Games Like Destiny For PC Raddit Archives

Games Like Destiny For PC Raddit Archives

Games Like Destiny For PC Raddit Archives

Games Like Destiny For PC Raddit Archives

Nearing the end of 2017, Bungie was gearing up to release Destiny 2 on all platforms, even the Stadia wanted a piece of the Guardian. Since then, there have been several expansions with more likely on the way.

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While somebody could spend hundreds of hours sitting idle in orbit while their friend is away microwaving pizza rolls, you may want to take a break from battling Hobgoblins and swatting down Shanks. Here are 10 video games to play that are like Destiny 2.

10  Destiny

The Father (or mother) of Destiny 2 is a prime place to start when searching for something to visit that's similar to Destiny 2. The game released all the way back in September 2014 for the PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Bungie's first franchise since the Halo series, this online-only game saw the biggest new franchise launch of all time, raking in over $325 million in it's opening five days. As the Guardian, you'll visit different planets taking on various enemy types looting as many purple and gold engrams as you can find.

At the core of the Destiny experience are the Raids. Gathering up five friends, encountering several bosses concluding with one legendary boss. This original is the closest you'll come to the sequel as it covers everything the original included and is essentially playing the part of an expansion pack with few upgrades visually or to the gameplay.

9 Borderlands 3

The anticipation for the sequel to 2012's Borderlands 2 was soaring going into the 9th month of 2019. Releasing for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, this series honoring our lord and saviour, Handsome Jack shares most of if not all of Destiny's core gameplay mechanics.

The co-op shooter offers four characters to choose from with a variety of upgradable abilities. One such ability includes traveling to various planets either on your own or with others to team up and take on epic bosses who are exploding with even more epic loot once defeated. This loot-based shooter is one of the closest things to Destiny 2 out there not titled Destiny.

8 Monster Hunter: World

This RPG came to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 at the beginning of 2018. Capcom's nearly 20-year-old franchise is a third-person RPG focused on tracking and taking on massive beasts and dragon-like creatures.

Slashing away at a massive dragon-like monster while catching a glimpse of two of your friends at opposite sides aiding you in the beatdown of this colossal object mirrors the feeling of defeating Emperor Calus with five other players during the Leviathan raid.

7 Tom Clancy's The Division 2

While you aren't traveling from planet to planet, hunting down various types of creatures and beasts, this online-only RPG is set in Washington D.C. following an outbreak of a deadly virus - and no, it isn't based on the last six months. In March 2019, the sequel to 2016's Tom Clancy's The Division was released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the newly launched Stadia.

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It's difficult to find another current video game with as much detail in the scenery as you walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. With various types of activities, events to take part in either solo or with a partner or two, and dozens of skills, you'll have a lot on your plate and soon find yourself grinding for that exotic rifle just as you would in Destiny 2.

6 Halo 5

The developers behind the Destiny series had established an impressive resume prior to the release of their 2014 planet-surfing hit. Bungie was behind the original five installments of the widely successful Halo series.

Playing through the fifth installment in the Halo series, either on your own or with a buddy, will feel familiar as you make your way through various ship-like areas. Gamers will remember the feeling of running through a pack of Grunts or Crawlers, equipped with their sword.

5 Warframe

The free-to-play Warframe was released in 2013 with support still going strong today and visually matching the Destiny sequel. With close to 50 million people online in 2019, paired with it being accessible on all current consoles, Warframe is one of the most-played games on Steam. The game is easy to jump into and gives gamers the feeling of Destiny in third-person.

4 Planetside 2

Planetside 2 made its way to PC in November 2012, nine years after the original Planetside. This sequel was made available to PS4 in June of 2015. A massive multiplayer FPS, it's so massive that it currently holds the Guinness World Record for most players active on a single map at once with over 1,100 active users.

While it can be overwhelming at first, the shooter is made easier with a familiar atmosphere and environment with many of the mechanics you'd expect to find in a fast-paced player-vs-player. All this combined makes for an exciting experience for someone to jump into this free MMOFPS.

3 Titanfall 2

2016 Game of the Year nominee, Titanfall 2, hasn't gotten the attention it's received due to coming out in between two powerhouses - Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Respawn Entertainment's sequel to 2014's Titanfall, you take control of a pilot and their mecha style robotic companions while shooting a grappling hook to fly across multiple maps avoiding gunfire and other not so nice titans.

