Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

Jaap's Puzzle Page

Post:   100Your name:   manrashWebsite:Type your comment:   Great site :-)
Post:   99Your name:   jrWebsite:   http://www.internetnewsdaily.comType your comment:   cool site
Post:   98Your name:   dudeWebsite:Type your comment:   ur game sucks
Post:   97Your name:   H. S. TeohWebsite:   http://eusebeia.dyndns.org/~hsteoh/megamorphix/megamorphix.htmlType your comment:   I was reading your page on possible ideas for future puzzles, and was intrigued by the possibility of an edge-turning version of the Pyraminx. Well, Ive posted the results of my investigation on the above URL. Let me know what you think.
Post:   96Your name:   christaWebsite:Type your comment:   i LOVE your site!!! its SOOoooo fab!!!! and ive FINALLY solved my rubicks ufo THANKs! btw i came thru from tantrix
Post:   95Your name:   konstantinosWebsite:   http://www.olympicube.comType your comment:   Good work actually! be ready for the big cubes!
Post:   94Your name:   NagylaciWebsite:   http://tablajatekos.huType your comment:   Thank You!
Post:   93Your name:   Jaap ScherphuisWebsite:Type your comment:   That link should of course be: http://pyva.net/eng/pc/rmaster.html (small typo). You can solve that puzzle with the techniques used in the Rotos solution.
Post:   92Your name:   semaWebsite:   http://pyva.net/engType your comment:   Hi!
Thank you for the cool site!
May i suggest another link?
here is a downlowdable puzzle at
Post:   91Your name:   ValerieWebsite:   excel at web-ster dot comType your comment:   I bought an Instant Insanity block puzzle at a garage sale today. It is unopened in its original celophane wrap and was made by Products of the Behavioral Sciences in 1967 under Pat. Pending status. The patent on these puzzles was later bought by Parker b [rest of text lost - 255 char limit]
Post:   90Your name:   YKWebsite:   -Type your comment:   I think this site is gr8!
Post:   89Your name:   BernhardWebsite:   http://www.puzzlewood.deType your comment:   wonderful made website, for new wooden puzzles look at my website
Post:   88Your name:   ArpadWebsite:Type your comment:   can anyone give me some information on getting a Square One or a Cube 21.
i am in Australia so maybe a mail order site or something ??
arspawn2 at yahoo dot com dot au
Post:   87Your name:   JOHNWebsite:Type your comment:   i love ur professor cube!!!!!!!
u want a great gears 4 it???????
Post:   86Your name:   80ermannWebsite:   http://cgi6.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&userid=80ermannType your comment:   Only a true fan of all rubiks and 3-D-Puzzles can build such a perfect internet page! The images and descriptions and interactive games are lovely designed and a dedication to the spirit of the little wooden cube designed in the 70s - and all his varietie [rest of text lost - 255 char limit]
Post:   85Your name:   Jaap ScherphuisWebsite:   this oneType your comment:   Sarah, I have nearly finished writing a Cmetrick page (with simulation) for my next update.
Post:   84Your name:   SarahWebsite:   http://www.elogiq.comType your comment:   Wonderful site. We would appreciate if you could evaluate our new brain teaser we call: Cmetrick. We think you are going to like it. See http://www.elogiq.com
Post:   83Your name:   Daniel McCollumWebsite:Type your comment:   Thank you so much for such a wonderful site. This is my favorite all around puzzle site, and I eagerly look forward to every update. Could you update the Megaminx page to say that the current Mefferts produced megaminx has 7 colors, with one being pink an [rest of text lost - 255 char limit]
Post:   82Your name:   JaapWebsite:   http://www.rsiboek.nlType your comment:   Gefeliciteerd met je volhouden. Je site bestaat al heel lang en is nog steeds een prima bron van puzzels. Groeten Jaap Bosman
Post:   81Your name:   Stefan SchwalbeWebsite:   http://people.freenet.de/stschwalbe/ppuzz/index.htmlType your comment:   I like Your Page very much!
Post:   80Your name:   ChavakWebsite:Type your comment:   It was a nice Rubiks cube you have posted. I have downloaded it, air to try it offline and get the hook of it. But do not know how to do it offline, anyway I will try
Post:   79Your name:   JaeWebsite:Type your comment:   hey i have been trying to find square 1 to purchase it...but i have have been failing...i you have any suggestions please email me at jane_toader at hotmail dot com
