Solidworks download Archives

Solidworks download Archives

solidworks download Archives

solidworks download Archives

Driver download

Download the latest 3DxWare 10

Supported SpaceMouse devices

SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, SpaceMouse Enterprise, SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceMouse Compact

Supported CadMouse devices

CadMouse, CadMouse Wireless, CadMouse Pro Wireless, CadMouse Pro Wireless Left, CadMouse Compact

Supported OS

Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Supported SpaceMouse devices

SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, SpaceMouse Enterprise, SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceMouse Compact

Supported CadMouse devices

CadMouse, CadMouse Wireless, CadMouse Pro Wireless, CadMouse Pro Wireless Left, CadMouse Compact

Supported SpaceMouse devices

SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, SpaceMouse Wireless

Supported OS

Linux (x86-64), Linux (i386)

CadMouse Pro Wireless

The full-size wireless mouse for supremely comfortable use, with superior ergonomics and lasting durability.

SpaceMouse Wireless Kit

The wireless CAD solution for mobile performance and an efficient two handed workflow.

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, solidworks download Archives

Downloading & Installing Solidworks 2018

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Grsync, please do so now! Please note that this process may take anywhere from 30-45 minutes up to a few hours depending on your network connection, the load on the server and your computer’s hardware.

Once installed, launch Grsync and you should have two windows open. One should be a black terminal window and the other is the configuration window which looks like this:

The first line, the source, should be the following: where AA9999 should be replace with your username. Everything else should be exactly as stated as Linux is case sensitive.

The second line, the destination, can be anywhere on your local machine. However, we recommend having it point to your Desktop to make things easier to find in later steps. In the event that you are following the example in the image, please make sure that you use the name of your account on YOUR computer where “YourUserName” is. Once everything is typed correctly, simply press the execute button.

At this point you will need to shift to the black terminal window. As this is most likely the first time you have ever used this tool to access Clipper, it will ask you to verify the SSH key. Type YES and press enter to continue.

Next you will be asked for your password. Please enter the password you would use to log into the workstations in the School of Engineering computer labs.Please be aware that the the terminal will show NOTHING while you type. You might want to type your password in a text editor and copy & paste. In the status window, the one on the right in the following image, click on the arrow next to Rsync output to see the transfer details. It will tell you how fast and how much time it will take. And now….. you wait.

Once the file is completed, uncompress the zip file which should create a folder SOLIDWORKS with another folder “SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP04” inside. The two key files inside this folder are the setup program and a text file named “Install Instructions”

Follow the directions in the text file regarding serial number and license location. For all other options, we recommend to simply accept the default options.


Once completed, launch Solidworks 2018 to verify functionality. Once you know your software is working, we recommend following the instruction to install SFTP Drive so you can access your files from the School of Engineering’s file server.

Verify that the software is fully functional. As long as everything works as desired, you can delete both the archive and the SOLIDWORKS folder holding the installation files if you need disk space.

Redistribution of this software is in direct violation of the University’s computer usage policy.

If after installing, you find that the software is having difficulty running on your computer, please follow these steps to request RDP access.

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solidworks download Archives

SolidWorks Electrical: The Archive Environment, Part 1

Shao Liu regularly contributes to the documentation for our Electrical Team here at Javelin Technologies. The article below is a useful section from his work.

SolidWorks Electrical has a powerful SQL back end and uses an archiving process for packaging all parts or project information. When creating customized electrical component which may include schematic symbols, manufacture information and 3D content, SolidWork Electrical has the advantage of automating the process with ease.

The Archive Environment has two methods in which it is used:

1) Packaging a select list of Manufacturing parts (or Symbols or TitleBlocks or Cables or Macros)

2) Packaging the Database

First of all, it is necessary to transfer all the 3D files into the default location of SolidWork Electrical at

C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks Electrical\SolidWorks\sldPrt.

This will ensure that newly added 3D content is registered in the software.

Note:This Process of copying parts to local machine may vary for Enterprise PDM environment and Client Server SW Electrical Setup. Kindly consult your CAD administration for more details.

Packaging a select list of Manufacturing parts

Inside the application, create a user defined library, this will be easier to manage later when archiving content. A new library can be created in Libraries manager.

A User can add manufacture information or choose an existing part to add or edit information inside Manufacture parts manager.

Once the manufacture information and the 3D files are in place, a user can simply link the two together. Open Manufacturer parts manager, right click on a Part to properties. In 3D part, browse inside sldPrt folder and selecting the correct 3D file.

Once all the parts have the complete information and 3D file linked, they are ready to be packaged.

Click Archive in Manufacturer parts manager, and save the archive file.

This Manufacturing Parts list can now be shared with other SolidWorks Electrical users outside your network/ environment. This process can be repeated with any of the other Library managers in the application. Read more in Archiving Part 2

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