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Talk:Mario Kart 8/Archive 1

This is an archive of past discussions. It is kept for historical reference only. If this page is unprotected, do not edit the contents. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.

More Content

More content, such as hands-on video, showcasing three courses and gameplay and the Wii U Developer Direct, which revealed Miiverse, replays and another new course is available on the Mario Kart Wii forums. Webkinz Mania (talk) , 11 June (EDT)

Mario Kart TV Reference?

File:WiiU MarioKart8 scrn08 In this photo I've posted above, if you look under the 5th colored flag from the left under the Mario Kart sign, it looks like there is a television truck that says Mario Kart on the side, and if you watch the trailer, and pause at the right moment, you can see it clearly. So, I think Nintendo is referencing their new feature inside the game quietly? What about you? Oh and sorry for the super-large photo, but you have to have it big to notice the truck anyway! Also I'm not talking about television referencing, I'm talking about the Miiverse feature called Mario Kart TV. --BlueYoshi , 11 June (EDT)

Automatic drift reference?

I just got done watching the most recent trailer (for like the 1 millitonth time), and I noticed something odd- watch the part with Waluigi on the amusement park track, and watch the way he turns- not only does he not hop when he goes around the corner, he emits smoke once he starts turning. Do you guys think that it is a refrence to automatic drifting? If so, should we put it as one of the things returning? Please respond (AFTER watching the Waluigi part)!


Haven't you played MK7? If you turn for a certain amount of time, you start sliding. So this might not be Auto Drift. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

NO, I have not played MK7, so I would not have known that.


Ok, take it easy, no hard feelings. But that's the answer. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

I'm sorry(I wasn't trying to be mean).


Dont worry, I thought you were angry. Can't tell what tone people speak in, so I gotta be careful 'bout what I say. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

2 laps?

I watched some GameExplain videos and in both of the 2 demo tracks they played the 2 courses had 2 laps, and they weren't long like Wario Coliseum. Is 2 laps a standard feature or is it just because of the demo? Yoshi (talk)

I'm pretty sure it is because of the demo, since the Mario Kart 7 demo also had two laps instead of the usual three. ThePremiumYoshi , 11 June (EDT)
Just noting, but it has 3 courses, but Andre has only uploaded videos of two of them at this moment. --BlueYoshi , 11 June (EDT)

Yup, it has 3 courses. In the final version, there will be more!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by ‎ (talk).

All of these are

All of the photos that follow are all from Mario Circuit, that means the 8-shaped track is it, and if you may've noticed the track with Peach's Castle is the same as the 8-shaped track. Photos are as follows: (--BlueYoshi , 11 June (EDT))

  • WiiU MarioKart8 scrn08
  • WiiU MarioKart8 scrn02
  • WiiU MarioKart8 scrn01

Does this count?

Sorry to set of bob-omb (he, humorous word play) but the anti-gravity racing thing was done years ago in Crash Nitro kart, much to disappoint that this game offers nothing really new, but being a pain aside would this count as trivia? - Cubeguy(talk)

It's a new gimmick for the Mario Kart series, at least.
KaBoom! , 12 June (EDT)
Yes but is it able to go in trivia? - Cubeguy(talk)
Its not Mario Related. - BlueYoshi

Suits of Armor

With the suits of armour on th e haunted house level, the ones with the giant hammers that try to crush passing racers, would they be counted as non-playable? - Cubeguy(talk)

That or make a new section for obstacles. Yoshi (talk)

Maybe we should add a section for obstacles, but we would be adding lots, like Pipes, Trams, pillars, roller coasters & clock hands. Might not be worth it. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

Reference in new track

Isn't the track with sweets similar to the Sugar Rush track as seen in the movie Wreck-It Ralph? SuperChrisHelper

Don't think so, as we have had a a sweet-themed course beforeRay Trace(T|C) , 15 June (EDT)
I see where you're going ever since Mario was mentioned quite a lot in the movie, plus Bowser was there too. I'm starting to think Nintendo is starting to blend Mario and Wreck-It-Ralph. Anyway it does look an awful lot like Sugar Rush.

CRode (talk)

Wait, you forgot Tart Top, it's not just Cookie Land, since Tart Top is sweet-themed. --Meinfoo22 (talk) , 18 July (EDT)

I really did not think that Mario was mentioned a whole lot in the movie- in fact, I really did not hear of him but once in the movie! I do not think that they are blending the two together- that would cause too much contradictery- I do, however, like the idea of the candy-themed tracks. I love Tart Top and Cookie Land, and putting a candy track would really expand the sweet themed tracks!