Post:   78Your name:   Cosmin-CoralWebsite:Type your comment:   Ive just discovered Tantrix, was looking for more info & puzzles - you have an excellent site here - the exception that proves the rule about Geocities sites ::).
Post:   77Your name:   CarterWebsite:   http://home.ec.rr.com/specialpuzzles/Index.htmType your comment:   Jaap,
I used your UFO solution to solve a Square-1 mod. After several false starts, I was finally able to make sense of Bram Cohens solution. Sweet! Thank goodness for your website! Best regards.
Post:   76Your name:   jerryWebsite:   noneType your comment:   missing one:large cube composed of 27 smaller cubes (3x3x3) which are interconnected via an elastic cord such that the 3x3x3 cube can be unfolded into a linear string of the 27 smaller cubes. Set of smaller cubes linked pair-wise, some connections at righ [rest of text lost - 255 char limit]
Post:   75Your name:   John T. TilleryWebsite:   JTTillery at aol dot comType your comment:   This is a great web site because I love to solve puzzles. I keep a notebook of solutions. The problem is writing to be understood by the next person reading it. The UFO puzzle is one of those dilemmas. Does anyone have simpler start to solve this puzzle?
Post:   74Your name:   Ralph KuleszaWebsite:Type your comment:   A very wonderful website. Ilove it
Thank you for your efforts. God Bless you. Ralph
Post:   73Your name:   Christine BrooksWebsite:   Avariato72 at aol dot comType your comment:   I was wondering if you could help me? Im trying to find some 80s puzzles as an anniversary gift for my husband. Im looking for whip-it tower puzzle, missing link, rubiks cube mini, reg. rubiks cube, pyramid and the snake. Please if you know where I can pu [rest of text lost - 255 char limit]
Post:   72Your name:   Lawrence RowleyWebsite:   lawbetrowley at sympatico dot caType your comment:   I have made a tower with 7 disks for my daughter in law to illustrate the principle to her students. Very interesting.
Post:   71Your name:   Walter WojtyszynWebsite:Type your comment:   Your website is wonderful and I think is one of the best in the Web about puzzles!!!!
Post:   70Your name:   Greg SchmidtWebsite:Type your comment:   I have been writing puzzle solving programs for the past 20 years and I can say that your site is the pinnacle of puzzle solving bliss. Thank you for putting so much effort into this endeaver and making it available for all.
Post:   69Your name:   Doug SpeerWebsite:Type your comment:   Thank you! I have been working on this for 2 years now and have come close, but never able to finish it. It now looks beautiful, at least until my son wakes up and starts playing with it.
Post:   68Your name:   Paul BosleyWebsite:Type your comment:   thanks for the pic of spinout. I am looking for the classic model.
Post:   67Your name:   charlie(charl10439)Website:Type your comment:   Rainbow cube. Can you say EASY?!!!
Post:   66Your name:   JaapWebsite:   This oneType your comment:   I lost a few guestbook entries when I made the third guestbook archive page. Sorry! Please remedy this emptyness by adding your own comments!
Post:   65Your name:   GavinWebsite:   http://www.google.co.jpType your comment:   This site is no good !!
Post:   64Your name:   Esteban RuizWebsite:Type your comment:   Really good site, it has really helped me with my Rubik cube. My favorite part is the Java Script, it´s fully interactive and it helps a lot if you do not posses a cube of your own. Congratulations
Post:   63Your name:   pauline hampsonWebsite:Type your comment:   I adore all these puzzles.The soloutions are facinating too-so different from my own ways.Great pages
Post:   62Your name:   Jim LiongWebsite:Type your comment:   AMAZING! Your knowledge, solutions and a willingness to share is highly commendable.
Q-What other non-rubic puzzles could be included? Have you taken part in WPC?
Post:   61Your name:   John LouieWebsite:   ramble.seismo.unr.eduType your comment:   Whew! The K-Ball manufacturers web site was useless, despite a solution being promised on the package. Thanks for everything.
Post:   60Your name:   Santanu (smchari at rediffmail dot com)Website:Type your comment:   Do you have a actual Rubiks clock that you can lend?