While rather short, the game's setting offers something that the first installment lacked and is certainly worth the handful of hours it takes to complete. However, the focus remains on the multiplayer mirroring recent Call of Duty games.

2 Killzone Shadow Fall

The Killzone series has been a staple for Sony and it's console since it's debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Since then, PlayStation has invited a Killzone installment in each generation of platforms.

Beginning on the PS2, it then made it's way to the forgotten PlayStation Portable - which was years ahead of its time. Followed by the PS3, PS Vita, and the latest addition being one of the launch titles for the new console in 2013 on the PlayStation 4. A solidified franchise that still holds up visually to any current first-person shooter and one that deserves a lot more love than it generally receives.

1 Diablo 3

The Diablo series took twelve years to make a return to monitors across the world and when it did, the much-anticipated third installment became the fastest-selling PC game, with over 3.5 million copies being picked up in the opening 24 hours of its release. With several characters to choose from, gamers can spend hours upon hours leveling up while joining friends to take on hundreds of zombies, ghostly creatures and skeletons.

With loot littering the arena, one significant difference between the two games is the change from first-person to an over-the-top angle. On top of all of what the core Diablo experience has to offer, player vs player combat was added in 2013.

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Xchads are the winners again.[View]5249461323DS production has been discontinued:…[View]524996000It's pretty much everything I could want from a MonHun game, and then everything I didn't …[View]525005057>training for the GDQ potter?[View]525004518>tfw sony tells you preorders open a day later than they actually do and you go to bed like a goo…[View]525004228Grand Theft Auto 5 is the chadest game ever: >no weebshit >great original soundtrack >great…[View]525001962IT'S FUCKING OUT BOYS LET'S GOOOOO[View]524975714Hogwarts: Legacy: We're going home...[View]525000490Absolute literal fucking STATE of chimptendies[View]525003091Yup, definitely cross-gen. Environment looks no better than Uncharted 4 and the character models are…[View]525005007What are some games that absolutely punish you for not studying the manual or doing the tutorial?[View]525004778Is this still fun, /v/? Haven't played it in years[View]524984268Harry Potter Roll playing bane: Unironically looks amazeballs, even though harry potter is barely re…[View]525004403Well done Slytherin, well done. However![View]525001804was this good?[View]525004758what is going on with Bayonetta 3?[View]524999091>truth was rigged from the start[View]525004489Please help me /v/, I'm looking for an old meme and can't find it. It's a /v/ collage…[View]524968180Bloodborne Remaster: Uhhh... PC bros Source:…[View]525004413What did Capcom mean by this, Monster Hunter bros? I thought world had online multiplayer too?[View]524985258Argonians are primitive mudhut dwel-[View]524994936Which one are you getting lads? I'm thinking PS5 since I already have a PC Important Poll: http…[View]525003878>playing among us >know for a fact who the killer is, He knows that i know >call meeting …[View]524997470>open world[View]524998018AMD is good for Emulation...[View]524984602Disgaea 6: >nintendo switch exclusive >full 3d ins…[View]524989079>Another Xbox exclusive releasing on the Switch Thanks, Phil. Now I have even less reasons to buy…[View]524996123>Game has real actors in the cutscenes[View]525004001>just had a dream where they updated TF2 and it fixed everything.[View]524995945Why are they so canonically slutty?[View]525003958How will Rifts Apart rank on this ranking? Desu famalam bimbam[View]524983495ACE ATTORNEY CHADS ASSEMBLE: THIS IS OUR DIRECT ACE ATTO…[View]525003869>/v/ laughing at mh rise >muh graphics >/v/ think this will not be the best selling mh in h…[View]524978771downloading now, is it true that you get kicked for anything in this game?[View]524973175Are you ready to laugh when no monster hunter announced during direct, world bros?[View]525002048*is a better Zelda game*[View]525000078[View]524997890BABY TERF[View]525002152shit ports and shovelware: The DS had less shit ports since devs actually had to put work into makin…[View]524992493>a next gen console costs about the same as a mid range GPU ($499) >the top of the line GPU co…[View]524996596dumb mimiga[View]525003067The holy trinity: Look at what just arrived in my post[View]525002803Fuck this games ending[View]525000336What was his probelm?[View]5250001352020 release?[View]525003029S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Will it go down the road of VTMB2? if it does i'm fucking killing myself…[View]524994312Hello /v/, buy my new Monster Hunter game okay? Teehee~[View]525000032post you're toons[View]524995840Imagine buying this enormous, yet less powerful console that's the same price as Series X >b…[View]525002856Upcoming exclusives for the PS5: >Demons Souls Upcoming exclusives for the Nintendo Switch: >B…[View]525000485Any other poverty gamers here?