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How to: Play on PC

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This is a guide for setting up and playing War Robots on your PC via MEmu, a free Android emulator, or Bluestacks. If you already have an existing account on an Android device, you can follow these instructions to sync your account over to your PC. It is advised that you try Custom Games to get used to playing on pc so your ratings and average damage are not effected.

At the momemt this works for Android players only. Sorry iOS user. If there is a iOS solution in the future we will update the page.

Before starting

Please note that playing with a keyboard and mouse is officially allowed. See Thread:71373 for details.

*user openpilotcc3d warning : (your pc needs virtualization vx-t to run emulator smoothly. without this, it may not run or not be stable)

Android emulators are inefficient, and require a computer several times as powerful than a phone or tablet to play WR at the same frame rate. WR is a fairly demanding game, so if your computer is very old, chances are that it will run WR at mediocre frame rates (10-15 fps), so don't be surprised if you find it harder to aim with certain weapons (such as the Orkan); especially in intense battle situations. As a rule of thumb, your accuracy will be proportional to your frame rate.(however, a new method using remix os is on below, which runs smoothly even on old pcs)

With that being said, the game should be perfectly playable on modern PCs, likely running even smoother than on a comparably recent Android device. You might also find it convenient for things like managing your hangar and typing in clan chat, etc.


If you are already playing WR on your phone, you will want to sync your current progress on your phone to WR on your PC. To do this, make sure you have your Google Play Games account set up on your phone before you proceed.

Setup MEmu / Bluestacks

AS OF UPDATE 3.8 MEmu FACES AN ISSUE RUNNING WAR ROBOTS. The issue is the absence of the movement button on screen. This can be corrected by going to MEmu settings/language and input/keyboard and input methods/DEFAULT/ hardware>OFF.

Download MEmu and install it. Then log in with your Google account, making sure to use the same one on your Android device if you want to sync your WR progress. Run Google Play Games application within MEmu environment to make sure.

Bluestacks 4

  1. Go tp the gearwheel on the ground to open more settings.
  2. Open IME Settings.
  3. Activate screen keyboard.

Install WR and sync progress

Search for the game, and download and install and run it. Click Menu button in WR then click "Google Play Games" button. A dialog will come up asking if you want to sync your local progress. Press OK if you want to use your existing account and cancel if you want to start over a new account.


Check the screenshot above and make sure it is the same as the one you get when you press "Google Play Games". Some people have sync'd their new profile onto their existing one by mistake and lost all their progress in the game. If the message is different, then make sure you have done the following before clicking "Google Play Games" button.

  • You have setup your Google Play Games account on your phone.
  • You have setup your Google Play Games account on your MEmu environment.

If you lose all of your progress in the game, you will need to contact Pixonic with the following information.

  1. The nickname that was used (please, provide the exact spelling including all symbols, small and capital letters).
  2. Your hangar level
  3. The approximate amount of your silver, gold and Workshop points
  4. Number of slots unlocked in your hangar
  5. Data about your active robots (robots & their levels, weapons equipped & their levels). Please be as detailed as possible so we can assure we find the correct account.


In order to play WR on your computer effectively, you'll need to use your mouse to aim (right click to lock/unlock the cursor) and your keyboard to control everything else. Both Bluestacks and MEmu have GUI's for customizing controls. One important difference is that MEmu allows you to aim without holding down the mouse button, which may not seem like much but definitely helps over the course of a 10 minute match.

It is also possible to play with a controller. Just map your controls as shown below and use "JoyToKey" to assign the keys.


This is an example setup for MEmu:

Here's another example setup for MEmu:


  • Open war robots in MEmu and start a battle.(Recommended use Custom Games)
  • Open key mapping option on toolbar

You need 3 basic things to control your bot

1.Robot movement= WASD PAD>>>> Keyboard

default robot movement is by the Arrow keys.....page up;page down;home;end(without use of game pad)

  • Drag the DIRECTION CONTROL pad and place it where the button for bot movement is in game.
  • Make sure that it is the same size or larger for optimum results(smaller pad will result in slow movement)
  • Click each key to configure it(default is WSAD)
  • SEE BUG FIXES FOR MEMU for known issues and how to fix

2.Robot turning=CROSSHAIR ICON → Mouse

  • Drag CROSS HAIR from top and place it in centre or top of the screen.
  • Right clicking it will switch between 'normal mouse controls and 'turning robot via mouse
  • Remember for selecting anything on screen you need to 1st right click so you can use mouse but please note that during that time your bot cannot turn… (pretty much like a Rhino in assault mode!!)

