Cm browser for Windows Archives

Cm browser for Windows Archives

Cm browser for Windows Archives

Cm browser for Windows Archives

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Thu 10 September 2020
Examining the August Smart Lock
Tue 18 August 2020
Introduction to Whiteboxes and Collision-Based Attacks With QBDI
Tue 04 August 2020
Why are Frida and QBDI a Great Blend on Android?
Thu 02 July 2020
A Deep Dive Into Samsung's TrustZone (Part 3)
Thu 25 June 2020
Triton v0.8 and ARMv7: A Guideline for Adding New Architectures
Tue 09 June 2020
Playing Around With The Fuchsia Operating System
Thu 28 May 2020
Ansible Security Assessment
Tue 12 May 2020
How a Security Anomaly was Accidentally Found in an EAL6+ JavaCard
Thu 07 May 2020
Reverse Engineering a VxWorks OS Based Router
Thu 23 April 2020
Triton v0.8 is Released!
Tue 24 March 2020
CVE-2020-0069: Autopsy of the Most Stable MediaTek Rootkit
Thu 13 February 2020
PhD Defense of Jonathan Salwan: Use of Symbolic Execution for Binary Deobfuscation
Thu 16 January 2020
Reverse Engineering a Philips TriMedia CPU based IP Camera - Part 3
Tue 17 December 2019
A Deep Dive Into Samsung's TrustZone (Part 2)
Tue 10 December 2019
A Deep Dive Into Samsung's TrustZone (Part 1)
Tue 26 November 2019
A Glimpse Into Tencent's Legu Packer
Tue 19 November 2019
Irma Past and Future
Thu 14 November 2019
CM Browser: HTTPS URL Leak
Tue 29 October 2019
EEPROM: When Tearing-Off Becomes a Security Issue
Thu 24 October 2019
Analysis of Qualcomm Secure Boot Chains
Thu 10 October 2019
Quarkslab Internship Offers for 2019-2020
Thu 03 October 2019
Exploring Execution Trace Analysis
Tue 24 September 2019
An Experimental Study of Different Binary Exporters
Wed 11 September 2019
Epona and the Obfuscation Paradox: Transparent for Users, a Pain for Reversers
Tue 10 September 2019
QBDI 0.7.0
Mon 09 September 2019
Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernel for Binary Function Analysis
Mon 02 September 2019
Obfuscating Java bytecode with LLVM and Epona
Mon 26 August 2019
Security Audit of dalek libraries
Fri 02 August 2019
Security Audit of Monero RandomX
Mon 15 July 2019
CVE-2018-6924: FreeBSD ELF Header Parsing Kernel Memory Disclosure
Fri 05 July 2019
Security Audit of Particl Bulletproof and MLSAG
Tue 18 June 2019
LLDBagility: practical macOS kernel debugging
Mon 03 June 2019
Android Native Library Analysis with QBDI
Thu 16 May 2019
Android Application Diffing: Analysis of Modded Version
Tue 07 May 2019
An overview of macOS kernel debugging
Thu 02 May 2019
Android Application Diffing: CVE-2019-10875 Inspection
Mon 29 April 2019
Development of a training ECU
Wed 24 April 2019
Android Application Diffing: Engine Overview
Tue 16 April 2019
Reverse-engineering Broadcom wireless chipsets
Wed 27 March 2019
Android Runtime Restrictions Bypass
Thu 21 March 2019
Defeating NotPetya from your iLO
Mon 11 February 2019
Reverse Engineering a Philips TriMedia CPU based IP camera - Part 2
Tue 22 January 2019
Reverse Engineering a Philips TriMedia CPU based IP camera - Part 1
Mon 19 November 2018
Android Challenge
Wed 07 November 2018
Internship offers at Quarkslab for the 2018-2019 season
Thu 25 October 2018
Playing with the Windows Notification Facility (WNF)
Mon 22 October 2018
Security Audit of Monero Bulletproofs
Tue 16 October 2018
Unaligned accesses in C/C++: what, why and solutions to do it properly
Thu 11 October 2018
Back from CppCon 2018
Fri 14 September 2018
Modern Jailbreaks' Post-Exploitation
Thu 02 August 2018
Overview of Intel SGX - Part 2, SGX Externals
Tue 31 July 2018
Attacking the ARM's TrustZone
Wed 25 July 2018
A Story About Three Bluetooth Vulnerabilities in Android
Thu 12 July 2018
Symbolic Deobfuscation: From Virtualized Code Back to the Original (DIMVA 2018)
Tue 10 July 2018
Easy::jit: Just-In-Time compilation for C++
Thu 05 July 2018
Overview of Intel SGX - Part 1, SGX Internals
Thu 21 June 2018
Quarks In The Shell - Episode IV
Tue 19 June 2018
Introduction to Trusted Execution Environment: ARM's TrustZone
Mon 11 June 2018
LIEF 0.9
Thu 03 May 2018
When SideChannelMarvels meet LIEF
Thu 22 March 2018
Android Bluetooth Vulnerabilities in the March 2018 Security Bulletin
Wed 07 March 2018
Flash Dumping - Part II
Tue 20 February 2018
Frozen - zero cost initialization for immutable containers and various algorithms
Fri 02 February 2018
Reverse Engineering the Win32k Type Isolation Mitigation
Thu 25 January 2018
Slaying Dragons with QBDI
Wed 17 January 2018
Spectre is not a Bug, it is a Feature
Thu 02 November 2017
Have fun with LIEF and Executable Formats
Mon 30 October 2017
Internship offers at Quarkslab for the 2017-2018 season
Wed 11 October 2017
Reverse engineering of the Nitro OBD2
Thu 07 September 2017
Mistreating Triton
Tue 05 September 2017
Flash Dumping - Part I
Tue 18 July 2017