[View]524973690so what's next? we've got a hat in time, we've got onirism, and now we've got no…[View]525001826Hogwarts legacy: >summons for magic broom >autoflies to quest marker >wizard vision activat…[View]524999249Why is Microsoft publishing on Nintendo Switch?[View]525002656-[View]525001726Why is her name SCAT[View]525001362WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: LOOK AT THIS 2020 GRAPHICS BROS IS THIS RAYTRACED OR WHY DOES IT LOOK SO GOOD…[View]524997797Post cursed images.[View]525002457>visually stunning You meaning it's so ugly looking that it stuns you that people pay for th…[View]52500231380 euro for THIS: It looks like mortal shell mod. What the fuck is sony doing?[View]525001834what exactly is microsoft's end goal? they haven't given a single reason why you should bu…[View]524998291Just bought a 3080: For 699, cant even play on it as I need to pay 1100 for the rest of the PC and a…[View]525002043>btfos all PlayStation exclusives[View]525000120When will overwatch be balanced and fun again?[View]524999595Is ray tracing going to bottleneck this generation?: DMC5 is a well optimized game that runs at 1080…[View]524989515Is anybody else irrationally excited for this game? Looks like the love child of Nights and Billy Ha…[View]525001351Exist a NSP Version withoout crashing after one time play mario 64?[View]525000937nintendies... i kneel[View]524996972Why are there so few strategy games for VR?[View]524971249Was this possibly the most underwhelming reveal for a massively hyped game ever? Everything looked s…[View]525001940>Okay level has the best boss More cases like this /v/ros?[View]524993948F[View]524999338>thanks for the order from 9 minutes after launch but its out of stock now hehe sorry bro…[View]524998553I know we hate Todd, but you have to admit skyrim with mods is literally the perfect sandbox game.[View]525001680What is still in 'Alpha' about this game? It looks almost finished, very least it's in beta htt…[View]525001637.[View]524978483APOLOGIZE[View]524999627Gaming: Are you guys excited for whatever the 2020's lineup of consoles will bring and deliver?…[View]524993439Why did the Patriots rehire Big Boss to lead FOXHOUND after MGSV?[View]525000886Ontus Vanin, retired. Sleep late and read trashy books. I don't keep up with the Mages Guild af…[View]524990037One to display on my shelf, sealed forever and photographed for reddit. One to try out for a few min…[View]524997642Literally unstoppable[View]525001401*cannot be stopped in your path*[View]524998665THANKS FOR BETATESTING FAGGOTS[View]524997459Can someone recommend me a good controller for PC? Spelunky 2 is coming out soon and I've been …[View]525001386FREE VIDEO GAMES: >Watch Dogs 2 >Football Manager 2020 >Stick It To The Man! https://www.ep…[View]525000901Do you remember the time When you fell in love?[View]524989849Age of Calamity: I thought hyrule warriors was pure dog shit and I hate musous. so how could I trust…[View]524998270These guys: Here's some genuine thought of mine I think is quite shitposty: Horizon is a boring…[View]525001258Is there any higher form of cuckoldry than PC gaming?: >be pc virgin >spend over a thousand do…[View]524998218What about a Disgaea Warriors game ?[View]524996883Howm many years does it have left?: Last I heard it was half done. So that means 3 more years. But t…[View]524997817>Final Fantasy VII Remake >Trials of Mana >Romancing SaGa 3 >Dragon Quest XI >Final F…[View]524995294Any hype for Puyo Puyo Tetris 2?[View]525000989Dragon Ball FighterZ: I'm having so much fun playing as Master Roshi, bros. Post teams btw >…[View]524997947PlayStation 5™ 2021 Exclusive Games >God of War Ragnarok (*) >Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart …[View]524999250cutest hug in vidiya!: also stories 1 for switch when?[View]524987656Marvel's Avengers losing 1000+ players a day: this gotta be the biggest flop in a long long tim…[View]524992319Here's your monster hunter limited edition bros.…[View]524999179You ARE excited for Balan Wonderworld, aren't you?[View]524994160Super Mario Galaxy in the 3D collection is an inferior port you can no longer enjoy the high quality…[View]524998136When did monster hunter peak?[View]524988898Get in here XIV and XVI Giga Chads DMC chads welcome too[View]525000198>If you encounter two groups of people fighting while travelling you can loot their bodies withou…[View]525000150I just scan shit and do space truckin but holy shit I love this game what are some games /v/ likes t…[View]525000076>PC/Laptop comes with bult in Windows installer[View]524996483>game's plot becomes so confusing, even the villain doesn't know what's going on…[View]524998803Do we know if Remake Part 2 is still happening now that FFXVI is happening?[View]524978125CHECK OUT MY EXTRA LARGE SPIRIT BALL[View]524999858HAHAHAHAHA Nvidia is basically dead[View]524999127>be Sony >show the PC version of FF16 on medium settings during your own console event >the…[View]524997669Ok fine. I was wrong and I'm sorry. Switch is actually incredibly based and getting tons of rea…[View]524999518Just imagine, /v/.: >There is an alternate reality where Waluigi is called Wuigi.…[View]524999764>mh niggas be like >just buy a new console for every new game bro Man I cant buy a 300 bucks M…[View]524996118Date me please[View]524988426Is it the best RTS ever made? Can you name another 20-year old RTS with as active a community as thi…[View]524998217When was the last time you where hyped for a game because right now I am hyped for fnaf sb[View]524978163>unlikeable shit becomes the best character Any more games like this?