Downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

Downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

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, downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

SuperLive Plus for PC (Windows 10 – Mac OS)

Table of Contents

SuperLive Plus for PC and Mac. It is a professional software for managing IP cams. With this app, you can see live video streams from your home, or even your office. All in all, it allows HD streaming of IP cameras with the help of an active internet connection.SuperLive Plusalso includes video recording features, as well as video Playback. Not to mention you can view previous videos! However, please note that this application only works with compatible models of IP camera.

Download SuperLive Plus for PC (Windows Or Mac)

To download SuperLive Plus for PC you need to download and install an android emulator like Bluestacks. Then you must open Bluestacks and search for the SuperLive Plus app, download and install SuperLive Plus from the google play store and finally open SuperLive Plus via the Bluestacks environment.

Here are the steps in detail to get SuperLive Plus for PC:

  • Step 1: First you will need an android emulator. We will use BlueStacks for this tutorial. Download BlueStacks from here.
  • Step 2: Now install the package and login with your Gmail account.
  • Step 3: When the BlueStacks installation is complete, 0pen the Google Play Store within BlueStacks
  • Step 4: Sign in to the Play Store using your Google ID.  in BlueStacks search bar and hit the enter button.
  • Step 5: In the Play Store search bar type “SuperLive Plus” and press enter.
  • Step 6: Download the SuperLive Plus app to BlueStacks and install it.
  • Step 7: Open the “My Apps” tab on BlueStacks
  • Step 8: Open and use SuperLive Plus for PC or Mac!

Read: BlueStacks For PC

How to use SuperLive Plus App

SuperLive Plus is very simple even when using it on PC or laptop. With its simple user interface, anyone can navigate it easily. All you need to do is to enter some information related to the IP camera into the app. Then, enter details like Device Name, IP address, as well as Port Number, etc.

After adding the required information you can see live HD view of the camera of your choice. All things considered, this app works only with the help of internet connectivity. If not then it might be an issue with the network connection of the camera.

Features of SuperLive Plus

  • Record videos of the camera. All videos are recorded within the app. You can watch them anytime, as well as anywhere you want to.
  • Alarm Notification. If this app detects anything suspicious in the video, or senses any motion then you will get an instant notification.
  • All videos are played with the built-in player. It means you can adjust the level of volume and play, pause, forward, rewind the video.
  • PTZ Control. Zoom in and Zoom out the video. Moreover, you can view the video in both landscape and Portrait Mode.
  • Store Video in Cloud Storage with Email Sharing.
  • Two-way communication just like an Intercom device.

So, all in all, you can say that  SuperLive Plus for pc is an app that controls the workings of IP cam. Just like iVMS-4500 HD for PC, it manages multiple cams at the same time. All cam show videos in HD quality.

SuperLive Plus Alternatives:


Here you can find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about SuperLive Plus for PC. Topics include pricing, safety, as well as emulator options and more. Read on to see if your questions have already been answered in this section.

Is SuperLive Plus for PC Free?

Yes. SuperLive Plus for PC is a free application. Not to mention that emulators needed to download it are generally free as well.

Is It Safe To Use SuperLive Plus On PC or Mac?

All in all, SuperLive Plus is considered to be a safe application to use on your PC. However, as with anything you download to your computer, there can be issues. Simply be diligent about not releasing your personal information.

Is Using an Emulator the Only Option to Use SuperLive Plus For PC & Mac?

Using an emulator is the only option for downloading SuperLive Plus for PC and Mac. If you visit the SuperLive website, they will also instruct you to use an Emulator.

What Can I do if SuperLive Plus Fails to Download via the Google Play Store?

One option is that instead of an Android emulator, you can attempt to download an iOS emulator and try to find the app through the Apple App Store. All things considered, the steps are quite similar to using an Android emulator. However, instead of emulating an Android device, the program emulates an iOS device.
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downloading SuperLive Plus on PC and Mac Archives

How to Install SuperLive Plus on your PC (Windows & Mac)

Do you have a video surveillance system installed in your properties? They are crucial for a security solution. To have peace of mind and monitor all your properties from any part of the world using your device, you need some special software that has capabilities to broadcast video from the CCTV cameras. SuperLive Plus app is one such excellent performing software.

With the SuperLive Plus app, you need not be next to your property yet you can view everything your surveillance cameras records. What you only need is an IP video camera and a steady internet connection, and you have the freedom to monitor your property from any country in the world.

SuperLive Plus app is an android application with customized features as follows. Allows watching of live streaming videos in HD or Full HD definition from more than one video camera using the split-screen feature. It has the PTZ control that is used for finer and detailed focus such as zoom. SuperLive Plus app microphone can be used to talk and record visitor’s audio.

How to download and install SuperLive Plus on PC using Nox emulator

The downloading and installation of the SuperLive Plus app on PC, Windows, or Mac is the same, so the highlighted steps are general. As already mentioned, SuperLive Plus app is an android application, therefore to use on Windows or Mac you need to have an android emulator such as the Nox emulator installed on your device. Nox emulator is solemnly free to download and use with no hidden charges.

To download the Nox emulator, visit the official website then click on the icon to start downloading then run the emulator on your device. Once you have a working emulator, sign in to your Google Play Store.

The next step is to search SuperLive Plus on the open Google Play Store. From the result list, choose the app that best suits you and downloads it. Once the downloading process is complete, install the app to start enjoying what the app offers. With these simple and intuitive steps, you have SuperLive Plus app functional in your device.

This is all that you need, SuperLive Plus app after you install a surveillance system for your property security. They enhance not only your property security but also a hustle free approach to have tight security. You can walk any part of the world without worrying about your property security.

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