Corel draw x7 serial Archives

Corel draw x7 serial Archives

corel draw x7 serial Archives

corel draw x7 serial Archives


CorelDraw Version support Windows
Compatibility New Features Release date Version Reading files Writing files Jan 1989[1]1112.1First version Mar 1989[2]1.01112.1Introduces backups on save, and draw rectangles from their centre Apr 1989[2]1.02112.1IBM PIF file format support Jul 1989[2]1.10112.1102 new fonts in Corel's proprietary WFN format, with WFNBOSS file font manager Feb 1990[2]1.11112.1AutoCAD DXF import/export support Sep 1991[1]21, 21, 23.0Envelope tool (for distorting text or objects using a primary shape), Blend (for morphing shapes), Extrusion (for simulating perspective and volume in objects) and Perspective (to distort objects along X and Y axes). CorelDraw for Unix also became available.[3][4]15 May 1992[5]31, 2, 32, 33.0, 3.1 (preferred)Included Corel Photo-Paint asp ( for bitmap editing), CorelSHOW (for creating on-screen presentations), CorelCHART (for graphic charts), Mosaic and CorelTRACE (for vectorizing bitmaps). The inclusion of this software was the precedent for the actual graphic suites.[6] CorelDraw for Unix also became available.[7][8] The fonts bundled with CorelDraw are no longer in the proprietary Corel format WFN, but in Type 1 PostScript fonts and TTF TrueType formats. 20 May 1993[9]41, 2, 3, 43, 43.1Photo-Paint (for bitmap editing), CorelSHOW (for creating on-screen presentations), CorelCHART (for graphic charts), CorelMOVE for animation, Mosaic and CorelTRACE (for vectorizing bitmaps). Multi-page capabilities, Powerlines, support for graphic tablets, Clone tool, elastic node editing, Envelope tool. 27 May 1994[10]51, 2, 3, 4, 53, 4, 53.1This is the last version which was made for Windows 3.x. Corel Ventura was included in the suite (and then sold as a separate program); it was a desktop publishing application akin to PageMaker, Quark XPress, or InDesign. 24 Aug 1995[11]63, 4, 5, 65, 695This is the first version which was made exclusively for 32-bit Windows. New features were customizable interface, Polygon, Spiral, Knife and Eraser tools. Corel Memo, Corel Presents, Corel Motion 3D, Corel Depth, Corel Multimedia Manager, Corel Font Master and Corel DREAM (for 3D modelling) were included in the suite. 8 Oct 1996[12]73, 4, 5, 6, 75, 6, 795, NT 4Context-sensitive Property bar, Print Preview with Zoom and Pan options, Scrapbook (for viewing a drag-and-dropping graphic objects), Publish to HTML option, Draft and Enhanced display options, Interactive Fill and Blend tools, Transparency tools, Natural Pen tool, Find & Replace wizard, Convert Vector to Bitmap option (inside Draw), Spell checker, Thesaurus and Grammar checker. The suite included Corel Scan and Corel Barista (a Java-based document exchange format). 27 Oct 1997[13]83, 4, 5, 6, 7, 86, 7, 895, NT 4Digger selection, Docker windows, Interactive Distortion, 3D, Envelope and tools, Realistic Dropshadow tool, interactive color mixing, color palette editor, guidelines as objects, custom-sized pages, duotone support. Corel Versions was included in the suite. 31 Aug 1999[14]93, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 95, 6, 7, 8, 995, 98, NT 4Mesh fill tool (for complex color filling), Artistic Media tool, Publish to PDF features, embedded ICC color profiles, Multiple On-screen Color Palettes and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6 support. The suite included Canto Cumulus LE, a piece of software for media management. 13 Nov 2000[15]101010 98, Me, NT 4, 2000CorelR.A.V.E. (for vector animation), Perfect Shapes, Web graphics tools (for creating interactive elements such as buttons), Page sorter, multilingual document support, navigator window. Open, save, import and export in SVG format.[16]  1 Aug 2002[17]1111 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1198, Me, NT 4, 2000, XPSymbols library, image slicing (for web design), pressure-sensitive vector brushes, 3-point drawing tools. 10 Feb 2004[18]1212 12 2000, XPDynamic guides, Smart Drawing tools, Export to MS Office or Word option, Virtual Segment Delete tool, Unicode text support. 17 Jan 2006[19]X3 (13)X3 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, X32000, 2003, XP (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista(32-bit only), 7, 8Double click Crop tool (the first vector software able to crop groups of vectors and bitmap images at the same time), Smart fill tool, Chamfer/Fillet/Scallop/Emboss tool, Image Adjustment Lab. Trace became integrated inside Draw under the name PowerTrace. 22 Jan 2008[20]X4 (14)7 to X4 7 to X4XP, Vista, 7, 8Whatthefont font identification service linked inside CorelDraw, ConceptShare, Table tool, independent page layers, live text formatting, support for RAW camera files.[21]23 Feb 2010[22]X5 (15)7 to X57 to X5XP, Vista, 7, 8Built-in content organizer (CorelConnect), CD, web graphics and animation tools, multi-core performance improvement, digital content (professional fonts, clip arts, and photos), object hinting, pixel view, enhanced Mesh tool with transparency options, added touch support, and new supported file formats.[23] It has developed Transformation, which makes multiple copies of a single object.