He was only mentioned once, so I don't think that puts Wreck-It Ralph on the table yet. For now, I think it's just a sweets course whose creation may have been influenced by Sugar Rush. MarioComix (talk) , 6 September (EDT)

Parts Confirmed

Wouldn't it be possible to start adding a list of parts. We can't necessarily name what the karts are, but we know what some of the wheels are. In Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 Trailer I have noted the appearance of standard, monster, and slim wheels on both karts and bikes.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by TheOxymoron (talk).

I understand what your getting at here. But it was never actually stated that customization would return this time. Also the vehicles shown all stay the same. Until more info is dropped we really shouldn't make a list for parts. - Cubeguy(talk)
In the demo, you can play only a set combination. I'm certain that this feature will return, as I saw Wario driving a standard kart with large wheels while other characters drive a standard kart with smaller wheels. Ray Trace(T|C) , 15 June (EDT)
I know what your saying and I think that would be a good idea for now. However, if you compare the karts and bikes throughout the video you can specifically note the monster (ex: wario, daisy, waluigi), standard (ex: mario, yoshi, donkey kong), and slim (ex: peach, luigi (the slim tires do have a new design which I prefer to the old version)). Along with the conclusion of coins I am also highly confident that the customization feature will return (and I really liked that idea, mix it up a littleor a lot).

The preceding unsigned comment was added by TheOxymoron (talk).

Dry Dry Desert or just a desert track?

I've watched the trailer quite a few times now and the desert track doesn't seem to look like Dry Dry Desert much. The screenshots we have also don't show much of the track so we don't have much proof of it being Dry Dry Desert. Should we just change it to a desert track possibly being Dry Dry Desert? Tails Talk to me!

I think that's be best, I mean to me it more resembles Dry Dry Ruins from what I've seen because of the falling pillars. So it'd be better to have it a desert course. Yoshi (talk)
Its missing many things from Dry Dry Ruins to be that track, but it does have features of Dry Dry Desert, though the original course doesn't have falling pillars, if it is not a new course, which it may be a new course, it is probably a new feature of the track like how Nintendo has added glide ramps to the retro courses in Mario kart 7. BlueYoshi (talk)
I did watch gameplay footage of the original Dry Dry Desert and it looks very similar to the start of the course, but with the falling pillars I really don't know. Yoshi (talk)

I took these photos of the track from the trailer and I don't see much of a reseblence to Dry Dry Desert. While there are some similarities, I still don't think it's the course. Tails Talk to me!

I think it's Dry Dry Desert. After all, it's appearing as a retro course. --Meinfoo22 (talk) , 18 July (EDT)

I think it Might Be Wii's Dry Dry Ruins, seeing that the falling pillars seem to return. I am not saying this is true, however- Nintendo hasn't said a word about it.


I agree. It does look a lot like that course.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

I found a clue that maybe confirm if it is Dry Dry Desert, in the image below in the photo of Mario Kart 8 if you look closely, on the right side we can see the two statues that are after the quick sand (picture below ) also have the same shape, I hope this has helped a little. MarioYoshiTwo!

I also saw those in Mario Kart Wii'sDry Dry Ruins.

This is a link to a photo I just saw: on the right hand side, you can see a falling pillar like the ones on Wii's Dry Dry Ruins!!,r,s:0,i&tx=&ty=60


In the original track there are pillars that are already fallen in a similarly winded area, so it's likely something new they're adding on. MarioComix (talk) , 2 October (EDT)

Sorry im late lost my car keyswhat? Nothing! Anyway, i saw this and decided to find "similarities" that may support it being the Gamecube version, First may i point out the wii version does not have such corners, secondly they seem to match with the gamecubes version albiet background redsigns and graphic updates make it a bit harder to work out. To sum up theres a&#;%10 chance of it being the wii version a&#;%20 chance of being the Gamecube version and a&#;%70 chance of being a new track altogether. Also i would recommend, from here on out suspending discussions of unknown tracks from screenshots unless it can be strongly confirmed it is the said track. For these always end with this phrase in some way *ahem* Until more about the (subject being) track is revealed we cannot confirm, either release of details on the site or when the game comes out will answer our curiosity. Also this particular discussion has gotten pretty long, and yes iv written a lot too it just now. So until more about the track or game is revealed we cannot confirm, either release of details on the site or when the game comes out will answer our curiosity. - Cubeguy(talk)BOO!! ^w^

So should we keep Dry Dry Desert listed on the article or change it to "Unnamed desert track"? Tails Talk to me!

