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Games Like Clash Of Clans Archives

Games Like Clash Of Clans Archives

Games Like Clash Of Clans Archives

10 games like Clash of Clans you should be playing right now

The most annoying thing about playing Clash of Clans is that you sometimes have to wait around to get things done. So what do you do in those patches of downtime? Go about your daily life? Surely not. Why not instead play another one of the games like Clash of Clash to keep that addiction fuelled. We’ve played as many games like Clash of Clans that we could find in the App Store and on Google Play, and whittled that long, long list down to these ten greats. So get downloading. 

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Developer: Smoking Gun Interactive
Platform(s):Android, iOS, PC and Windows Phone
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

While Age of Empires: Castle Siege isn’t a patch on the Age of Empires games of old, it is a brilliantly themed Clash of Clans alternative. Graphically, it’s almost a hark back to Age of Empires 2’s style, and your base can end up looking quite wondrous and imposing. Unlike Clash of Clans, you can actually control your units on the battlefield too, making this much more about tactics but without losing the intuitiveness of point-and-click control schemes. It won’t scratch your Age of Empires itch, but it will stave off some time until Age of Empires 4 arrives. 

Call of Duty: Heroes

Developer: Activision
Platform(s): Android, iOS and Windows 10 PC
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Despite some fierce competition, it’s safe to say that Call of Duty is still one of the most popular shooters out there. But that hasn’t stopped it making a move to dominate the base-building world too with Call of Duty: Heroes. This freemium title isn’t just a straight Clash of Clans clone though, it brings some interesting features with it in an attempt to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. And the biggest of those os the ability to call in heroes from the Call of Duty series itself, including John ‘Soap’ McTavish and Captain Price, which each have their own skills that can really turn the tide of battle. We also love the fact the game rewards you with premium currency and other items, just for logging in every day, making it one of the more generous titles in this collection. 

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Developer: The Creative Assembly
Platform(s): Android, iOS and PC
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

If you want something a little more intense than Clash of Clans, then you need to take a look at Total War Battles: Kingdom. There’s war, there are battles, but more importantly, there are also kingdoms for you to build. You’ll be responsible for developing its infrastructure, building and it’ll even make you feel like a God by allowing you to terraform all over the place. It’s actually a lot less about the clashing and more about the clans, but it’s got so much for you to do within it that you’ll soon forget that. Of course, there are battles with all kinds of units to unlock and command, but it feels much more like you’re evolving and building your army from scratch than other games in this genre.

Star Wars: Commander

Developer: Disney Interactive
Platform(s): Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Star Wars: Commander is what happens when you smash Clash of Clans and Star Wars together. It’s a Star Wars-themed building game that follows the successes of Clash of Clans very well, but gives you the option of siding with the Empire or the Rebels. The Empire gives you access to their war machines like the AT-AT, while the Rebel Alliance route gets you Chewie and Han Solo. Tricky choice? It’s brilliantly animated, it oozes Star Wars charm, and all the licensed characters look top notch. There’s even a robust single-player campaign for you to power through, complete with story! It’s a Clash of Clans clone that’s worth your time, but especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. 


Developer: Nexon and Big Huge Games
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

The best thing about DomiNations is that it’s basically a mobile version of Sid Meier’s Civilization, as it’s actually designed by Brian Reynolds who worked on Civilization 2. You work your way through a huge timeline of historical eras, seeing your buildings evolve and getting access to more advanced technologies as you progress. It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at - the bigger the screen, the better for this one. Plus, you can raid like you normally would in Clash of Clans. Winner.

Guardian Kingdoms

Developer: Phoenix One
Platform(s): iOS
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Gone are the days where you fight each other asynchronously, because Guardian Kingdoms is all about fighting together. During any battle, your allies can jump in and back you, often really helping you come out on top. It can result in a simple quarrel evolving into these big sprawling warzones too, either one-sided or with both of you calling for backup. Guardian Kingdoms manages to keep the Clash of Clans formula at its core, with its accessibility and ease-of-play, but it also harks back to the grand old days of Age of Empires with the huge armies and those epic battles. 

Plunder Pirates

Developer: Midoki
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Avast me hearties! There be a Clash of Clans wannabe that’s all about the pirate life, which is the life for me. It’s full of gold and grog (which is actually an in-game currency), and that same gameplay that you know and love. Parrots and eyepatches are included. But there are some elements setting Plunder Pirates apart, from exploring unchartered isles to discovering new lands and ships, and even mapping out monsters, merchant ships and landmarks to explore. Just watch out for those tentacles.

Jungle Heat

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Facebook Games
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

The best thing about Jungle Heat is its accessibility, making it serve as almost the gateway drug for Clash of Clans or something more intense like Total War Battles: Kingdoms. It has all the features of its inspirations, but it’s far more drip fed, allowing you to appreciate all its nuances in your own time. It might not be the right clone for everyone, but it does play a treat and offers some great multiplayer tactics, like being able to look at an enemy’s camp by spending a little gold before you go in all guns blazing. 

