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SANS ISC: The strange case of WinZip MRU Registry key SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

When we want to know if a document (.doc, .pdf, whatever) has been opened by the user, in a Windows environment our information goldmine place is the Registry and particularly its MRUs keys. However, it seems this is not always the case.
During the analysis of the Retefe case I wrote about in my previous diary, I came across a Registry behavior I did not expect, or at least I was not aware of, about how to verify if the file contained within the zip archive had been opened or not. Regarding WinZip, there are mainly two keys of interest in the NTUSER.dat Registry hive:

  • , which should contain the folders list where all archives have been extracted to
  • subkey, which contains the list of every archive created, browsed or extracted (but no idea on how to differentiate among the three), plus the list of all file name within any of the listed archives.

In that specific Retefe case, from an initial triage via RegRipper 2.8, I could only find an entry in the subkey, while the key was empty

However, I knew from the network IOCs that the .js file was run by the user, but from the registry it looks like the archive has not been extracted. This caught my attention: if a file is run within the WinZip explorer window, does it get stored in the MRU registry key as usually expected?

Analysis and Tests Results
I started searching online but the closest thing I got was a post from Patrick Olsen "WinZip MRU Tool Check" [1]: interesting read to understand a bit more about the registry key content, but not answering my question. Therefore, I made some tests myself with the following scenarios (running WinZip 20.0 on a Windows 7 machine):

  1. User receives a zip archive containing some .js/.doc/.pdf files.
  2. User double clicks on the .zip archive, which open the WinZip Explorer window, listing the files present inside the archive.
  3. The user double clicks on one of the files, therefore opening it. NOTE: the archive has not "officially" been unzipped/extracted.

Test results were the following:

  • Extract zip archive content via right-click menu "extract to here" or "extract to…", it creates two registry entries within
    • key, which lists the folder where the archive content have been extracted to
    • subkey, which lists the archive name (full path) and the names of all files within the archive
  • Double-click on the zip archive, only viewing its content via WinZip explorer window and then closing WinZip (no archive extraction), it creates an entry within
    • subkey, which lists the archive name (full path) and the names of all files within the archive
  • Double-click on the zip archive and then double click on the .doc file inside (no "official" archive extraction), it creates two entries within
    • subkey, which lists the archive name (full path) and the names of all files within the archive
    • , which is the Office Reading Location key (note: not the standard MRU keys we look for)
  • Double-click on the zip archive and then double click on the .pdf file inside (no "official" archive extraction)
    • subkey, which lists the archive name (full path) and the names of all files within the archive

The case of the Office document is a particular one apparently. That is due to the so-called "Pick were you left" [2] feature introduced with Office 2013. On the other case, the pdf file is not listed in any MRU registry key or anywhere else. Moreover, since it is not extracted there were no traces on the MFT either.

If a user opens a document/file contained inside a zip archive by double clicking directly from the WinZip explorer view, it will not be recorded in the Registry. The only case you may have some luck is if all the following three conditions are met:

  1. the file is an Office document
  2. user is running Office 2013 or later
  3. the "Pick where you left" feature has not been disabled [3]

In such case, you will have evidence in the NTUSER.dat "reading locations" key ()

Are you aware of other files other than Office documents that may get stored somewhere else in the registry, for this WinZip scenario?

Happy Hunting


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That's the most powerful attack available in ARCHPR. It works similarly to known-plaintext attack described above, but doesn't require you to have any files from the archive. However, the archive itself should have at least 5 encrypted (password-protected) files, and have to be created with WinZip or any other ZIP archiver based on Info-ZIP sources.


Please note that only WinZip versions 8.0 and below are vulnerable for this particular attack (because of using weak random number generator). In version 8.1, the hole has been fixed, and so for archives created with this version (as well as newer ones) you will not be able to use this attack at all.


Just select the archive file name, Guaranteed WinZip attack from Type of attack drop-down box, and press Run; no other options needed. If the archive has been created with some other archiver, or contains less than 5 files, ARCHPR will show an error message.


The attack consists of three stages: first two are for searching the encrypted keys (needed to decrypt the archive), and the last one searches for the actual password (up to 10 characters).


Usually, first stage takes just a few minutes (the program may show Estimated remaining time as a few hours, but actually, that's the theoretical maximum, and in most cases it is MUCH faster). Second one is from 10 to 30 minutes, and the last stage (where the password itself is being recovered) is 2-3 minutes only. For the second stage,  the time estimation is also not very accurate (to make it better, it would be needed to perform a lot of additional operations, while ARCHPR does its best to recover keys/password as fast as possible).


