Download periscope for PC Archives

Download periscope for PC Archives

download periscope for PC Archives

download periscope for PC Archives

Periscope for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download

Periscope for PC is the Twitter tool to do streaming video. He emerged as a competitor to the Meerkat, and they are in fact very similar, but the truth is that the practicality of the official app just virtually eliminating the competition. This is the most used app for this type of transmission, and most likely this is where you will find your friends.

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The two services have a similar function: you start broadcasting and who follows you can view the video in real time. A link is sent to the Twitter timeline and their friends can give RT, bringing even more people to its streaming. The difference is that the Periscope allows this material to be watched later, not only in real time.

The playback of the videos could happen by 12:00 am after transmission. Looks little, but these are usually one-off content and interest more time than after. In the latest update, he gained the option to pass the video replay in fast speed, if you want to get straight to the point. In addition, he now has zoom on the images.

Periscope is a very interesting application and that deserves attention. With just a few clicks, you can transmit in real time from any phone or tablet to their friends and followers on Twitter, which can be a lot of fun! He has a system of “trending”, which gives prominence to the videos that are out and about, a good way to see what’s interesting around.

Worth download it for an audition. Despite some less than its main competitor, be an official Twitter tool just telling enough to the Periscope, which snapped at the audience and is the fastest way to join his followers in a live video stream.

Free Download: Periscope for PC and Mac

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, download periscope for PC Archives

Periscope is one of the most widely adopted live streaming services. Whether you use it for broadcasting events or something more personal, the Twitter-owned platform is a solid option.

Unfortunately, Periscope is far from perfect. It can be unreliable during streams and, more importantly, there's no obvious way to download Periscope videos for offline viewing.

However, there are some third-party alternatives available to help you download Periscope broadcasts. And in this article we'll show you the best ways to download Periscope videos.

How to Download Your Own Periscope Streams

If the broadcast you're looking to download is your own, there is an official method to do it. Once your stream has ended, all your videos are saved to your account's Analytics dashboard.

To download them, head over to the page by tapping your profile picture on the Periscope website. There, hover over the video entry you'd like to grab and click the blue icon for requesting the file. Periscope will take a few minutes to process the request, and once done, you should be able to download the broadcast by clicking the green button.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work on Periscope's mobile apps. What you can do, however, is enable the Autosave setting on the Android and iOS app. This will automatically store your broadcasts locally on your phone as soon as they end. You can find the option under Account > Settings > Autosave Broadcast.

Periscope also lets you download a bunch of other data from your account. This includes information such as your chat history, viewing history, and more. You can request it by visiting your Periscope data page and signing in.

How to Download Other People's Periscope Videos

For downloading Periscope videos recorded by other users, you will have to employ third-party tools.

The first step towards downloading someone else's broadcast is to grab the link to the video. You can do this by playing the video on the Periscope website and copying the URL from the address bar at the top.

Next, on computers, you can visit GetVideo and simply paste the video's address in the search field where it says Enter a Video link. Hit the blue Search button and if successful, the app will show the clip's length, name, and a Download link for transferring its MP4 file. Just click that button and you're all set.

You can, of course, perform the same steps on a mobile browser for downloading Periscope broadcasts on your phone. But there's also an app if you don't want to go through the hassle of navigating around the website.

It's called Scopedown and it functions in a similar way to GetVideo. You paste the link, hit the Download Video button, and the Periscope broadcast will soon be saved on your phone. Unlike the GetVideo website, though, Scopedown stores these videos in the .ts format instead of .mp4. This means they will be slightly larger in size.

Unfortunately, Scopedown doesn't have an iOS client yet and there are no alternatives available for iOS. Therefore, iOS users will have to depend on the website or try this technique...

Save Periscope Broadcasts Using Screen-Recording

The third, and perhaps clumsiest, way of grabbing a Periscope broadcast for offline use is by screen-recording them as they play out.

The process involves playing the entire broadcast and employing a screencasting tool to record your device's screen. That being said, if you want to record live broadcasts, this is the only way.