Post:   59Your name:   Scott MartinWebsite:   bristolcity69 at hotmail dot comType your comment:   where in north america can I buy a Whip-it?
Post:   58Your name:   George HuttlinWebsite:   gahuttlin at netzero dot netType your comment:   This is fantastic. I stumbled on your site and for some reason lost it. I thought it was so great I spent the better part of an hour looking for the Rubiks Cube link that got me there in the first place. Im glad I found you again.
Post:   57Your name:   KazzaWebsite:Type your comment:   hi, kewl website. tankx heaps for letting me use dis site it was very good and easy to read. it helped me heaps in completing the full tantrix puzzel (took me a while)
Anywayz tanx heaps
LoVe ~*KaZzA*~
Post:   56Your name:   Max + Leo PeterseWebsite:   http://www.het-website.tkType your comment:   Mooie site hoor Jaap!
Wel helemaal inhet Engels :)
Geen probleem hoor! En nu maar oefenen met die puzzels!

greetz Max + Leo
Post:   55Your name:   seanWebsite:Type your comment:   thank you for the soloution
now i can get on with more trivial pass times
Post:   54Your name:   Bob FriedhofferWebsite:   scienctrix.comType your comment:   This is a GREAT site. I cant imagine how long it took you to compile the information and then go on to make it all understandable.
You have done very well. Thank you.
Post:   53Your name:   Paul DiamondWebsite:   mr humble at prodigy dot netType your comment:   The most spectacular think I ever Witness.. I love it.Ill be looking at it for a long time to come.. Thank You
Post:   52Your name:   Herbert KociembaWebsite:   http://kociemba.org/cube.htmType your comment:   I invested some time to make my Cube Explorer program see a cube with a webcam. This project is in a stage now, where I can release a beta version. Look at my page. I do not want to be in concurrence with speed-cubers which are of course much better, but
Post:   51Your name:   Charlie (charl10439)Website:Type your comment:   Did somebody say puzzles! Well I did when I said puzzles are fun!!!
Post:   50Your name:   SteveWebsite:Type your comment:   on the 2x2x2 java solver . . which side is considered the front . .Ive been trying to help a friend solve on of the starwars puzzles (which are hard enought to figure out which side belongs where) and have yet to solve to darn thing !!
Post:   49Your name:   Markus WenningWebsite:   wenning.markus at gmx dot deType your comment:   thank you so much for your efforts, I couldnt figure out how to do the Square-1 for months until I finally got the last clues from this site. thank you very much. Great site.

Markus Wenning
Post:   48Your name:   Sascha BurzynskiWebsite:   smburzynski at msn dot comType your comment:   Thnaks for this page!!! I had my Nintendo Barrel for 23 years and could not figure out how to solve it. So I drilled some holes into the top to take the screws out for a cheat. Thaks to this site I had hours of fun with the barrel and relived child hood m
Post:   47Your name:   Ram Dayal GoyalWebsite:   http://www.rdgoyal.freehomepage.comType your comment:   Congrats Jaap, This is best site on puzzles I have seen on entire web. Please include metal puzzles also to you huge wonderful digital library.
Post:   46Your name:   Fred BassettiWebsite:   gwenfredb at attbi dot comType your comment:   Magnificent site, my compliments.

I will write to you later regarding your notes on polyhedra, where you mentioned my Flexagons.
Post:   45Your name:   woody johnsonWebsite:Type your comment:   what a wild cube i can do it but what a mind twister
Post:   44Your name:   OatWebsite:Type your comment:   Jaap - You have a great site. I have had a Square 1 my wife messed up for me 10 years ago that I just got out of a drawer and finally fixed. I have turned the site into a PDF, if you care for that.
Post:   43Your name:   Gary BellWebsite:Type your comment:   Given the fact that most Cube solutions use one of three basic strategies (Edges first,corners first,or layers),how is it possible for the authors to avoid charges of plagiarism? Surely they must discover the same basic sequences.
Post:   42Your name:   LisaWebsite:   lisa_toth at mcgraw-hill dot comType your comment:   Any idea where I can purchase the Hungarian Rings.
Post:   41Your name:   Ole Poul, DenmarkWebsite:   http://www.puslerier.webbyen.dkType your comment:   Dear Jaap,

I like your site and find it very usefull, while I have made a link to it at http://www.puslerier.k-nettet.dk

Admiring your growing collection,
Puzzling regards,
Ole Poul
Post:   40Your name:   Peter ElznerWebsite:   http://elzner.info/peter/puzzle/puzzle3.shtmlType your comment:   great site! I think I have a cube-like thing that you dont have yet. At least I couldnt find it in the graphical overview. you will find a picture on my site (see link - german text)
Post:   39Your name:   Gary BellWebsite:Type your comment:   An excellent site for both puzzle and nostalgia buffs! I well remember having many of thes 20 years ago.
Post:   38Your name:   ArlenWebsite:Type your comment:   This web site is by far the best source for puzzle research and solutions. My mom, who is not computer literate, called me looking for solutions to a couple of the puzzles, but she did not know their names. Through your graphical page, I was able to insta
Post:   37Your name:   JaapWebsite:   this oneType your comment:   Thanks Ceecee, Ill fix that soon - s stands slice and for example Rs means R L, and Fs = F B. The c stands for cube and means the whole cube is turned instead of a single layer.
Post:   36Your name:   ceeceeWebsite:Type your comment:   I enjoy the patterns, but some of them contained the letters s and c, which werent mentioned in the notation section.
Post:   35Your name:   KateWebsite:Type your comment:   Thanks for your help, Ill keep my eyes peeled on the ebay site. If you do hear of 1 going I hope youll keep me in mine! kd_backonline at hotmail dot com
Post:   34Your name:   JaapWebsite:Type your comment:   Kate, your message was automatically truncated due to a 256 character limit. Sorry! On eBay you can sometimes find LOcubes.
Post:   33Your name:   KateWebsite:Type your comment:   Wow, I can see alot of brain time has gone in to making this site. Its great, I love it, however I have a problem! My bro has moved to Oz and taken his Lights Out Cube with him, HELP where can I get one? (Im getting withdrawal symptoms!!)
PLEASE email m
Post:   32Your name:   Gilles RouxWebsite:   http://grrroux.free.frType your comment:   Unique website. Full of relevant information, clean layout, useful theory. Congratulations!
Post:   31Your name:   Justin TimberlakeWebsite:Type your comment:   Hey! nice web-site! Enjoyed lookin! I actually have some spare time to look and go on the computer but most of the time i wake up at in the morning and practicing and on the road. bye
Post:   30Your name:   BubbaWebsite:   lalalaType your comment:   U should be able to actually play puzzles on ur website, but thats just my suggestion. ur website is kindda boring!
Post:   29Your name:   trudyWebsite:Type your comment:   thanks for the solution to master I had a tough time with this puzzle
Post:   28Your name:   francis from tuamWebsite:Type your comment:   i thought this site was a load of bull!
Post:   27Your name:   MeetoWebsite:Type your comment:   Great!very interesting and nice site.It reminds me of my childhood,accompanied by the magic cube,Rubiks magic and some other interesting toys.
Post:   26Your name:   MatthewWebsite:Type your comment:   Thank you for the mathemaical analysis and break down. My friends think Square-1 is just a toy, and that toys dont need math.
Post:   25Your name:   DanWebsite:Type your comment:   Oh my... Its like you write in a different language.
Post:   24Your name:   JaapWebsite:Type your comment:   Sharon,

