Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

We doubt that there will be many who are surprised that the critically acclaimed Bloodborne is the top of this list. As a testimony to the incredible world of Yharnam, Miyazaki himself recently admitted was his favorite to create.

Bloodborne takes the basics of Souls and rebuilds it into a gothic nightmare that is laced with cosmic horror. The night of the hunt has come and as you don your Victorian-era attire and shake off your saw cleaver, you are given but one instruction in the form of a crumpled and cryptic note: “Seek Paleblood to transcend the hunt”.

With that, you are thrown into winding streets of Yharnam, a gaudy and religious city that is subject to the ‘night of the hunt’. Picking your way through the cobbled streets, you will see fear, prejudice, and madness. The location and atmosphere of Yharnam are sublime, each street corner and village square illustrate the horror of the eldritch hunt and every man and beast is out to kill you.

The combat of Bloodborne is by far the fastest and most aggressive of all the games – you are mockingly given a broken shield, for there will no blocking in this journey. The game rewards aggression and speed. If you are quick enough, you can recover damage taken by landing more hits and time interrupt with your firearm will open the enemy up to a devastating visceral attack.

The boss design in Bloodborne is up there with the best of the list, such as the memorable Ludwig – once a noble warrior, reduced to a vile and gruesome beast whose fate will haunt you for days after you put down the game. Finally, the Chalice Dungeons offer challenge and replayability, as well as somewhere to grind for endgame upgrades. Nothing more needs to be said: play it immediately.

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, Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

Dark Souls on Mac: How to run it (and best alternatives)

The “Dark Souls is coming to Mac” rumor has been floating around for a while. After all, a Reddit user found actual proof that a Mac version was in the works.

That was years ago, yet gamers keep asking on forums, Reddit and Twitter, for a Dark Souls Mac version. And it’s understandable. Dark Souls is an excellent third-person action RPG that quickly became famous for being equal parts awesome and challenging.

It’s one of the most influential games of the last decade and it would be an excellent addition to Mac gaming, easily earning a spot among the finest Mac RPGs available.

Will Dark Souls ever support MacOS?

At the time, we learned that someone called “jetpackinteractive” was working on it. It turns out, that’s the name of a development studio which is directly connected to Dark Souls. They even mention Bandai Namco as client:

Bandai Namco
Provided engineering support for Steam upgrade

But all previous evidence pointing to a Mac version has been scrapped, and years later, no new evidence has surfaced. They probably explored the idea but most likely abandoned it for some reason.

How to play Dark Souls on Mac

The official Mac version may have been scrapped, but you really want to, you can still play Dark Souls on your Mac. We prefer playing our games natively on Mac but if you really need to run a Windows app or play a Windows game, there are ways…

There are different options at your disposal when it comes to running Windows games on a Mac. This table summarizes the most popular ones, along with the main Pros and Cons you can expect:

Personally, I have always preferred Boot Camp. It’s free and offers the best performance your machine has to offer. But if a monthly fee is acceptable for you, streaming services have come a long way and are today an excellent choice.

Dark Souls “Mac” system requirements

Released in 2012, Dark Souls is somewhat old, but if you to try it for yourself, I suggest opting for the improved Dark Souls: Remastered. 

If you do, pay attention to the new system requirements. The game won’t have specific Mac requirements but if you decide to use Boot Camp to run it, the game’s Windows requirements apply:

  • A 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Processor:  2.8 GHz Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460, 1 GB / Radeon HD 6870, 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

But what if you’re unwilling to deal with Windows? Are there worthy alternatives to Dark Souls on Mac?

Top Dark Souls Mac alternatives

If I had to recommend an RPG for Mac, it would be one of our top three favorites:

But what if you’re looking for something particularly punishing and gritty, as Dark Souls? Worry not, there are a few excellent MacOS native options at your disposal:

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is definitely less dark and grimy alternative, still, it remains one of the best Metroidvania games from recent years. In fact, the developer itself describes Dead Cells a “Souls-lite” action-adventure game. In any case, if you’re looking for a more colorful take on the Dark Souls formula, Dead Cells is for you.