Dawn of Titans

Developer: NaturalMotion Games
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

You should try Dawn of Titans for the graphics alone. Compared to any of the games in our list, it’s a seriously impressive visual achievement, especially when you start zooming in and out of your floating kingdoms to check out the titular Titans. But you should also play it because it’s doing some rather awesome things with controls, as you’re able to tell your troops exactly where to go with a level of heightened precision. Plus, this is a game with an extensive single-player campaign, meaning it’s got another string to its bow in contrast to the battle-and-build focus of the other titles in this list.

Boom Beach

Developer: Supercell
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

You’ve got to hand it to Supercell, because this is a developer that really knows how to make a freemium base-building game. Although on the surface Boom Beach is basically the same as Clash of Clans but with a tropical island theme rather than a Norse kingdom, Boom Beach’s gameplay is actually deeper and more satisfying than Clash of Clans. The combat gives you much more control and better tactical abilities than Clash of Clans, making you always feel like you’ve earned your victory, rather than just paid your way to a more powerful army. 

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, Games Like Clash Of Clans Archives

Supercell, creator of games like Clash Of Clans, generated $2.3 billion in revenue and profited $964 million last year. The $5.5 billion-dollar gaming company is worth more than Evernote, Eventbrite, and BuzzFeed combined. Just stop and think about that for a second.

A company that released a total of four mobile games is more valuable than 100 million Evernote users, the largest event hosting company, and one of the most popular media companies in history.

But the most impressive fact about Supercell is how the company succeeded with only 150 employees compared to the 1,000+ combined employees from Evernote, Eventbrite, and BuzzFeed. This makes each Supercell employee worth more than $5 million.

I didn’t believe the numbers myself until I read how its recently released game, Clash Royale, topped the App Store charts in 44 countries. The app performed so well that game developers in China released a copycat version to piggyback on Supercell’s success.

Supercell’s four games (Clash Of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale) are free to download and make money through in-app purchases. Pocket Gamer analyzed the behavior of one of Supercell’s games, Clash of Clans, and saw a clear pattern of heavy users paying the most money. PG noticed a 12% decrease of players making in-app purchases and a 27% decrease in the volume of in-app purchases from January to March of 2015. On the surface, it looks like Supercell isn’t doing well when in reality, the average value of in-app purchases increased when committed players paid more money. Many people on reddit admit to paying tens or hundreds of dollars, and one person dropped close to $5,000!

Although the trend of addicted gamers paying money for flashy upgrades isn’t new, the amount of money generated is overwhelming. Supercell created a gaming monopoly that even China can’t imitate. Most people flinch when they’re asked to pay $2.99 for an iPhone app, which makes people who spend anything over $10 on mobile games complete suckers. But as long as Supercell can keep milking money out of these addicted gamers, it’ll keep its reputation as the world’s largest mobile gaming monopoly.

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Games Like Clash Of Clans Archives

‘Pay-to-win’ games trick players, need fixing

Photo Illustration by Cory Wyman ’16 – Pay-to-win games such as “Clash of Clans” (seen above) offer an unhealthy business model for mobile gaming.

By Jace Riley ’16

Two of the most popular things in our culture are videogames and anything free.

When the two get paired together, people get excited.

Many current free games are just for your iPads and phones, but there are a few on your computers, as well.

However a majority of these games trick players into getting the game, only to find it is pay-to-win, also known as “freemium.”

What this means is that while the price tag says free, it really isn’t.

Games like “Clash of Clans” are the biggest offenders. Any game that has you build a city or kingdom tends to be freemium.

These games label themselves as free to play, however there are microtransactions in these games. Meaning you can buy stuff while playing.

“Clash of Clans” allows you to buy gems, an in-game currency that’ll speed up the process of creating your buildings.

I don’t have a problem with these microtransactions. It’s the scheme the companies employ.

But using the label free, they get people to try out their game without fear of losing money.

Then realizing that you need to make stuff quicker, or need to buy energy to play more, you are forced into paying.

That’s what I find bad about freemium games. If your game truly isn’t free, don’t label it as free.

Recently, even Apple took a stance on this by removing the word “free” from the store and replacing it with “get” since these aren’t truly free. They also added small text underneath saying the game offers in-app purchases.

This a step in the right direction. It eliminates the illusion of a free game.

However, not all free games abuse this. “League of Legends” and “Dota 2” are almost 100 percent free.

Both games offer in-game cosmetic items that you can buy or even earn, but they do not enhance your play and are not necessary to win.

Buying them is optional, allowing you to show others how you feel about a certain character.

“League” doesn’t have all of its characters as free, but there is a good in-game free currency that only takes time to earn up. You can use that to buy characters.

In total, I think game developers need to be upfront; they can’t hide if their game is free or not.

Microtransactions, while not necessarily good, aren’t the problem, which is what many think. The problem is the companies hiding the true cost of the game.

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