The faded sides are the sides where the cubes touch each other when stacked in a tower. They are not visible, and their colour is unimportant. Only the 4 sides of the tower matter, which are the unfaded faces.
Post:   23Your name:   SharonWebsite:Type your comment:   Thanks for fading out the colours but I am still getting 2 reds in one of the turns. The solution shows 2 reds in the top position (along with one green and one yellow) Please help me
Post:   22Your name:   JaapWebsite:Type your comment:   Sharon, the Instant Insanity solution looks fine to me. I have faded out the colours of the non-visible faces so it might be easier to see it now.
Post:   21Your name:   SharonWebsite:Type your comment:   Neat site though the one I went to check out doesnt seem to work for me. Instant Insanity solution shown has 2 red showing in one position - what am I doing wrong??
Post:   20Your name:   Ram Dayal GoyalWebsite:   http://www.rdgoyal.freehomepage.comType your comment:   This is wonderful and excellent site i was impressed with. Being interested too much in puzzles and thoery of puzzles I never found such a huge collection at a single place than jaaps puzzle home.....congrats !!
Post:   19Your name:   Volker PohlersWebsite:Type your comment:   Thank you for this great page!
Post:   18Your name:   Aaron KynastonWebsite:Type your comment:   I love Rubiks cubes! I love the 3x3x3, and I just ordered a 5x5x5!
Post:   17Your name:   Charlie(dude)Website:Type your comment:   I got the blackhole puzzle not long ago. It doesnt suck! Its easy!
Post:   16Your name:   RobWebsite:   http://www.curiouser.co.ukType your comment:   Interesting
Post:   15Your name:   JaapWebsite:   http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzlesType your comment:   Sorry Lisa, There seems to be a 255 character limit to the guestbook comments, so the rest of your sentence got lost.
Post:   14Your name:   LisaWebsite:Type your comment:   This has been wonderful. I have had a bowl of puzzles that family members have had goes at for years, and as Im cleaning them up to put them into a new container, I have used your solutions to get them all back to their starting points. Having the picture
Post:   13Your name:   Geoff KendallURL:   fritz_tc at hotmail dot comType your comment:   Great website! Its good to see so many puzzles in one hit. Almost tempted to look at the solutions. Never will!
Post:   12Your name:   charlieURL:   Type your comment:   puzzles are grooooooooooooooooovy
Post:   11Your name:   john youngURL:   Type your comment:   your site is the ultimate cheaters guide. lol
Post:   10Your name:   allanie gelanURL:   Type your comment:   for instant insanity; would it be easy to construct a similar puzzle using 5 or 6 cubes with 5 or 6 colors?
Post:   9Your name:   Conrad SchlundtURL:   dont have oneType your comment:   You have far and away, the nicest looking graphical java scripts I have seen. The code for the couple I have looked at has been a clinic in programming.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Post:   8Your name:   Don FleischmanURL:   dufleischman at earthlink dot netType your comment:   I cannot express in words, nor anything else, what a wonderful site this is. My deepest and sincerest appreciation is offerred to you for sharing your knowledge. You have helped me to become a puzzle maniac! Thanks, Don Fleischman
Post:   7Your name:   Garth FlintURL:   gpflint at hotmail dot comType your comment:   I teach high school math. I plan to use some of your solutions. Thanks.
Post:   6Your name:   AllyURL:   http://members.lycos.co.uk/allycat2000Type your comment:   NIce site! Helped a lot on those last 2 levels!
Post:   5Your name:   alanyapURL:   http://www.splitnmatch.comType your comment:   nice site! my site is about puzzle games too.
Post:   4Your name:   rob mulderijURL:   r.cmulderij at freeler dot nlType your comment:   mijn tijd is nu 44 seconden. voor peters black hole.
Post:   3Your name:   robURL:   Type your comment:   Wie weet een snelle methode voor peter's black hole? mijn snelste tijd is 48 seconden.
Post:   2Your name:   Nelson MoralesURL:   nelsin at aol dot comType your comment:   Great job! I'd like to also tell you that I appreciate all the work you've done on putting this page together with all this valuable information (description, solutions, etc.) for puzzle maniacs like me.
Post:   1Your name:   Jaap ScherphuisURL:   http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/Type your comment:   Welcome to my new guestbook. Please add your comments about my site. Thanks!
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, Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

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Wood Block Puzzle Latest Version for PC Archives

Tag Archive: puzzle game

Top best puzzle game on phone and PC for you (Part 2)

5. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins, also known as The Room 4, is one of the toughest puzzle games available today on Mobile. The game retains the same gloomy colors as the previous versions, you perform simple actions on the screen such as swiping, sliding your finger to adjust the character’s perspective, checking every item in the room and decoding the puzzles of the game.

