WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives

WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives

WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives

WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives


WWE 2K19 to be launched on 4th October in Dubai

2K, in partnership with local distributor Red Entertainment, have announced the official launch event for WWE 2K19 in the UAE on Thursday, October 4, at 7 p.m. at The Galleria in City Centre Mirdif, Dubai. Furthermore, attending the event to celebrate the launch

2K announces WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition

2K today announced plans for the Wooooo! Edition of WWE® 2K19, the forthcoming release in the flagship WWE video game franchise. Honoring time WWE World Champion, global pop culture icon and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair – a man whose attitude and accomplishments represent “Never Say Never” to the fullest – the WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition will be limited to 30, copies worldwide and offer an impre[Read More]

2K Shares Details of Two New Features of WWE 2K18

2K today shared details on two new features for WWE 2K18 – MyPLAYER and ROAD TO GLORY. This year, players will create their MyPLAYER characters, which get stronger and more powerful along with player progression, to use in both MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY. ROAD TO GLORY is a completely new online experience where MyPLAYERS from all over the world battle against each other. View the YouTube video be[Read More]

XCOM 2: War of The Chosen Is Out Now

2K and Firaxis Games announced today that XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, the expansion to the award-winning strategy title, is now available for Windows PC. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen takes the incredible experience of XCOM 2 and provides players with all new features and allies to combat ADVENT, who have deployed three deadly new aliens called the “Chosen.” To aid XCOM in its fight to liberate Ea[Read More]

Mafia III: Sign of the Times Now Available

From 2K and Hangar 13, Mafia III: Sign of the Times – the third DLC for Mafia III – is available now. Sign of the Times introduces a mysterious new threat as Lincoln Clay is pitted against a violent group of cultists called The Ensanglante. Players will deploy new investigative gameplay tactics, as well as new weapons and combat abilities, including throwing knives and slow-mo shooting, to rid New[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

2K today announced that WWE 2K18, the forthcoming release in the flagship WWE video game franchise, will be released on Nintendo Switch this fall. The news marks the first time in five years that a WWE video game will be available on a Nintendo platform. In celebration of the game’s highly-anticipated debut on Nintendo Switch, WWE 2K18 cover Superstar Seth Rollins appeared in a special video annou[Read More]

NBA 2K18 Legend Cover Announced

2K has announced that NBA 2K will feature Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal on the cover of the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition. This special edition of the top-rated NBA video game simulation series for the last 16 years* gives the court to the big man who needs no introduction, “The Diesel…The Big Aristotle…Superman…Shaq Daddy…” with special Shaq-themed memorabilia and content, extending his legacy as the [Read More]

Review: WWE 2K17 (PC)

Yuke’s, Visual Concepts, and 2K released the new WWE 2K17 on PC sometime back and we received a promo code to test drive the game. WWE 2K17 is a video game starring wrestlers you ostensibly like. It features more than playable WWE and NXT Superstars. Superstars include Superstar Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andre the Giant, “Macho Man” Randy Sava[Read More]

2K Announces WWE 2K17

2K has announced that WWE 2K17, the latest addition to the flagship video game franchise, will be available worldwide for Windows PC on February 7,  Delivering the largest roster in WWE video games history alongside other fan-favorite features, WWE 2K17 for Windows PC will mirror the in-game content offered in WWE 2K17 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fans can choose between the WWE 2K17 S[Read More]

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, WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 DLC includes flubbed line

Oh Yukes, you never change. In the recent Hall of Fame Showcase DLC Pack for WWE 2K17, the inclusion of a flubbed line is a harsh reminder of the usual standard of care taken by Developer Yuke&#;s. Hahaha 2K doesn't care they didn't even bother to edit Lawler flubbing and rereading thispachasnack.com pachasnack.com — It's KFG (@KungFu_Grip) February 21,

Video: WWE 2K17 MyCareer

I remember playing WWE 2K15 and wondering what on earth 2K were doing with the game. When they took over the license there was so much potential given what they have done on the NBA side of things. 2K15 was terrible, to put it kindly. WWE 2K16 was the make or break for them. If it followed the trend of 2K15 it was surely going to die out a slow death. Thankfully, it didn&#;t. While 2K16 was fa

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WWE 2K17 PC Game Play Archives

WWE 2K17

For most annualized franchises, 12 months is barely enough time to add new features that will entice fans to return to the series year after year. With WWE 2K17, however, developer Yuke’s decided to subtract instead of add. Rather than bolster a bloated feature set, WWE 2K17 ditches the popular Showcase mode in favor of polishing existing systems. But while the core combat has improved over last year’s entry, Yuke’s grappling skills still aren’t strong enough to make anyone other than hardcore WWE fans take notice.

Most of WWE 2K17’s combat improvements are incremental. Wrestlers still dish out the same basic attack combos, still have the same stamina management system, and still use the same pin/kickout mechanics. However, reversals now feature a larger timing window, which makes it easier to take control of a match. Taunts give you mid-match buffs that are a great way to catch your breath while your opponent is down. You can also perform post-match run-ins to interrupt a wrestler’s victory celebration, which is great for fueling new rivalries. And for the first time in years, you can take the action into the crowd and into backstage areas. I loved throwing my opponent through AV trunks and finding other interactive objects to smash over their head. None of the tweaks to 2K17’s action are game-changing, but they’re all welcome.

Unfortunately, 2K17’s incremental improvements only help expose the greater flaws in Yuke’s wrestling series. The in-ring action is as sluggish and plodding as ever. These WWE superstars move like rigid action figures, which tends to drain most of the tension from each match. While 2K17’s reversal windows are widened, the reversal cues are still disconnected from character animations, so the only thing clueing you into a reversal opportunity is a button prompt that appears over your wrestler’s head.

Many matches feel like drudgery as your opponents almost always kick out of your first pin. You often have to build up and use your finishing move at least once or twice before getting a three count. Conversely, if you’re really bad at WWE’s timed button minigames, your opponent could count you out even when your character’s health is in the green. Even when you’re completely overpowering your opponents, 2K17’s action feels like a battle of attrition rather than the exuberant display of athletic prowess that fans have come to love about WWE.

It’s a shame WWE 2K17’s core mechanics are such a grind, because most of the content surrounding the in-ring action is sure to please wresting fans. The creation suite – which lets you create your own wrestlers, championships, and arenas, among other things – is as deep as ever. MyCareer mode simulates your created wrestler’s journey from the performance center through NXT and a string of championship belts to the WWE Hall of Fame. This experience is repetitive, but it is so deep that it allows you to create your own promos and manage your merchandise sales. Meanwhile, the WWE Universe mode is basically a manager mode that lets you organize WWE shows, plant rivalries, and build championship dynasties. You can even see how you stack up against other players online in a variety of exhibition matches, and I experienced almost no lag while duking it out with real opponents. All of these modes are meaty, but the Showcase mode, which let you relive some of yesteryear’s most glorious smack downs, was always the most polished and presentation-heavy mode. Its absence is sorely felt.

After previous publisher THQ folded and 2K took over this series with WWE 2K14, I had hoped the WWE games would see a slow crawl out of mediocrity, and that wrestling fans would eventually have a wresting game they could be proud to show non-wrestling fans. Unfortunately, the 2K series has carried forward with the same by-the-numbers combat we’ve seen for years. 2K’s next WWE game doesn’t need to check off a list of incremental improvements – it needs a complete overhaul.

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