Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

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We bring to your attention the latest trial keys for the antivirus programs Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus. For information on how to renew your license, see the help section. On the official website, you can download a free trial version of the antivirus. Read about how to renew your license in the section help.

About Kaspersky antiviruses

Kaspersky antivirus application is one of the best antivirus programs available on the market. It provides essential protection against all types of threats. The app goes beyond standard protection to keep you safe from potentially dangerous rootkits, spyware, exploits and ransomware.

Kaspersky uses intelligent scans and constant, frequent updates in order to provide real-time, effective protection against the latest threats on the Internet.

Key features include: Protection against virus programs, spyware, worms, Trojans, advertising banners. Checking files, mail and Internet traffic. Protects against unknown threats. Analyzes browser vulnerabilities. Blocks links to malware / phishing sites. Global threat monitoring. Keylogger lock. Automatic database update. Free technical support.

The interface consists of a main window with four buttons without borders horizontally, labeled Scan, Update, Secure Payments and Parental Controls. These areas will change color from green to yellow and then to red if there is a security problem. If this happens, you can click the link for the security solution.

Overall, Kaspersky Anti-Virus maintains an excellent level of protection combined with high performance and usability. The only drawback we can see is that despite free technical support, it is not available 24/7. In addition, Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides excellent all-round protection with minimal impact on the system.

Various anti-virus packages from Kaspersky are very popular among CIS users. We are sure that many of them do not realize that they can use their favorite product completely free of charge, moreover, legally. The method is very simple - using license log keys. Where do they come from? Each issue of several popular computer magazines (CHIP, ComputerBild, MirPK and others) contains a fresh key on the enclosed disk for activating any version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You don't have to worry about the year either, 2015 programs and the latest version for 2016 are supported.

The only drawback of journal keys is the limitation of the term of operation, usually 45 days. If it is not difficult for you to periodically visit our website and download a fresh set of keys for Kaspersky, then this legal way to activate the package is just for you. We take care of the timely updating of the keys. Many users of Dr. Web.

Subscription to receive Kaspersky keys via VK

At the request of our users, it was decided to create a special group in VK, in which journal activation codes for Kaspersky products will be published in parallel. This was done on purpose so that you can subscribe to the group and receive notifications about fresh keys, even without visiting this page.

License keys for KAV 2017, 2018:

Keys for KIS Windows:

# 1: 91 days (no proxy)

Keys for KIS Android:

# 1: for 45 days (no proxy)

Keys for Kaspersky are required to activate Kaspersky Lab products. License keys can be purchased on the official website of the company. But you can use Kaspersky for free and at the same time officially. In this article, we'll talk about how to do it. And so on in order.

Where to get an antivirus program and how to install it

It is better to download Kaspersky Lab programs from the official website of the company. But first, let's take a closer look at the names and abbreviations.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus in abbreviated form - KAV. One of the first products of the company. Those who are older probably remember how he used to scream like a pig squeal when he discovered a virus. Its main task is to protect your computer from viruses.

Kaspersky Internet Security (Kaspersky Internet Security) in abbreviated form - KIS. Unlike KAV, it not only protects your computer from viruses, but also makes it safe to use the Internet. It blocks the interception of your data, protects the input of passwords, blocks harmful scripts and websites, blocks pop-ups and performs many other useful functions. KIS can be installed both on a computer and on android devices.

Abbreviated form of Kaspersky Total Security - KTS. It is a relatively new product of the company. KTS differs from KIS in that it has the ability to manage all devices on which Kaspersky Total Security is installed through the "my kaspersky" portal, as well as several useful and easy-to-use additional functions.

These products offer the same protection against viruses and threats. The virus signatures and treatment technologies are the same. Even the set of components in the "Protection" tab is no different from each other. So any of these products will keep your device safe. I use kaspersky internet security.

How to install a Kaspersky application

To install the program, you need to download it. As I said at the very beginning, it's better to download from the official site. Go to the website kaspersky.com and select the "download" section

Choosing a product to download KAV, KIS or KTS. Click "download". For example, I chose Kaspersky Internet Security

Run the downloaded installation file and wait for the installation to complete.