6. Causality

Causality is a brain hacking puzzle game by helping a group of stranded astronauts find their way to safety. The game has a simple gameplay, you just have to navigate the characters and get out of the traps. Each level has a time limit, you have to lead astronauts to the exit that suits them in a limited time frame, when all are to the exit, your friend has completed the level.

7. Ticket To Earth

A distant planet, a deadly conspiracy,  a dying colony, fighting a greedy system are all there in Ticket to Earth, the revolutionary strategy RPG. The game is a continuous blend of turn-based tactics, thought-provoking puzzles, you must control your moves and use the buffs available to fight your enemies.

8. All That Remains: Part 1

In All That Remains: Part 1, your main goal is to find your way out before bad things happen. Explore a dungeon, collect items, solve clues, puzzles and try to escape from the room before the door is locked. You can seek help from your sister through the built-in radio contact.

9. Monument Valley

Among the classic puzzle games, Monument Valley has many attractions in each level, you will be challenged quite a lot when you get lost in the wonderland, enjoy the art works, architectural style.

Lester NewmanAugust 6, 2020Puzzle GamesCausality, puzzle game, The Room: Old SinsRead more >

Top best puzzle game on phone and PC for you (Part 1)

For those who love puzzle games, you probably still remember the feeling when solving a difficult puzzle requires thinking for many days to find the answer, if you want to continue to experience the feeling of addictive.

Let’s conquer the games on this list with us!

If you are a fan of mind games, puzzle games with brain hacking gameplay, you will not be able to miss our following games. Please follow the following article offline.

1. Brain Out

Topping the list of best puzzle games on mobile that Taimienphi wants to introduce to you this time is Brain Out. Contrary to the thinking logic like a regular puzzle game, Brain Out ‘s puzzles are  sometimes extremely confusing and like a tough joke. Only when you get over the normal way of thinking can you win the game.

2. Brain Test

Similar to Brain Out, Brain Test players cannot use the usual way of thinking to get through the levels, instead you are forced to find a suitable alternative. And sometimes you will be surprised and laugh when you find the answer is hidden very carefully by the clever, witty brains of the publisher. Simple game interface, bright colors, so suitable for both adults and children.

3. Stump Me

Are you really smart enough to beat your friends in this addictive brain puzzle game  Stump Me ? Or are you smart enough to overcome the challenges, not be fooled by the publisher’s trick puzzles. Both of these 2 questions will be answered quickly when you participate in extremely headache but no less humorous puzzles from Stump Me.

4. Hello Stars

Possessing extremely simple “wire man” graphics,  Hello Stars is a puzzle game that at first glance is easy to play, but difficult to win. There are no diverse puzzles like other games, at each level Hello Stars players will use their brushstrokes to make the water balloon fly in the right place. Revealing, the secret to winning the game is to apply well knowledge of gravity that you have learned.

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Puzzle Light – The difficult turning on bulbs game

Puzzle Light is an interesting an amazing puzzle game. The puzzle revolves around a light bulb and you must find every possible way to pop the ball up.

Turning on a switch to make a light bulb seem to be an easy job, but it doesn’t seem like that in the intellectual game Puzzle Light. When there are too many switches, too many rules to comply with will be easy to get confused. Try your puzzle ability in Puzzle Light.

The main features of the game turn on the Puzzle Light:

– Based on signs and instructions to turn on the light bulb.

– Many of them are difficult and interesting challenges.

– Funny graphics and extremely cute protagonist.

– Play the puzzle game completely free.

– Signs to turn on the light

– Signs and rules to follow to turn on the light bulb in Puzzle Light.

You will use the mouse to play the game and turn on this Puzzle Light bulb on the desktop. The game interface is very simple, there is notable to choose the level, only one button to start playing, one setting button to enable, turn off the sound, play games, stop playing or delete.

The main character is an incandescent light bulb, with a sad face because it is in the dark, as long as you light it, it will give you a bright smile. This can make many players think of monkeys in the game Sad Monkey.

How to play extremely simple, you just need to click on the switches and turn them on the signs and rules displayed on the screen to turn on the light bulb.

But to decode the signs, the rule is really a big problem. Sometimes, because the light bulb is loose, you need to tighten it, sometimes you have to turn the switches according to a certain instruction, just follow the left and right instructions to ensure the right rule. Or you must turn on the switch in order or at a certain time. Even if one click or 1 millisecond is wrong, the shadow is still black and muddy.

The game is even more difficult when there are scenarios where there is no sign to recognize, there is no instruction, you just click on the switch and it runs all over the screen and it is impossible to light the bulb up.

