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KakaoTalk software Archives

KakaoTalk software Archives

KakaoTalk software Archives


KakaoTalk for PC is an awesome and straightforward application which can interface the individuals around the globe. A basic component of this product is the security, with new shrouded visit meeting and obviously start to finish scrambled messages. Presumably the most well known informing application in South Korea will turn into a basic social application in the entire world.

What is Secret Chat? It is a bewildering highlight of KakaoTalk, and if need to compose a message from this mystery talk room you should realize the security key put away on your gadget. The messages can&#;t be captured by the others regardless of whether they are going to break the servers. It&#;s truly easy to make this mystery meeting, and obviously, it will be &#;imperceptible&#; until you are returning and you will compose the key. The individuals can start coordinated mystery visit rooms and mystery bunch meetings.

The application introduces on your PC, and it is matching up with your cell phone, so you can compose the messages without issues. You can send records up to MB in different document positions: pictures, voice document, compress documents, archives, and so forth. These can be adjusted promptly with PC or cell phone.

We can&#;t talk more things about the plan of this application, and it&#;s a basic one with excellent hues which can be tweaked. Additionally, you can change the textual style and size, and it is full-adjustable.

Voice Calls and Video Calls are accessible on KakaoTalk. From cell phone to PC or from PC to your telephone, doesn&#;t make a difference, the nature of the video is the best.

The diversion is another component of this application. You can make your discussion increasingly enjoyment with a great deal of voice channels, video channels, with kid&#;s shows and games characters like Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ben and that&#;s just the beginning.

At the point when it comes about stickers, you should realize that you have a colossal wide of emojis, wonderful topics, foundations, and so forth. You can customize and communicate your sentiments while sending messages, utilizing the amusing enlivened emojis. The inventory of these emoticon is immense, and you can discover energized pigs, individuals, superheroes, blossoms and that&#;s just the beginning. Simply check it, and you will see something interesting!

Channel Tab is where you will discover data about certain interests. We should consider you are intrigued to see sports news or it news. There will be a great deal of articles and individuals who have similar interests, you can mingle, you can make bunches dependent on these exercises, and you can make new companions regardless of whether you knew nothing about them previously.

KakaoTalk for PC is in excess of a basic informing programming; it&#;s a mix of internet based life stage, amusement stage, and news channel stage. You can have the entirety of this in just a single application, a made sure about apparatus which never lost your basic subtleties.

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Free Chats

Free chats that are more reliable than text messages and available anytime, anywhere, twenty-four seven, with as many people you want.

PC Version
Send various files

Send up to MB of files in your PC in various file formats, such as documents, videos, images, voice file and zip files. Exchanged files can all be seen in your PC or mobile device.

Chat room with an Excel look

If you're tired of the same old chat room, change yours so that it looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Customize the font and size, and feel the unique enjoyment of chatting on an Excel sheet.
(Only available for Windows.)

Change chat room transparency

Change the transparency of your chat room if you’re wary of other people looking into your Kakao Talk chat. Set transparency for each or all chat rooms

Remote log out for PC version

Forgot to log out from Kakao Talk on your PC? Go to ‘Mobile Kakao Talk – More – Settings – PC Version’ to log out remotely.

Lock mode for privacy protection.

Setup the lock mode if the PC is used by multiple people or if you are stepping outside for a while. The lock mode is safe, since a password has to be entered to unlock and check messages.

Voice call / video call on the PC

Now enjoy unlimited free calls with your Kakao Talk friends on your PC, even with friends from overseas. Voice calls and video calls are also available.

Voice Call & Video Call

Make voice calls and video calls to your friends for free.
Make your conversation more fun with Talking Tom and Talking Ben voice filters and unique video filters..

See Network Status Climate Chart
Live Talk

LIVE, only available in a Kakao Talk chatroom.
Enjoy chatting and LIVEing with friends or family members whom I like in a Group Chat.

Talk Calendar

Isn't it easy to remember all the appointments and anniversaries made in each chat room? Register them on the TalkCalendar to take a glance. Oh! Jordi will let you know the schedule ahead of time.

Open Chat

Kakao Talk Open Chats, which starts with a single link.
When you want to chat without adding new friends, open a link to activate Kakao Talk Open Chats.

See More
Digital Item

Have more fun with Kakao Talk with cute Kakao Friends stickers, animated emoticons and pretty themes. Decorate Kakao Talk backgrounds, which you see dozens of times a day, with your favorite images!

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Sharp (#) Search

Search while chatting on Kakao Talk with Sharp (#) Search!
What should I eat today? Will it rain tomorrow? Search during chat and share.

Kakao Talk Boards

Convenient meeting management, bulletin board!
Announcements and voting features to manage meetings conveniently, and keep our precious moments posted on the bulletin board.

Kakao Talk Channel

A business home in Kakao Talk, free so anyone can use it to make friends and communicate with other users.


The beginning of a new search tool optimized for Kakao Talk!
Enjoy rich content organized by topic and the convenient bottom search bar.

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KakaoTalk software Archives


Operating system: Android, Windows


KakaoTalk – a popular software for an easy communication with users worldwide. The software enables to exchange the text messages, make the voice or video calls and share the files. KakaoTalk allows you to notify friends about your current location and enables to communicate in a group chat, voice or video conferences. Also KakaoTalk contains a large set of different smileys and a built in scheduler with reminders.

Main features:

  • Voice and video calls
  • Sharing of files
  • Communication in the group chats and conferences
  • Large set of smileys
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