3.Weapons firing=TRIGGER BUTTON → Left Mouse Button

  • Drag the SHOOT ICON from top and place it on the red button for FIRING ALL weapons
  • Activated by Left mouse click(can be configured)

Advance SETUP

  • This is done by assigning different keyboard keys some specific function on emulator screen

  • You just have to click an area and a button will appear on screen then just select desired keyboard key to do its job....(then you can drag it to specific point) For example; using Cap for activating ability of robot ;or Alt for LOCK ON, etc.

  • You can customize this as much as you want like separate keys for separate shooting;corner shooting; opening the menu; selecting new robots

  • You can also draw a line by dragging the mouse cursor to specify a quick swipe...in doing so can do a 180'turn just by a press of a button.So movements which require skill in android are mere pushes of buttons in emulator provided your placement is correct.

(2) Set Up Controls for Bluestacks

You can do pretty much the same thing in Bluestacks, or if you're extra lazy then just navigate to the following file and open it in a text editor:


and replace everything with this and save:

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, War Robots on PC Archives

Release Notes - BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks 4.230 Release Notes


  1. Among Us movement controls have been enhanced for a better gameplay experience.
  2. If you love playing Free Fire, the new BlueStacks offers the best possible gaming experience. Improved sensitivity, precise aiming, and other major enhancements bring you the finest gunplay.
  3. Set calendar reminders for in-game events in Rise of Kingdoms and State of Survival. Track important upcoming events and score big with notifications on email, mobile and desktop.
  4. Use Smart Edge Scrolling for Rise of Kingdoms to scroll through the map by simply moving the cursor to the edge of the map in the direction you would like to scroll in. World supremacy awaits you!
  5. Manage all your controls easily in one place with a single click with our new, simplified and compact Game Controlsmenu
  6. Save more power while multitasking smoothly with the all-new Eco mode. We’ll take care of your system’s performance at the tap of a button. 
  7. Sort your instances by name or Android version to decide which one suits your preferences, using improvements in the Multi-Instance Manager to assist you with managing your instances. 
  8. The most powerful Controls Editor can now be accessed in multiple ways. Also, you can now download the latest in-built controls with the Update Controls button.
  9. A performance warningwill alert you if you try to allocate all the CPU cores to BlueStacks. We know you love gaming, but your system is equally important!
  10. The BlueStacks loading screen will now show you tips and tricks to make the most out of your gaming experience. Staring at the loading bar now has its perks!
  11. A new shortcut key to enter/exit mouse lock is assigned to ESC. Why drag and spin when you can tap and win?
  12. We have resolved the auto-zoom issue on Rise of Kingdoms which used to occur sometimes while using Edge Scroll.
  13. Your default FPS after enabling Eco mode will now be set to 5 instead of 1.
  14. We have significantly improved Search on the BlueStacks home screen. You will find your favorite games before you can say “BlueStacks”!
  15. You can now shut down Windows without having to close BlueStacks. BlueStacks will automatically close itself if you do.
  16. We have fixed various bugs and crashes on launch for various apps. Our in-house app pilot is getting better every day!

Read more about BlueStacks 4.230.

BlueStacks 4.220 Release Notes


1.  Major performance improvements to give you faster loading times and overall increased performance. It’s fast! Really fast! You might want to buckle up your seatbelts. A few of them are:

  • Blazing fast launch. We almost approached light-speed with this one.
  • Consistently high FPS, in games such as Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, over long periods of gameplay. Enjoy your favorite snacks along with high FPS. 
  • An overall buff has been made to the FPS in games such as A3! Otome Anime Game and a few others. FPS drops are in the history books now. 

2. Closing BlueStacks is also faster than before. We’re sad to see you go, but that process is smoother than ever.
3. We've added a "Personalize" option to your BlueStacks home screen. You can now resize app icons as you wish. Sorting icons is now possible to keep your home screen neat and tidy. 
4. Notification Mode has been infused with some new features! You can now snooze notifications, enable/disable sound alerts and much more.
5. You can now see what’s new in every update by clicking on “Learn What’s New” before or while updating BlueStacks, so you don’t have to gleam into your crystal balls for more info. Psychics can be expensive.
6. You can now use Smart Controls with DirectX. Teachers can make all the difference and we provided DirectX with the best of them.
7. Our in-house Exterminator thoroughly cleaned out various bugs. Cyber-enhanced archers and flaming swords were also deployed to keep the bugs away.

Read more about these changes here.

BlueStacks 4.215 Release Notes


1. We've tweaked around internally to improve your overall experience across a variety of applications.

Read more about these changes here

BlueStacks 4.210 Release Notes


1. Smart Controls for PUBG: Mobile have arrived. Craving some chicken dinner? Our chefs have cooked up something special for you.
2. Playing Android 64-bit apps just got a whole lot easier! The Game Center has come to save the day. All hail the Game Center.
3. Missing out on game notifications? Embrace the new Notification Mode on BlueStacks!
4. Smart Edge Scrolling is here for Rise of Kingdoms. An added functionality for your Kingdom. 
5. Devoting your RAM and CPU is now easier than ever. Take a look at the redesigned Settings Menu.
6. A few options have been added to Native Gamepad Support which will lead to an overall better gaming experience with your gamepad/controller.
7. A new option in the "Report a Problem" tool will help us identify and fix any issues you may be facing with the Multi-Instance Manager.  
8. Zapped numerous bugs with the help of our in-house Exterminator. A full list of squashed bugs is available in the detailed Release Notes.
9. Performance improvements have been made courtesy of some really good coffee. Mmm, caffeine. 

