Install yoosee app for PC Archives

Install yoosee app for PC Archives

install yoosee app for PC Archives

install yoosee app for PC Archives

How to Install Yoosee App for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

WiFi cameras also referred to as smart cameras are on the upward push. And if numbers can speak, the camera industry appears poised for a cellular-like growth. Every corporation really worth its name in the digicam marketplace has extra than three smart digital cameras in its bag and the numbers are rising. So what exactly do those “smart” cameras do?

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What’s a WiFi camera?

You will be asking yourself what’s a WiFi camera? Essentially, it is a camera with WiFi capabilities allowing you to hook up with a wireless community without the use of cables. You may also download a pic over the network and share them with pals and circle of relatives. Moreover, you may be capable of storing pics and complete albums without the need for a USB cable or a memory card. Similar to your computer or wireless mp3 player, a WiFi camera utilizes WiFi networking to connect with your home or workplace network.

About Yoosee

Yoosee is a utility which is a superb way to allow a clever camera to conduct surveillance of the events occurring inside the residence.

Capabilities of the app

  • Night Mode
  • IR illuminators, keep an eye on things even within the dark. The image nonetheless stays high-definition
  • Event Alerts
  • Receive signals when movement and sound is detected
  • Communication
  • Allows you to talk via the tool and pay attention to the noises or the persons talking in a clear and smooth voice

The way it works

Yoosee is a free app designed for WiFi Cameras/NVRs which can be a new era of clever domestic merchandise. The app uses advanced Cloudlinks P2P community. Transmission, remote monitoring, video calling has by no means been less difficult. It is an exceptional way to engage with family and buddies.

Advantages of the app

Connect Yoosee cameras to wi-fi and get access to it one of your cell phone, tablet or pc. Feel reassured via watching your child or a sick loved one in the other room. Or perhaps you want to keep tabs in your puppy’s well-being when you’re not there? Properly, with Yoosee, you could restore your peace of mind to realize that your toddler, family or corporations are all safe from your absence.

How to download Yoosee on PC

  • Download and run BlueStacks Android Emulator
  • Open Google Play Store and look for YooSee free download from the Play Store
  • Set up Yoosee for PC
  • The next step is to open the app from the emulator
  • Look for the Yoosee icon and open the app
  • Now you may use Yoosee for Windows

How to download Yoosee on Mac

  • Download and install BlueStacks
  • Open BlueStacks
  • Now look for “Yoosee” using the App Store
  • Deploy the software and open the app drawer or all apps within the emulator.
  • Click the Yoosee camera icon to open it. You may also download Yoosee
  • DMG and install it.DMG file inside the BlueStacks Android emulator
  • You may now use Yoosee for Mac


The tracking abilities of the Yoosee will greatly enhance the lives of you and your family. Moms who have a tendency to check on their sound asleep children at night might be able to do so easily from their phones rather of getting to physically stroll into their children’s bedrooms, which runs the risk of traumatic their children’s sleep.

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, install yoosee app for PC Archives

Synthesis of 5 software for viewing wifi cameras on computer phones

Today, the wifi security camera has become one of the indispensable items in homes, offices and factories. More specifically, these types of camcorders are also used to remotely monitor and monitor with telephone devices and computers connected to the network.

Do you know the specialized software used to connect and view images of wifi cameras on phones and computers ? If not, let's explore the top of the popular applications with Quantrimang, compatible with all types of wireless cameras on the market.

The software, applications see Camera Wifi on computers, phones

  1. 1. Yoosee
  2. 2. V380
  3. 3. YYP2P
  4. 4. CareCam
  5. 5. P2PWifiCam
  6. How to connect Wifi Camera to phone, computer?

1. Yoosee

Yoosee is one of the most popular wireless IP camera connection software today. This app is compatible with most surveillance camera brands on the market.

Intuitive Vietnamese interface

Yoosee application supports interface in Vietnamese. This makes it easy to perform operations in the control panel, avoiding unnecessary errors during connection and camera settings.

Connect your phone safely and securely

To access the camera image, the user must enter a username and password. You now do not need to worry about security and privacy issues while using the camera, because everything is still under your control.