For the first time, OpenType versions of Helvetica, Frutiger, Futura and Garamond #3 font families (32 fonts total) from Linotype foundry are included instead of the Bitstream counterparts. All but Garamond are in OpenType Pro format.[24]

20 Mar 2012[25]X6 (16)7 to X67 to X6XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7, 864-bit and multi-core processor native support. Support for 64-bit Adobe Photoshop plugins. More tools to import and export from Adobe Creative Suite and Publisher. Object properties, styles, and color styling consolidated into their own docking toolbars (Dockers). A new Unicode OpenType-based text engine modernizes text handling, including full international language support (the legacy text mode is retained). Dynamic alignment guides allow for easy repositioning without setting static guidelines. CorelConnect content organizer allows for in-app access to online sources such as Flickr for image and clip art assets. New tools for pushing, pulling, smearing, etc. vector objects. Improvements in frame-based layout, masking, clipping and effects.[26]27 March 2014[27]X7 (17)7 to X77 to X77, 8, 10*New default workspaces for illustrators, beginners, and other user roles; new training videos. New tabbed documents can break out of main window, making multi-screen work easier. A few more retouching and fill tools, additional color harmony and QR code generating tools. New Guidelines Dockers continued the migration of tools away from dependence on pull-down menus.

Corel X7 introduced 30-day and 365-day rentals (subscriptions) as an alternative to buying a perpetual license. Corel Content Exchange, an online source for fonts, fill patterns and other materials, required continuing payments for access to the full range of content.[28]

15 March 2016[29]X8 (18)7 to X87 to X87, 8, 10Added new Font List selection filtering system; Corel Font Manager replaced Bitstream Font Navigator. Ability to hide objects and groups, not just layers. Possible to copy and paste portions of curve segments. Adjacent node selection, improved Knife tool, photo retouching Healing tool, improved perspective correction tool, improved (Gaussian) feathering on drop shadows, and automated camera effects such as bokeh and sepia. Startup and feature tours; enhanced Hints. Border and Grommet and Canvas Prep and Stretch tools for large format and commercial print applications. High-resolution displays became officially supported with new scalable icons and UI elements. First version to fully support Windows 10.[30]11 April 2017[31]2017 (19)7 to 197 to 197, 8, 10LiveSketch™, 4K and real-time stylus support, Enhanced Font list Box and nodes, Supports Microsoft Windows tablet mode & surface dial. 10 April 2018 2018 (20) 7 to 20 7 to 20 7, 8, 10 Symmetrical Drawing Mode, Block Shadow Tool, publish to WordPress, Impact tool, Pointillizer™, and PhotoCocktail™, straighten photos interactively, adjust photo perspective interactively, apply envelopes to bitmaps.[32]12 March 2019 2019 (21) 7 to 21 7 to 21 7, 8, 10 Object Docker, Non-Destructive Effects, Pixel-perfect Workflow, Find and replace workflow, Supports 64-bit TWAIN scanner, PDF/X Support, digital asset management, improved performance, enhanced print merge, modern templates.

