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Cooking Craze Game

Cooking Craze is an amazing time management game created by Big Fish Games in which you race against the clock to satisfy the culinary needs of your clients. Things get more and more complicated as you progress through the levels, so a bunch of Cooking Craze cheats and tips will surely help you get the three stars in all areas and get the most. Play Kitchen Craze Online - Cook fast, prepare hotdogs and burgers, and serve all of the customers before time runs out in Kitchen Craze Online!

Cook up a storm serving food from around the world playing our free restaurant game Cooking Craze. Prepare, cook & serve tasty cuisine like a professional chef and become king of the kitchen as you grill, bake and cook your way to the top.Bake pizza in Rome, grill burgers in Rio or prepare fine cuisine in Paris, but be careful, playing fast isn’t enough. You need to keep your customers happy in order to grow your empire. Can you take the heat, Chef?Cook classic restaurant dishes from across the globe;.

Make hundreds of dishes including burgers, pizza, escargot, sushi, baklava, gua bao and more. Manhunt 2 pc. Grill delicious fish, tasty steak or shrimp.

Love desserts? Stepnflee, So Fun!I gotta say, this is my absolute favorite game I’ve ever downloaded on the App Store. It’s super fun and addictive. I appreciate all the details they put into every country and the different ways to cook the foods and the ability to earn boosts / spoons in a way that I think is fair.

Other games I’ve played pretty much force a player to pay but I’ve never really felt that with this game. You just have to be patient and keep plugging away at the levels or the weekly challenges to earn those extra boosts. Personally I’ve never had too many issues with it, sometimes it does freeze but very rarely for me and it’s usually if I lost a level. It does glitch out on occasion where if I use a boost and then lose, the next time I try that level or any other level I’ve lost, my boost will reactivate.

Sooo I guess I’m not really complaining about that glitch as much lol. I will say that the levels where you have to make a certain amount of money can be a little annoying / frustrating but I usually wait until I either have infinite lives so I can keep trying to beat that level or play extra shifts to earn enough money to upgrade my stuff so that I can earn more money. I think the thing I appreciate the most about this game are the weekly challenges, they are so fun and keep the game interesting for me, especially since I’m still only in Rome at the moment. So thank you to the creators for making such a fun game and continually adding updates! Jessylee717, We all love this game!! BUT.Adding to my review!! So I’m in Paris level 21.

There is no way of passing this level without putting money it to it only because they don’t give you enough costumers which is a bad big turn off for me!! That right there might just make me stop playing the game!!

It’s unfair and upsetting!!!I too love this game, it’s a lot of fun and the challenge is great but unfortunately very unfair. I started reading everyone’s reviews and I have to agree with every single review!! I do have one other thing that’s annoying that I didn’t see much complaining about. When I lose instead of going back to map it gets stuck, not frozen because I’m still able to cook, but it won’t bring me back to the map so I have to get off the game close it out completely and then start again, it’s happened to be a couple of times but last night it happen when I was playing a bonus round I made about 1,000 bucks but since it got stuck and I had to get off I lost the money I made.

It’s it upsetting. I did write to them I’m not sure if they will get back to me hopefully they will. It’s sad because I really do like to play but if they don’t take what everyone is saying into consideration then I’m going to have to stop playing as well. It’s not worth getting frustrated!! I could just go play one of the other millions of game out there. So please I hope you guys look at we are all writing and do the right thing!! Sev Bear, Good game in the beginningI’ll start by saying this is a good game overall.

I’m impressed with the responsiveness, graphics, and overall fun it has been to play this game. I also enjoy the ability to earn spoons as you progress on new levels. Again I enjoy playing and the game is one of my most played when I need to unwind.My issue is with the difficulty as you progress to the higher levels. I understand a certain amount of challenge in the group of 40 for each restaurant, but when I can’t complete a level because the game doesn’t factor enough people within the time limit or I don’t make enough money as the goal because customers only ask for one item for all 4 on the screen, this is when I have to say enough is enough. In the levels for Athens and beyond, I see this more and more (Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow).

I can only progress when I use my boosts that I’ve been trying to save for later cities, but I have to use 2-3 at a time to make it through then the next level is the exact same goal with 5 seconds less than you had previously.Please fix this. I really do enjoy playing this game, but it might just end up being another app that I get frustrated with and delete because it’s too difficult.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see a fix in an update soon.

Name: Cooking CrazeDescription: Cooking Craze is about to provide you with addictive gameplay with beautiful visuals. Your main objective in the game is to cook and serve your customers with plenty of food.