[View]524999385I will now buy your game[View]524976915WoW Shadowlands: Is this the least hyped expansion ever? Almost everyone is already bitching and the…[View]524990089well /v/ Cat or Dog???[View]524999105civ 6 Byzantium LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO:[View]524996981What are you POOR?? Why are you so fucking POOR?? Don't you want the hottest king shit GPU ever…[View]524997452>I hated world but Rise looks kino! >It looks just like classic MH!…[View]524996275Nioh 2: According to Gematsu we'll be getting details on DLC 2 next week.[View]524998604Why is this game so beautiful?[View]524973656Marvel Heroes: I miss this mugga like you wouldn't believe.[View]524996727Defend this[View]524992638*wins the console generation*[View]524998004>''don't forget to buy some in game currency while you're here sir'…[View]524996439Now that the dust has settled, who won here?[View]524994841Are there any two-player co-op choose your own adventure games: or at least ones where choices matte…[View]524986919RIP XBROS: RISE NINTENDOBROS[View]524998145>Get up in the morning, run around the track. >Show me what you got, soldier!…[View]524992641Life is literally a videogame, get the high score lads.[View]524995363Should Your Girlfriend Review Vidya Games?[View]524993491Fuck Capcom: Pic related is always going to be pinnacle Monster Hunter. I'm so fucking gutted. …[View]524997735AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH: I'M HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*huff*OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]524997759New Allinall video: The madman posted again. My god this channel is glorious.…[View]524992021Monster Hunter Rise: This is your new admiral. Say something nice about him.[View]524997741I bow to Final Fantasy[View]524997729Outlast 2: What am I in for[View]524981372>DANGANRONPA ON THE SWITCH BAAAABY[View]524997667Slap City Thread: Roll Up Your Shirt and Jean Shorts, /v/! Slap City updated this morning, adding th…[View]5249969271.0 IS OUT HYPE[View]524988713So how were you supposed to know you can wait for him at the Floating Continent?[View]524992561There is no reason to assume that this is going to be anything other than a masterpiece.[View]524997172Should I get a xbox sex or a piss ass 5?[View]524996980My wife Kasumi[View]524997356A Nintendo Direct Mini just blew the PS5 showcase event out of the water. Is there any coming back f…[View]524996779Eh, this is probably for the kids that >havent played any of the games >dont know emulation it…[View]524997254Why does this looks like Toukiden, even going as far as using that same bland shader? >Mount ridi…[View]524995529.[View]524996290why wont they buff Byleth considering (s)he sucks ass in smash?[View]524996921Could Monster Hunter World be ported to Switch?[View]524996486So who is Hiroshi Takai? What has he worked on before and is it good or bad that he's directing…[View]524996324gentle reminder that there is officially no reason to buy an xbox for exclusives now[View]524978465RTX 3080: NVIDIA 3080 POST-LAUNCH THREAD Did you get a card? Which card did you try and get? Did any…[View]524992438IS: IT[View]524989852Thoughts on STELLARIS? I never played a grand strategy game before, but I like game about deep space…[View]524992542Signs game was made by americans: >Every sound effect is ultra loud and enemy scream when hit …[View]524995801Today's Epic Games Store free-for-life games which came available starting just 20 minutes ago …[View]524996556Is the ADATA HD710M PRO harddrive good?: Want to get an external harddrive for my PS4 fat, is this b…[View]524995287VR chads, it's been 6 months since hla came out. how long until you do a second playthrough?[View]524989291Project Zomboid: Should I play Project Zomboid?[View]524996360What are some video games where I can feel old?[View]524956631is piracy theft?: not pic related[View]524950126The worst game I have ever seen[View]524996102ITT: Post cheesy campy yet bloodpumping moments in games >buttrock intensifies…[View]524995031>You may even find a special someone to start dating, fall in love, and get married! What did he…[View]524986631>no smash dlc >no fall guys >no persona >no dark souls >no switch plus >no among …[View]524987292Who's the Johnny Bravo of video games?[View]524983794How do I convert from Xbox to Playstation?[View]524992175Storm 4 is the greatest anime game ever made[View]524981468Happy Thursday, /v/: Let's discuss things you want to see more of in vidya. For me, it's m…[View]524987515>monster hunter on switch >ff16 and demons souls on ps5 >mfw How can you say you like video…[View]524995805>wins Gen 9 by default[View]524923845AVENGERS losing player numbers by the thousands. OH NO NO: >81st place on steam active users >…[View]524995780Great Artwork[View]524995039Ace Combat: EVERYONE FORM UP ON NICE AND TIGHT[View]524950278I see a lot of praise for Heavensward and Shadowbringers but not one for Stormblood. Was it the leas…[View]524989552Feels good to be a nintenchad
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Games Like Destiny For PC Raddit Archives