It should be changed to unknown desert track until it can be fully proven what it is. - Cubeguy(talk)BOO!! ^w^
I % officially agree that it is GCN Dry Dry Desert, especially now with what MarioYoshi2 said above. -BlueYoshi , 28 October (EDT)
How come it now lists GCN Dry Dry Desert under retro courses? There has been no real evidence. However, the fact that it was not shown in the Nintendo Direct with the other Nitro Courses, then this may be a hint that it is Dry Dry Desert.

-Yoshi dude44

In the newest trailer, there's a poster with Toad and a picture of a desert scene and if you look closely it says "Dry Dry Desert." Seems like pretty good evidence to me. (TheWoody)

Maybe it's a new Dry Dry Desert. They do not show retro course pictures on nitro courses.

I noticed that those statues are also on Dry Dry Ruins as well. they aren't that hard to find- THEY ARE AT BOTH THE STARTING LINE AND THE ENTRANCE TO THE PYRAMID!!!


yes I know, but look at your location and compare them.

clearly do not match because the statues of Dry Dry Ruins are attached to a wall. while that of Mario Kart 8 is not attached to any wall and are located just after the curves as Dry Dry Desert. moreover, in Sunshine Airport and it was shown that Dry Dry Desert comes back as there is a sign with Toad and a desert that says Dry Dry Desert MarioYoshiTwo!

Again, I feel it should be removed once more, mainly for the same reason we're not labeling the nitro tracks. The latest trailer showed nothing of any retro tracks and like the nitro tracks, we shouldn't rely on Sunshine Airport as a source. Even with the small similarities, there still isn't enough proof that this track is Dry Dry Desert. Tails Talk to me!

Maybe they are really unattached. The Wii couses might of gotten thicker.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by ‎ (talk).

but which there is the entrance to the ruins is really too LOGICAL there is NO ENTRACE. Now look at the image, comparing those statues with GCN Dry Dry Desert also going exactly the same way the same curves is more than true that this track is GCN Dry Dry Desert. Also because reason would put the name of this track in Sunshine Airport? use the logic. MarioYoshiTwo!

Sorry -______- I guess you guys were rightSorry for the trouble.



I saw this on the Mario Kart Wii forum: -- It has the points per position from Webkinz Mania (talk) , 19 June (EDT)

I've seen this points system before, when I was at the Nintendo experience Best Buy event. But yeah, it's different from Mario Kart Wii's one.
KaBoom! , 19 June (EDT)


The guy in the developer direct said you can play with the Wii Wheel and Wii Remote/Nunchuck. Where do I put this?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by KoopaKiller13 (talk).

I think we just wait until we put up a controls section in the article, then list the controls for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Tails Talk to me!

They can do Wheelies

Really? Racers(in this game) who have bikes CAN do wheelies. WATCH THE NINTENDO DIRECT AND YOU'LL FIND IT HERE!!!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ahmadchannel2 (talk).

If you had a link to a video showing wheelies please share it then. MarioComix (talk) , 8 July (EDT)

in the nintendo direct I've seen a Princess Peach do a wheelie in the minute and at MarioYoshi2 (talk)

So far it's only happened when she gets a speed boost from something like a mushroom. For now I don't think they can actually do wheelies manually like in Mario Kart Wii. MarioComix (talk) , 28 July (EDT)
If anyone is willing to capture a screenshot, I would believe this but, in the Direct at the said time, I only see Peach drifting. So until further notice I do not believe that bikes can not do wheelies, and can go into second tier. BlueYoshi(talk)

I would say they would have to include wheelies in the game, othewise the motorcycles would be just go- karts with only 2 wheels!


Further evidence, at the very beginning of the neon track we see Mario do a wheelie, and Wario wheelies in the GBA Mario pachasnack.com7 (talk) , 14 February (EST)

I'm pretty sure that that is just the effect on the bike when the player receives a boost. Plus, Bikes can do Red Mini-Turbo's now, so that almost deconfirms manual wheelies - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

WHAT?!? Where did you find the quote-on-quote "Red Mini-Turbos?" I never saw those ONCE in the trailer!

