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Customized Printable Homeschool Planners

You talked, we listened

You’ve let us know what you need, and we’ve listened. You want the option of a printable homeschool planner. With the high cost of international shipping and the ease of printing on demand from wherever you are, it made good sense to offer an alternative to pre-printed planners.

After researching the best option to bring you the highest quality and affordability, we settled on a design we love. And we think you will, too.

We are now offering a printable version of all our homeschool planners

You can get a print-your-own version for as little as $12.99, with the ability to fully customize your planner, including: a cover, customized Weekly Schedule Sheets, calendars, Goals & Planning forms, and Record Keeping forms.

You customize, we create a beautiful planner and put it all together. Next, we email it to you. Easy peasy.  All you have to decide is when and where you’ll print!

How to decide if a print-your-own planner is right for you

If you’re on the fence about which type of planner is right for you, consider the following. If you find yourself nodding your head yes as you read through them, you’ll want a print-your-own planner.

  • A 3-ring binder makes more sense for your family than spiral binding
  • You have a high quality printer, and want to save some money
  • You’re anxious to get started planning and simply can’t wait a week for us to prepare a planner for you
  • Colored paper is your thing or you want to select your own paper
  • You don’t live in the U.S. and would rather not pay for international shipping

Getting to know our products

If you aren’t familiar with our products, check out this chart and explore all we have to offer.  Then look over  your customized choices, because there are many.

We’re homeschool moms. We KNOW that there is no standard homeschool family. You need choices when it comes to a planner, too. No standard, one-size-fits-all planner will do. Now you’re in charge of putting the pieces together to create your own ideal planner. With that in mind, check out all the details about Printable Planners, or just go right ahead and order!

Don’t worry, we are still ready to print, punch, bind, and laminate away for those of you that prefer the printed version. You can see all those options in our shop.



5 Step Guide to Finishing Your Homeschool Year

When it comes to finishing your homeschool year, you want to finish strong. How do you wrap-up your homeschooling year?  Do you wonder what you should keep?  Are your records in good order? Here are five steps to walk you through using your homeschool planner to finish strong.

5 Step Guide to Finishing Your Homeschool Year

  1. Collect samples. Start with gathering all your materials and be prepared to purge. Things to keep: a table of contents (a photocopy if it’s not consumable), quizzes, tests, and several samples of daily work. Create a google doc or similar type of document and make a list of what you covered in the year. Use your curriculum’s study guides to guide you. Consider what will fit in the pockets and staple them or clip them together. Keep them orderly.  I like to write on the top of the sorted sections what subject it’s for, and write that on the coordinating pocket.
  2. Finalize forms. – Go to the notes and record keeping forms. Make sure you have all the ones you classify as important completed. This might depend upon your local homeschool requirements, too. I personally like to complete the attendance forms, activity log, and achievement record for test scores.  You do not have to fill out every one, just the ones that will help you get a snapshot of the year, what your state might require, and remember what you want to remember.  Your homeschool planners will double as a memory book for each year of homeschooling.
  3. Complete the year-end review. Have your child fill out the Year End Review found in every planner.  Since we are looking to foster independence, it is important for our kids to have a say in how they think the year went.  It will really help you not only close out the current year, but look ahead as well. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child about where they did well and where opportunities exist for improvement.
  4. Create progress reports. Now that you have your child’s planner all updated and filled out, you have enough information to hand out grades, if you choose to do that.  You can use a typical grading scale to calculate letter grade or percentages.  In the younger years, we focused mostly on effort. In eighth grade, we started preparing for grades since we record those in the high school years.  Make sure you look through the year or semester as a whole and not just the last few weeks.
  5. Have a Parent-Child meeting. Once you have it all finished, it is time to schedule a special meeting one on one with your child.  You can read through tips and ideas for how to conduct your meeting here. Focus on keeping it fun and productive.  Make sure you take their completion certificate filled out and ready to present, so they can feel accomplished for all they completed throughout the year!

After your meeting, start looking ahead to next year.  If you don’t have a homeschool planner for your child, get your new student or high school planner ordered by visiting our shop. Make sure you check out our new custom covers, adding yet another customized option for you!

Finish your homeschool year strong and organized and start putting your plan in place for next year.