With an impressive 94% Very Positive reviews from over 27,000 Steam users, you know you can’t go wrong with Dead Cells. 

Hyper Light Drifter

Another pixelated action-adventure game, Hyper Light Drifter features excellent combat that combines melee and long-range combat. It is nowhere as punishing as Dark Souls, but the story and the way you explore the world can make any Dark Souls fan feel right at home.

With 94% Very Positive reviews from close to 10,000 Steam users, Hyper Light Drifter is another safe bet, especially for fans of 16-bit games.

Salt and Sanctuary

Finally, Salt and Sanctuary is another indie with heavy Dark Souls-esque vibes.

Taking place in a cursed realm, the game features fast and brutal 2D combat. It certainly isn’t as punishing nor precise as Dark Souls, but its Metroidvania-style exploration, with its interconnected world, gives it a similar vibe.

The game has 91% Very Positive reviews on Steam from over 7,000 users.

Other games you can check out are:

Your turn

Having Dark Souls would be great, especially now that a Remastered version exists. Alas, that will probably never happen, but at least now you know how to run it on your Mac if you really want to. 

With games like Fornite and CS: GO, not having PUBG on Mac is not as bad as it used to be. Still, if you absolutely need to play it, you now know how. 

What’s your Battle Royale game on Mac?

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Games Like Dark Souls For PC Windows & MAC Full Free Download

Apps for Laptop & PC Free Download


Deck13’s second stab at Souls-inspired gameplay is novel in that it’s a sci-fi setting rather than dark fantasy. There’s plenty of fun to be had with the combat here, especially with your exoskeleton armour that can be modularly customised, which requires dismembering specific body parts of enemies so you can harvest their materials for the upgrades. It’s a shame then that the samey-looking environments don’t feel as inspiring as you could be hoped for, but there’s much to like about this hefty sci-fi brawler.


Deck13 probably got more flack than deserved for this familiar take on FromSoftware’s ideas, especially considering this is the first major game to successfully emulate the Souls formula. Lords of the Fallen sets itself apart with a heavier-feeling combat system in which both the weight of your attacks and armour matter – contributing to the speed and power of your attacks.

Just about every mechanic you can think of in Dark Souls is present and correct with a few tweaks, but the addition of a risk/reward multiplier that increases if you keep fighting without stopping at a checkpoint is brilliant.


This is the only instance of an isometric take on Dark Souls, at least so far, though its world is a mesh of fantasy and sci-fi. That said, framing the same careful real-time combat in such a fixed perspective is far from ideal. One interesting note is that the stamina management is a little like Nioh’s, in that you can also see the enemy’s stamina bar and use it to your advantage. The low price point and short length make Immortal Planet feel very much like a bargain bin Souls, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Wandering dark treacherous environments, check. Challenging encounters and boss fights, check. Stamina-based combat, check. Characters without faces – well, that’s a bit different. But, seriously, more important to Ashen is building relationships with other players through seamless ‘passive multiplayer’. In comparison to the constant emphasis on difficulty seen in other Souls-likes, it’s a good reminder that community is just as essential to the Souls experience.


It’s surprising that Below plays nothing like Dark Souls considering the number of comparisons that have been made between the two games. With a very zoomed-out top-down perspective, you explore the depths of a remote island in virtually pitch-black environments with only a lantern lighting your way as you delve deeper and deeper, facing hostile creatures, traps, as well as thirst and starvation.

It’s more of a survival game with roguelike elements – upon death, a new character arrives who can recover the gear from your past explorer’s remains. Nonetheless, creative director Kris Piotrowski finds evoking Souls is a good way to establish the right mindset, in that there is no hand-holding and it’s very much on the player to figure out the game’s mechanics, whether that’s avoiding traps, learning how to cook soup, or bandaging up your wounds.

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