You didn't play the demo, did you? I think they had Super Mini Turbo's, can't remember for sure, but wheelies are only possible during boosts for mushrooms or the like. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

Leaked release date

I read on a site that Nintendo leaked the release date to be April next year. I have the link, but I want to know if it's a reliable source. Tails Talk to me!

Delayed response: it's best if we wait for an official, public announcement of the release date.
Shokora (talk · edits) , 27 August (EDT)
That was accidental? In that case I don't think we should follow it. As YK said we shouldn't add a release date until it's revealed officially. Scr7 , 27 August (EDT)

I was doing some reading online and all of the websites that I looked up the info on say the same thing that Tails said.


Considering it's getting released in May, it's not a reliable source. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

The comments are months old KaBoom! , 3 March (EST)

Just means 'don't trust this site'. - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)



GBA Cheese Land?!?

I have been hearing rumors about them bringing back GBA Cheese Land. I also heard that they are bringing back the rosters from Mario Kart Wii & 7. Is this true? Please tell me if you do know!


Where did you find these rumors?



Since they have not been proven we cannot edit Retro course content.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by ‎ (talk).

Thanks! -ToadBoy

Supported controllers.

According to the E3 Nintendo Direct, and also Wikipedia, Mario Kart 8 seems to support Wii Remote + Nunchuck, and the Wii U Pro Controller, along with the ones listed. smb3master (talk)

Double Dash mode

People seem to misinterpret the whole "Double Dash" idea from this interview:

But they said this: "For Mario Kart 7, and 8, we decided not to use it." so that basically means it's deconfirmed. Ray Trace(T|C) , 27 September (EDT)

References section

Does the game having 12 players really count as a reference to MKW? We must be pretty desperate to fill that section. , 5 October (EDT)

Personally, it shouldn't be a reference to the game. Mario Kart 8 is on a home console that can fit more in games than the previous one so it makes sense that Nintendo would do that so it should be removed. Tails Talk to me!

New Track Names

In the beginning of the new Mario Kart trailer in a scene at the airport, and in a second scene moments after, "destinations" are listed on a screen that are probably just course names. Also the name of the airport in the new trailer is "Sunshine Airport." So if it's anything like Coconut Mall (In which the course was named after its location) then that course will probably be called Sunshine Airport.

  • Cloudtop Cruise - definitely the new cloud/battleship course
  • Thwomp Ruins - the "ruins" course with Thwomps (duh) (probably the same one they showed off at E3 too)
  • Sweet Sweet Canyon - the sweet-themed course we saw today and back at E3
  • Bone Dry Dunes - probably the desert-esque course seen with part of Dry Bowser's head in it
  • Dolphin Shoals - not sure but a shoal is pretty much a sandbar near an ocean so I'm pretty sure we haven't seen this one yet
  • Shy Guy Falls - Sounds like it could be water-related, but not sure since we have't seen anything that this might be


This is sadly not a confirmation or a fact however, just a huge hint. This may be better to keep in the trivia section, or not at all, for now. Koopalmier (talk) , 18 December (EST)
Nintendo is great at showing new things for only a split amount of time, and Sweet Sweet Canyon is also shown in one of the posters just like Dry Dry Ruins in the Sunshine Airport course. So I'm adding it as the track's name. - BlueYoshi

All of these have been confirmed EXCEPT Bone Dry Dunes and Cloudtop Cruise as far as I know. Also, where does it state Cloudtop Cruise being in the special cup?


Both those tracks were confirmed through official Nintendo facebook pages. The sources were removed, but there is also footage of Cloudtop Cruise that shows both the name and the cup. [1] Tails Talk to me!

Confirming the real names of tracks

This is bugging me. I don't see how names listed in the airport track confirm the names of other tracks. Sure the names are convenient to the tracks confirmed, but I don't feel that's the best source we have. Nintendo themselves never said this was true and it's an AIRPORT track, for all we know, they could be names placed there as eye candy. I think it's best to wait until a more official source can confirm this. Tails Talk to me!