4 Signs Your Homeschool Student Needs a Planner

One of our goals at A Plan in Place is to encourage independent learning.  While that will look very different among each family and each of your children, the big picture is the same.  Putting a homeschool student planner in the hands of each of your children is a great start on the path of independence and accountability.

And, let’s face it, efficient planning, organization, and record keeping all in one place is a bonus for mom too!

Here are 4 signs your homeschool student needs a planner:

  1. They can’t start school without you. This is a big one! It’s important to me that my boys start on their lessons without me.  From their very early homeschooling years, they knew to start on the shelf with their planner.  Even if I don’t have every part filled out there is always enough to get them going on something.
  2. If you are busy, they aren’t working.  I am fully available to my kids, but there are those times when I need to make a phone call, write a letter, tend to work, or do the laundry. I should be able to step away and have them stay on track.  The accountability that goes with seeing what they have accomplished in their planner can really help. Just checking in with them to see where they are and having a visual snapshot will make it crystal clear.
  3. They have pieces of paper everywhere.  You find spelling lists, incomplete writing assignments, book notes, tests, and papers everywhere. This a definite sign that they need some help organizing.  Two pockets in each of my boys’ planners helped to tame the paper clutter. I use the pockets for the papers I want to keep, such as tests, final writing assignments and anything else that will represent work completed.  I also put incomplete assignments in the back of the planner so they always know where they are.
  4. You don’t feel like they ever get anything accomplished. If you are like me, sometimes at the end of the day you might ask, “What have you been doing all day?”  However, when I look at their planner and their work for the day either listed or checked off, it usually gives us both a great sense of accomplishment.  The flip side, but just as important, is the fact that it can show some real inconsistencies. You can use the boxes for the assignments to log the amount of time spent and quickly and easily see where adjustments need to be made.  This has really helped us see all that is being accomplished and identify reasons it isn’t.

How many signs did you find yourself saying yes to?

If you are finding yourself frustrated and wanting to help your homeschool student get on track and stay on track, consider a customized homeschool planner just for them.  See how empowering them can foster and improve independence and steer them on the right track to becoming  more responsible. After all, I received some advice once that I will never forget:

“Remember you aren’t just raising children, you are raising future adults.”

Need a planner?

See all the customized options in our shop. We cover all your students from the Early Learner, through elementary and middle school, and to help you finish strong we even have a High School Edition.

Happy Planning!



Organize Your Large Homeschooling Family

We know that when you have a large homeschooling family everything is multiplied! Wonderful things such as love, fun, laughter and memories are such a blessing. But, we also know that some things are not so fun. Those are things such as laundry, grocery bills, and the cost to homeschool.

Organize Your Large Homeschooling Family

We wanted to give you a break. We thought about how we could help. So, we came up with a way to give you a FREE Homeschool Teacher Planner designed specifically for the homeschool mom by homeschool moms.

Now, when you purchase four customized homeschool student planners, we will let you customize one of your very own for FREE!  Just use coupon code TE4FAMILY at checkout.

We have planners for all ages including;

We believe planners are the ONE tool that each homeschooling family needs to get organized – especially a large one!

See why each one of your kids needs their own planner and let us show you how it can bring order out of chaos and help you to get through a homeschooling year one week at a time. Let us help you with planning, record keeping, weekly scheduling, and give you a tool to create a keepsake of each year for each one of your children.

Use your planner to organize your home life, activities, and your school as a whole.

Here is a review from Kris over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers on the Homeschool Teacher Edition planner, because you shouldn’t just take our word for it.

Head on over to our shop and get your plan in place today. Use coupon code TE4FAMILY and let us customize your FREE planner today!

PS. We love little homeschooling families, too. We think you just might love our print-your-own planner. Design it just the way you want.


One Tool you Need for Homeschool Organization

I spend a lot of time in the homeschool community, both in person and online.  One question seems to pop up often:  “How do I master homeschool organization?”  I have seen a lot of systems come and in the early years, I tried a few.  But early on in my homeschool journey, almost 10 years ago, I decided that a homeschool planner was the perfect tool.

I couldn’t find the perfect planner so I made my own for a few years.  Eventually, I partnered with my best friend and fellow homeschool mom and we started A Plan in Place.  Our heart is to help homeschool moms all over the world get their homeschool organized.

We truly believe that a homeschool planner can be the ONE tool to help you get and stay organized.  Let me tell you why.