After installation, we need to activate the program. To do this, press the button "Activate trial version of the program" and register the antivirus program for 30 days.

But what to do when the free period ends?

There are two options:

  1. Buy license key KAV, KIS or KTS
  2. Use free trial keys (we will figure out how to do this below)

Keys for kaspersky, where to get them and how to use them

Not long ago, "magazine keys" were very popular. These keys had a lifespan of 30 to 60 days. They were published in computer magazines such as "Chip", "ComputerBild" and "PC World". Fresh magazine keys came out with each new issue of the magazine. But unfortunately the freebie ended in early 2017.

Trial keys have replaced. What is a trial key? The trial key is a trial license for a period of 30 to 90 days. It is given for testing antivirus software. At the same time, the functionality of the program works in full. With these keys, you can use Kaspersky for free and officially.

To activate such keys, you need to completely remove the program along with the license information (you can check the box when uninstalling) of the antivirus program. After downloading it from the official website, install and activate the trial key.

Reset trial version of Kaspersky 2020 without a resetter.

Since March 15, 2019 KRT CLUB has stopped working. Now it is more difficult and longer to reset the license than it was before, but it is still possible. Below is the instruction from the video and the correct links:


Video instruction how to reset activation

The main question remains, where to download fresh keys for Kaspersky? You can download the keys on our website (see below). Search the Internet, since now there are many sites that publish them.

Download fresh keys for Kaspersky

Keys for Kaspersky Anti-virus 2019

(updated 12/11/2017)

Keys for Kaspersky Internet Security 2020

(checked: 01/08/2020)

Keys for Kaspersky Total Security 2019

(checked: 07/14/2019)

Keys for KIS Android 2019

(updated 10.02.2018)

Summarize.In order to use Kaspersky's antivirus program for free, you need to do the following:

If something didn't work out for you, ask your questions in the comments. Good luck everyone, bye!

Update All Keys Kasper 03/17/2020 (Bl. List 03/17/2020)
If YOU have a problem with the keys - YOU are here!
There are 72 working unique keys in the archive!
+ Black and white lists of Anti - Banners for KIS ABBL from 18.02.2018 + ABBL from 18.02.2018 for KIS14 / KIS15 / KIS16 and older
There is a cure for Kaspersky CRYSTAL and KIS / KAV 2013
There is a cure for KIS / KAV14, KIS / KAV15, KIS-KAV-KTS 16.0.0.XXX and KAV-KIS-KTS-KSOS-KFA 17.0.0.XXX., 18.0 - program KRT. In the KRT folder - GIF instruction. There is a cure for Kaspersky Antivirus 19, Kaspersky Internet Security 19, Kaspersky Total Security 19, Kaspersky Free Antivirus 19, and beta versions of the 20th line of antivirus products - kRT CLUB program + Trial activation codes for KIS / KAV / KIS for Android for 45-91 days + KTS + kis for Android, 92 days without a proxy, trial license for 1 device + Trial (30-day) activation codes for antivirus
kaspersky programs 2016-2017-2018, Trial (30-day) activation codes for anti-virus
kaspersky programs 2018 - 2019, activation codes through a proxy

The archive with the keys also contains DELtrial_Dump - program for dumping trial on KIS / KAV 13-15

Activation codes have been added to the archive


Codes for KIS_KAV_KTS_KISforAndroid

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) for Android

Trial codes KES_KAV6WKS

Commercial Licenses (activation files) for KAV 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

Commercial Licenses (activation files) for KIS 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

Commercial Licenses (activation files) for KIS 2016-2017-2018-2019

Commercial Licenses (activation files) for KTS 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

New Key Compatibility Table

There are two fundamentally different ways to activate:

The key. Offline, without notifying anyone about the fact of activation.
Activation code. Online, with the permission of the activation server.
From a developer's point of view, online activation is preferable, as it allows you to monitor and control the activation process. Starting with version 2010, products have deliberately made it difficult for the user to activate with a key.