Efficient anti-theft remote, superior features

The camera uses Yoosee connection software that allows users to set up remote theft protection. Besides sirens, Yoosee also automatically sends warning letters to users' mailboxes and smart face recognition, which is very helpful in preventing and preventing bad intentions of crooks.

Support Android or iOS operating system

Yoosee is currently available on Google Play and Apple's AppStore. You absolutely can download this application completely free of charge without any extra cost.

Very simple, just type the keyword "Yoosee" in the application store of your phone, you can download and use this software already.

2. V380

Another popular camera app you should mind installing on your phone is the V380 software that can be installed directly on Android and iOS.

Easily connect via QR code scan

Installing the application with your home CCTV will be much more convenient by scanning the QR code (preprinted on the packaging box or on the back of the camera) to connect the device on the phone.

Share multi-platform camera images

V380 allows you to share recorded images for other mobile devices and computers. To access the images, you need to have the device's ID and Password connected. This makes it possible to monitor and view the camera anytime, anywhere, while ensuring safety, security and privacy.

However, the V380 software still has some disadvantages such as: The interface on some operating systems still does not support Vietnamese, the image quality obtained from some types of camera does not meet the Full HD standard, . .

To use V380, you can look up the keyword "V380" on the Google Play app store and Apple AppStore on your phone.

3. YYP2P

Currently on the market there are many camera devices that support YYP2P software connection via phones and PCs. So what makes this app so popular? Let's learn with Quantrimang:

Friendly interface in Vietnamese

YYP2P supports Vietnamese interface for users. This makes operation on the control panel easier and more convenient for everyone, especially for the elderly.

Effective anti-theft feature

One of the smart features of YYP2P is the ability to effectively alarm and anti-theft (through activating motion detection sensor and warning horn from camera). It also automatically sends an alarm to your device, your computer when detecting suspicious signs.

In addition, YYP2P is compatible and can connect with many different camera products on the market, regardless of high-end or affordable. You can download the software for free on Google Play and AppStore.

4. CareCam

CareCam is a very popular wifi camera connection application. On the market today, there are many security surveillance devices that use CareCam software to mediate the remote connection between the phone and the camera. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that you install this application.

CareCam stands out with features like:

Connect the camera system with just one controller

Wherever you are, you can use CareCam to connect the camera system in the home as well as in the office. Observing indoors, outdoor supervision, looking after the house, taking care of children are no longer a problem that you must be too concerned about.

Data storage in the cloud

CareCam integrates data storage on cloud computing platforms. You can record and monitor 24/7, 365 days with a full memory source.

Effective anti-theft tool

CareCam can automatically alert the user to indoor movements through the Motion Alert function . More specifically, this alert is not only expressed as a message but is visually expressed through GIF animations. This makes it easier to recognize alerts than traditional alarms.

You can refer to the camera models that use CareCam software to connect computers and phones such as: CareCam CC665B Camera, CareCamCC785B and 2 types of cameras with CareCam CC635B motion detection and high-end CC575W series.

5. P2PWifiCam

Another application commonly used to connect and track data on Wifi Camera, is P2PWifiCam .

Features of this software are easy-to-use interface, the ability to view multiple cameras simultaneously and the alarm system automatically when abnormal behavior in the observation area.

You can use this software completely free on Android and iOS operating systems. P2PWifiCam is compatible with many camera brands in the market, such as Siepem, .

How to connect Wifi Camera to phone, computer?

Connecting Wifi Camera with software on your phone or computer is very simple, you can install it yourself without having to call a technician or consultant. You can immediately refer to the instruction manual on how to connect the camera device to a phone, a computer, or find out how to install on a phone specifically for cameras that support Yoosee software here.

In addition, if you want to learn more about Camera Wifi, such as which brand to buy, categorize the camera series or suggest the address to buy genuine equipment, the advice on what to know about Wifi Camera is definitely will be a reliable manual for you.

Hopefully, the above information will be a helpful suggestion to help you make a wise choice in finding and buying security surveillance camera equipment in the future.

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