Usb disk security free download Archives

Usb disk security free download Archives

usb disk security free download Archives

usb disk security free download Archives - The Few, The Proud, The Geeks.

USB Disk Security protects your USB drive from viruses and unauthorized persons stealing your data.

USB Disk Security sits in your system tray quietly until you need it. You can right-click the icon to Update as well as Safely Open and Scan the current USB drive. To open the main Windows, you can either double-click the tray icon or right-click and select Open Main window.

The main window is called Protection Status and offers safe web navigation with, which appears to be a secure website. Data Loss Protection allows you to block anyone from copying your data or from connecting any drives to your computer. On the left, you will find other settings that we can look at now.

USB Shield will monitor in real-time. USB scan will scan and vaccinate your USB drives. Safe Web Navigation is the same as mentioned from the main window but adds the ability to scan a URL with Virus total, Google, Mcafee, Symantec, or Trend Micro. The Data Protection tab is the same as Data Loss Protection from the main window. System Tools has Disk Cleanup, Repair System, and Autostart List. It's not clear what Repair System does, but Disk CLeanup appears to clean your browser cache, and Autostart shows startup items and allows you to disable them. Finally, Quarantine shows any unsafe files that have been encrypted and moved to quarantine.

Last but not least, there is a setting link that allows you to set, or change, your password as well as choose from 13 languages.

There's a lot of choices in apps that protect your USB drives, but USB Disk Security has enough settings and tools that others lack, giving it a professional feel.

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    , usb disk security free download Archives

    USB Disk Security

    Protect your computer from malicious software that can damage your system's integrity via USB and safely visit your favorite web pages

    Security is the most ignored important aspect of computers when it comes to home users. While there are a many users that use security suites or standalone antivirus / antispyware software, they don't add to the majority.

    Claims to keep USB storage devices safe

    USB Disk Security aims on providing an application that helps you defend against the potential malware traveling on USB sticks that, at some point in time, are plugged into your computer. It also keeps curious persons from getting your personal data and copy it on their USB drives.

    The programs brags about making use of advanced proactive detection techniques that keep threats at bay, closing the window of opportunity left open by the traditional definition update-based antivirus software. USB Disk Security is also mentioned as working in flawless harmony with any other security solution.

    A few flaws in the design

    The USB Shield pops out every time a threat is being detected and allows you to delete it and also safely open your USB drive without triggering any possible virus. This is where the credibility of this software is put to the test for the first time because any modified `autorun.inf` file present on your flash drive is automatically labeled as `risky`.

    This is due to the nature of the detection method which does not truly scan the contents of the `autorun.inf` file for malicious code – no matter what it contains in addition to the default string is enough for this application to recommend immediate deletion. This is one big black ball considering the fact that USB Disk Security requires a fistful of dollars.

    A misleading scan procedure

    You can scan your USB flash drive and apply the USB Vaccine to it by disabling the autorun feature within the USB Scan area. Once again, the application fails to detect even basic virus-infected items on the USB stick and, furthermore, it doesn't provide you with a selection menu for your inserted pen drives.

    Far from being a pro of its kind

    These two erroneous and totally ineffective features of the software make its aura alongside positive testimonies parish when faced with reality. At this point, you may start sense the scam and look for something else - that's the best thing to do.

    If there's any consolation to you, USB Disk Security can lock your USB ports or flash drive in order to block unauthorized users from stealing data or even connect their USB sticks to your computer. The System Tools consist of utilities such as Disk Cleanup, Repair System or Autostart List utilities. The files you choose to delete within the USB Shield are encrypted and placed into the Quarantine section.

    In conclusion

    All in all, USB Disk Security is nothing but a bluff. Any piece of software featuring the same characteristics charging you for utilizing it cannot be considered trustworthy and completely useless. It only manages to provide a pretty interface that hides features lacking any real functionality.

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    usb disk security free download Archives

    Free USB Disk Security for Windows

    Free USB Disk Security is a small, free app that claims to keep your pendrives and USB disks safe and secure.

    On first looks, it's a decent app. The interface is simple and clean, although we found it annoying that although the app creates a shortcut icon for you, you can't actually access Free USB Disk Security with it - you need to click on the Free USB Disk Security icon in the notification area in the taskbar to see its options and open the main interface.

    Free USB Disk Security claims to offer two main USB tools - a shield, to protect you from incoming threats, and a scan, to scan pendrives once they are inserted. From the main interface, you'll also see an option to repair your system (which are just a selection of basic tools already provided by Windows). The home button provides an overview of the app's services.

    In theory, Free USB Disk Security is a great idea and an excellent free tool, but in reality it's very, very difficult to tell if it's doing anything useful. When we did scan, it was extremely quick - to the extent that we weren't sure if it had even scanned. As for the monitoring, Free USB Disk Security claims the protection is real time, but when we inserted a USB stick, it didn't even tell us it had registered the event.

    Free USB Disk Security looks good, but it's so hard to tell if it's doing anything useful, we'd prefer to rely on a standard antivirus program instead.

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