On macOS, you need to launch QuickTime Player, and under the File menu, click New Screen Recording. Now, open the Periscope broadcast in your browser and hit the red record button on the QuickTime Player popup. Drag your mouse over the video frame you'd like to record or you can go full-screen and get the whole clip in landscape mode. Once it's over, you can stop the recording from QuickTime Player's menu bar options.

Windows also has an inbuilt utility for recording your computer's screen. However, unlike macOS, you cannot select a specific portion. You will have to record it in full-screen landscape orientation. To reveal the screencasting menu, press the Windows key + G and hit record.

If none of those native features work for you, you can try one of these screencasting apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In addition, you can download Chrome extensions like Nimbus, which can record tabs. However, you will lose a significant amount of quality and face stuttering playback issues.

Similarly, iOS users can utilize the native screen recording option. To add it to the control center for quick access, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, and under More Controls, locate Screen Recording tap the green plus button. Now, fire up the broadcast you'd like to download on the Periscope app. Pull up the control center, touch the screen recording button, and off you go.

Android users, on the other hand, will have to download a dedicated third-party app from the Play Store. We recommend AZ Screen Recorder. It's free, can record HD videos, and has a host of other settings you can tweak. To use it, simply launch the app, and tap the record button once you've got the Periscope stream running.

Master the Art of Streaming in Periscope

Live streaming is a growing sector, hence the demand for more ways to download videos. Utilizing the tools here, you should be able to save all of the Periscope videos you want.

However, there's more to live streaming than just watching. So if you're keen to start broadcasting for yourself, here are some essential Periscope tips and tricks.

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download periscope for PC Archives

Periscope Video Downloader

Download videos from Periscope. All we need is a video link, even live stream.

Paste video link, something like this, for example.

Install web app

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Download Periscope TV videos

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As twitter and periscope are so close, I've added twitter support. Now you can also download videos from twitter right here on

Download live streams

I have also enabled functionality to help download live periscope streams. It won't work for whole stream, just pieces. Wait till live is over..

No limits on size or duration

Up on there are no limits on video duration or size. Download any size periscove stream, just make sure use free WiFI for that.

How to use Any help?

My site is extremely easy to use, it only has 1 function, - accept video link in that box on top. As soon as there's a good link with video, - my site will give download options for that video. And you can download video then. As simple as that. For this magic to work, you'll need video link.. To copy video link, simply look for SHARE button, it will have COPY LINK option, that copies video link into clipboard. Otherwise you can always hit F6 and CTRL+C in most browsers to do the same. With that video link copied, open my site and paste video link into the box. Right-click + Paste. Tap-and-hold + Paste for mobile. That's it. Hit GO, see download options, and download periscope video!

What can do for you?

My site can do 1 single thing - help visitors download videos from periscope tv website and app. If you see a video on periscope, you can copy its video link and bring it here, and my site can help download that video in many formats. As simple as that. literally helps download periscope ... videos. Well, along the way I've added support for twitter videos. So now my site does 2 things well - download videos from periscope and twitter. But if you think I'm missing out or my site is not perfect without some special feature, - please, let me know. downloader online

Download videos, unlimited, as much as you can handle. Download live periscope videos here too, just small fragments, but it is possible. Download as mp4-ts format. Multiple sizes and quality options available sometimes. Check it out, you'll like it.

Faster than other sites

Try my site to download videos from periscope tv, and you will see how much faster it is than any other site out there that claims to do the same job. Those sites either don't specialize in or do a poor job with ux with all those ads and popups. So try my site!

Quick downloads with browser bookmark

If you generally need to download this 1 video maybe once a week, this is no use for you. But for frequent video downloaders, this can actually be a big help. The button below will not produce any results if you click it now. But it will do so if you first save it to your bookmarks and click it there - in the bookmarks section of the browser. If you are viewing a periscope video at the moment of clicking the bookmark - you will be sent here with video link attached to the box and download links displayed already. Check it out, I use it myself..

Download Periscope Video

In any chrome-based browser you can drag and drop this button right into the bookmarks. In firefox - I don't even know anymore what to press or where to find bookmarks, so I stopped using it.. Can't advice on firefox anymore.. Later when browsing periscope videos with browser - hit the button and see what happens.. Oh yeah, forgot, if you like the app and browse those videos on mobile device, - this button is no use to you either.. Should have put it in the front..

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