Read more about these changes here.

 BlueStacks 4.205 Release Notes


1. Improved Responsive Smart Controls have been added for Brawl Stars. We've made some major improvements to these. 
2. The Game Center has arrived! Expand your gaming library with ease and much more. Your new home has been built to perfection.
3. A minor change has been made to the Game Guide icon. Your own personal guide for key controls and more. 

Read more about these changes here.

BlueStacks 4.200 Release Notes.


1. Responsive Smart controls have arrived for Brawl Stars! Play like a star and brawl smarter. 
2. Multi-Instance Manager has been completely redefined to support Android 64-bit apps and more. Revolutionary? Yes. Check it out here.
3. In-game settings for Free Fire, CoDM, 7DS: GC and PUBG have been shifted to the settings menu. Click on the game name to know more.
4. Smart edge gestures are now here! Access game settings and the game guide with intuitive edge controls when playing in full-screen mode.
5. War Robots now comes equipped with Smart Controls. Your robots are now smarter for war.
6. You can now select multiple units in Armor Age with a simple drag of the mouse cursor. Strength lies in numbers and so victory shall be yours. To know more, click here.
7. We’ve added a few mouse cursor options in the Settings menu. Just to keep things fresh.
8. Various UI changes in BlueStacks. We’ll let you discover them, no spoilers for you.
9. Thanks to our in house Captain Bug Spray, a couple of bugs have been squashed

Read more about these changes here.

BlueStacks 4.190 Release Notes.


1. You now have the option to opt for WASD or MOBA control schemes in certain games. Play like a pro, either way.  To learn more, click here.
2. Precision key controls for your in-game steering wheel are here for games like Dr. Driving, Real Racing, etc. To learn more, click here.
3. Gamepad control names have been simplified to help you. Simplicity is the key to life. To learn more, click here.
4. Improvement in the gameplay experience of various games, such as Free Fire.
5. We have reduced the minuscule time delay while switching control schemes. Every second counts in the 21st century.
6. Users with high-end machines will now notice less CPU usage. Winter has arrived, for your CPU.
7. Gamepad performance has been enhanced. Your controller has been put on a healthy diet.
8. Various other bug fixes and improvements. 

Read more about these changes here.

BlueStacks 4.180 Release Notes.


1. Landscape mode for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has arrived! To experience this epic tale in the highest resolution, click here.
2. Like that friend who whispers friendly advice, you shall receive game notifications after minimizing BlueStacks.
3. PS4 controllers/gamepads are now supported! We heard your suggestions! Don’t use Bluetooth though. Read more about it here.
4. MOBA controls have been added for Mobile Legends and other similar games. You are truly a legend now. Read more about the MOBA skill settings and stop movement.
5. Game guide has been spiced with a few flavors. Movement controls through the mouse will now be shown in there. 
6. If you have a significantly powerful PC/Laptop, BlueStacks will be set to high performance. What’s the use of a bow without an arrow?
7. Multiple UI changes for your beloved Multi-instance. Personalize your instances like never before with a variety of different options. Explore the changes here.
8. You can now customize the speed, depth of zoom and much more. Zoom away!
9. Macro Community has been infused with a breath of fresh air. Game titles will be easier to locate now and much more.
10. You can now see where you click in Android, be it the Google Playstore or your favorite game, by enabling this setting. Learn how to enable this in the detailed release notes!
11. Shooting mode tip has been moved to a different location. It has a better view now. Real estate matters.

Read more about these changes here.

BlueStacks 4.170 Release Notes


1. Characters in Black Desert Mobile will no longer evade your eyes. All characters will be visible now.
2. We have tweaked the launch engine in BlueStacks for various applications such as AFK Arena. This will result in faster launches for your favorite apps.
3. You will now see the keys for all controls with a sharper clarity in-game. Prepare to be dazzled.
4. Multi-gamepad support is now active. You can now plug in multiple gamepads and dive into your favorite game without having to set up any controls.
5. We've implemented a few UI changes throughout BlueStacks. Be careful not to fall in love with this fresh look.
6. Graphical modes have been tweaked to deliver maximum graphical quality. All engines are set to maximum thrust.
7. You can now edit game controls directly from the guidance window. Besides this, you will notice a plethora of other improvements. Follow this link to know more.
8. Various other improvements have been made internally. Getting our summer bod ready.