Provide your customers with what they need at the right time to earn rewards and bonuses. Get ready to show off your excellent chef skills in this time management cooking game. It is available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you want to play Cooking Craze on your PC, use the Android Emulator.Offer price: FreeOperating System: Android, iOS, AmazonApplication Category: Game. Cons. You must pay to continue to the next level.Cooking Craze has more than 100 food ingredients, create delicious and tasty food items, and add new food items to your restaurant, and get appreciated by customers.

Cooking Craze can play over 1400 levels, making you even more excited about the next levels. So, one thing is clear, and this game will not give you any chance of getting bored. Continue to take additional shifts to earn more money, which will help you get upgrades. This game is packed with lots of exciting features you’ll need. Features Of Cooking Craze App: Review of customer satisfactionIncrease customer satisfaction with excellent service and get golden reviews on the cooking craze. Through gold reviews, you unlock new places for cooking as well as earn extra rewards.

The new places mean that unique cuisine will be provided to hungry foreign customers in those cities. PlayabilityCooking Craze game lets you download very fast.

This game is relatively light on data, and you don’t need WiFi to download it. You can also play this game offline, which means you can play it anytime, anywhere. As you master the recipes, you move on to the next level. Level and difficultyAs your content, staff, and customer list grow, wait for the difficulty levels to rise.

The groups have more than 1400 levels to complete the bundle together and proceed through each level, and you must efficiently complete certain level tasks. Each progress unlocks new goals along the strict timeline that will require upgrading kitchen equipment. App purchases and pop-up adsThe game offers app purchases for items like spoons, non-stick pans, saucepans, and more that you can use to equip your chef and other kitchen staff. But Cooking Craze is a great balance of keeping pop-up ads to a minimum.

Fun and powerful growthYou can manage time with enthusiasm, cook green with EcoBoost, and go organic to get more tips. You can create burn-proof recipes with special pans. Cook classic dishesYou can make fun hot dogs and soups as well as sweet donuts. To achieve the level of time, you need to serve food fast. Earn top tips by scrambling with the lowest score. Delicious Kitchen Game AchievementsYou’ll be able to cook your own on sweet trophies, complete combo, earning tips, and more to unlock the trophy level. Cooking craze App for PC:People do not want to wait too long when they are hungry.

You need to be quick on your feet when you serve hungry people. The easiest way to do this is to make yourself faster by playing Cooking Craze on your computer with Free Bluestacks. The steps are given below. Complete one-time setup. Go to the search bar and search for Cooking Craze.

Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen. Once installation completes, click the Cooking Craze icon in the My Apps tab.Now, Enjoy playing Cooking Craze on your PC.

Cooking craze App for Android:. Go to the Play Store from your Android device.

Enter “Cooking Craze – A Fast & Fun Restaurant Chef Game” in the search bar and press “go.”. Click on “install” to run the install of the game.Now, You can play Cooking Craze on your Android device. How to Play Cooking Craze: To beat a levelEach level has its own goals and must achieve that goal to move forward. Each level has different goals, such as number of choices, number of meals, and money-making. If a certain level of requirements is not achieved, then some level will end. Throughout the level, you will face a few different requirements, such as avoiding burnt food, avoiding throwing food, and avoiding leaving customers. Perfect servingComplete a perfect serving mission by clicking on the requested orders of customers waiting at the counter.

If you fail to keep customer requests by clicking orders, you will lose a life by failing the level. To be successful, some players use the Waiter Boost during the Perfect Serve mission. Bonus levelThere is a bonus level for each restaurant, except restaurants, including donuts and burgers. These levels consist of a 3 minute long challenge where you must stay on top of the game.

Levels can end up due to a mistake such as burning food, throwing away food or annoying the customer. If you’re up for the challenge, you can earn lots of money here. Endless layersThere is an endless level of comfort for every restaurant, except for donuts and burgers. These levels consist of a 10 minute-long challenge where you must stay on top of the game. Levels can end up due to a mistake such as burning food, throwing away food or annoying the customer. If you’re up for the challenge, you can earn lots of money here. Alternatives For Cooking Craze APK:Below are some more fun and exciting games like Cooking Crazy.