1. To activate KAV / KIS 2010-2012 key:

Make the activation web server unavailable for the product.
For example, disconnect your internet connection during activation.

In the activation wizard, select Activate trial version.
If there is no such item, select Activate commercial version and enter one of the following activation codes:

For 13 enter the code 22222-22222-22222-2222U

Try the activation procedure.
An attempt to connect to the activation server will fail and you will be allowed to activate the product with a key.

2. Using an alternative graphical shell, allowing explicit activation with a key, especially since many of them are more convenient than the original, not only for this reason.

Added to archive with keys Skin CLEAN 1.0.17 for KAV / KIS 2013

The list of changes in Skin CLEAN 1.0.17 for KAV / KIS 2013:

1. Removed some signs of the trial
2. Replaced the "About" window with a similar ini interface
3. Added the ability to rollback databases
4. Made cosmetic changes to the graphics
5. Added table of extended database statistics
6. Fixed the progress of processing KSN objects
7. Added copying updates to a folder, checking quarantine after updating, regional settings for updates
8. Tray icon weaned from rabies
9. Added normal pig
10. Extended tray menu
11. Blocking network traffic
12. Advanced hips (thanks. Pipkin)
13. Added advanced cleaning of reports and statistics
14. Added table of components
15. Added suspension of protection for a day and a day
16. Added search in anti-banner lists
17. Fixed width in notification settings
18. Added an option to enable vulnerability scan while File Anti-Virus is running
19. Added option to limit unpacking of files while Web Anti-Virus is running
20. Restored information icon in filters
21. Added filtering of events by importance in reports
22. Added hiding of vulnerabilities, cancellation of fixing vulnerabilities
23. Added HIPS statistics
24. Added activation by key file
25. Added option to ignore file analysis at startup in exceptions

Archived with keys - Keys manager v.0.52

What the Key manager does:

To find blocked keys, the Key manager program uses a blacklist, which represents an element of Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus signatures (namely the file black.lst). The black list is frequently updated, and in order to detect blocked keys of Kaspersky, the Key manager program must have an up-to-date version of the black.lst file at its disposal. At the time of loading, the program looks at 3 blacklist sources:
- the black.lst file mounted in the program;
- black list of current anti-virus databases;
- the blacklist file in the program folder (if it is there) and selects the most recent one.

Reset activation when settings are locked (new method):

1. Unload the anti-virus program.
2. Run from archive PC Hunter (in accordance with the bitness of the OS), select the Registry tab - the registry will open).
3. Change the value from 1 to 0 for the EnableSelfProtection parameter (right mouse button - Modify). We are looking for the parameter in the branch:
- OS x64 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SOFTWARE \\ WOW6432Node \\ KasperskyLab \\ AVP16.0.1 \\ settings
- OS x32 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SOFTWARE \\ KasperskyLab \\ AVP16.0.1 \\ settings
4. Start the anti-virus program.
5. Unload the anti-virus program.
6. Run KRT, in the settings, uncheck the "Select optimal settings automatically" option and set the "Restart computer" option, click "Apply".
7. Reset activation. After restarting the computer, all anti-virus program settings, as well as the "Activate trial version" function, will become available.

Note: Reset activation when the settings are locked in strict sequence with the instructions. Tested on Windows 10 x64 with KIS 2016 ( installed.

updated program PC Hunter up to version 1.52. PC Hunter 1.52 is fully compatible with Windows 10 (10.0.15063.0 version 1703), the previous PC Hunter 1.51 did not work on this OS version, it started with a driver installation error.

Screenshot of the KTS2017 license on my computer after activation with a commercial license for 90 days before August 21, 2017:

Added to the archive with keys Kaspersky Reset Trial KRT_5.1.0.41 - to reset the trial and activate old versions of Kaspersky with keys - Kaspersky Antivirus 2011, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Server

Free Kaspersky key. Free key Kaspersky Internet Security 2019. Free official Kaspersky key, Kaspersky activation code free 91, 184 and 365 days. Free kaspersky antivirus 365 days. Free Kaspersky Keys official activation code. Free license renewal activation of Kaspersky Keys for Kaspersky.