An online app is now included, and MacOS is supported, requiring 10.12 (Sierra) or better.[33][34]

12 March 2020 2020


7, 8.1, 10 Includes a suite of collaboration tools, including Copy editing, a Comments Docker, Annotation tools, and Cloud client sharing. Microsoft and Google GSuite sign-ons are supported.

Features include new AI-assisted PowerTRACE, bitmap upsampling, and bitmap artifact compression removal; new Stylized effects such as Pastel and Woodcut; nondestructive (lens) bitmap effects; another edge-finding mask tool; improved search and replace; and sliders to adjust OpenType variable fonts (Windows only).[35]

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corel draw x7 serial Archives
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Working Serial Number:











Video Tutorial:

Modifier KeyKeyDescription of shortcut
 Ctrl ASelect all anchors
 Ctrl Right ArrowMicro nudge anchor right
 Ctrl Up ArrowMicro nudge anchor up
  ShiftAVertically distributes the space between the selected objects
  BAligns selected objects to the bottom
  ShiftBDistributes selected objects to the bottom
 Ctrl BBrightness/contrast/intensity
 Ctrl ShiftBColor balance
  CVertically aligns the centers of the selected objects
  ShiftCVertically distributes the centers of the selected objects
 Ctrl CPlace copies of one or more objects on the clipboard.
  DeleteDeletes the selected object(s)
  ShiftDeleteMove one or more objects to the clipboard.
  EHorizontally aligns the centers of the selected objects
  ShiftEHorizontally distributes the centers of the selected objects
Alt  F12Aligns text to the baseline
 Ctrl F8Converts artistic text to paragraph text or vice versa
 Ctrl F9Opens the contour docker window
  IAdd artistic brush, spray, and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes.
 Ctrl InsertPlace copies of one or more objects on the clipboard.
 Ctrl KBreak the object apart to create multiple objects and paths.
  LAligns selected objects to the left
  ShiftLDistributes selected objects to the left
 Ctrl LCombine objects into a single object with common properties.
  PAligns the centers of the selected objects to page
  ShiftPHorizontally distributes the space between the selected objects
 Ctrl QAllow the object to be modified by using the shape tools.
 Ctrl ShiftQConverts an outline to an object
  RAligns selected objects to the right
  ShiftRDistributes selected objects to the right
  TAligns selected objects to the top
 Ctrl TChange the properties of text characters.
 Ctrl XMove one or more objects to the clipboard.
 Ctrl CommaChanges the text to horizontal direction
  DDraw a grid.
 Ctrl DDuplicates the selected object(s) and offsets by a specified amount
Alt  ShiftDAlign objects with other objects by using dynamic guidelines.
 Ctrl ESave a duplicate of the document to a different file format.
 Ctrl FSelects object(s) by specified properties
  F11Fill an object with a gradient of colors or shades.
 Ctrl F11Opens the insert character docker window
Alt  F11Macro &editor...
Alt  ShiftF11&macro manager
Alt  F3Opens the lens docker window
Alt  F4Exits coreldraw and prompts to save the active drawing
  F5Draw curves and straight line segments.
 Ctrl F5Opens the graphic and text styles docker window
  F7Draw circles and ellipses by dragging in the drawing window.
 Ctrl F7Opens the envelope docker window
  F9Displays a full-screen preview of the drawing
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