NHL 17 PC Download Archives

NHL 17 PC Download Archives

NHL 17 PC Download Archives

NHL 17 PC Download Archives


NHL 17 CD-Key Generator Free Download ( PC, PS4,Xbox 360,Xbox ONE ) – No Survey - serialmag Download NHL 17 CD Key Generator and install your NHL 17 game on your platform. Download our keygen and you can play NHL 17 for free right now!

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NHL 18 CD Key Generator. This time we really want to show you a super new keygen, NHL 18 CD Key Generator the game key version that’s available on PC Windows, PS4 and Xbox ONE. We want to show you how this tool can generate the game via one product key. NHL 18 CD Key Generator. This time, we really want to show you a new super keygen, NHL 18 CD Key Generator the key version game that is available on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We want to show you how this tool can generate the game via a free product key. Jul 30, 2016 If you won, please post a comment here so I can give you your key. Twitter - https://twitter.com/a89cildaten. Jul 30, 2016  If you won, please post a comment here so I can give you your key. Twitter - https://twitter.com/a89cildaten. NHL 19 beta key generator! Fight for the Future -NHL 19 is a team-based shooter where heroes do battle in a world of conflict.!

Nhl 17 Pc Game

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Nhl 17 Pc Download Free

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NHL 16 Gameplay (VIDEO)

Nhl 17 Key Generator Tool No Survey

You don’t need NHL 16 crack or any other patch. Newest method which will bring you free product code without having to spend anything !! Yeah all cd keys generated with just one click.Please ensure that you have.net Framework 4.5 installed and internet access. Our key generator (cd key generator) got tons of downloads in short time. NHL 16 cd key generator is a succes, we promise that you will be pleased with it … Download now and share it with your friends!

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, NHL 17 PC Download Archives

EA Sports NHL Coming Back to PC?

For 13 years, EA Sports NHL was one of the more popular PC sports titles available for fans. It was the first version of the game to have reliable online play, and is still highly regarded for having one of the better online communities in gaming.

It’s clear that there is a demand for the game’s return to the platform with active modding still being done to titles like NHL 2004 and NHL 09, but the game hasn’t seen a release on PC since the latter title was released in September 2008. But just because the game hasn’t seen a PC release in seven years, that doesn’t mean a return to the platform isn’t in the minds of those in charge of the franchise.

In a recent interview with lead producer Sean Ramjagsingh, that exact topic was brought up, and included a response that gives fans hope the future of the game.

“It’s something we’ve looked at over the past few years,” he said. “There are just a number of issues that need to be resolved first.”

One of those issues include piracy, which is arguably the largest problem when it comes to PC game releases. People gaining illegal copies of a game via peer-to-peer torrent downloads leads to a number of potential financial impacts on a company. Of course, most games don’t allow online play for unregistered copies, but that usually doesn’t stop pirates from enjoying the single-player modes a game has to offer.

Other issues include making the game mod friendly, online server stability and overall performance, among other not-named hurdles.

So, while NHL 16 won’t be available on PC and it’s unlikely that even NHL 17 will appear on the platform, there is still plenty of hope that the series will, one day, come back to a consumer base that is dying for their hockey fix.

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NHL 17 PC Download Archives


The HK ARENAS files (below) contain images of the exteriors of major league hockey arenas past and present as indicated in the respective zip file title. These images are sized 300 pixels in height by 600 pixels in length and, for the most part where available, contain daylight (marked "D") and nighttime (marked "N") photographs of the subject building. Image files marked "H" are the excellent pen and ink line drawings which are posted on the Heritage Uniforms and Jerseys blog (a site which unfortunately appears moribund). Included in each zip folder is an MS-Word document which serves as a key for when and for whom each building was utilized using the generally accepted three letter team abbreviation for major league (e.g. NHL and WHA) hockey franchises (please note: these abbreviations do not always conform to those used by DKS Sports in the Action! PC games).
To use the files after downloading, unzip to the C>dksports-data>hockey>Arenas directory. The files unzip to folders containing the images. Copy the images inside the folder and paste them "loose" outside the folder, but inside the Arenas directory. Upon starting the 2017 version of Action! PC Hockey and selecting a season, go to the Modify Team screen of whatever team you are working with and identify the Arena graphic assignment utility along side those for Logo, Uniform (home and away) and Rink (horizontal and vertical). Find your desired image on the drop down list and assign as you deem appropriate. 
The HK2016 files (also below)  are Player Photos for the 2016-2017 NHL Players contained in the latest edition of Action! PC Hockey. Within the three zipped files (HK2016 A-Gu, HK2016 H-Ny and HK2016 O-Z) are 998 images which account, I believe, for EVERY NHL PLAYER "carded" by DKS in the player disk covering the 2016-2017 season. Aside from a handful of images (less than 10), the player photos originate in major and minor trading card releases from O-Pee-Chee, Upper Deck, Panini and others. The core of the set is from the excellent 2017-2018 O-Pee-Chee Retro release numbering some 500 cards, including some alternate shots of major stars. The remaining approximately 500 cards come from earlier Retro releases going back as far as 2010 and other card sets from many different companies. The 10 or so players for whom I could not locate a trading card had their headshot images lifted from The Hockey News, hockey-reference.com and the NHL.com, respectively. The images are .jpg format and 250-by 350 pixels in size. This is an organic, ongoing project and more cards will be added with each card release through the year.
The format for the card images of the files is Last Name_First Name with no prefix or suffix. To use, click the "Tools" tab along the top of your game screen. Find the third column of the resultant menu entitled "Player Photo Tools" and check the first box "Default Photo Names - Last_First". Make sure ".jpg" is selected in the photo file and hit the Default Photo Names and save. You are halfway home now. Next, select the "Rules" tab at the top of the game screen (directly left of the "Tools" tab you just used) and find the "Display" page of the drop down menu. On the right side of the page check the box under "Player Photos" which states "Locate Player Photos in Sub-Folder of dksports-data\hockey\PlayerPhotos" What sub-folder you might ask? Next step, create a new folder in your dksports-data>hockey>PlayerPhotos directory and name it EXACTLY as you have named the season you want for your images to show up whether it is NHL2016-17, CanAm2017 or whatever the name of your league or simulation season (the default for the 2016 player disk is HK2016). The three zip files unzip into folders with the same names. Unzip into your pre-named season image folder (e.g. dksports-data>hockey>PlayerPhotos>HK2016) and then copy the contents of the unzipped folder(s) and paste "loose" within the named image folder. If you have followed these steps (which sound more complicated than they are), the player card images will show up in your game.
Cards HK2018 A-Ge.zip
Cards HK2018 Gi-M.zip
HK Arenas NHL Current.zip
HK Arenas NHL Past.zip
HK Arenas WHA.zip
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