Vulnerabilities in High Assurance Boot of NXP i.MX microprocessors
Wed 28 June 2017
Reverse Engineering Samsung S6 SBOOT - Part II
Fri 09 June 2017
PhD defense of Ninon Eyrolles: Obfuscation with Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic Expressions: Reconstruction, Analysis and Simplification Tools
Mon 22 May 2017
Frozen - An header-only, constexpr alternative to gperf for C++14 users
Thu 11 May 2017
Security Assessment of OpenVPN
Tue 02 May 2017
Exploiting MS16-145: MS Edge TypedArray.sort Use-After-Free (CVE-2016-7288)
Tue 04 April 2017
LIEF - Library to Instrument Executable Formats
Wed 08 March 2017
Make Confide great again? No, we cannot
Tue 07 March 2017
Reverse Engineering Samsung S6 SBOOT - Part I
Thu 23 February 2017
Analysis of MS16-104: .URL files Security Feature Bypass (CVE-2016-3353)
Wed 01 February 2017
Global Dead Code Elimination for LLVM, revisited
Mon 19 December 2016
Differential Fault Analysis on White-box AES Implementations
Wed 14 December 2016
CVE-2016-7259: An empty file into the blue
Mon 24 October 2016
Internship offers at Quarkslab for the 2016-2017 season
Thu 20 October 2016
No Tears, No Fears
Mon 17 October 2016
Security Assessment of VeraCrypt: fixes and evolutions from TrueCrypt
Wed 05 October 2016
Back from CppCon 2016
Wed 21 September 2016
On the fly virtualization with Cappsule
Mon 12 September 2016
Arybo: cleaning obfuscation by playing with mixed boolean and arithmetic operations
Thu 04 August 2016
Xen exploitation part 3: XSA-182, Qubes escape
Wed 27 July 2016
Xen exploitation part 2: XSA-148, from guest to host
Wed 29 June 2016
A brief survey of Fully Homomorphic Encryption, computing on encrypted data
Wed 25 May 2016
Xen exploitation part 1: XSA-105, from nobody to root
Wed 20 April 2016
Reversing a Finite Field Multiplication Optimization
Mon 28 March 2016
Implementing a Custom Directive Handler in Clang
Wed 09 March 2016
Binmap: a system scanner
Fri 04 March 2016
Windows Filtering Platform: Persistent state under the hood
Fri 05 February 2016
IRMA v1.3.0
Thu 07 January 2016
Clang Hardening Cheat Sheet
Mon 30 November 2015
Offres de stages Quarkslab pour la saison 2015-2016
Thu 12 November 2015
Remote Code Execution as System User on Android 5 Samsung Devices abusing WifiCredService (Hotspot 2.0)
Tue 03 November 2015
Tue 27 October 2015
goto llvm_dev_meeting;
Wed 23 September 2015
What theoretical tools are needed to simplify MBA expressions?
Mon 21 September 2015
Kernel Vulnerabilities in the Samsung S4
Wed 05 August 2015
A glimpse of ext4 filesystem-level encryption
Wed 08 July 2015
Why 2FA would not have saved HT?
Thu 25 June 2015
Security assessment of instant messaging app ChatSecure: when privacy matters
Wed 10 June 2015
Triton under the hood
Mon 01 June 2015
Turning Regular Code Into Atrocities With LLVM: The Return
Fri 15 May 2015
HiTB Challenge: IRMA - Results
Fri 17 April 2015
HiTB Challenge: IRMA
Mon 23 March 2015
MongoDB vs. Elasticsearch: The Quest of the Holy Performances
Mon 23 February 2015
Writing your own Analyzer for the Open-Source Multi-Scanner IRMA
Mon 02 February 2015
Turning Regular Code Into Atrocities With LLVM
Thu 04 December 2014
Deobfuscation: recovering an OLLVM-protected program
Tue 11 November 2014
Abusing Samsung KNOX to remotely install a malicious application: story of a half patched vulnerability
Wed 22 October 2014
Stages et alternances 2014-2015
Tue 23 September 2014
Python Challenge: The End
Thu 04 September 2014
You like Python, security challenge and traveling? Win a free ticket to HITB KUL!
Mon 25 August 2014
SCAF - Source Code Analysis Framework based on Clang - Pre-alpha preview
Fri 27 June 2014
A glance at compiler internals: Keep my memset
Wed 11 June 2014
USB Fuzzing Basics: From fuzzing to bug reporting
Fri 16 May 2014
Building an obfuscated Python interpreter: we need more opcodes
Mon 12 May 2014
Convert IPv4 string representation to a 32-bit number with SSE instructions
Tue 01 April 2014
Windows 8 ate my cookie
Wed 22 January 2014
TCP backdoor 32764 or how we could patch the Internet (or part of it ;))
Tue 21 January 2014
An Angular introduction, and things to keep in mind
Thu 19 December 2013
Have you ever played with Domino?
Wed 20 November 2013
IDA processor module
Thu 17 October 2013
iMessage Privacy
Mon 09 September 2013
Unique random number set computation
Fri 02 August 2013
Evasi0n Jailbreak: Precisions on Stage 3
Sat 13 July 2013
Visual C++ RTTI Inspection
Wed 13 March 2013
qb-sync v2
Wed 15 August 2012
Bradley, hash-and-decrypt, Gauss ... a brief history of armored malware and malicious crypto
Mon 09 July 2012
Mon 14 May 2012
Quarks PwDump
Wed 25 April 2012
Runtime DLL name resolution: ApiSetSchema - Part II
Fri 06 April 2012
Runtime DLL name resolution: ApiSetSchema - Part I
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, Cm browser for Windows Archives