Crazy Cooking ChefFeaturing a variety of fun, including, Time-Management, and Food-Cooking RPG gameplay. With a professional machine, cook different flavors, such as acid, bitter, sweet or spicy or hamburger, seafood, spaghetti, steak, or make cola, juice, or milk tea or make delicious ice cream cones, cupcakes. Run various local restaurants, such as Western Restaurant, Indie Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, and so on. Not only are you a chef, but you are also an owner of restaurants. Serve exotic flavors and dishes to the customer. Remember, practice makes you a skilled chef. World ChefThe World Chef is a delightful place where the kitchen never stops, the waiter always has a smile on his face, and the food is excellent.

Then create world-class cuisine and start serving customers. Your place will soon become so popular you need to make it even more significant. Expand your menu with each new international chef: tacos, pizza, sushi, the whole world can fit inside a restaurant.

The ladder of success welcomes you to serve VIP dinners and even special events. You will soon master the industry of running a top restaurant. Cooking HotCooking Hot is the hottest and fastest cooking game. As an international chef, cook food and serve the customer. The game will give you a pure and true cooking experience.

In this game, you act as a top star. Emotion for food will drive you into a habit that will drive you crazy. You work in kitchens around the world with a variety of cooking styles.

Click quickly to cook different dishes and serve customer’s food. Highly exciting and well-balanced gameplay provides interesting experiences and gives you plenty of great dash moments. Focus on your work at different restaurants and satisfy your customers and fans’ taste buds. FAQs How many levels are there in each restaurant?At the beginning of the game, there are 40 levels for each restaurant except the donut and burger restaurants that you have to complete.

And each restaurant has an endless layer that is characterized by an aura and an arrow. After completing all the levels and goals, a transport vehicle will take you to the next city.

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Review: Camp-Cooking Gear

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen. 

The height of camping season may be over, but it isn't too late to check out some new kitchen products for your outdoor kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites.

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen
At less than two pounds, GSI’s 24-piece Destination Kitchen includes every utensil needed for a gourmet adventure in the woods or on the river. Included are four full sets of cutlery, a pivoting high-temp nylon spatula and spoon that rotate from storage to execution, waterproof ultralight salt-and-pepper shakers, two soft-sided condiment bottles, a cutting board, utility knife, cheese grater, collapsible whisk, scrubber, and dish towel. $50. —Simon Peterson

GSI Outdoors Sierra
Made from kiln-hardened heavy-gauge steel, GSI Outdoors’ Sierra table set is extremely durable and perfectly suited for use outdoors and in. From river trips to backyard barbeques, this table set will stand the test of time. Once again, GSI has produced a reliable product at an affordable price that outshines not only the competition, but also the table set in my cabinets at home. $60. —Simon Peterson

GSI Outdoors Santoku
Reckon one knows he is a true outdoor chef when the knife set in his camp box outshines the one in his kitchen. With ergonomic rubber handles and rockered, razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, I have achieved said status with the GSI Outdoors Santoku knife set. And with them ringing in at less than 40 bucks, I might have to grab another set to upgrade my knives at home. $35. —Simon Peterson

Meat Shredz Pulled Pork
The gram-counting craze hasn’t let up, but it also hasn’t stopped backpacking food from returning to its roots, with hearty, healthy, meat-heavy meals. Take the dried, ready-to-eat Pulled Pork from Meat Shredz, for example. Eat it right out of the bag or use it to make a tasty soup, slider, or quesadilla; regardless, after scarfing one of these suckers, you won’t go back to standard freeze-dried pasta. $6. —Mike England

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Cooking Craze Review Archives


When someone asks me what my favorite game is, I will probably answer Diner Dash, The Sims, or Candy Crush. During my school years, I could sit in front of my computer for hours playing games from when I reached home until dinner time, or until the mosquitos bit my legs till the blood was almost dry *exaggeration*.

Since I started working, I don’t really have that much time to play games, so mobile games with limited ‘lives’ are preferable. Last weekend I found a new game with the same theme as Cooking Dash: Cooking Craze from Bigfish Game.

The mission of each level is to serve food to customers, either by time or number of customers. After we finish a stage (each stage contains approximately 10 levels), we will go on to another stage and restaurants. Each restaurant will serve different kinds of food, hence different upgrades will be required. In order to upgrade restaurant utensils, we will need to collect certain amount of coins (collected through serving customers and some daily bonus), and to advance some harder levels, we might need spoons for additional time or customers. Spoons are collected by passing a level and from daily bonus.

I have only played this game for 3 days, but I love it the way I will start playing after the lives are filled up (like Candy Crush, it takes 30 minutes to collect a life). This is a fun girl game which requires multitasking and might last for a couple of months (for me, until I get stucked in a certain level).

Like this:

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