List of commercial video games with available source code

   Title    Original release Source code found or leaked Genre Original developer Additional information 360: Three Sixty1999 2020 RacingSmart Dog The PlayStation source code can be found in a dummy file on the disc.[72]Actua Soccer 961996 1996 sports gameGremlin InteractiveA demo CD that shipped with a game magazine accidentally contained the C++ source code of the game.[73][74]Adventure in Time1981 2016 Adventure gamePhoenix Software In November 2016 the source code for the Atari 8-bit and Apple II versions of Adventure in Time and Birth of the Phoenix were released by Kevin Savetz, along with partial code of Queen of Phobos for Apple II.[75]Airforce Delta2000 2020 Flight simulatorClimax StudiosSource code of the Game Boy Color version was leaked on 4chan in May 2020.[76]Aliens versus Predator 22001 2002 FPSMonolith ProductionsSource code released on the Monolith Productions FTP server in 2002, then quickly taken down.[77]Asteroids1979 1996 ArcadeAtariSource code of Asteroids in the Atari 7800 version was released in physical form by AtariSunnyvale on their closure 1996. Together with Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Robotron: 2084 and eight further games reconstructed by the Atari-Museum and published later.[78][79] Ports for modern FPGAs were made later.[80]Art of Fighting1992 2014 Fighting gameSNKThe source code was found on an NEC PC-9821 used for developing Neo Geo titles in 2014.[81][82]Aztec1982 2019 Action-adventureDatamostIn January 2019 Jason Scott uploaded the source code of this game to the Internet Archive.[83]Battle Konchuuden1999 2019 Battle RPG Jaleco EntertainmentA zip file was found within the retail games dummy data, which included the full PlayStation 1 source code to the game.[84]Beatmania 5th Mix1999 2000 Music video gameKonamiWith the 2000 Japanese PSX game Beatmania Best Hits there was mistakenly included the source code for the 1999 game Beatmania 5th Mix.[85]The Bilestoad1982 2019 Action-adventureDatamost In January 2019 Jason Scott uploaded the source code of this game to the Internet Archive.[83][86]Blood1997 2000/2010 FPS Monolith Productions In 2000, partial source code of an alpha version was leaked. In 2010, the complete alpha source code was leaked.[87] Using the code as reference, a reverse engineered build of the final version was created by Alexander Makarov for source ports around 2017.[88]B.O.B. / Space Funky B.O.B. 1993 2008 Side-scrolling gameElectronic ArtsOn September 12, 2008 the source code of the SNES version became available as it was found on an eBay-bought hard drive.[89]Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom1983 2018 Rail shooterSegaOn May 17, 2018 Kevin Savetz uploaded scans of the complete source code of the Atari 8-bit conversion of Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom donated by Charlie Kulas.[90]California Watersports2001 2020 SportsTheyer GFXThe PlayStation source code was released in 2020 with the permission of developer Mark Theyer.[91]Captain Comic1988 2012 PlatformerMichael DenioIn September 2012 the source code of the NES version was offered on eBay for $439.[92][93]Chicken Run2000 2011 Stealth gameBlitz GamesIn May 2011 the Sega Dreamcast source code became available, found by a collector on a Dreamcast Dev Kit's harddrive.[94][95]Chill1998 2020 sports gameSilicon DreamsA zip file was found within the retail game's dummy data, which included the full PlayStation 1 source code to the game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive2012 2020 first-person shooterValveA 2017 version of the game's source code was leaked on 4chan in 2020.[96]Dark Engine (Thief, Thief II, System Shock 2)1993 2009/2010 Stealth gameLooking Glass StudiosIn 2009, a complete copy of the Dark Engine source code was discovered in the possession of an ex-Looking Glass Studios employee who was at the time continuing his work for Eidos Interactive.