Free fresh series of a key Activation codes for Kaspersky antivirus. Free license for Kaspersky Internet Security 91, 184, 365 days Protect your computer Kaspersky Keys free license for all devices Free license renewal Kaspersky Internet Security

Free official Kaspersky license

Kaspersky Lab provides protection for your computer completely free of charge.
Free download the official Kaspersky.
Get a free activation license for Kaspersky 365 days.
Free full version and free activation code of Kaspersky.
Free official Kaspersky 2020.
Free download Kaspersky from the official website activation license for 365 days, to protect your computer, your personal data, your money and your family.
Get Kaspersky Free 365 days free version for Windows 7, 8.1, and new 10

Get free Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Official free license for Kaspersky 365 days

To renew or activate a new license, use a fresh series of activation code, Kaspersky keys free 2018 2019 2020 for three, six 12 months

Kaspersky Internet Security
28/11 / DYA2D-GVSNS-H18N9-VEZ2Y

16.12. U18AX-4ENAK-48QHW-B8T9T 232 days

Kaspersky Total Security
30.11.ZZR2E-EDH22-UURNM-91UMQ 142 days
30.11.VUUHA-JJXND-28TZZ-SKCHF 220 days
08.12. GDTX3-HZFAU-6SAUM-JB7ZA 180 days
18.01.9E2HY-7ZZSB-2QT6A-4MRE8 299 days avenue german
MARCH 8 2f1pd-21dp1-rzxb9-zxet1 1 year (US Proxy)

Kaspersky Antivirus
30.11. 2MUNK-6GTUU-ME4YE-WNTM5 314 days

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

15.12. MRUH9-3XHRA-BK9JJ-R7DKG all 160 days

If you don't have time to get a free Kaspersky key, you can purchase a personal activation code for Kaspersky 90, 184 and 365 days

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
, Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

Kaspersky claims pirated Office software was behind NSA exploit leak

After the user re-enabled their anti-virus installation, the software blocked the backdoor. It also began detecting previously unknown variants of the Equation malware, including a 7zip archive. This archive was promptly sent back to Kaspersky Lab HQ for analysis, at which point it was found to contain "multiple malware samples and source code for what appeared to be Equation malware".

Upon discovery, this was reported to CEO Eugene Kaspersky. The company said that the archive and its contents were deleted from all of Kaspersky's systems and was not shared with anyone else. It also stated that "Kaspersky Lab has never created any detection of non-weaponized (non-malicious) documents in its products based on keywords like 'top secret' and 'classified'."

In short, the company appears to be implying that its software was turned off by an NSA contractor in order to install a pirated version of Office 2013, which contained a backdoor. This backdoor could then have been used by the FSB to gain access to the NSA's Equation exploits, as opposed to the exploits being turned over by Kaspersky Lab itself exploits which were promptly deleted from its files, the company said, when it discovered what they were.

This story has drawn a mixed response from the cybersecurity community; F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen has subtly hinted that the lure of keeping hold of sophisticated nation-state malware may have been too much for Kaspersky to resist.

I might dream about telling everyone that I deleted it.

— @mikko (@mikko) October 25, 2017

Ex-black hat-turned-pen-tester Kevin Mitnick, however, said that the company's account more plausible than alternative explanations.

"The investigation is still ongoing," Kaspersky stated, "and the company will provide additional technical information as it becomes available. We are planning to share full information about this incident, including all technical details with a trusted third party as part of our Global Transparency Initiative for cross-verification."

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Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Keygen Archives

Fresh activation codes for kaspersky kaspersky. Free activation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus with journal keys. Link to download keys for kaspersky all versions for free

Keys for Kaspersky

For one of the most popular antiviruses in the CIS and Europe - Kaspersky Anti-Virus, free license keys (trial, trial keys). In order to download and activate the key correctly, read this article carefully.