CM Browser For PC on Windows XP/10/8/8.1/7/ Vista & Mac Laptop Free Download

CM Browser For PC Free Download on Windows XP/10/8.1: Hi guys! Today I am going to telling you about how to Download CM Browser For PC on Windows XP/10/8.1/8/7/Vista & Mac Laptop Free Operating System. CMBrowser is one of the popular mobile web browser which is developed by Cheetah Mobile Communication. It is very easy and lightweight app. CM Browser gives a fast all in one web experience and it can make an excellent searching, browsing, downloading, gaming, sharing and social sharing experience at the fastest speed. Using this application, you can access any web pages very quickly and easily by without any errors.  Related Post:Dolphin Browser For PCCM Browser is a fastest web browser for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. This app was officially launched in 2014. Within in short time of span CM Browser got 500 Million of users from all over the world. Now it is no1 ranked in the google play store and i tune store. Its rating also excellent  4.5/5. CM Browser is introducing only for Android and iOS devices. CM Browser For PC version is not yet developed. So, in this case our team came with a solution. Today in this post we sharing the procedure about how to download and install CM Browser For PC powered by Windows 10, windows xp, windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista laptop & mac 32 bit/64 bit OS. Just follow the below simple  steps to download CM Browser on your computer desktop. Before sharing the guide, let me give some cool features of the CM Browser For PC.

Some of the Cool features of the CM Browser For PC

The silent features of the CM Browser For PC

  1. CM Browser is a very easy and friendly use app.
  2. It can access any web pages very quickly and easily.
  3. It can gives fast all in one web experience like searching, browsing, downloading, sharing, bookmarking, social sharing and much more for fastest speed.
  4. It can blocks unwanted Ads and keep safe from virus.
  5. You can also see resume and pause option in this app.
  6. You can watch your favorite movies videos and download the songs with this application.
  7. It can give secure and privacy to your device.
  8. And other nice features.

You might also read :How to Download APUS Browser For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP Laptop

How to Download Free CM Browser -Ad Blocker For PC on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista Computer & Mac Laptop 32 bit & 64 bit OS?

Actually. CM Browser is a web browser developed for android. Even though there is no Official CM Browser For Laptop version released in the web. In that reason, I write this post. In this post I will explain full procedure about how to download and install CM Browser For PC , Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista Computer & Mac OS. Just follow the below simple guide and you can use CM browser android application on your computer for with in 10 minutes. I have already told, Officially CM Browser For PCis not yet introduced. To use this android application on your laptop desktop then first you have to download the android emulator software. There are many android emulators are available in the internet site for free and pay version. But i suggest to you one of the best and popular software is Bluestacks App Player. It is easily install the CM Browser mobile app on your computer desktop.

Who don’t know about the android emaulator here i will explain it. Bluestacks is a lightweight and efficient available android emulator software which allows to run any android apps and games on your computer screen for free. Here i will explain some of the similar android emulators YouWave, Andyroid, Xe Player, Nox App  Player, GenyMotion, Denydroid and more. I am sure you will defiantly satisfy by above mentioned steps. Now lets start the installations steps.