Homeschool Organization Made Easy

My husband says I tend to complicate things. On days when I am honest, I have to admit he is right, most of the time. With so much advice on how to get organized it is hard to believe that just ONE tool can make such an impact.

We think Cindy over at Our Journey Westward said it best when she said this, “This spiral-bound stack of goodness will be a one-stop booklet to keep my son AND me on top of it this coming year.”

Our thoughts exactly.  Yes, it really is that easy.

Homeschool Organization Made Smart

We have put a 4 step system into each one of our customized homeschool planners, both for the homeschool mom and student from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. We know from many years experience that a homeschool planner can help you…

  • plan your entire homeschool year;
  • work consistently throughout the year;
  • record your child’s progress; and
  • keep all you need for a complete year of homeschooling.

We have goals and planning forms to help you develop a plan, optional calendars to stay on track with the big picture, weekly pages to work through the plan you designed, and a record keeping section consisting of forms for data and pockets for work samples to wrap up the year and keep all you need in one place. Now that is Smart!

How a Homeschool Planner Keeps You Organized

I am amazed at the amount of space some organization systems need! Hanging file boxes, crates, drawer systems, and cubbies all need a lot of space. When you multiply that times the number of children you have, it can get very overwhelming and expensive. In a homeschool student planner, you simply record all the curriculum they are using, write down each day what needs to be accomplished in each subject, and store the books and supplies on a shelf.  Voila! Then, you can tear out or compile a few representative samples or special projects of work completed and keep them right in the pockets.  With other forms such as achievement logs, you can record test scores and other accomplishments all in one place.

You can read some more great advantages, including how a homeschool planner compares to the workboxes system.

Get Organized with a Homeschool Planner

Now that you know how you can improve the organization in your homeschool with one tool, see why the custom choices we offer in our shop are the best solution for a homeschool planner on the market.



Use code FREESHIP at checkout


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How To Understand Your Order & Know HOW To Do It – So That You’ll Be More Effective, Not Just Efficient

Learning how to prioritize your tasks using a day planner is the most important element of time management after you master the first rule of effective goal setting – knowing what to do.



There is an inevitable order to Nature. Whether you like it or not, that order must be followed and obeyed.

  • You cannot construct the second and third floors of a building without laying a foundation and finishing the ground floor.
  • You cannot reap a rich harvest without first planting the seed and nurturing the sapling.
  • You cannot run and jump before learning how to sit, stand and then walk.


By knowing the order of things, and respecting the sequence to be followed, you will accomplish more with less effort, and in a shorter time span than if you’re always mindlessly busy and driven by the urge to greater efficiency. Prioritize your day planner to save hours of precious time.

That is an essential difference between the Time Management Tao approach and conventional thinking about how to manage time. It is grounded in a concept called Zugwang and Wuwei.

What Are Zugwang and Wuwei?

Zugwang is a technical chess term which means (in German) “the obligation to move”. In chess, when it is your turn to play, you cannot choose to pass. You must move one piece – even if it means you have no good moves, and even if any move you make will be worse than doing nothing!

But Life is not like that. You are never forced to make a move. Zug is optional. If it is better to do nothing, then you don’t have to act.

Wuwei, in Chinese, means ‘doing nothing’.

There’s an art to Wuwei that has a deep impact on your style of time management. Wuwei doesn’t mean total inaction. It means that you understand the order of things, and then act according to it. It means you practice inaction for all the superfluous or irrelevant things that typically crowd and clutter your day.

In the Tao style of goal setting, you learned how to find your center and identify what things you must get done. By now striving to understand the order in which they must be done, you free yourself to focus exclusively on the right things – without wasting precious time, effort and resources on other stuff.

Wuwei makes you incredibly powerful. Like water dripping constantly on a boulder will eventually wear down and break the rock, your relentless persistence on the most relevant tasks will bear fruit over time.

How To Achieve More Without Doing More

Here is an interesting story, with a powerful moral.

A man was gardening. He planted some bamboo shoots. Watered them daily. Watched them grow slowly.

He was in a hurry, this young man. And soon, he became impatient. He wanted his garden to grow faster. One morning, he came up with an idea.

He pulled each of his plants out of the soil by an inch!

