Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

Snapchat Mac and Windows app: How to download new Snap Camera Snapchat app for desktop?

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Snapchat allows its 180 million users to photograph the world around them in fresh and fun ways.

Photos can be augmented to alter selfies and landscapes alike with hundreds of stickers and even emojis, which can then be shared via social media.

After you take a photo, just swipe to add artwork based on where you are, what is going on near you, and more.

Snapchat recently introduced Snap Camera, which promises bring the magic of Lenses to your live streams and video chats.

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With Snapchat, the world is your canvas — and you’ve got a lot of tools in your toolbox.


Snap Camera lets users apply Lenses to their face while using computer’s webcam.

Users can use Snap Camera in both live streamings and video chat by selecting Snap Camera as their webcam device.

Snap Chat has also a Twitch Extension that lets the audience to unlock the Lenses the streamer uses in the stream.

This activates special Lenses when viewers subscribe to the channel.

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Snapchat Snap Camera: The app lets users apply Lenses to their face while using computer’s webcam (Image: Snapchat)
Snapchat Snap Camera: 180 million people photograph the world around them in fresh and fun ways (Image: Snapchat)

How do I download the Snapchat Snap Camera app?

The desktop app allows users to choose from all the classic filters you know and love.

Users can choose the classic flower crown, making them digitally festival-ready on all devices – from smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Start by downloading the application from your app store.

Windows users should double click the .exe to install.

MacOS users should double click the .pkg to install.

The Snap app will then automatically synchronise with your computer’s camera – whether it is a pre-installed camera or one from platforms such as Skype or YouTube.

With Snap Camera opened, you'll see a preview of your computer's physical webcam.

To apply a Lens to the input video, simply select a Lens from the Featured Lenses.

Snapchat has also developed a custom application that seamlessly integrates with Twitch, allowing users to livestream in style.

Snap Camera is available for free download on both Mac and Windows.

Snapchat Snap Camera: It is easy to download the new app (Image: Snapchat)
Snapchat Face Swap: The app can be used in both live streamings and video chat (Image: Snapchat)

How do I restart my webcam enabled application?

If your webcam enabled application was running prior to opening Snap Camera, you have to restart the application for it to recognise Snap Camera the first time you use it.

For example, if you are using OBS, close and reopen OBS to see Snap Camera as a selectable camera.

Remember, if you don't see Snap Camera as a selectable webcam, you will need to restart the application you are using.

Browsers like Google Chrome need to be restarted as well before web applications like Google Hangouts can utilise Snap Camera.

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, Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

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Snapchat on Windows and MAC Archives

How to Transfer Snapchat Photos and Videos from iPhone to Your Computer

When you are out and about with your friends and family, there are very few of us now who reach for our cameras. Instead, we have become completely reliant on our smartphones, which often have cameras built-in to them that are even better than the majority of the cameras lying around in our cupboards. That means that many of our favourite photographs and videos are on our smartphones, and that means that they never actually get removed from that device. But what happens when you use an app like Snapchat?


Snapchat is an app that proved to be incredibly popular with people who wanted to send images to their friends and families, but did not necessarily want them to be able to be viewed later on! Whether it was that drunken kiss that you massively regret, or just a terrible outfit that you had tried on but immediately hated, it is so fun to send hilarious images and videos to your friends and families, but not always great to look at them later in the light of day!




On the other hand, there are often images of spontaneous moments that are absolutely perfect, wonderfully summing up the characters in your friendship group. Sending them on Snapchat means that once the timer has gone down, they are lost forever – which is a real shame. This is especially true for videos, that often capture a realness that longer videos never do. It would be amazing if there was a way that a person could transfer their Snapchat photos and videos from their iPhone to a computer, but that has always been seen as completely impossible.


Until now. Although it is still rarely known about, it is now possible for a person to transfer the videos and images that they have sent via the app Snapchat onto their computer, so that they can look at them in the future and even print them out – if you ever would want to!


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