Trial tohatches for Kaspersky presented from well-known magazines: CHIP, Computer, PC World, Igromania. Key activation by example is prepared in as much detail as possible so that the most inexperienced users personal computer were able to easily download and install the free trial license for up to three months (90 days).

Also, if you do not have installed "protection" from Kaspersky, then download trial version you can follow the links in the article below.
Trial is free license with a limited validity period, intended for familiarization with the program. If you copy the program from our site, you automatically become the owner of a trial license (30 days).

Windows operating systems supported by Kaspersky:

Minimum system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 1 GHz processor 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) or higher (or compatible equivalent). 1 GB free random access memory (for a 32-bit operating system) or 2 GB of free RAM (for a 64-bit operating system).

By choosing any Kaspersky Anti-Virus you get:

The performance of the product has been significantly improved and its impact on the operation of the system and other programs has been reduced.
Improved protection against unknown threats by monitoring application activity.
Significantly improved technology for detecting rootkit actions aimed at intercepting the computer boot process in order to conceal its presence on the user's computer.
The System Watcher protection component monitors the activity of applications in the system and provides extended information to other protection components.
Safe start programs is an isolated desktop on which you can run suspicious programs without harm to the main operating system. - These are the main advantages of the antivirus.

If you do not have a trial antivirus installed on your computer, then you can download it at any time from the official servers on our website using the menu at the top of the website or following the following links:
(2011-2019), separate versions -, or completely free. If you choose the latest free antivirus, then you won't even need the following instructions.

Attention! We strongly recommend uninstalling (uninstalling) any other antiviruses before installing the version of Kaspersky you have chosen. Using Kaspersky simultaneously with other antiviruses and firewalls will most likely result in system instability (for example, Kaspersky can accept anti-virus databases for viruses, or "crash" of the operating system) and, most likely, it will not work correctly.

Key activation instructions for Kaspersky

The instructions are shown using the KIS 2012 antivirus as an example, but the activation process is approximately the same for newer versions of Kaspersky. In the near future we will write down text and video instructions for the newest versions.

1. Open the antivirus menu and if its interface indicates that there is no license, then follow the instructions below for successful registration. As indicated in the screenshot, to start the activation process, you must click on the link "Enter the activation code", which in KIS 2012 is located in the lower right corner.

2. In the window that opens, we see a message that the program is not activated and it works in limited functionality mode, here you need to click on the button "Activate the program".

3. Once in the window where you need to select the activation method, completely disable your computer's access to the Internet. Correctly enter the activation code (the activation code is a sequence of twenty Latin letters and numbers) which is indicated in the screenshot and click on the "Next" button. If you have antivirus KIS / KAV 2011 specify the same activation code, if Kaspersky PURE, then the correct activation key for it will consist of 19 uppercase Latin letters A, the twentieth character will be a number 3 .

4. Download the archive below with the keys for Kaspersky (unzip it with any archiving program, for example WinRAR) with the keys you need using the link at the end of the article. In this window, shown in the screenshot, specify the path to the downloaded key file by clicking on the "Browse ..." button and click "Next".

5. Last step installing a free key of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. After a short while, you will see a message about successful activation of the antivirus, which will indicate the type of license and its validity period, in our case, a trial license with full functionality is activated for a period of 91 days.

Trial keys for Kaspersky:

Trial keys for Kaspersky from well-known magazines: CHIP, Computer, PC World, Igromania on 30-90 dayswhich are provided for informational purposes only. All log keys are located in the archive below.

Download activation codes (keys) for Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security

When the trial (Trial) license expires, Kaspersky Anti-Virus stops performing all its protective functions. To continue using the program, you need to purchase a commercial license on the manufacturer's official website.

There are enough keys in the archive to pick up working keys for Kaspersky, if suddenly the key you used is expired or blocked, then be sure to write about it in the comments, we are constantly monitoring and adding fresh keys for kaspersky... We update the keys and select with the help of programs that you can use yourself. Have you finished your antivirus trial period? then download free keys.

Updated 07.30.

We do not upload to file-sharing hosting all files located on the site server. thus there will be no nerves in downloading fresh keys for kaspersky through advertising and spam.