The early levels are quite easy when you have to perform fewer operations, the puzzle is also easier to solve. The more the level becomes, the more difficult the puzzle is, and the puzzle becomes duller and thorny, making Puzzle Light really a brainstorming game.

This intellectual game is completely free and has an ad on the right, but is not annoying for players.

Are you confident in your ability to solve puzzles and how fast you are? Download Puzzle Light and challenge yourself in this fascinating but challenging intellectual game.

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Dream of Pixels – A strange but amazing puzzle game

Dream of Pixels is a great puzzle game and worth a try. Regardless of the mode, the gameplay is very attractive and interesting, let’s experience the childhood memories once in a completely new style.

Puzzle is a game that has been born for more than 30 years and has been with most of us since the era of handheld electronics. This is a simple game, easy to play but equally attractive, challenging and the most important reason is that it is quite familiar to the majority of players. Because of this, many versions of this game have been released with a lot of gameplay being created and adjusted. And in today’s article, we would like to introduce to you a rather strange mobile puzzle game called Dream of Pixels.

In Dream of Pixels, there are still familiar shapes, L-shaped bars, squares, long sticks,… But this time the game will not stop at the normal puzzle. The game screen has been transformed and we will experience up to 5 different game modes and very attractive new features of the game.

Instead of the traditional play style of falling blocks from above, in Dream of Pixels, the gameplay has been slightly modified. At each stage there will be a wall built and constantly built. Players will have to cut the blocks according to the pictures that appear in the upper corner of the screen. The player’s score will be calculated according to the number of rows of bricks they cut. The game will end when the wall touches the bottom of the screen.

Dream of Pixels starts quite gently and simply, the necessary bricks will appear and the player just needs to select the desired points and tap on it, it can be said that the main operation in the game is just tap, tap and tap. But gradually the speed of the game screen will increase gradually and the player will have to manipulate and react quickly to make the next cut pieces.

Usually in the early stages of the stage, we will not pay attention to the creation of cuts on the wall so that after that there are still beautiful angles to serve for later cuts, when the speed of the screen Increasing, the majority of players will become more rushed than ever, we will frantically hyphen or try to remove the discrete pieces of the bend position earlier, then when unable to catch up Given the speed, most players will have to stop.

There are also special white pieces hidden in the wall, players will receive bonus points for moving them. At first this job will be quite interesting because it helps players improve the score and quickly have the opportunity to explore other levels, but when the difficulty of the levels increases, this does not seem to be important.

The other modes of Dream of Pixels are also very attractive with quite a lot of interesting surprises. Such as Pro mode, players will start the game at level 9 and the rules will also slightly change. We will have to manipulate separate blocks on the screen or a perforated wall when they are enlarged. Besides, in Puzzle mode, the job seems to be quite light, in this mode the system will not count or record over time, so the player will be relaxed and not have to suffer any pressure.

Overall, Dream of Pixels is a great puzzle game and worth a try. Regardless of the mode, the gameplay is very attractive and interesting, let’s experience the childhood memories once in a completely new style.

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The best mobile puzzle game genre today

The mobile games of the puzzle category listed below all have unique and extremely addictive gameplay.

Although not focusing on the graphics, the puzzle games in the following article still know how to attract gamers thanks to their unique and extremely addictive gameplay. These games are mostly designed for iOS.

1. Yankai’s Peak

Yankai’s Peak is a colorful Puzzle game, the player’s goal is to move the triangle blocks so that the blue blocks can reach the position required by the screen. More and more puzzles with different colors will make players brainstorm constantly.

2. The Witness

You will play a character who has just woken up in the tunnel, the first thing you do will be moving, by clicking on the screen of the destination, next you will see an electronic board and instructions: connect the first point and the last point to open the door, this is also the first puzzle and the most basic puzzle philosophy, throughout the hundreds of puzzles you will encounter during the game. After going through a few other riddles, you’ll realize you’re discovering a beautiful sunny island with lots of mysteries that need to be solved.

3. Campfire Cooking

Created by Layton Hawkes, Campfire Cooking is a very entertaining game about very natural moments, for example here when you prepare meals on a very special kitchen. The gameplay of the game is very simple and easy to get used to. There are over 100 challenges that allow you to explore cooking like never before.

4. Starman

This is a puzzle game with quite simple gameplay and monotonous graphics background with only black and white. In each game screen, you need to control your character to move and interact with objects in the game to find ways to solve the puzzles given by the screen, to restore the lights and bring the living back to that dark area.

5. Euclidean Lands

In the Euclidean Lands, players will play a warrior with special ability to move on all 6 sides of a strange Rubik box world. Like Hitman Go, your character will also move step by step but unique in that the enemy also varies with different attacks, so plan wisely and carefully before the take action if you do not want to be destroyed in the first place.

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Puzzle Fighter – A great sports puzzle game of Capcom

Puzzle Fighter is a mobile game that brings together most familiar characters that have long appeared in the Capcom empire.

