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FRAPS for Windows

Capture game footage

FRAPS is a decent choice when it comes to recording game footage; it’s easy to use and can track your frame rate as well. The application is great as a simplistic benchmark, even without being registered for the full version.

The program will work without a paid registration; however, you will only be able to record for 30 seconds at a time, and every short video will have the FRAPS watermark. Screenshots are taken in BMP, while registered accounts can use the JPG, TGA, and PNG format.

The application has low system requirements as it can run on any computer with an operating system of Windows XP or later. It supports DirectX 11, a necessary utility used by many games and applications.

Frame rate check

FRAPS features a handy frame rate checker that displays the current frames per second, which you can see on your screen. The display can be set to any of the four corners on your screen, ensuring that it isn’t disruptive to your playtime.


While the software is a paid service, it can be used for free with a handful of restrictions. Any video recording is limited to only 30 seconds and will have the FRAPS watermark on it. Your screenshots will also be limited to a less popular file type, BMP.


This software makes it easy to take a screenshot by binding the action to a hotkey. You can also choose whether FRAPS will take an individual shot once or if it takes one repeatedly with a set time gap.

What is FRAPS used for?

The main use of FRAPS is for video capture of gameplay or walkthroughs. You’ll start the application before launching your game, you can start recording footage with the touch of a hotkey. Once you have enough captured content, you can press the key again to end and save the recorded file.


FRAPS is extremely lightweight and can record footage fromolder computers that are still running Windows XP or Windows 7. If you’re using the application for screenshots or game footage, you won’t experience any impact on your frame rate or performance.

Sound capture

While you’re capturing video footage, you’ll also have input from the game’s sound and your microphone, if you have one connected. You do not need any additional software to splice the audio to the visual content.

Size of files

FRAPS suffers from one major disadvantage: its file size. While the install file is small and the program occupies little space itself, the recorded footagetends to be large until its file is converted to an alternative format that’s smaller. This is only fixed by installing a secondary application that can convert video files.

What’s better than FRAPS?

If you’re looking for an alternative that is better than FRAPS or has different features, you may find these video capturing software suitable.

GeForce Experience is a tool for PC gamers that helps boost their performance. The software includes other features such as the ability to capture gameplay footage and share live streams.

OBS Studio is a free and open-source application that allows you to capture and record videos on your computer. The app is one of the best free options available.

Bandicam Screen Recorder lets you capture your screen as a video or as an image. The software allows you to record detailed graphics from games using DirectX.

Nvidia Geforce Shadowplay is an add-on to GeForce Experience that records your gameplay. The addon makes optimal use of your resources to ensure that your gaming session is smooth and uninterrupted.

Easy recording

FRAPS is a mediocre software for video recording and screenshot capturing. It features a framerate display that’s great for benchmarking but suffers from producing footage with large file sizes.

Recently the application has been updated with a fix to recordings that started to flutter periodically, as well as issues that caused the app to crash. The software often receives fixes for any issues that occur.

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View Full Version : just a question in case of fraps and game issues

while "fraps" is running, i can not start the game.
everytime i get the message, that the game is not working anymore.

if i close fraps, i can run the game without problems.

really, i get more and more pissed off.
today i made a lot of videos and want to know where the stutters (in a lot of my videos) are come from.

now i have closed my AMD gaming evolved after several times and i wanted to try other programs.

but it seems, fraps is blacklisted or what?

Use Nvidia shadowplay or AMD recording software instead. Less performance loss and very good quality recordings. I never use Fraps anymore.

The only small issues occur due to fps hickups The Crew sometimes has. Even on SLI/CF or Titan cards. Soon Vega will stirr up the GFX market.

But does AMD evolved has recording issues? The tech is supposed to be similar to Nvidias. Using the onboard video encoder to record your game videos.

amd gaming evolved is a recording software. and with it, i have huge stutters in the videos. but just since few weeks.
now i wanted to try other programs, but the game won't start with fraps.

later i try bandycam or whatever.

In my opinion, Fraps died about 2 or 3 years ago. I suggest testing Bandicam, Action, Dxtory. I used Fraps until 2013 (and it already gave me headache regarding file size and video audio synchronization), after I met Bandicam I only switched to Shandowplay. I have several videos of drift and arena monster but I feel a lazy to put on youtube.

fraps died for me few years ago too.
but i just wanted to try it in contrast to AMD gaming evolved (because the stutters).

MSI Afterburner also has a recording tool. You can pick H264 decoder there also.

But maybe the stutters are a driver issue?
With these onboard encoder tools, you can pick different resolutions or FPS even.
Maybe try to record at native screen res and fps for max compatibility. Or go the other way and set record at 1080p/30. Less workload than.

There must be a setting that does not create stutters.

Other thing that might create stutters is the HDD you record on. Or too many back ground progs running. Defragging the HDD or switch the record to store on SSD can also solve stuttering.