That attacks works in most cases (as already noted, for WinZip files only), and even if the password is very long (so it could not be found during the 3rd stage), ARCHPR will be able to decrypt the whole archive, so you will not need to supply a password to extract files from it. However, in some very rare cases (the probability is 1/256, i.e. 0,4% only), WinZip may create ZIP archives this attack fails on. ARCHPR identifies such archives and prints a warning message into the log window; actually, this message does not mean that the ARCHPR will definitely fail, but if first stage will be completed but no encryption keys found – sorry, you're out of luck. Just try the other attacks.

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WinZip Key Archives

Winzip Activation Code with Review and Features in 2020 100% Working

WinZip helps you to open and also zip or unzip archives that are compressed are going to be compressed simultaneously. This Winzip has a greater interface and simple features to use it for the first time.

Therefore free WinZip activation code can additionally zip/unzip and even open the compressed folders or documents which are received via the mail or saved by using some free space.

Overview of Winzip Activation Code

The documents with .zip or .zipx extensions are said as Zip files that are in a single file form. More regularly they are known as “Archives” which carries one or more archives that are compressed.

And also these files will assist to hold the documents collectively so that you can keep in a shorter area and raise it wherever you want.

It is beneficial in sending, emailing, downloading and storing information and software faster and more efficiently.

Zip files compress data and therefore store time and make downloading software programs and transferring electronic mail attachments faster.  It will be distributing files on the Internet.

Only one download is required to attain all associated files, and the file switch is quicker due to the fact the archived documents are compressed.

When you distribute a collection of archives as a single Zip file, you benefit from the file grouping as well as compression.

If you have massive archives that are necessary however seldom used, such as large data files, genuinely compress the files into a Zip file and then unzip (or “extract”) them just when needed.

Why We Need Winzip Activation Code

This WinZip is the tool which can be used for compressing the files and share them to mail or any other source.

Yes, with this app, you can effortlessly share your documents immediately and additionally, you can save in the instances of storage shortage.

But, this app or tool on your PC will not work without the WinZip registration code, which you will get in your mail at the time of purchase.

Here, you can get the free WinZip activation code by following the below-given steps.

For the First time users who did not purchase the license, right here you can get the WinZip activation code and set off the software program and use it without any problem.

Below I will provide you all the information about this Winzip registration code and additionally I will supply you with some keys which will be beneficial while going thru the installation process.

Winzip will grant you with the guide of the limitless business.  You can easily share or ship the Zip documents through the mail or the internet. You can create your very own compressed Zip files quickly.

It will provide you High-Level Protection to safeguard your personal files. Mp3 Compression is new in the modern-day version. It can supply quicker file compression skills.

Features of Winzip Pro

  • File sharing functionality with streamline designed significantly.
  • Winzip will provide you with the support of the unlimited enterprise.
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  • Keeps track of the safety in your Digital World.
  • Easily share or send the Zip files through the mail or the internet.
  • Create Your own compressed Zip files quickly.
  • It will give you High-Level Protection to Safeguard your Personal Files.
  • Mp3 Compression is new in the latest version.
  • Encrypt zip files with enhancing algorithm.
  • It can deliver faster file compression skills.
  • Drag and Drop ‘Add to zipping in WinZip’s Files Pane
  • Direct Access Technology for faster display and unzipping
  • Prompt to unzip on open
  • Unzip to file pane folder
  • Faster start-up performance
  • POSIX TAR support
  • Replace Zip Files with their Content
  • Create a split Zip file from Explorer
  • MP3 Compression
  • Unzip anything
  • Zip files from any location
  • Zip from other applications
  • Device-friendly interface

System Requiremets

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 100 MB Hard Disk Free Space

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How To Activate WinZip Using The Activation Codes

First, download the WinZip Application and Install it On your PC.

If you already Installed, then ignore this step.

Open the software and then navigate to the About Section.

In that click on “Register” and then you can see a Keygen, click on it to open.

A form will appear, enter the mandatory details and then click next and after that click on Create.

Now a box will appear asking to enter the activation code. Copy-paste one of the above activation code!

Click on “Next“. That’s it now you are successfully registered with WinZip.


To sum up the whole discussion we would say that WinZip is the tool that can be used on reliable terms for compressing the files as well as share them to mail or any other source.

Yes, all through by using this app, you can effortlessly share your documents immediately and additionally you can save in the instances of storage shortage.

So here we have ended up with the discussion of Winzip activation code! You can check out the list which we discussed right here with you.

In case any of the product keys do not work for you just leave a comment below with the message and we will instantly be reaching at you to make you offer more product keys.

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