IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

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If it helps at all...

iOBit says that Uninstaller Pro will remove "... the latest UWP apps on Window 10..". Don't really need a separate uninstaller, since the main features of Win10's UWP store apps include a type of sand boxing, installation to a centralized, protected folder [that can be on any drive/partition you choose], and *complete removal* when uninstalled using Windows Settings -> Apps & features.

Otherwise iOBit Uninstaller Pro checks the right boxes, with the ability to record installs & iOBit maintaining a database, presumably of what gets added when you install software that's included in that database. It would be nice if iOBit published what apps are included, but don't see any indication of that when I Google. Unfortunately the only way to check how well iOBit Uninstaller Pro [or any uninstaller app] works, is to completely monitor software installation yourself, then compare those records with what's left after the uninstaller does its job. That's both difficult and impractical, plus the results will vary depending on the software removed, so you'd have to do it every time. Since it's unlikely that you'll be able to tell the difference, whether an app is completely removed or not, using any uninstaller software then is a matter of faith, &/or hope. ;)

I monitor software installations using an old app that's no longer developed nor supported in a win7 32 bit VM -- the monitoring software will not work in 64 bit Windows. The only thing I've found to monitor just registry changes in win10, Regshot2, is also AFAIK no longer developed. Here's what I've found over the years...

There are a few specialized software removal apps, like DDU for graphics drivers, & McAfee's MCPR, for complete removal of their products, but otherwise uninstaller apps will not remove every trace of most installed software -- the exceptions are portable apps, and those relatively few apps that include a complete uninstall routine already. One reason is that it may not be automatically safe to remove all of the added registry entries, and the same for driver software, e.g. added if the app you're removing has its own service(s). If a program install adds shared .dll or other files, those are also often considered unsafe to remove, since doing so may break something else.

If an app uses .NET, the only way to remove it from .NET is to remove & reinstall .NET itself, which is an iffy proposition. If it uses Microsoft's Windows Installer, i.e. an .msi setp file, you're stuck with most all of the related new registry entries, and there's no way to remove it from the installer's records. Note that often an .msi file will be encapsulated in a setup file, then unpacked & run during installation. Apps using the Windows installer will also often add a copy of the .msi setup file(s) to the Windows\Installer folder, and may add a full or partial 2nd copy to ProgramData. Many apps that don't use the Windows installer will also add full or partial copies of their setup files to ProgramData. Anything added to ProgramData, Windows\Installer, or the User folders is often not removed on uninstall, whether you use the app's own uninstall routine or an uninstaller app.

The Installshield installer normally installs itself when it's used for a software installation, & is not removed with the app it came with. Often neither are the files and records it adds for each installed app that used it. Many app installs include installing one of the several versions of Microsoft's C/C++ runtime files -- you might have dozens, with many duplicates in your Windows\WinSxS folder. Those are never removed when you uninstall the app they came with.

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Reply  |  Comment by mike –  2 years ago  – Did you find this comment useful? yes | no(+25)

This developer's decision some years ago to move into the rentalware market has meant a progressive change from the selling of software with life-time licenses to the renting out of software whose license is only valid if payment is made for it every 12 months. Today's Uninstaller Pro 8.0 is no different.

No review of this product is therefore complete without reference to those recurring fees. As such, therefore, Uninstaller Pro 8.0 needs to be considered along with existing freeware (including its own lifetime-free version) and paid-for software from rival developers.

One such developer featured in a GOTD promotion earlier this year (on June 9th): ChemTable Software, which offered a lifetime licence -- not a 6-month trial -- of version 7.21 of its uninstaller, Soft Organizer Pro.

Having tested both the iObit Pro and Soft Organizer Pro versions in the past, I found both did pretty much as they promised and in several ways (especially, ease of use in multiple uninstalls) out-performed the former leader in this particular sector, Revo. Some minor differences exist between the iObit and ChemTable products but they are minor: both are easy to use, nicely engineered, and function as they should.

And that should worry iObit, because having moved into the business of renting out its software at an annually recurring fee, it is up against a developer like ChemTable which actually sells its product for a one-time fee -- a fee, incidentally, that's the same as iObit's every-12-months charge.

On a like-for-like comparison, today's Uninstaller Pro 8.0 is as good as recent GOTD ChemTable's Soft Organizer Pro. But when user cost is factored into the equation -- and it should be, unless a potential customer has more money than sense -- then iObit's falls by the wayside. Simply put: there is no reason, ever, to rent a software product if one of identical quality can be bought.

As this comment thread theoretically exists to be of benefit as much to developers and users, it might be hoped that iObit would take note. However, as past experience of iObit indicates that it has chosen a business model and is sticking to it, then I guess it will continue to go its own way while other, rival developers go theirs.

As I know which of those ways I prefer, thanks then, GOTD for today's opportunity, but no thanks: there's no point in me trialing a software that the developer will never allow me to own outright.