All day long, he was happy because they now looked as if they had grown bigger. But by evening, all of them wilted. In a few more days, all the plants had died.

There’s a time management lesson in this story. Interfering does not help.

When you have done the work, it is important to stand back – and do nothing. That’s what Wuwei means. Getting out of the way. Letting events unfold, efforts take root, processes mature and ripen.

This simple concept in managing time is easy to understand – but difficult to adopt and embrace. We worry a lot. Often about the wrong things. We are tempted to intervene, without first considering if action is really productive.

Understanding the order of things and acquiring fine judgment about the impact of our intervention can help you become more effective – while saving time and working less.


Get Your Timing Right

Good timing is critical to time management. And it is also linked to the order of things. As a practical example, it is wasteful to water your garden soon after a heavy rain, or light a candle when it is bright daylight.

So before rushing to act, take time to plan your work, and think about your timing.

Effective time management begins from the very first step you take. Since you’ve already learned how to know your center and discover the important actions to focus upon, you must now ask yourself if the time is right to do it. If it is, act swiftly and with purpose. If not, wait until it is.

Being Still

For perfect harmony, you must strike a balance between two things:

  • the urge to act
  • the need to wait

Stillness and action are two sides of the same coin. By learning how to slow down and take stock, you’ll gain unique perspective into your priorities… and that will make you infinitely more effective and productive.

When you consciously slow down and pause to think about what you are doing, you’ll expand your awareness, grow more calm, lower expectations, and make wise decisions. Then, you can set about implementing those decisions efficiently.

Prioritize With Your Day Planner

Your day is divided into sections, each with its own specific activities. Many of these sections are scheduled into your day planner, with some flexibility built into them. Others are random and unplanned.

It is more important to get into the habit of completing all tasks that you have listed in your day planner than to rigidly adhere to an externally imposed schedule. At the same time, a totally unplanned day can lead to imbalance and work related stress, laziness and lack of productivity.

You can solve this problem when you prioritize tasks before adding them to your day planner.



A Simple Guide to Prioritize Work

The easiest way to prioritize a task on your to do list is by:

  • how much time you have available for it
  • how important it is to your goals
  • how serious are the consequences of not doing it

But beware of pitfalls in going down this route. When you make profitability the yardstick by which you measure or prioritize all your work, you may become more efficient – yet end up dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy.

It is difficult to put something last on your day planner (or even keep it off) when others depend upon you, or when the task itself is critical for a major project. The Tao way of managing time, however, is to evaluate work in the bigger context of your higher purpose, and prioritize it accordingly.

When you face conflict or difficulty in setting a priority for your tasks, you must rely upon some time management tools for help. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Paired Comparison Analysis – This helps with decisions involving unclear or subjective criteria. You start by picking the first two items on your list, and deciding which one is more important. Then you repeat the exercise with the next item on your list, working your way down it to identify the highest priority tasks.

Grid Analysis – It is a method helpful for choices involving multiple factors. An Action Priority Matrix can help you diagrammatically plot the value of each task against the time and effort it will take, to quickly spot the highest efficiency items to focus on first.

Urgent/Important Matrix – This groups tasks by their relative urgency and importance. The danger lies in misinterpreting urgent tasks as being important.

Ansoff and Boston matrices – These are of some help in providing “rule of thumb” guides to setting your priorities.

Use Your Day Planner To Organize

Once you successfully prioritize the activities you must focus on, use your day planner to schedule them into your working hours. Research has clearly shown that tasks that are not assigned a particular time frame and duration are the ones that tend to get postponed, or prolonged beyond reasonable limits. This means you cannot get your to-do list completed, which causes stress, anxiety and frustration.

All this can be avoided if you just:

  • create your to do list in a day planner
  • assign each task a particular time slot in your day
  • set an estimated duration for completing it
  • discipline yourself to stick to this schedule

By now, you are well and truly along the path to mastering Time Management Tao.

  • You know how to set goals that are meaningful and let you fulfill your purpose.
  • You are aware of the order of things, and realize the secret of getting more done without having to do more when you prioritize your day planner.
  • There’s just one last thing left – and that’s actually getting things done. We’ll discuss it in the next section.
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Zebra Pen

Plan your way to success this school year

Each new school year can feel like getting caught in a whirlwind of activity. Before things spiral out of control, take some time to get back to basics and organize your way to success. Whether you’re taking advantage of back-to-school season to get yourself on track or you’re helping a student gear up for a new year, these ideas can make getting organized easier than ever.


