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Our Professional Covert On The Wall DVR

It happens more than you would think. You spend a bunch of money on a video surveillance system to at least identify who it was that broke into your property. but when they break in they cut your phone line so your alarm system cannot call anyone. then once they are in they see your nice video monitor sitting on a desk with the DVR right next to it. so they take it along with anything else they want.

Now we at R.A.S. Total Home Solutions are now installing a new product from Speco that helps with this.

overt Wall MCounted H.264 Digital Video Recorder

Speco Technologies has redefined Covert Video. For years, covert video meant hiding surveillance cameras from potential perpetrators. Speco Technologies has developed a new concept - hide the video recorder instead. Let the cameras be visible as a criminal deterrent.

Easily Mounts In The Equipment Closet. The new DVRWM Series of Wall Mounted DVRs looks like a normal electrical or burg alarm panel hanging on the wall in a utility area, but inside is a powerful Pentaplex/H.264 networkable DVR.

Wall Mounted DVR in a locked box for covert installations
• No accessible user controls
• Designed for network viewing
• Analog output for initial settings
• H.264 high quality compression
• Record @ 240 FPS
• 4, 8 and 16 channel models
• Pentaplex operation enabling simultaneous view live or playback while continuing to record, network transfer & archive
• Free DDNS server for use with dynamic IP addresses
• EZ Record, Copy & Setup
• 1 audio input per camera
• Backup to Thumbdrive®
• IR Remote control included
• Free CMS Software
• Free MAC™ software 3

New WRS Model


16 Channel Covert Wall Mount DVR

Networkable DVR with free DDNS server

Easy and simple graphical user interface

EZSearchfor fast and simple way of searching events using thumbnail of video from each hour or minute

EZCopyfor instant video export during playback

EZRecordfor quick setup of recording resolution, frame rate and record setting

Programmable recording on motion detection, sensor, schedule, continuous and manual

Recording rate of 120FPS at D1 

H.264 Video compression 

Built in S.M.A.R.T. Technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting, Technology for HDD) for monitoring of HDD temperature

Covert camera operation provides enhanced security and administrator control

Password protection for secure installation authorization

Easy firmware upgrade by remote network or USB port

Works withSpeco PlayeriPhone App andSpeco PlayerAndroid App.

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Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies

  • specotechnologies@gmail.com
  • Not provided
  • SecureGuard Client

    Mobile application that allows for viewing and grouping of IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs connected to a SecureGuard Server.

    AndroidVersion ...Added: 11/11/18

  • Speco Player 4K

    Access to Live and Recorded Video and Audio of Speco N32NS.

    AndroidVersion ...Added: 11/09/18

  • Speco Gray

    Introducing the Gray Series of IP surveillance kits. A new kit that combines IP cameras that easily plug into the Gray Series recorders.

    AndroidVersion 1.0.4 ...Added: 04/25/20

  • Speco Blue

    Use Speco Blue to access Speco Technologies' NRL and NRP model NVRs for the following: Live View of all channels...

    AndroidVersion 1.6.2 ...Added: 01/05/20

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Speco Player app. Archives

Speco Player

Speco Player is designed to work with the HU, NU,VT, HT, HS, NS, NSP, NSL, DS, VS, ZipKit, and HD DVR models of Speco Technologies (both desktop and wall mount versions)

Speco Player is designed to give a user remote viewing access of live video from their DVR as well as playback recorded video and take snapshot images of live video.

Features include:
- Store multiple locations to access and recall with one touch
- PTZ Control
- 10 Minute Time Limit on Live Viewing
- View in either portrait or landscape mode
- View 1 to 4 channels at a time
- Change view with use of double tap (double tap to go from multiple to 1 channel view, double tap again to return to multiple channel view)
- Dynamic IP via ddns.specoddns.net
- Take JPG snapshots of live video and review later
- Arrows to slide to previous or next channel in one channel view
- Change streams to provide high resolution images based on DVR capabilities
- View logs of DVRs and NVRs (firmware version 4.2.1 required as minimum)

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