Read more about these changes

BlueStacks 4.160 Release Notes.


1. Smart controls were convenient. Now they're super convenient. Less clutter in Garena Free Fire, more adaptability in Call of Duty: Mobile.
2. It's what inside that matters. You will now be able to see which GPU is being used by BlueStacks.
3. You can now opt to use native gamepad controls for certain games. Slay with a flick of your thumb.
4. Gravity field has now been applied to the mouse cursor. It will stay locked in while playing BlueStacks in fullscreen.
5. Various improvements have been made for Call of Duty: Mobile under the hood. Time to send in those killstreaks.
6. BlueStacks failing to start for some users has been fixed. Why stop greatness?

Read more about these changes 

BlueStacks 4.150 Release Notes


1. Unlimited eye candy for Black Desert Mobile as graphical settings have been enhanced.
2. Review game guidance and manage keyboard controls in an adjacent window, without disrupting your gameplay in the main window.
3. Merge multiple macro scripts to create a single one, to improve efficiency for long-duration gameplay.
4. Optimize the quality of game graphics, based on the capabilities of your PC’s GPU, through a control for processing ASTC textures.
5. Control Android’s ABI Setting (Application Binary Interface) to enable games that fail to run.
6. Assign mobile operator name to BlueStacks to enable apps to run.
7. Guide player to enter shooting mode through a tooltip for War Robots.
8. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.
9. Discover, share and download macros from the swanky new macro community.
10. You can now create your own avatar. Various options have been provided, feel free to fire away with your creativity.


    Read more about these changes


BlueStacks 4.140 Release Notes


1. Call Of Duty Mobile crash fixed.
2. New UI with a dark theme.
3. Smart controls for Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire.
4. Disable or close game tool-tips as you desire.
5. Change settings for any instance from the multi-instance manager.
6. Use modifier keys for assigning touch controls.
7. New Advanced key mapping UI.
          • Create, save and reuse up to 5 custom control schemes.
          • View gameplay clearly, key mapping UI has 75% opacity.
8. Enhancements for the RPG games and gold farmers.
          • Synchronize operations across multiple instances of BlueStacks.
          • Simplify automation for farming use cases through macro recorder enhancements.
9. Safeguard against inadvertent deletion of control scheme or macro script.
10. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.
11. Bug fixes for games that detect BlueStacks as an emulator.

    Read more about these changes

BlueStacks 4.130 Release Notes


1. Create shortcut keys for common actions.
2. Play RPG’s using multiple instances and synchronize clicks over all of them.
3. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

    Read more about these changes


BlueStacks 4.120 Release Notes


1. Access tools from the right sidebar.
2. Install and play apps packaged  as '.xapk' files.
3. Apply the recommended CPU and RAM (main memory) settings for your PC
4. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

    Read more about these changes


BlueStacks 4.110 Release Notes


1. Record a video of your gaming prowess and upload it to YouTube.
2. Reclaim space that is no longer in use by apps after deleting them.
3. Play new games discovered through the game recommendations panel.

4. Play Free fire and win more often mouse precision enhancements ensure smooth and precise mouse movement

    Read more about these change

BlueStacks 4.100 Release Notes


1. Play PUBG M with HD graphics.
2. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations

    Read more about these changes

BlueStacks 4.90 Release Notes


1. Use your PC’s dedicated NVIDIA GPU as BlueStacks’ preferred graphics processor.
2. Improved graphics quality through updated Android configuration.
3. Cast skills rapidly and accurately using a preferred skill-casting mode.
4. Play games with a distinctive mouse cursor to improve its visibility.
5. Lock mouse cursor within the BlueStacks screen, F8 to release.
6. Enable/disable gamepad controller through a preference setting.
7. Play other games with the same gamepad when BlueStacks minimized or in background.
8. View the BlueStacks version number.
9. Security bulletin 2019-001 DNS rebinding vulnerability.
10. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

      Read more about these changes

BlueStacks 4.80 Release Notes


1. Enhance gameplay through import/export of key mapping files.
2. Enable high frame rate (fps).
3. Capture a screenshot of your wins and moments of glory.
4. Use up to 40 BlueStacks instances to run many more tasks in parallel
5. Display/ hide key mapping overlay as desired
6. Benefit from game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations

    Read more about these changes

BlueStacks 4.70 Release Notes


1. Listen to crystal clear audio and join voice chats uninterrupted while playing a game.
2. Display the frame rate (FPS) while playing a game.
3. Enhance your shooting games skills and gameplay savvy through smart tips.
4. Several game compatibility improvements and bug fixes.
5. Report a problem speedily.

    Read more about these changes

Release notes for older versions

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War Robots on PC Archives

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Guides to Individual Archival Collections

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