[97] In late April 2010, a user on the Dreamcast Talk forum disassembled the contents of a Dreamcast development kit he had purchased.[98] Later, significant updates for the Dark Engine-based games were published.[99][100][101]Dark Reign 22000 2011 RTSPandemic StudiosReleased by a former developer of Pandemic Studios under LGPL to prevent that the game become unsupported Abandonware.[102][103] Legal status unclear. Donkey Kong1981 2008 PlatformerNintendoIn August 2008 the source code of Donkey Kong in Atari 8006502 assembly was published at the AtariAge forum by Curt Vendel (the Atari Flashback designer),[104] and was discussed there by the original developer, Landon Dyer.[105]Double Dragon II: The Revenge1989 2013 Beat em upTechnōs JapanIn 2013 the Internet Archive put the undeletedassemblysources (DRGNSRC.LZH) of the DOS version for download.[106][107]Empire1977 197? turn-basedwargameWalter BrightAt some point, someone broke through the security systems at Caltech, and took a copy of the source code for the FORTRAN/PDP-10 version of the game.[108] This code was continually modified, being passed around from person to person and ported to other system e.g. to VAX/VMS OS.[109]Eve Online2003 2011 Space strategy MMOCCP GamesOn 20 May 2011 someone released the EVE Online source code on a GitHub repository.[110] After the source code was online four days, CCP issued a DMCA take-down request which was followed by GitHub.[111]Extreme-G 32001 2015 Racer game Acclaim CheltenhamThe source code of the PS2 game came into hands of a community member by unknown means around 2015.[112]Falcon 4.01998 2000 Combat flight simulatorMicroProseA 2000 source codeleak[113] by a former developer allowed unofficial community development, including upgrades, improved graphics, and bug fixes. In 2013 the source code of one of the community development branches was released to a GitHub repository under a questionable BSD license.[114]Fate2005 2015 Action RPGWildTangentInadvertently made available when Fate and its sequel Fate: Undiscovered Realms were offered through a May 2015 Humble Bundle. The download link provided to purchasers for the DRM-Free copy lead to an apparently current dump of the source code. This was available for several days before it was corrected.[115]FIFA 971996 1996 sport video gameElectronic ArtsAround 1996 Electronic Arts accidentally put the source code of FIFA 97 on a demo disc.[116][117]Forsaken1998 2007 6DOF shooter Probe EntertainmentIn 2007, nine years after the first release, the game itself and its source code were considered abandoned and became available to the public.[118] The game's community took up the game and kept updating and porting the game via a GitHub repository under a GPL license.[119][120]GunZ: The Duel2005 2011 Third-person shooterMAIET EntertainmentIn 2011 the source code of GunZ 1.5 became available online.[121]Half-Life 2 (alpha version only) 2004 2003 FPSValveAn alpha version of Half-Life 2's source code was leaked in 2003, a year before the game's release.[122]Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (prototype only) 2002 2020 Action-adventureKnowWonderSource code from a prototype version was leaked in 2020.[123]Home Alone 2: Lost in New York1992 2016 Action gameImagineeringGame source released of the NES game in 2016 by Frank Cifaldi after finding it on an old hard drive.[124][125]Killer72005 2016 Action-adventure gameGrasshopper ManufactureSources and assets for the GameCube game were found in October 2016 on an open webserver.[126]Lineage II2003 2003 MMORPGNCSOFTIn 2003 a Chinese Hacker acquired the Lineage II source code, and sold it to someone who set up alternative servers. Shutdown by FBI in 2007.[127][128]Metal Arms: Glitch in the System2003 2019 Third-person shooterSierra EntertainmentUploaded to in 2019.[129]Microsoft Entertainment Pack1996 2004 Casual gameMicrosoftIn the copies of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 source code which leaked back in 2004, there are 32-bit versions of Cruel, Golf, Pegged, Reversi, Snake (Rattler Race), Taipei and TicTactics.