Last but not least, you can blame W10. :D

and my settings in gaming evolved

for 1080p/60 you can set to 30mbps without visible performance loss.

i did in this video (test)

edit: here is another video. full of stutters. and long ones.

fraps uses alot of resources if your PC doesn't have the space for the files also fraps hasn't been updated since 2013

AMD Relive software(if you have AMD) is better to use as it has no impact on FPS like fraps does and uses way less storage space

tho ive never had problems using fraps on my PC so this is new to me

in past i had no problems by using fraps and the crew. and i know that a short video (2-3 min), good quality, can may have 3GB and more, and that fraps is very cpu hungry.

but now, i can't start the game anymore while fraps is running in background.
and i know that fraps sucks and that there're better programs. but i just wanted to try out where the stutters are come from ^^

ya idk what it could be cuz as seen here in my image i can run the game fine with fraps open if you have an older version that isnt 3.5.99(last updated) that may be the reason its crashing your game. The only time my game wont start is if i have sweetFX on while fraps is in the background

cypis2511PL seems to have the same issue ^^

but now u have said something ^^
cypis and me, we both are using sweatFX realism mod.
this could be the reason. need to try later.

(i don't know exactly what files i need to delete)

delete all the DXIG files the folder that says sweetFX or shaders

Does only Fraps work properly now, or also the AMD Evolved?

Never tried the Reshader thing on the Crew, but i have seen some awesome pics made with it. :cool:

i can start the game with fraps running in the background now.
idk what's up with the stutters, but i will try later.

Does only Fraps work properly now, or also the AMD Evolved?

Never tried the Reshader thing on the Crew, but i have seen some awesome pics made with it. :cool:

if you update your drivers to AMD 16.12.2 relive will work with the crew so you can use that to record if your on AMD card

I have Nvidia, but these recording mechanics are similar. So i was wondering if the stuttering is gone too, when using the AMD Evolved, after disabling the SweetFx

Sorry if this is a little off topic, but in the first 30 seconds or so of your video, the graphics look at lot better than mine do, and I'm on max settings @ 60fps. Are you using some kind of graphic mod on your game? If so could you let me know what it is, I've looked around and not found anything that gave me any confidence to install it for fear of just screwing it up entirely.


Let me add myself to the chorus of voices: there's no reason to use FRAPS any more. It has not been updated in years. You should consider it a miracle if it *does* work with a modern game. Both AMD and Nvidia have good, free recording tools available for their video cards. Windows 10 even has a built-in video recording feature (though it is nowhere near as flexible as the Nvidia or AMD ones).

but here a fraps (test-)video:

here you see no stutters.
at the moment i'm pretty sure, the stutters are come from the AMD gaming evolved (free recording software)!

in-game i have no stutters. constantly 60 FPS and all is smooth.
but later in the videos, recorded with AMD gaming evolved, since few weeks, i have this fckng stutters like these:

(both videos are old ones, not listed etc. i won't do promote anything)

i have hundred videos and more. and i tried it several times.
the stutters are come from the free AMD recording software.

not from my cpu, gpu, hdd, ssd, or whatever.

What bitrate are you trying to use? It could be you're pushing the GPU too hard. YouTube recommends 12 Mbps for 1080p60 content. ( I usually go a little higher than that in case I want to do editing or effects that would require re-encoding.


i am using 50MB/s

but i tried 30MB/s and less. and still stutters.
just with AMD gaming evolved are stutters.
with other programs is everything fine.

my cpu, gpu, ssd and hdd is good. there are no problems with it.

one day they have patched the AMD software and since then i have this ****

amd evolved has been crap since it was released

just crap since few weeks

I also have a question about fraps. Recently I used Fraps to record rainbow six seige. The length is 10 minutes but the output size is 10G. I try to figure out the reason and I find this article :( It mentions that I must decrease the resolution and frame rate. But the resolution is just 720p and with 30fps which is a very normal setting. I do not think there is any need to change that. Do you guys know any other better solutions or i must resort to a new screen capture software.

I also have a question about fraps. Recently I used Fraps to record rainbow six seige. The length is 10 minutes but the output size is 10G. I try to figure out the reason and I find this article :( It mentions that I must decrease the resolution and frame rate. But the resolution is just 720p and with 30fps which is a very normal setting. I do not think there is any need to change that. Do you guys know any other better solutions or i must resort to a new screen capture software.

If memory serves me right, FRAPS only records footage in the AVI file format (uncompressed). This results in the video files being bigger, taking up much more space on your HDD. I don't think FRAPS allows you to record footage in any other format. The best solution is to try and convert footage into a compressed format (MP4, WMV etc). If you're using any video editing software to edit your videos, you'll be able to convert footage. This will drastically reduce the file size of your videos.

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Fraps is a utility for screenshots and video on your PC. Run in the background while you play, and check the frame rate to make the gameplay video and screenshots easily nehmen.In registered version of FRAPS you can take more than 30 seconds of the video, with a FRAPS watermark, and take screenshots in BMP format. In the full version there is no watermark video, and screenshots in JPG, PNG come and TGA-Format.So using FRAPS, simply start the app before your game, and when the game starts, you will be the frame rate counter in the corner of the screen, great for benchmarking , Under the screenshots and video Hotkey activated. You can choose to take screenshots one by one, or several times with specific Zeitabstand.Für Video You can record sound and even with a microphone so that you can make your own walk through easily. video production has been a weakness size – 3 minute video will be around 3GB, meaning you need another application to change the format. However, FRAPS is very lightweight and does not need more quality gameplay bewirken.Als All-in-one benchmarking, and video tool, FRAPS is hard to beat. It is lightweight and easy to use, with enough choice to keep most users satisfied.

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