The archive with the keys is checked and does not contain malicious code, in order to make sure you check the downloaded fresh keys for Kaspersky with any antivirus.

If, when updating Black.List, the previously posted keys are not blocked, then the archives are not updated.

Versions of kaspersky anti-virus for which the keys in the archive start from old ones and end with fresh keys for kaspersky 2014.

Antivirus activation using the keys that are in the archive:

1. In the activation key input field, enter here is the code: 22222-22222-22222-2222U and continue with " Further«.
2. After the simple previous step click on the "Browse" button and select the key from the folder you downloaded.

Link for downloading keys for kaspersky all versions for free:

Download fresh keys for kaspersky

Download fresh keys for Kaspersky

Kaspersky activation codes:

Log key for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 from CHIP


WJK67-Q8J5K-8ZGAM-61QUE (CHIP # 10/30 days)
78KNY-6TPQM-ZNE3S-Q1ETK (Gambling addiction # 11/30 days) NEW!
S7ZYU-9TNJP-EM9QT-RV4YE (PC World No. 10/30 days)

Log key for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 from ComputerBild magazine


W422E-A3VMC-S6CY3-MMGTG (ComputerBild # 23 | 30 days) NEW!

Trial key for kaspersky kis 2014 90 days


Activating kaspersky 2013-2014 using Dump keys:

2. Open the antivirus and go to Settings -\u003e Advanced -\u003e Self-Defenseif the 2013 version will be a little different, but the meaning is the same disable self-defense... And disable the antivirus by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar.

3. Open in a previously unzipped folder DELtrial_14.exe and agree to reset the trial this program suitable only for version 14 of kaspersky, for version 13 you can reset the trial using the link above « Getting a 30-day trial version of kaspersky antivirus"One goal is to reset the trial.

4. Then, in the same folder, we look for dump keys on KAV on the folder, the end date is written, select the desired one and first enter the information into the register by clicking on setup.regand then on Dump.exe in the same folder.

Well, all in principle, rejoice. If you have version 13 and nothing comes out, use key keys they are also in the archive, and above you can find another package of key files plus instructions on how to use them.

Video instruction for activating the program in this way

Activated Kaspersky in this way

In this tutorial I will tell you how you can activate and renew Kaspersky Anti-Virus for free using journal keys.

In the previous lessons, we learned how to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus. After installing the program, you are given a free license for 30 days. After its expiration, the question arises of how to extend free version Kaspersky and there are several options for solving the problem:
- buy an official license. The only drawback of this decision is money. You need to pay a certain amount for the license, depending on the version of the antivirus that you have installed;
- download a special file from the Internet, with which you can renew Kaspersky for free. Here I would highlight two disadvantages. First, the doubtfulness of the sites on which you must download the license for the antivirus, and the files with the keys. By visiting such a site or opening a file, you can get a whole bunch of viruses that will disable the entire operating system. Secondly, if you still find a secure archive with keys, then it is not a fact that this code will work, because all these licenses on the site are distributed free of charge and are designed for a certain number of computers. When a large number of computers are simultaneously connected to the update servers of Kaspersky Lab, the key is blocked and the license file must be searched again. Bottom line: a lot of wasted time, effort and there is no guarantee that everything will work fine;
- use special log keys. It is about this method of activating and renewing Kaspersky Anti-Virus that we will talk about below.

What are journal keys for antivirus.

Antivirus log key is a code for activating and renewing the antivirus, which is distributed along with computer magazinessuch as Computer Bild, CHIP, PC World, Gambling, and licensed for a limited period of time.

Typically, journal keys provide a license for 15 to 45 days. After its completion, you must either buy a license or enter a new key.

Free activation or renewal of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

In order to activate a new or renew an existing license for free, we need to find a journal key. This can be done in several ways. You can use the Yandex or Google search by entering in the search bar " magazine keys for kaspersky".

Open the first couple of sites and copy the required activation key.

But I most often use specialized groups on VKontakte. You can find one of them by following the link. Follow the link and copy the activation code.