[130]Monopoly2000 2018 BoardArtech Studios The source code for the Microsoft Windows version of the 2000 video game Monopoly was leaked in August 2018.[131][132]Mortal Kombat Trilogy1996 2018 FightingMidway GamesGame source code for the Nintendo 64 version was leaked anonymously on 4chan, alongside the PC, PS1, and Arcade source of Mortal Kombat 3.[133][134]Monsters, Inc.2001 2019 PlatformKodiak Interactive Source code and artwork for the PlayStation 2 version was uploaded to in 2019.[135]Mr Nutz 21994 2008 PlatformerOcean SoftwareAmiga game, source code prototype associated with Peter Thierolf.[136][137]Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory1983 2019 PlatformDatamost In January 2019 Jason Scott uploaded the source code of this game to the Internet Archive.[83]NBA Jam Extreme1996 2017 Sports gameSculptured SoftwareIn February 2017 the source code was discovered on an archival CD liquidated by Acclaim Entertainment during their bankruptcy sale. It was subsequently sold on eBay for $500. Various Nintendo games 1990-2014 2020 Various Various Throughout 2020, the source code for several games by Nintendo (as well as console firmware) was leaked by anonymous users on 4chan. These include Super Mario 64, the first four generations of the Pokémon series, and the firmware for the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and 3DS. For more information, please see 2020 Nintendo data leak. Pac-Man1982 2019 MazeRoklan Corp. In August 2019 the source code for the Atari 8-bit version was released by Kevin Savetz.[138][139]Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator1990 2019 side-scrollingColor DreamsIn November 2019 the NES source code was uploaded to the Internet Archive.[140]Pole Position1983 2009 RacingGeneral Computer CorporationOn May 20, 2009, Curt Vendel released the source code of the Atari 2600 conversion of Pole Position.[141]Postal III2011 2020 First person shooterRunning with ScissorsLeaked onto 4chan in June 2020, and contains pre-release Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 content.[142]Raid 20201989 2019 Side-scrolling action gameColor DreamsSource code was found on a floppy disk and uploaded to in 2019.[143]Re-Volt1999 200? Racing gameAcclaim Studios LondonMembers of the fan-base have acquired the source code of the game around 2004, which was leaked from an anonymous developer who worked on the Xbox Live port.[144][145] The game community works since then on fan patches and source ports to new platforms like Linux, MacOS and OpenPandora.[146][147][148]Rolling Thunder1987 2016 side-scrolling action gameTiertex Design StudiosThe Amiga version became available on a community forum.[149]SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge2001 2018 PlatformerClimax DevelopmentThe game's development repository was released on GitHub in 2018, converted from an old Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repository. Curiously, it was discovered that the game contained code from the Linux kernel (specifically the vsprintf function, presumably used for debugging), and therefore violates the GNU General Public License. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (X-Ray Engine 1.5.10) 2008 2014 FPSGSC Game WorldIn August 2014 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky's X-Ray Engine 1.5.10 source codebecame available on GitHub under a non-open-sourcelicense.[150] The successor's engine, X-ray 1.6.02, became available too.[151][152] As of October 2019 the xray-16 engine community fork, "OpenXRay", achieved compiling state and support for the two games "Call of Pripyat" and "Clear Sky" with build 558.[153]Starcraft1998 2017 Real-time strategyBlizzardIn 2017 it was announced that a potentially 1998 stolen/lost[154]STARCRAFT Gold Master source code CD of Starcraft resurfaced in the hand of an enthusiast.[155] After long contemplation, he sent it back to Blizzard.