It can be said, Puzzle Fighter is a revamped version from the 21-year-old game of Capcom with the name Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, inheriting the most unique elements of the elder before. Puzzle Fighter is a rather interesting combination between the puzzle gameplay of the legendary Tetris and the typical countervailing element in the Fighting game series.

Although possessing a puzzle game like Tetris, the mechanism of action in Puzzle Fighter is quite different. In each match, the player will have to move and arrange the blocks of the same color together, then take advantage of the colored cubes of the corresponding color to detonate these blocks. The amount of damage will be higher when the number of blocks exploded in one at a time, at the same time will create obstacles on the opponent’s side, slowing their counterattack ability.

In Puzzle Fighter, players can flexibly change skills for their characters, collect pieces through loot obtained after winning a battle, and use them to recruit more characters, or learn new skills. In addition, Puzzle Fighters also gives players an extremely rich and familiar character system, which you can easily see in most of the games Capcom has ever released, such as Ryu, Chun- Li from Street Fighters, Rockman X from Megaman, or even Dante from Devil May Cry.

In terms of graphics, Puzzle Fighter is designed with a funny chibi-style character image, the details on the body are simple, leaving only the characteristics of each character. Sound is designed quite detailed, you will be able to easily hear the familiar sound when using that skill.

This game has 2 main game modes: Online Match and Missions. Online Match allows players to compete 1v1 against each other in a real-time PvP match, after winning certain matches, you will be able to unlock new character cells. Or you can choose the Missions mode to fight the machine, completing these missions will also bring you extremely valuable rewards.

Currently the game has been released for free on a global scale.

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Puzzle Pets – An interesting puzzle game on PC

Puzzle Pets is a free match-3 puzzle game for PC and mobile devices. As a new product of the boss Gameloft, Puzzle Pets promises to bring many interesting surprises for gamers.

Main features of Puzzle Pets puzzle game:

– Combine up to 6 pets and create 10 colorful combos

– Use pets as assistants in your adventure

– Each animal will own a unique and unique skill

– Train and train pet assistants to rescue the island from threats from tree monsters

– Clash with many powerful tree monsters

– Join the adventure through snow mountains, dense forests and 5 different islands during 126 attractive levels.

– Find suitable tactics with 7 Booster to support, from the swirls to the tongue of the chameleon

– Join exciting events in the game and help other players unlock valuable rewards, including rare and lovely helpers to face tough bosses

– Track your friends’ progress and live special events on the world map and LeaderBoard

Coming to Puzzle Pets, you will be immersed into the colorful world of beautiful islands, meet cute and friendly animals … Puzzle Pets play similar to famous match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled.

Your task is to arrange at least 3 identical beasts to score points. But the good point of the game is that each screen will have a different challenge. For example, there is a screen that requires breaking an ice sheet in a certain box, catching enough apples in a basket or scoring a certain score. The challenge is that the player must complete the task in limited steps, or for a certain amount of time. Carefully calculating plus a little luck, you will win the game in this exciting game.

During the journey, you will get help from pets with special skills like breaking stones, opening paths … To activate the skills for pets, the player must fill the energy bar of They by performing consecutive eating combos at least 2 times or more. Puzzle Pets has many different types of animals for you to unlock and take care of them with the materials earned after completing the game screen.

When playing Puzzle Pets, you will be immersed in the beautiful as well as extremely brilliant graphics platform, the world of friendly and close animals. They are an octopus, ducks, foxes, frogs, rabbits … in bright colors, funny, suitable for players of many ages. The PC version is available on Windows Store for free download. So what are you waiting for without downloading Puzzle Pets now and enjoy it!

With cute graphics, beautiful and diverse skills plus many different challenges, many strong bosses in each stage, Puzzle Pets will bring extremely new experiences for you. This is a highly entertaining game but equally challenging. Puzzle Pets is really a great gift for gamers of all ages, especially girls and small children.

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9 benefits for children playing puzzle game

Puzzle game is a tool for parents to teach children important skills for life below:

1. Puzzle is a tool to teach children how to solve problems

A good puzzle is usually designed and cut so that no two pieces have the same shape and size. When the child tries to put a piece in its place, there is only 1 piece of medium fit. Finding, experimenting is how children learn to reason, why this piece, and from there learn how to solve their problems.

2. Improve language ability

Puzzles to help children improve their language ability in a comprehensive way. When you play with your parents, your child will ask about a piece of a piece, which is when your child learns to describe the piece for parents to listen to or ask their parents to find it when they play.

3. Promoting math ability

Puzzles also teach children some basic concepts of mathematics. During play, children learn to classify and arrange pieces. For example, the child will recognize all red pieces to make a place, the edges on the border and the corner out to one place, etc.

4. Perfect hand and eye coordination

This is an important ability for children, to control the process of seeing a certain piece of the eye, first thinking about whether it will be placed in the head and immediately executed. For this process to happen quickly and accurately requires children to practice. This perfection will encourage the independent process of thinking and acting in children.

5. Finesse of hands

Jigsaw Puzzles is a way for children to practice the dexterity of their hands. When playing, the muscles of the fingers will be trained to hold and stack pieces. This is a good preparation for writing when children go to school.