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Reply  |  Comment by MikeR –  2 years ago  – Did you find this comment useful? yes | no(+2)

[ MikeR ],

Yes, especially considering the frequency of IObit updates ( within a major version ) and upgrades ( to new versions ), it would make marketing goodwill sense to allow a license to last forever for a particular version, or even for a particular sub-version release.

As it stands, a lower version number fails in a higher version, such as v5.2 license fails in v5.5 ... BUT, reinstall v5.2, then license it, and then update to v5.5, and it inherits the v5.2 lievense and lands as the pro version ( go figure -- one reason to keep all older versions for reinstallation until fulling upgrading ).

I am at least pleased that most IObit programs are ( a ) functional and ( b ) free, the 'pro' versions often adding features that are not essential to the programs main function.

IObit's best ploy is to be ( a ) functional and ( b ) free, as that makes sure we have IObit products installed, often instead of other programs, allowing IObit to grow goodwill and trust that we may eventually spend our money on them IF we ever spend any money at all, considering that most of these supplemental operating system utilities are unnecessary, and therefore free from many vendors.

REgardless, today's offering is 6 months of the ability to batch update a whole swatch of our other programs ( auto update is misleading, since we have to select and pull the trigger, IObit Uninstaller list the programs for us, and then updates them when we click to go ahead ).

Your resistance to take advantage of this feature for the next 6 months only denies you, IObit loses nothing and feels no pain from your self-denial averse to their free offering.

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, IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

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IObit Uninstaller cnet is a free software and keeps your system up to dates. It freely updates your 60 software with secure downloading links. IObit Uninstaller Activation Code separate installed software and divide it into separate categories. It provides the same step seems like the window default option to install and remove any setup. It also has another feature to delete the setup from your Operating System.

IObit Uninstaller cnet v8.0.2.19 Keygen For Mac For Uninstalling a software IObit Uninstaller keygen provides you a complete information. It is in order by different categories like size, installing dates, Ascending, Descending, Tittle, and Tags etc. By removing any unwanted software it completely checks your system and forcefully removes the setup if it contains some files that are blocked by the operating system. In Windows has an option Win-Administrator.IObit Uninstaller Activation Code runs in the back end of the window operating system. It blocks for some time by IObit Uninstaller cnet to complete a process for uninstalling a software. It supports these browser IE(internet explorer), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini.

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Features: • As an additional IObit Uninstaller keygen create the backup of system to restore the system. • In IObit Uninstaller Activation Code installer have an option to quick install a software. • And it also supports Forced Uninstall option to remove any software. • It also allows uninstalling those programs that your system doesn’t have a permit to remove. It forcefully removes these setup.

• IObit Uninstaller cnet is user-friendly software. And easy to use for new visitors. • It offers one time you can do more than one uninstallation. And it is some parts are hidden from the Computer system. • IObit Uninstaller keygen also contains all Extension and Tools that are found in your installed browser.

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So, By using this you can also easily remove this tool or extension. • You can also uninstall windows 8, 8.1, 10 apps by using IObit Uninstaller cnet. • It has a Modern UI(user interface) for installing a setup. It is a light and dark skin. • By IObit Uninstaller Activation Code you can find the original location of any software where it’s installed to remove any setup. • In start installing IObit Uninstaller keygen, it scans all of your installed software and system and then set into all categories.

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IObit Uninstaller activation code Archives

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key + Crack (Latest 2020)

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key + Crack (Latest 2020) is a tool that helps you to completely remove any unwanted programs from your pc to free up disk space and improve performance for making your pc faster. Iobit uninstaller Pro Key has the ability to scan malicious plug-ins and toolbars that added to your browser for collecting sensitive information like for illegal usage and remove them. it’s also can scan browser history for malicious links that caused you to redirect you to the phishing address.
IOBIT Uninstaller removes any leftover files that regular uninstallers haven’t the potential to delete them.

One of the most important reasons for slowing down Windows is the unprincipled removal of installed software. Software changes during installation by creating different entries in the registry and various parts of Windows. If uninstalled software removed from the Windows, these inputs will not be well cleared and will slow down the system. IObit Uninstaller Pro is specifically dedicated to this and helps to keep Windows software safe and secure by completely removing installed software and clearing software inputs and registers. Also, the software installed on Windows can sometimes not be removed from the Windows programs to remove the section, which will solve the problem.

Some features of IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key:

• Ability to removes files that can’t be deleted with regular Uninstallers
• Monitor program installations for hidden activities
• Easily remove unwanted programs to free up your disk space
• Can remove any related registry to the uninstalled program

What’s added in the new version of IOBIT Uninstaller + License key:

• Enhanced scan engine for more thorough and faster scan
• Expanded database to remove 220+ new malicious toolbars & plug-ins.
• Improved File Shredder to increase the deletion speed by 10%.
• Updated multiple languages.
• Fixed bugs.

  Format : EXE
  Size : 15 MB
  Source :
  Password :
How To Activate IOBIT Uninstaller Pro:

1- Download and extract. (you need winrar to extract password protected ZIP files)
2- Open readme.txt for installation guide.
3- Enjoy!


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