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Sometimes you stick with a software application out of habit; other times, you just can’t bring yourself to change because the application is so darn good. For me, it’s the latter that has kept Photodex’s ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer on my Windows desktop for so many years.

Now in version 9, both iterations of this slideshow/multimedia program have been updated with a number of new features designed to make you and your slideshows even more creative with less effort than before. And trust me, despite all of its advanced features, ProShow Gold and Producer are quite easy to use. Several years ago, a then 70-something-year-old relative of mine with only basic computer skills picked up ProShow Gold and has been churning out amazing family slideshows ever since.

Some of the new creative options include more than 45 photo filters that can be applied to both still images and video. Add one-click motion filters for exciting photo and video animation and, the “follow” filter—as the name implies—enables your images and videos to move together across the screen.

The color tool has been redesigned as well and works with new built-in color palettes (you can create your own custom palettes as well). The Vignette tool has also been improved so you can design and save custom vignettes.

The latest version enables you to output slideshows in 4K too. Better yet, you can queue up a slideshow to output to several different formats and just let the software do the rest. There’s also a new publishing history feature that can track all the output produced for each slideshow.

If you’ve never tried ProShow, be sure to download a free trial (yes, it’s Windows only). Go for Producer if you’re a heavy-duty slideshow creator. And if you're a Mac-only person, take a look at the pared-down version at ProShow Web.

You can buy ProShow Gold 9 for $70, ProShow Producer 9 for $250, and upgrade prices are available as well.

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How to Input a MOV File in ProShow

If you need to create complex slideshows from photos, video clips and music -- including high-definition slideshows -- for your small business, Photodex ProShow does the job. The software is able to open a wide range of video formats, including MOV files. Even ProShow Gold, the cheapest of the ProShow versions, is able to open MOV files by default. However, you need Apple QuickTime ( installed on your computer before you attempt to work with this file format.


Launch ProShow on your computer and open or create a slideshow.


Select the folder that contains the MOV file in the Folder List section at the left.


Select the MOV file in the File List section, under the Folder List section.


Click "Slide" at the top of the ProShow window. Select "Insert" and click "Add Selected Files to Show" to add the MOV file to your show. You can also press the "Alt-I" keyboard shortcut.


Wait until the MOV file is added and press "Ctrl-S" to save the slideshow.

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Instructions on how to make video from photos with Proshow Gold is extremely simple

ProShow Gold is a simple video creation software, slide show, but still has many nice effects. Beginners only need to follow the steps in the following tutorial to create their own video combining beautiful sounds and images.

Step 1 : Download the latest version of Proshow Gold here.

After downloading, use winrar to unzip, run the proshow.exe file to install.

Step 2 : On the toolbar, click File -> select New Show , or you can do it quickly by using Ctrl + N.

Step 3 : New Slideshow window opens, select Wizard -> and click the Create button.

Step 4 : The Proshow Wizard window appears. Click on the Add button to select images to make slideshow. After selecting, you can change the order in which the photos appear in the slideshow, delete the image files, add the text in the photo sildeshow . thanks to the following functions:

  1. Text : Add text to photo slideshow.
  2. Remove : Delete unnecessary images.
  3. Randomize : Randomly change each image file.
  4. Rotate : Rotate the image in the right direction.

After you have satisfied with sildeshow, click on the Next button to continue.

Step 5 : Select background music for video.

Click the Add button to select the audio file -> if you do not want to use the music file, select Remove to delete -> Next and wait for the software to process the image file and audio file included in the Slideshow.

Step 6 : Select the owner for the photo slide.

In the new window, select the theme that fits your photo slide. Each theme has the accompanying image transition effects, to see the effects of clicking the Edit button.

To preview each effect, click Apply .

Step 7: Customize some parameters

  1. Name Your Show : Enter the name of the photo slide.
  2. Tune the Energy Level : Adjust the slideshow playback speed.
  3. Auto : Auto mode.
  4. Custom : Customize fast speed (High), slow (Low) or medium.
  5. Choose an Aspect Ratio : Film rate.
  1. Widescreen : Slideshow will correspond to 16: 9 aspect ratio, suitable for viewing on computer screens, SmartTV.
  2. Standard : Slideshow will correspond to a 4: 3 ratio, suitable for viewing on iPod or iPhone screens.

To view the created slideshow, click Create.

If you're happy with the slideshow you just created, click the Next button to continue.

Step 8 : Save the slideshow.

The Finished window appears. You can choose:

Save your show: to save the slideshow.

Publish Your Show: to export videos, can be used to burn DVDs, Blu-ray discs or share on the Internet.

Finally, click your mouse on the Done button to complete the video.

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