6. Teach children life skills

When playing puzzle games with parents, siblings or children, children will learn how to play and work in groups, learn how to communicate. The process of playing is also a time when children learn how to organize, solve problems, and help them work together.

7. Form perseverance

When children figure up to completion, they are learning how to persistently solve their problems. Children will feel proud, happy when completing a picture, and thus also help children form independence and confidence in themselves.

8. The ability to abstract thinking

Children will learn the ability to think except statues, reasoning, and thinking except when finding many different pieces to puzzle. For example, when looking for a puzzle piece for a certain position of a puzzle, the child will learn how to reason up the shape and color of the piece needed.

9. Stimulate imagination and creativity

The color and shape of the pieces will stimulate brain cells to grow. Children learn to visualize and imagine in the beginning the color and shape of the piece to be searched based on the color of the pieces around.





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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Game – The best puzzle pieces for PC

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is the best multi-piece jigsaw game for Windows computers. You can play free Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The latest version of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles adds many interesting puzzles. This game is both intellectual and entertaining, helping you kill time, relieve stress and play games anytime, anywhere. Colorful photos by theme, smooth background music help players to forget about everyday worries and sink in the world of rich lines and colors.

In Magic Jigsaw Puzzles will have levels with increasing challenges, start from the easy level for new people and become a jigsaw master. Besides, you can also create quizzes with your own photos and share them with friends or the game community. Join weekly tournaments and games, compete with rivals from around the world.

Collection of puzzles in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles are paintings of many topics such as animals, portraits, natural landscapes. Along with that is a great music store, serving the music needs of everyone, in every circumstance. The game has a simple control mechanism that easily solves puzzles.

Features of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for Windows

– Is the most famous puzzle piece game for computers.

– Provide many beautiful, high quality images.

– You can download more free mosaics packages.

– Update photo library regularly.

– Choose 5 different difficulty levels (maximum 630 pieces): start with the lowest level and gradually improve your jigsaw ability.

– Can move puzzle pieces in groups.

– Rotation mode creates more challenges for high level players.

– Can create mosaics from personal photos.

– Every day there will be a special photo for you to try.

– You can join multiple pictures at once and track progress.

– Easy control with mouse or gesture on touch screen.

– Allow preview your work.

– Choose difficulty level

You can choose the game modes in the game Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for free, such as Classic Puzzles – jigsaw puzzle at 4 basic levels, Quick Puzzles – match timers, Puzzle of the Day – puzzles selected in the day … For each photo, users have the right to choose the number of puzzle pieces according to 5 levels to challenge themselves. Start with 35 pieces for new players and conquer extremely difficult 630 pieces!








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Puzzle Craft 2 – The Great Choice For The Weekend

At the weekend, people often try to spend maximum time to go play with relatives, friends. But for a variety of reasons, still people don’t plan anything else besides at home looking for something interesting on the Internet, on the phone.

Would be great if you are planning to leave the house at the end of this week, but if not, don’t be sad because we will introduce to you a fun game for your entertainment in 2 days. It is called Puzzle Craft 2.

Basically, this is placed in the form of a combination of soothing entertainment game and online building genre. In the game, you will be on the role of a warlord shipwrecked and drift on a deserted island. With your talent and your leadership instinct, you will have to rebuild a new Kingdom from numbers 0 plump.

Throughout the game, you will have to search for raw materials, build a house, the growing population of his Kingdom, … All raw materials are obtained through soothing puzzle game mode when you only need to find the objects have the same shape.

When there is enough material then you will can employers, construction of new housing. You may ask the question: was the wild islands, then where did you get the person hiring? Indeed, this has the somewhat silly, but to have an exciting recreation game then we can temporarily ignore that.

The material in the game is also quite rich to players seek. From the reeds, trees for all wheat, animals also have searchable. From the raw material of this profile, you will be able to create the kind of yarn, wood construction, bread…

That is exactly the product you need to build his Kingdom. The game is also quite the logic in the use of raw materials to build, for example to employers then you need clothes for their fibre and bread to eat, and if you want to build a house, then of course you need to have the wood and other things.

Unlike the games built into the other, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build both a Kingdom rather than just a small area. You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of the island, you will encounter different terrain features. There is only one available on the island, which is the forest to fetch wood.

If in terms of difficulty, the game has a fairly low level of difficulty. Puzzle game throughout both games proved pretty easy to get acquainted and conquer. But the easy start makes us easy to mistaken ideas about the “consumer” comfortable in this game.

Be careful when deciding to use the money to game stores or extravagant for something, the more you will see is the play by them is relatively difficult to find. If not careful, you will fall into the vicious circle: make money to plough the material, but most of the money is to take the material off the sale.

As said, this is their game was born to entertain rather than merely a blockbuster pits. The sound system and the graphics in the game are just average, and perhaps that is beneficial to the player when they are just interested in playing the game without too much attention to the little details.

Basically, this is not an addictive game which made us have to “attach” took it all day to play. But to meet the needs of basic entertainment then surely it’s enough to make you fascinated.












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