I didn't personally add the names to the actual page (and I know it isn't fully official) but those names are way too close to be just a coincidence --TheWoody
Even so, it's still better to wait until something more official is said about them. No matter how convenient it is, it's speculation never the less. You said it yourself, you don't know if it's officially confirmed therefore we should wait. Tails Talk to me!
I was never saying with that comment that we shouldn't wait, I was just stating I'm pretty sure it's more than just "eye candy." --TheWoody
They may be real names, but the problem is attributing these names to the tracks. I think it would be wise to just wait a little longer. Ray Trace(T|C) , 19 December (EST)

Even so, that's the only source we have, so it should be there, just with a side note stating that they 'aren't official names'. - Guest

No, because if they aren't official names then they're speculation and we don't allow speculation. Yoshi (talk)

Even though you're right, were did sweet sweet canyon come from? I haven't seen anything official for that. Sorry for the misunderstanding. - Guest

It was officially confirmed on the official Mario Kart page on Facebook. Tails Talk to me!

Ok, names such as Shy Guy falls shouldn't be added yet due to lack of evidence, however, people like IGN & Gamexplain have said the same names, but that is still speculation. Sorry if I wasted your time.

Some courses and their names are confirmed in this video: (Some of the courses are shown in this video) - Glaceon

Release date pushed or for a different region

This article stats that Mario Kart 8 will be released in autumn Now does this pertain to all regions, one or another or is it some mistake since Nintendo claimed it would be released in spring in the Nintendo Direct itself. Tails Talk to me!

According to GameFAQs, AU had a TBA date in its place while other areas already have a Spring date. So I think it applies only to Australia. Ray Trace(T|C) , 22 December (EST)

Dry Dry RUINS. Not Dry Dry Desert.

I have noticed falling pillars and the Yoshi Sphinx. Throughout the footage I can find, these are characteristics of Dry Dry Ruins on the Wii version, and not Dry Dry Desert on the Gamecube version. However, I could be wrong, as I have truly never played Double Dash. However, a majority of retro courses don't change many large things, and the pillars do have some significance. If anyone could help me, that'd be great. --CompliensCreator (talk) , 30 December (EST)

There is a poster in the Sunshine Airport course that has Toad with a desert track, showing the characteristic curvy part in Dry Dry Desert. As well, the poster is labelled Dry Dry Desert. MarioComix (talk) , 30 December (EST)

falling pillars is simply a new feature that they have given to the track and there is not any Yoshi sphinx in any of the image. MarioYoshi2 (talk)

New Reference?

Guys, I heard Sweet Sweet Canyon's music and some parts of it were a remix of Super Mario Land's music! Should this be added?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

Well, where did you hear it? DK Fan

I really did hear it. In the trailer. All of the songs of the tracks play while they show. They are loud enough to hear.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

If I remember correctly the trailer had music from past games rather than the new one. Yoshi (talk)

No, it wasn't music from old games. I'd recognize them if they were.((User|Yoshi_dude44))

I hope it's not. I've never heard it before, but I might be wrong because I never really heard Paper Mario music. --MasterSkymning (talk) , 10 February (EST)
Besides, he didn't even specify what level the music is supposed to be from PS It's not a remix by any way or meansRay Trace(T|C) , 10 February (EST)

That's just the courses music, so we should put that on its page when it's created. PS Yes it is a remix by any way or means - Ninelevendo, the Blue Lightning! (talk)

People like you who thinkthey know what they're talking about fing irritate meRay Trace(T|C) , 24 March (EDT)

Watch out for potentially BETA features.

After thinking about it, I have decided that it is quite possible that the 2 player vertical split-screen has a good chance of not making it to the final game just like what happened for Mario Kart
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

If that's the case it'll be taken off the article and moved to the beta elements page when the game is released. Yoshi (talk)
The splitscreen is supposed to take advantage of HD TV's tendencies to be very wide. I doubt it would go as a beta element. Furthermore, I wouldn't make this call when the game is still far from being released and what you saw is only a demo. Should the two lap characteristic become an early element? No. Ray Trace(T|C) , 22 January (EST)

I saw another one. In the first trailer Thwomp Ruins had a brighter sky and less clouds.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

How do you know it's not just a moving sky or a different location? Also, how's the overall brightness between the two screenshots? Honestly, I'd wait until the game is released and devoured. KaBoom! , 22 January (EST)

I looked carefully in both trailers.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

Mario Kart 8 DATED

I was on and I saw that Nintendo FINALLY dated Mario Kart 8. They said it is to be released in MayMario (talk) , 29 January (EST)

Is there an EXACT date?


