Apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

Apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

An intuitive software application that enables users to record surrounding or system sounds, manage their recorded files and edit tags

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is a straightforward piece of software developed to help users record sound from the system, microphone, or both at the same time.

It comes packed with intuitive options that can be handled by all types of users, even the ones with no prior experience in such apps.

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are greeted by a familiar interface where you can get started by selecting the audio input between the three aforementioned options.

Once you hit the Start button, the recording begins. Stopping it will automatically generate the new file (in MP3 format) to a preset location, and you can open it afterward in Explorer with the click of a button.

Track information can be edited when it comes to the title, artist, album, year, genre and artwork. In addition, you can schedule recording tasks at a specified time and date, as well as with a fixed duration or stop time. The computer may be set to automatically power off afterward.

As far as program settings are concerned, it is possible to change the output format from MP3 to OGG, WMA, WAV or FLAC, remap keyboard shortcuts for starting, pausing/resuming and stopping recordings, as well as alter the default system sound and microphone source, among others.

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder offers multilingual support, uses a low amount of CPU and memory, and delivers quality audio tracks. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the tool did not freeze or crash.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for an uncomplicated software tool to record sound from the system, microphone or both sources at once (in addition to having a few handy options up its sleeve), then Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder does the trick. For additional features, you can try Streaming Audio Recorder.

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, apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

Free Online Audio Recorder

Free Online Audio Recorder

Record high quality audio from computer sound card and microphone


To utilize this app and ensure it works smoothly on your browser, first-time users need to install a launcher. Afterwards, you can access the audio recorder within just a single click.

  • Step1

    Click "Start Recording" and then select the audio source.

  • Step2

    Control audio recording by clicking "Start", "Pause" and "Stop" buttons.

  • Step3

    Hit "Show in Folder" button to locate the recorded file in output directory.

One-click to record any sound you want

No need to install plug-in or subscribe to any service, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder allows you to record audio on Windows or Mac computer straightly. The app is easy to operate and lets you record any sound that you can hear in original quality. It endows you the ability to record the sound from various audio inputs - System Sound, Microphone, or both.

Streaming music sites, radio stations, in-game sound, voice chat, etc
Compatible players/devices
Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, Tablets, Chromebook, Android smartphones, iPhone, Windows Phone
  • Enrich Audio Library

    Whenever you hear an appealing song, motional background music of a video, nice audio stream on web radio stations or a useful online live course, you can record them by sparing no effort.

  • Record Narration and Singing

    For adding your voice to video clips, footage, presentations, tutorial or others, this tool records narration going through your mic easily. Besides, you can create your voice messages for delivering information to others or record self-created music to get popular as well.

  • Save Chats and Voice Meetings

    Worry about missing an important stuff in online conferences with your colleagues and partners? Wish to save the amusing conversations with your friends on Skype? Want to collect sound, chats, or music in video games? That's all possible with this free audio recorder.

Add ID3 tags for better organizing the recorded audio

After recording an audio, the tool lets you rename the file for organizing it easily in your local folder. With support from the smart ID3 tag editor, you also can manage audio in a more effective way by adding artwork cover, title, artist, year, album and genre. The metadata of songs proceeded this way can also be recognized by your portable gadgets when playing on them.

Manage audio recordings in desirable way

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder has a built-in library for you can find all the recorded files. After you finish the recording, just enter the list to achieve more features. It is simple to check the file or open the destination folder to locate the audio on PC instantly. You are also allowed to listen to the audio and delete the unwanted files at will.

More extensional functions for recording

Apart from providing the essential recording feature, the application also has other awesome features like "Play" and "Share". To learn more, check the extra functions from below.

  • Share audio to various platforms

    The practical share function enables you to share audio onto YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Plus, Twitter or other social networking sites. In addition, it helps to send audio via email. By sharing the file via internet, you can save up the storage of local disk.