Now this code must be activated in the program. In the lower right part of the screen, double-click on the antivirus icon with the left mouse button.

The program window will open in front of you. In the lower right part of the window, go to the section with licenses.

In the next step, click on the "Activate the program" button.

Paste the Kaspersky Anti-Virus activation key copied in the previous steps into the special fields and click the "Activate" button.

In the next step, you will see the community registration window, which you can skip by clicking on the "Skip" button.

Congratulations. Your antivirus version has been successfully activated. In the same way, you can renew it.

This method of extending the activation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is good in that:
- you can get a license an unlimited number of times;
- it is completely safe and official;
- you don't have to worry that the license will one day be blocked.

Agree, some advantages. Hope the question " How to activate Kaspersky"you won't get up anymore.

In addition to the article, I would like to advise you two utilities that will help you keep your computer clean from viruses. The first is from the Kaspersky Lab and is called Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, and the second is from Doctor Web called CureIt. Their advantage is portability, and the disadvantage is the inability to provide constant protection your computer.

That's all. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Below you can watch a video version of the lesson free activation of Kaspersky.

In the last lesson, we talked with you about how you can check the pages of a website that you want to visit using Doctor Web's tool - an online scanner, by the way. In this lesson, it's time to consider another useful thing from the same company, such as an extension for browsers, which allows you to check links and site addresses for viruses without going to a special site, but directly from the browser.

You came to us because you were looking for activation codes for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2019-2020. Sometimes it happens that the key will not work because its activation limit has been exhausted. At the moment, any of the list works without problems. Everything was checked. Some keys last 1-2 years. If activation fails, write about it in the comments or to our mail.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus has become one of the strongest and leading in the world. The software is used to protect your computer from all kinds of viruses and programs that endanger your device.
To use all modules of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, the software must have activated license... If you are already using Total Security or Internet Security, then it is possible to renew your license using the license keys offered on our website.
The anti-virus functions quite quickly, which allows you to quickly identify threats on your computer and eliminate them. IN antivirus program added modules Anti-banner and Anti-spam, capable of blocking any dangerous content.
The disadvantages of antivirus include its high cost and high maintenance costs. Activation codes for Kaspersky for 2019-2020 can eliminate these shortcomings. Keys for 90 days and for another period are constantly published on our resource, which will save money on using antivirus software.

You can install fresh series of keys on Kaspersky for free as follows:

  • We disconnect from the Internet.
  • Open the main window of the anti-virus program.
  • Enter the key: AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAA3. Click "Next".
  • An error message will appear. You need to click "Browse", where we select the key file.
  • Done.

Using journal keys or keys for a long time, Kaspersky will function at full capacity. Cloud antivirus technologies are now available, in accordance with which data from other users is collected and analyzed. This allows developers to quickly add detected viruses to the database.
Therefore, you can download free keys for Kaspersky on the website until 2019-2020, so that you no longer worry about the security of your computer. You just install and activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and the license will allow you not to remember the software at all. The anti-virus will run in the background, run simultaneously with the system, and automatically update the anti-virus databases.

READ MANDATORY !!! Before activating the keys, reset the trial period using the Kaspersky Reset Trial application or. If this is not done, the antivirus may not activate or activate for only 30 days.

Trial (trial) keys for Kaspersky 2019-2020

Updated 12/01/19

Download license file for Kaspersky for 2019-2020 + KRT_CLUB

Archive password: site

Program for kis 2019 to reset the trial and detailed instructions you will find inside the archive. Also, the program is suitable for other versions of the antivirus.