[156] There was some doubt about the authenticity of this CD, as there was no proof provided. It is unclear if, as indicated in the earlier discussion, a copy of the source code was forwarded to Jason Scott of the Internet Archive for preservation purposes. Star Wars Galaxies2003 2014 MMOSony Online EntertainmentIn 2013, a former Sony Online Entertainment employee leaked a copy of the 2010 production source code for the Star Wars Galaxies client, server, 3rd party libraries and development tools to a group of former players involved with the "New Game Enhancements" Star Wars Galaxies emulator Project SWG. The code was later leaked beyond its intended recipients and made available online.[157] Live, free to play public servers and public development groups have since come into existence. Super 3D Noah's Ark1994 2018 FPSWisdom TreeIn November 2018 the source code for SNES version was bought on eBay and released to the public.[158]Swashbuckler1982 2019 FightingDatamost In January 2019 Jason Scott uploaded the source code of this game to the Internet Archive.[83]Team Fortress 22007 2020 first-person shooterValveA 2017 version of the game's source code was leaked on 4chan in 2020.[96]Tempest 20001994 2008 tube shooterLlamasoftOn 24 August 2008, the source code of Tempest 2000 was released by the defunct Jaguar Sector II website under a CD compilation for PC titled Jaguar Source Code Collection.[159][160]Tony Hawk's Underground2003 2016 Sports gameNeversoftThe game's C++ source code was leaked in February 2016 to GitHub.[161]Turrican III1994 2008 Run and gunFactor 5Amiga game, source code prototype associated with Peter Thierolf.[137]Turok: Dinosaur Hunter1997 2017 First-person shooterIguana Entertainment / Acclaim EntertainmentIn February 2017 the source code of the N64 version was sold on eBay for $2551.99 on a SGI Silicon GraphicsIndy development machine which came from the Acclaim Entertainment liquidation. This source code was later released August 26, 2018, then reuploaded, non-encrypted to 4chan the following day.[162][163][164]Trespasser1998 200x Action-adventure, FPSDreamWorks InteractiveThe fan community got the original source code into hand by unknown means[165] and created modifications and unofficial patches with it,[166][167] the latest DirectX 9 port from 2016 and the development ongoing.[168]Ultima IX: Ascension1999 2014 Role-playing video gameOrigin SystemsIn November 2014 the Ultima Codex Community was able to acquire the Ultima 9 source code from a former developer for offline archival to prevent permanent loss.[169]Ultimate Mortal Kombat 31994 2009 Beat'em upMidway GamesThe source code and artwork of the PSX version were recovered from floppies in 2009.[170][171]Unreal Championship 22005 2020 First-person shooterEpic GamesLeaked to 4chan on July 29, 2020. Up'n Down1984 2018 Racing, maze Sega On May 17, 2018 Kevin Savetz uploaded scans of the complete source code of the Atari 8-bit conversion of Up'n Down donated by Charlie Kulas.[172]Urban Assault1998 2016 Real-time strategyTerraToolsFound on eBay.[173]Warcraft II: The Dark Saga1997 2020 Real-time strategyBlizzard EntertainmentSource code for the PlayStation version was uploaded to[174]Wing commander series1990 2011 Space simulatorOrigin SystemsThe long lost source code of Wing Commander I was given to the fan-community in August 2011 by a former developer for the purpose of long-time preservation.[175] Later most other parts of the series followed.[176][177]Xbox system software2001 2020 Video game consoleoperating systemMicrosoftIn May 2020, the Xbox operating system source code was leaked. Zork and other Infocom games 1977 2008 Adventure gameInfocomIn 2008 a back-up with the source code of all Infocom's video games appeared from an anonymous Infocom source and was archived by the Internet Archive's Jason Scott.[178][179][180] On May 5, 2020, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology uploaded to GitHub the source code for a 1977 version of Zork.[181]
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