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Castaway Paradise Archives

Stolen Couch Games is coming out with the iOS project Castaway Paradise – an Animal Crossing-inspired life simulation game. You may have seen the title in the news last week, as people were understandably comparing it to Nintendo’s hit series.

However, despite the similarities between Animal Crossing and Castaway Paradise, Stolen Couch Games co-founder Eric Diepeveen tells Eurogamer that Nintendo is aware of the studio’s game and “everything is fine”. Additionally, a Wii U version is in consideration.

According to co-founder Eric Diepeveen told Eurogamer:

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Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise
Developer(s)Stolen Couch Games
Publisher(s)Stolen Couch Games
Platform(s)Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
ReleaseFacebookAndroidWindowsiOSXbox OnePlayStation 4

Castaway Paradise is a life simulation game created by Dutch indie studio Stolen Couch Games, it launched on Facebook in 2014, iOS on July 2, 2015 Android on January 9, 2015[1] and on Steam on May 19, 2015.[2] It was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on July 31, 2018.[3][4][5]


Just like Animal Crossing, Castaway Paradise follows the player helping the resident animals getting the island into better shape, by repairing its buildings and bridges, and clearing rocks and weeds. The player can do other tasks in the game, such as catching bugs, fish, collecting sea shells, and garbage that washes onshore, all of which can be sold for in-game currency. Players are also able to grow their own flowers and fruit trees, farm their own crops, decorate the island and their home, and decide what their character wears. Villagers will set quests for the player, and there is roster of tasks to do that changes several times a day, through which the player can gain experience points. There are special events and items for sale on specific days, such as holidays.[6]


The following is a list of characters:

  • Viktoria: Mayor of Castaway Paradise; she is a pig.[7]
  • Villagers:
    • Angus: During quests Angus sabotages the other islanders in the island.[8]
    • Gustave: He once had his own cooking show when he was 8 years old.[9]
    • Francis: He would much rather be in the sea, he is also in love with Olga.[10]
    • Amelia: She likes to chat with her friends, snacking on bugs.[11]
    • Stevie: A new villager, she is a natural stranger to your island and also likes to go outdoor.[12]

Downloadable Content[edit]

There are a total of seven downloadable content packs available, including free theme packs based on "China",[13] "Soccer",[14] "Ranger",[15] "Boutique",[16] and "Hospital",[17] as well as a theme pack based on the Awesomenauts game[18] and a content pack that adds a new NPC named Stevie.[19]


The PC version of Castaway Paradise received positive reviews. Gamezebo gave the iOS version a 3.5/5, citing an "endless amount of quests, collectibles, and gameplay even if you don't spend a dime."[20] Steam was critically positive with 126 positive and 5 negative reviews.[2] The PlayStation 4 version of the game received mixed reviews, ranging from 85/100 from PSU to 50/100 from The Sixth Axis.[4][21] It currently has a metascore of 68.[22]


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Castaway Paradise Archives

Fish, farm, decorate and more in chilled out town sim Castaway Paradise, out 31st July on PS4

How many of you are big fans of Animal Crossing? We certainly are, so much so that it inspired us to make our own game. Our fresh take on the concept is Castaway Paradise, coming to PS4 31st July!

The story is simple: you’ve been caught up in a storm, and now find yourself washed up on the shores of a quiet island in the middle of the ocean. You’re covered in seaweed when you wake up to see a friendly stranger looking down at you. This time, being shipwrecked might just be a stroke of luck!

Your new island home is full of quirky characters and things to do. The goal… is to do what you want! The villagers are happy to offer guidance and jobs, but nothing is mandatory. If you want to spend your days hunting for the biggest or most colorful bugs, go for it. Whether you’re farming, fishing, or taking jobs, you can be earning cash by selling things you find. Even a relaxing walk along the beach can be profitable if you take the time to collect some of the bits and pieces which have washed up.

So what can you buy with your earnings? There is a huge range of items, furniture, and clothing to collect. We’ve taken inspiration from events, cultures, and styles from around the world. Whether you want to show your love of soccer, hold a traditional Chinese tea party, or even turn a room of your house into a hospital ward, you have freedom to mix and match.

What you see in these screenshots is just a tiny taster of all the content in the game. The same goes for clothing. Dress up for holidays like Christmas or Halloween, put together a stylish party outfit, or wear horribly clashing colors! You can do whatever you feel like each day.

Naturally, the island’s other inhabitants will celebrate holidays with you, and you can get to know them as you help with fixing up the island after the big storm. There’s no need to rush around meeting everyone at once – just take your time. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to know your way around as the seasons change.

If you’re an outdoorsy type, we’ve got fishing, gardening, farming and bug-catching. If you prefer more artistic pursuits, we’ve got interior design, dressing up, and the chance to shape the island into your perfect tropical getaway.

In Castaway Paradise, the world is your oyster. This is a holiday that never needs to end! With so many things to do and so many customisation options, you could spend a lifetime trying out different clothes and redecorating your home. We’ve made so much content for the game that sometimes even we get surprised by something for sale.

If an island holiday sounds appealing, make sure to mark the release date in your calendar: 31st July! Why not treat yourself to some time in the sun? We’d certainly recommend it!

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