Download Kaspersky Internet Security keys

Three last fresh keys

BEXTW-7TSR9-CUX66-XV6B2 (no proxy 90 days)
RGU1Y-T7CZU-Z6M8N-8GVTU (no proxy 90 days)
FJR82-PBMNK-ZP5W3-QNSEW (proxy England 366 days)

U5P2U-8XQHQ-CWQZV-6NSCF (240 days without proxy)
1R6YA-XEWN9-MWFFH-F7KFC (no proxy)
B3DFM-Q3KGA-UP7WG-X5SQ6 (trial reset)
F9QF9-HN23H-RRTYZ-79CGK (proxy France 300 days)
TVUNE-3ZJXU-YD46R-TTU2E (proxy Germany 300 days)

Kaspersky Internet Security (proxy of Russia):


Kaspersky Internet Security for 90 days (proxy of Europe):


Kaspersky Internet Security 91 days (proxy of England):
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)

Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-Device for 60 days (proxy India):
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)

Kaspersky Internet Security (2012 - 2017) for 90 days:
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)
ATTENTION. When reactivation trial version reset required.

Kaspersky Internet Security (2012 - 2017) for 60 days:
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)

Kaspersky Internet Security (2015 - 2018) for 45 days:
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)


Download keys for Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security (300 days left) without proxy:

Kaspersky Total Security (KTS 2015-2017) for 90 days (proxy of Russia):

Kaspersky Total Security (KTS 2015-2017) for 90 days:


Download keys for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV 2015-2018) for 90 days (proxy of England):
(Instructions for changing the proxy are at the bottom of the article)
ATTENTION. Reactivation requires trial reset.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV 2015-2018) for 90 days (proxy France):

Kaspersky Antivirus for 30 days (no proxy):

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Software activation codes distributions are provided for informational purposes only.
All rights reserved by Kaspersky Lab



Publicly available Russian antivirus product from Kaspersky Lab! For PC users, you can download basic protection from the official website and get free protection for 1 year
Anyone can download Kaspersky for free for 365 days. Perfectly protects your operating room computer windows system 7, 8 and 10 interface in Russian, 1 year full version
If you are unable to pay, you cannot afford to buy Kaspersky Internet Security or renew the license of Kaspersky Total Securiny for one year.
You can download Kaspersky for free with a license, with an active activation code


  1. To extend the free and fast protection, activate the license using:
    Kaspersky Internet Security activation code 90 days
    kaspersky Total Security product key for 92 days.

2. To activate the license, you can also download and install the published license code for free:
kaspersky internet security 2019 activation code for 365 days.
kaspersky total security 2019 activation code from a fresh series for 365 days.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a thunderstorm of computer crime. Kaspersky Lab offers Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Free Kaspersky Key 2019. For your computer, Kaspersky is free. Free Kaspersky electronic license. Free Kaspersky Internet Security version and free activation code. Free antivirus, the official code of Kaspersky Internet Security 2019. Free download of Kaspersky Internet Security from the official website. Free antivirus, activation license for Kaspersky 2019 30 days. Kaspersky Internet Security activation license protection of your computer, your personaldata, your money and your family.

Install a new fresh version of kaspersky 2019 on your computer
Download Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Total Security Russian versions for free from the official website here.
Use the published commercial, free code to renew and activate your new license.

Free new fresh license keys for Kaspersky 45, 60, 90, 184, 365 days.

Kaspersky Total Security 2018, 2019, 2020

22.12. EZE4C-CMMF2-H5SJ5-9VR6H 111 days
28.11 ZAFET-Y7NU1-M2NJE-J2U81 628 days

30.11. RD87E-NV1FM-383AE-F27KQ 390 5 pcs

Kaspersky Internet Security 2018, 2019, 2020 fresh series

17.12. WNHE6-79PYM-YHABH-PWTD9 140 days

25.10 2019 fews5-56r2m-msbvq-dnj6q


16.12. U18AX-4ENAK-48QHW-B8T9T 232 days

Anti-Virus Kaspersky license free
MTSKC-UG6ND-276TE-NE9R5 for 99 days.


02.12. W1ZUH-DAJKR-GN2UK-UMWCE 275 days

Kaspersky Internet Security Android

17.12. TP3S9-259YQ-R9XYQ-JFUC7 159 days all

19.12. 160 days each

Cybersecurity of a new generation, a Kaspersky Lab product for a special offer that is right for you
Kaspersky Internet Security 1 PC license 6 months (184 days) with a discount.

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