downtime, and set limits for both apps and websites across all your devices. And with Family Sharing, you can set app and communication limits for your kids to help them focus on the right things.

    Communication Limits

    Communication Limits let you choose who your children can communicate with throughout the day and during downtime, so you can make sure they’re always reachable.

    Coming this spring

    Combined Limits

    With Combined Limits, you can combine individual apps and websites, and even whole categories, into a single, easy-to-manage limit. Set a limit for a group of apps and websites, like gaming or your favorite streaming apps.

    One More Minute

    Need an extra minute to wrap up what you’re doing? You’ll get a notification when you’ve reached your time limit, so you can quickly wrap up a conversation, save a file, or close a game session before your time runs out.

    Increased security.
    Greater privacy.

    With macOS Catalina, there are enhanced security features to better protect macOS against tampering, help ensure that the apps you use are safe, and give you greater control over access to your data. And it’s even easier to find your Mac if it’s lost or stolen.

    More secure hardware.

    The Apple T2 Security Chip keeps your Mac secure by ensuring that you’re running trusted software and automatically encrypting your stored data. It also provides secure authentication for Touch ID. And macOS Catalina features Activation Lock, so only you can erase and reactivate your Mac.

    Safer-running software.

    macOS Catalina runs in its own read-only volume, so it’s separate from all other data on your Mac, and nothing can accidentally overwrite your system files. And Gatekeeper ensures that new apps you install have been checked for known security issues before you run them, so you’re always using good software.

    Data protections.

    Apps must now get your permission before directly accessing files in your Documents and Desktop folders, iCloud Drive, and external volumes, so you’re always in control of your data. And you’ll be prompted before any app can capture keyboard activity or a photo or video of your screen.

    The new Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single, easy-to-use app on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Find My can help you locate a missing Mac — even if it’s offline and sleeping — by sending out Bluetooth signals that can be detected by Apple devices in use nearby. They can then relay the detected location of your Mac to iCloud so you can locate it in the Find My app.

    It’s all anonymous and encrypted end-to-end so no one, including Apple, knows the identity of any reporting device. And because the reporting happens silently using tiny bits of data that piggyback on existing network traffic, there’s no need to worry about your battery life, your data usage, or your privacy.

    Approve with Apple Watch

    Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to authenticate on your Mac. Unlock a locked note, approve app installations, and view your passwords in Safari preferences without having to enter one.

    All access to Mac.

    macOS Catalina includes new features to help everyone get the most out of Mac. Tools for users with low vision allow you to zoom in on a paragraph of text or the entire screen.

    Zoom Display

    If you have two screens, you can keep one screen zoomed in close while the other remains at a standard resolution. It’s great for everyday work and giving a presentation.

    Hover Text

    Hover Text makes it easier to view text on your Mac display. Just hover over any text with your cursor and press Command. You’ll get a dedicated window with large, high-resolution text. You can even choose the fonts and colors.

    See a full list of what's new in macOS Catalina.

    macOS Catalina

    The power of Mac.
    Taken further.

    Featuring all-new, dedicated apps for music, TV, and podcasts. Smart new features in the apps you use every day. And Sidecar, which lets you use iPad as a second Mac display.

    See if your Mac can run macOS Catalina.

    macOS Big Sur

    Doing it all,
    in all new ways.

    See the preview

    Upgrade to start your free trial.

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