Nope. Not yet anyway. Ray Trace(T|C) , 12 February (EST)

May 29 for Japan, May 30 for North America and Europe, and May 31 for Australia.

Uh yeah, thanks for responding to an old post before the Nintendo Direct Ray Trace(T|C) , 2 March (EST)

Tick Tock Clock?

Alright, I saw it added to the page and removed, but I have noticed a few things, including the pendulum and the two sets of gears near the end. Pause at to see. Honestly, I think we have fair proof that this stage may be back. I have practically memorized the course, from how many times I've played it, and the turns, power-up locations, pendulum, and gears all seem to have a solid confirmation of this track. CompliensCreator (talk) , 13 February (EST)

I don't know, what if it just has a similar layout? I mean, the course received a radical change if that's the case, to the point where it is unrecognizable. Ray Trace(T|C) , 13 February (EST)
Several sections look similar though, namely the part going around the giant clock with large hands. Also look at these - 12 - The gears seem to match that of Tick Tock Clock's, and the starting line is seen just ahead. --SM64DSMK (talk) , 13 February (EST)

in the minute can be clearly seen the part of the clockwise(just look at the floor). just look at the background is the same. this but the comment above confirms that Tick Tock Clock also see all the retro tracks are all quite drastically changed. MarioYoshi

Источник: []
, Mario Kart for PC Archives

User talk:KevinVG/Archive

Nederlands typen doe je hier: User talk:PC Freak/nl

Hey, PC Freak
You can upload and use high resolution pictures. If you want a smaller preview enter a view size (see source):
And please use long and informative filenames like:
btw: nice idea!!
Wiimm , 26 May (CEST)
Thanks for the tip!!! It helped much!

Neat ideas&#;! Hope they're released soon.

HelloImYourMind , 27 May (CEST)

I've finished the sketchup model of Kevin's Castle with model download!
Great idea! =D but why a download link for your model?
Reedy94 , 28 May
Just like BigOto.
Honestly, I wouldn't do that if I was you..
HelloImYourMind , 30 May (CEST)
Why not?
Because, well you know since the track is not released yet someone could steal it
HelloImYourMind , 31 May (CEST)

Do you have Skype? My Skype username is alphamariox. ALPHAMARIOX , 29 May

I not have skype.

Please remove 2 of your tracks on the unfinished tracks list, new rule, It won't look good if there are too much CT's announced on it, so each author as 2 spots to announce projects on.
Vulcanus2 , 10 June (CEST)

Hey I was thinking that if Easy will be only for TTing, then it can't be RC1, maybe BETA version??

HelloImYourMind , 10 June (CEST)

Yes, a BETA track.
PC Freak

Wiki Rule 2.
Tock , 1 July (CEST)
I think no one other will upload an picture with that name, but when i am home i will make longer names.
PC Freak , 1 July (CEST)
Long file names make life easier. In the near future nobody can remember the meaning of short links.
Wiimm , 1 July (CEST)
I think i not gonna make another name for the pictures. I will renember me it. Its the abbrevation of Custom Track!
PC Freak , 1 July (CEST)

thanks for the pic!&#;:3 -Reedy94

Regaurding Releases

Hey PCFreak! I saw your thing about Kevins Castle, and I veiwed it in Sketchup, and it looks nice. Are you still working on it? P.S. Are you really 11?

-SuperMario64DS (I don.t feel like putting in the time XP)

Yes, i am really 11!
About the CT, at my new PC at my room, i installed CTools successfully. So i can work on it!
PC Freak , 19 September (CEST)

That's great that you're 11! Just keep trying and don't give up. Let anyone know if anything goes wrong.

- SuperMario64DS

Dutch Translation

You can now complete the Dutch translation here CTGP Revolution/Translation/Full.
Thanks, Chadderz , 11 April (CEST)

If you want to translate, don't use a translator. If you can't translate, don't do it. You have made serveral wrong setences or wrong translations. "Friend Rankings" are for the leaderboards, not for their stats. So translate it to "Vriend Rangen" or something like that.
kHackervr , 13 April (UTC)

I do not use a translator
PC Freak , 13 April (UTC)

Test pages

Stop making text pages! Use sandbox for tests. -- Wiimm , 23 April (UTC)

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