Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

Dirt Track Racing (video game)

Dirt Track Racing is a video game by the now defunct developer Ratbag Games. It is the first game in the series, which includes Dirt Track Racing, Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars, and Dirt Track Racing 2.


The game received "average" reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.[2]GameSpot said, "Even with all of Dirt Track Racing's finer points, it's hard to overlook its repetitive tracks and racing events."[5]IGN was positive, saying, "Ratbag proves once again that they are the Kings of racing sims, even the bargain brand."[7]

The game won Computer Games Strategy Plus' 1999 "Racing Game of the Year" award. The editors wrote, "It humbles more expensive products with over 30 tracks and dozens of cars, excellent physics ... and plenty of tuning options."[10]


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, Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

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Dirt Track Racing Games For PC Archives

Dirt Track Racing

Dirt Track Racing

This is the world's first authentic dirt track racing game, qualification to championship. From the fender--bending, dog-eat-dog world of stock, to the supped-up production stock racing machines and fast-as-lightening, loud-as-thunder late model series, this is racing on the edge. Aggressive driving, accumulated prize money and smart vehicle and upgrade purchases propel you to the next class. Get your car in gear, or get off the track.


- Race through 12 series of local, regional and national competitions

- Burn rubber on 30 different tracks, including Oval, Tri-Oval, D-Oval and Figure 8

- Exciting multi-player racing with up to 10 players via TCP/IP over LAN or over the Internet- Experience a real racing career - start out in stock, earn prize money and sponsorships and race your way into the professional late model series- Select from 18 vehicles, in 3 classes: Stock, Production Stock and Late Models

- Experience full racing action with dust effects, skid marks and vehicle damage

- Finance your racing, and advance your career, using prize money to purchase new vehicles, upgrade parts, pay for repairs and adorn your car with sponsor logos

- Aggressively change your racing techniques and tactics as grooves develop on the tracks

- Race in arcade mode or full simulation for all the bone jarring, slipping, sliding and chaotic racing of the real thing

- Advance car physics allow for adjustable difficulty and handling for beginner to expert simulation players

- Tweak your transmission, differential, springs and tires to create the fastest racing machines

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