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Archive File

Most people have a lot of files on their computers that they rarely use but they want to keep. WinZip allows you to archive file(s) so that you can organize, store, and save space on your computer.

How to archive files in WinZip

  • Step 1 Open WinZip
  • Step 2 Using WinZip's file pane select the file(s) you want archived
  • Step 3 Click Add to Zip
  • Step 4 Save the zip file in your desired location

Download a free trial now and start archiving file(s) today

WinZip's powerful file archiving features make archiving files a breeze. Compress, save, or share your files with our powerful, easy-to-use interface.

Download the best file archiving solution out there

Archiving large files is now easier than ever. We promise you'll love ability to archive zip files in WinZip. Click below to download your free 30-day trial and archive your files for free before you buy!

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POF on pc Archives

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Pilot RC Products carbon fibre ball stud washer set

Pilot RC Products have announced their newest product in the form of the carbon fibre ball stud washer set. It features 3mm inner diameter and 7.8mm outer diameter fully carbon fibre washers that come 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm thicknesses. The set includes ten each, and they are an essential upgrade over their plastic and aluminium counterparts because they won’t tweak or flatten under pressure while remaining the lightest possible mass for the application, not to mention the exposed carbon finish for that true factory look. The washers are perfect for precise adjustment of the height of ball studs when adjusting roll centres, wheelbase, shimming suspension components and much more. The washers are usable for 4-40 and M3 ball studs and the set is available now.

Source: Pilot RC Products [pilotrcproducts.com]

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