  • Play the recorded audio in real-time

    Once recorded, you can check the quality of the music by listening to it with built-in player before the next step. If you are satisfied with the result, simply save it to your hard drive, or you may start with a new recording over again.

Why Choose Free Online Audio Recorder

Rating: 4.9- based on 145 ratings.145 reviews
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    apowersoft free audio recorder Archives

    Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is a free audio recorder that can capture any sound made by your PC, or those that come via a microphone.

    Record your voice, or system (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });
    You can think of Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder as a dictaphone. It allows you to record any sound on your PC, or external sounds, such as your voice, via a microphone. You can tell the app which to pick up – system, microphone or both.
    There’s no limit on recording with this app. You can start or end recording whenever your like. It also includes a converter, to make sure you can get the audio format you need.
    Among Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder’s more interesting features is a recording scheduler, which makes it really easy to program recordings at certain times of the day – great for radio programs, for example.

    Very simple
    Basic recording is very simple – the app will ask you to select the audio input and then hit the save button. The rest is up to you – have a look around the app and see what adjustments you’d like to make.
    The Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder interface is well designed, which is just as well, because often, apps of this type aren’t. A monitor in the center indicates the time and some options are housed in the bottom of the interface (option to delete the record list, rename files, conversion option, reading, etc.).

    Free, easy to use and without time limits, Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is a recording app worth taking the time to get to know.

    Apowersoft Screen Recorder is video capture software that will allow you to record your computers screen or audio. With only a few simple tools you can decide which parts of your computer are captured and converted. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a great piece of software for screencasts, screenshots, and audio.

    (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Features

    With Apowersoft Screen Recorder you can record your desktop, take screenshots, or record audio. With the screen record option you can select from recording the entire screen, specific regions, focus around the mouse, or take web cam input. For audio you can pick to record desktop sounds, speak through your microphone, or combine both. You can select between nine different video formats to record in, including WMV, MP4, MKV, and FLV, while for audio MP3, OGG, WMA, or WAV can be selected.

    Apowersoft Screen Recorder can also set up tasks that automatically record for you. You may schedule a certain time of day, the duration of your recording or specific stop date, and if you are capturing video (including regions) or audio. You can also set if your computer shutdowns automatically after Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder finishes.

    There are also real-time editing tools built into Apowersoft Screen Recorder. While these are not as full featured as a dedicated editor, they do prove useful for quick changes.


    Apowersoft Screen Recorder has a very basic yet intuitive design. When the app is first opened and no files are in the output folder the file window will be hidden. After your first recording this window will expand, causing Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder to become larger in size. Each button has a simple drop down menu to adjust settings. There are rarely any detailed settings windows, except when scheduling tasks. One annoying aspect of Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder’s UI are false buttons that you might expect to open new options and menus. Instead these are just fancy links to Apowersofts website placed in deceptive locations.

    If you select region recording, an overlay will cover the screen, allowing you drag a desired rectangle sized space. If youre unhappy with the rectangle size you can move it around, adjust pixel width and height, or select a preset from a drop down menu. Before recordings you can set up a countdown to prepare your screen, as well as audio beeps when a recording starts and stops.


    Apowersoft Screen Recorder has a very minimal appearance, often times you may forget it is even open. When not recording it simply looks like a black and off-white bar. The miniature design works well as you rarely want a large abrasive UI while recording. You can also choose to hide most all of Apowersoft Free Screen Recorders toolbars to further increase its stealth.

    Apowersoft Screen Recorder doesnt cause any obvious slow down while it records, allowing you a smooth capture session as you open other programs and web pages. Quality of finished recordings is generally high and files are compressed to low sizes. There can be visual problems when using the area around mouse option, but only if you select a resolution under 640×480.


    Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a great way to capture your screen for screencasts and audio. The quality of recordings are good with compact file sizes. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder can set up captures at specific dates and automate shut downs, making handy for daily recording. Just remember that several buttons are links and not options.

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