Install CM Browser For Computer, Laptop, Windows & Mac PC Using BlueStacks App Player

The step by step procedure to install the CM Browser For PC:

  • To use CM Browser For PC, Then first of all you have to download & install Bluestacks android emulator by providing below official link.
  • Download BlueStacks App Player For Windows
  • After installing it. just open and follow the sign up procedure and login in to Google play store.
  • After go to the my apps in the bluestacks icon homepage and enter “CM Browser” in the search icon and hit enter.
  • After this can take 3-4 minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • After downloading is completed the downloading application is ready for installing. just double click it.
  • After installing the software, the installing application is directly goes on your bluestacks icon homepage desktop.
  • So lets open the bluestacks icon homepage and use CM Browser on your laptop.


Overall. This is the full process of how to download CM Browser For PC powered by Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP Laptop & Mac 32 bit/ 64 bit OS using Bluestacks App Player. I hope guys you are successfully downloaded and install the CM Browser mobile app in your computer. If you have any queries relatet on above post. Please write us comment in below section. Thanks for reading this post.

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Cm browser for Windows Archives

Download CM Browser for PC/ CM Browser on PC

Need a cool new search engine? Clean Master Browser is designed for mobile browsing that protects your phone from Internet fraud and malicious threats. The application is highly optimised to allow webpages to load rapidly. CM Browser comes with an easy to use streamlined interface that suits perfectly on your smartphone or tablet but works well on the desktop too. Download CM Browser for PC and enjoy its refreshing version at absolutely no cost.

Save Space

CM Browser’s latest version trims down distracting elements from its user interface. They added filters to block annoying advertisements, leaving just enough space for scrolling, adding tabs, switching and coming back to it. Aside from the avant-garde design, you will also find the local weather information at the Homepage along with the hottest news around the globe. The storage size requirement is even reduced to as low as 1.69MB for faster surfing.

Intersecting Lines

For a fast, secure and safe browsing, use CM Browser on PC! Other than CMs impressive small size, clutter-free interface, swift connection and malware security feature, the browser also comes with an integrated shortcut to your favourite Google! Moving from one website to another is never a problem with its highly spontaneous features. This is so evident at the shortcuts you’ll find at the homepage. Popular sites suggestions also come in handy in this very dynamic platform.

Stealing Spotlight

Need to translate something into French? Let the page translator do all the legwork. While you’re working on the desktop, take advantage of CM Browser on PCs full screen mode that you can also adjust to Night Mode should you wish a dimly lit webpage to appear! Got more secrets? Use the Private Browsing feature to work for your advantage. When it comes to security, CM uses a certified AV-TEST service to scan your visited websites.

Do Whatever

There’s practically no reason to not have this essential thing on your device. The highly intuitive browser generates a series of tiles of your frequently visited pages in which are beautifully organised by its built-in animated themes. That’s not all, it also boasts of gesture controls to play your videos and a pre-download scheme for quick browsing. At the bottom, you can go back all the way to the home screen while at the same time, perform basic controls such as sharing and adding bookmarks to your favourites.

The Tech Jungle

Cheetah Mobile is the developer behind this highly useful app. The second largest tech giant from China launched this for Android mobile to give patrons a competitive browser that’s beyond world class. The sites and arrangement of the widgets greets you with a clean background in fluid and sparkling design. It offers multiple language support to reach its entire audiences across any country. Let’s browse over the features of Cheetah Mobile’s stunning new creation.

  • CM Browser features Speed Dial, a Search Engine Switch, Card Tabs for multi-tasking, Gesture Control for playing videos, Personalised Bookmarks, Font adjustment, Text Search, Translator, Security Settings with option to omit saved passwords, cookies, history and activity tracker.
  • The User Agent handles the security when switching to desktop pages. CM’s secure download system scans apk files for malware threats to safeguard your device from viruses. It also prevents frauds by warning the users of possible risks caused by other websites.
  • The Pre-load mechanism feature speeds up the acceleration of browsing on any device. Along with this, the very visible default icons are easily accessible via Speed Dial for a breezy surfing.
  • CM Browser enhanced its speed dial to place more websites. By pressing the tab a bit longer, you can edit the sites’ order of arrangement to your preference. Using the current tab, you can also come back to the homepage by tapping the Home switch.

Choose Smart, Choose Andy

With so many popular browsers, perhaps less is more or in the case of CM Browser on PC, it’s simply more functional! Once you install the browser on your desktop, you can instantaneously run your other applications. All these are made possible by using a software emulator. Andy OS works in conjunction with different software environments and is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and also for Mac OSX and Windows desktop computers.

How to Download CM Browser for PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search CM Browser downloads.

Step 5: Find CM Browser and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play CM Browser on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, You can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Using CM Browser on PC!!!

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