Technology, take a seat. An “old-school” solution to keeping tabs on daily tasks is making a comeback. Physical study guides and planners are on the rise, according to data from consumer research firm NPD Group. Last year, sales of appointment books and planners grew 10 percent, while other types of calendars posted an 8 percent rise. At least in part fueling the growth are on-trend planner alternatives called bullet journals (bujos). Websites like Pinterest feature thousands of ideas for customizing traditional book-style journals into ultra-personal planners that keep every detail of life organized. The trick to using planners effectively is creating a system that makes it all fun. Setting up days of the week in various colors, or different tasks by color, help the user quickly identify what needs to be done at a glance. Colored pencils and no-bleed highlighters can also improve the usability and aesthetics of planners and study guides.


Staying organized and achieving success means having the right tools to get the job done, and having ideal writing implements is a must. Never worry about lost pens again with Zebra Pen’s F-301 pens that not only look great, but also take serious wear and tear while delivering clean, fine tip ink that works seamlessly in the tight spaces of planner and study guide layouts. “Our Steel series pens, the F-301 in particular, look sleek and sophisticated while standing up to active use. You can tote them and trust they’re as committed to your day as you are,” said Ken Newman, director of marketing at Zebra Pen. Learn more at zebrapen.com.


If you think backpacks are only for the littlest of kids, think again. Big kids and even adults are making great use of the carry-all packs. The most obvious benefit is that a backpack leaves hands free for other activities, but today’s backpacks are incredible organizers, too. For the most flexibility, look for a bag that features padded compartments to protect tech devices and plenty of storage compartments to keep pens, calculators and other necessities organized and in easy reach.

Locker Organization

Most lockers offer little in the way of organization, but that’s easily remedied. With the addition of some shelving and magnetic containers, you can easily transform the tiny cubby into a stylish storage space. Don’t forget to add photos and other mementoes for extra character and personality that makes a stop between classes fun instead of frustrating.

Plan for Success

Relying on a planner isn’t just for the working crowd. They may not be scheduling meetings or planning power lunches, but students can make just as much use out of a planner as their grownup counterparts when it comes to keeping homework, activities and social plans organized. Share these tips to get your student off to an orderly start this school year.

Start with style. A planner that is eye-catching and fun to use will get better mileage, so skip the boring, somber monotones and look for patterns and colors that pop. Just remember not to judge a book by its cover and check out the inside pages, too, to ensure there’s plenty of space to jot down all the important details for school and extracurricular activities.

Organize your organizer. Many people find that color coding is an effective way to keep a planner organized. For example, designate a color for each subject or class. Multipack pens such as those offered by Zebra Pen allow for plenty of flexibility. The reliable steel series pens are sleek and durable to attach in pen loops, while Super Marble Gel Pens offer a fun departure from the strict organization of boxes and columns in most traditional planners and guides. “Choosing a planner or bullet journal layout that works best is the first step, but the writing implements are just as important,” Newman said. “These are literally used all day, every day, so choosing products that are reliable and smooth take even tedious tasks to the next level.”

Add key dates. At the start of school, many teachers will share important dates for the year ahead of time. Go ahead and enter these dates so you can plan and prioritize around them later on. Where appropriate, also notate time needed for activities like study sessions or research for term papers.

Keep it neat. A sloppy, unreadable planner is practically useless, so it’s important to take time to write legibly. To make it easier to remain neat, sleek and efficient, Sarasa Fineliner pens and gel pens come in colorful packs that can brighten every page while increasing productivity. Another pitfall is making short notes or using abbreviations that don’t make sense later, so use care to capture information in a way it can be easily recalled.

Continue to update. A planner is only helpful when it’s used consistently. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry it daily and make notations and updates throughout the day for new assignments, practice schedule changes and other important information. Having a single repository for those details makes it easy to find answers when memory fails.

Celebrate achievements. For some people, the simple act of crossing off an item from a to-do list is a reward unto its own. For others, hitting a milestone on the way to a larger goal is equally gratifying. Starting, and sticking to, a planner is a commitment worth celebrating, so take the time to revel in putting some organization and discipline into a demanding school year schedule..

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